Sylvester Stallone Discusses His ‘Rambo 5′ Plans & Retiring John Rambo

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sylvester stallone rambo 51 Sylvester Stallone Discusses His Rambo 5 Plans & Retiring John Rambo

Over the course of the past two years, Sylvester Stallone has altered his stance from being “99% sure” that Rambo 5 isn’t going to happen and expressing interest in directing a First Blood prequel, to last year’s announcement about a possible fifth Rambo flick (subtitled Last Stand) and saying that he’s now “dying” to produce one more chapter in the Vietnam Vet’s violent saga.

Stallone has spoken out again about Rambo 5 (which has yet to be officially greenlit), describing the still-theoretical project’s current situation as “There’s a volcano eruption [brewing]. The magma of Rambo is coming to the surface.”

Here is what Stallone said about the last (for real this time) story he wants to tell about John Rambo, via MTV:

“I know there is [another story to tell]. It’s one thing where you lay down the final culmination of your life where you can articulate it, but also act on it where [Rambo] realizes what his destiny really is. It’s not to be a farmer, it’s not to be obscure; it’s to go out in a blaze of glory in a heroic fashion. But is he really doing it for himself or is he doing it because that’s just his id? That’s who he is.”

On his previously-mentioned plans for Rambo to battle Mexican crime gangs in the film:

“I like the whole Mexican situation, what’s going on down there. So I’m working on a formula for it right now.”

From Stallone’s description, it sounds as though Rambo 5 would “retire” the John Rambo character, in a fashion similar to how 2006′s Rocky Balboa served as a thematic conclusion to the cinematic life of… well, Rocky Ralboa. However, the former would also be a literal concluding chapter to the existence of Stallone’s famous, ruthless, war vet persona – judging by Sly’s “going out in a blaze of glory” comment.

rambo5 Sylvester Stallone Discusses His Rambo 5 Plans & Retiring John Rambo

Stallone’s loyal fanbase won’t start deteriorating anytime soon, thanks to his impending slate of “throwback” starring vehicles – including, the Expendables sequel, the Walter Hill-directed Bullet to the Head, and The Tomb, co-starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Thus, there should still be a demand to see Stallone lay his second-most famous cinematic alter ego to rest, in the manner he’s planning with Rambo 5.

Rocky Balboa (a.k.a. Rocky VI) certainly has more than its fair share of steadfast defenders, who feel it served as a proper swan song to that Stallone-headed franchise. Sly’s desire to do likewise for the Rambo series should also be received by many people as a worthwhile endeavor. However, the detractors will probably (continue to) argue that Rambo (a.k.a. Rambo IV) already accomplished that task.

What do you think of Stallone’s plans for retiring the John Rambo character? Sound off in the comments section.

We will continue to keep you up-to-date on all news concerning Rambo 5.


Source: MTV

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  1. i would absolutely love to see a rambo 5. 4 was a turning point in his life where he was finally at peace enough to go home. and i think the post about the woman in 4 being in the next one is a good starting point. she was the only one he let in other than co from part 2. he should be helping his dad when people come to the house and its drug runners threatening violence if he doesnt allow them to use his property. at that point its time for rambo to go to work..he talks to the area law enforcement and they do nothing because they are on the payroll of the drug lord. so rambo takes it upon himself to do something about it. he uses the border patrol for help to get into mexico and is in command of a small group. things turn to action and its classic rambo. i think rambo should die in a blaze of glory as well. if i remember right. stallone hasnt played a character that has died or hasnt had a dying scene in any movie yet.

    • No john should not die that would suck but I do love the story that sounds really cool the ending show John and his father farming with his new bride to be and I also think you should team up with one of his old friends Mickey Rourke hey old friend he was in War with thought died but didn’t he would be the border patrol That it meets one day out hunting then the sh…t hits the fan

  2. Think that Teasle from First Blood should be in this movie played by Brian Dennehy and maybe have it where they call a truce. Would be gr8 to see Brian again in a Rambo movie!


  3. hi, hollywood why don’t you make DRAGONBALLZ, THUNDERCATS, & VOLTRON for dvd

  4. hey i wented to known also will michael bay make teenage mutant ninja turtles 2 & 3 if TMNT will be good when it comes out

  5. This is to Stallone, your movies have been awesome through the years, each time I have heard of a movie you will be in I have made sure to go and see it.

    My favorite character of yours is John Rambo. I think I speak for many people when I say I hope you make 1 more Rambo movie. Going out in a Blaze of Glory sounds perfect…I personally would love to see you fight an enemy that tries to possibly attack America. and watch you put a combat boot in their ass and go out saving the Red White and Blue…because as someone else posted earlier your character embodies the fighting American Spirit. If you do decide to make one more Rambo, I know it will be Epic.

    Whatever you decide…I wish you many more years of bringing us more awesome movies directed by you.

    • America HAS no fighting spirit. Only a history of waiting for wars to almost be over before joining them, and of picking fights with small, weak countries. None of which, it’s actually managed to win before public demand has forced its troops to pull out in defeat.
      Rambo is what the US WISHES it were. In truth, it’s more like Teasle.

      • Damn right, just perfect.

  6. I and all friends want to see 1 more Rambo. But no he should not die. I like the idea of taking on the cartel or even something to do with human trafficking, or both. But please don’t kill him off he is an icon. Just have him return to the ranch and live a peaceful life like he would well deserve. Do it Sly we need one more, PLEASE!

  7. I agree that Rambo should die in a blaze of glory, but not in the middle of his family border issues. Rambo should be recognized, nationally in the movie upon his death. He should get buried at Arlington. So with that in mind, dying by movie drug dealers and on the pay roll cops don’t cut it. Think of everything he has been through from the first movie to the last. No, Rambo needs a better story. I say, place the United States under siege. I don’t know under siege by who. Maybe Russians and tie in their leader to the big bad from part 3. IDK exactly. But the country should be under siege. Rambo should die, saving his country from an invading force. I just believe that if Rambo is going to die the story needs to be worthy of his death.

    • Are you kidding me?! Are you HIGH?! If anything he should siege America and kill us all, for what we did to him in story form…the guy goes to war for us, to come back and get ripped to shreds by us..why would his last swan song be saving our raunchy arses?! he has MAJOR PTSD Because of us…. i personally would like to see him saving a war torn Mexico… and a kid comes outta the whole thing, baby Rambo… no, not to just see the series continue..but to give us TRUE Fans closure…that his spirit lives on.. tbh his character has always helped people, with real life issues…so the war on drugs in Mexico right now is the biggest blood bath in ages…Iraq and Afghanistan pale in comparison to Mexico….. and an American siege ain’t a thing in real time….so, why would he be in an American siege battle if that ain’t the times we’re living in? like the 4th he helped some missionaries not get slaughtered from the states…in Burmese…that crap happens on the daily….christian church groups come in to help feed,clothe & shelter….and get kidnapped, raped & slaughtered in the process… RAMBO Deals with real world issues…… not made up, sieges…

  8. And this could be title in my fantasy world.

    Rambo V: Last Blood

    • That’s not a bad idea at all Chris! Not too bad!!

  9. Sly could make 20 Rambos and I would see everyone!! Rambo is such an interesting character that the plot can stink (as it kinda did in Rambo 3) but it is still worth watching. One can always daydream about being Rambo living off the land and kickin anyone’s and everyone’s ass who messes with him!!

  10. I would say he should make it about the rising tensions in the U.S. and about a possible american revolution looming. Sounds a lot less cliche and would be very interesting from Rambo’s perspective.

    • I understand where Sly is right now. He can bank on The Expendables franchise and have fun with his sorority buddies in action adventure films for a few more years BUT Rocky was his creation and i think he went out in class and with a great spirit. However Rambo is a different animal…he simmers under the surface and was born for war and when there is no war he seemingly has no purpose. BUT having said that a great script idea would be as Rambo returns to the ranch to try and keep it from going under in our bad American economy and gets a surprise visit from the missionary Lady from Rambo 4 which leads to a romance and somewhat soothing the savage beast within Rambo. BUT as it goes…when she opens a mission nearby they harbor a young woman (human traffick victim) escaped from Mexico tied to their biggest drug-kingpen and when our government won’t help (naturally just look at the border fiasco now) she convinces Rambo to invade Mexico to rescue her younger sister meanwhile the kingpen sends his hit men to abduct Rambo’s wife and the escaped woman here in the states so Rambo must return alive through war in Mexico to save his own. Rambo can then die fighting in his own country (which is ironic and becoming more probale everyday)and after rescuing his own we discover she is pregnant with baby Rambo not for perpetual sequels but to represent that his fighting spirit will live on.
      I have read somewhere when Stallone first began writing all his heroes went up in a blaze of glory at the end so this way he can go full circle and send Rambo out that way…fighting till the end even though he now finally had something to live for.
      I know it is very appealing for Stallone to do one more as a part of America’s fighting spirit is dying, Rambo dying would symbolize and reflect that to us all…BUT what are we going to do for our children’s future? Hmmmm…….

  11. i m a great fan of sylvester stallone and now the news about making rambo 5 is awesome. i would like to see this movie in threaters. STALLONE is 1 of my favourite actor and i m waiting for his next movie expendables 3

  12. I grew up with Stallone’s films. They are massive films and Sly does deserve his place in film history.

    I was 10 years old when First Blood came out and watching it (on bad quality VHS pirate) as a 10 year old did leave a major lasting impression. Every generation has films and music which defines them and First Blood (along with the Rocky franchise) is one that defined mine. As such I am thrilled to read that Sly is seriously considering a final swan song. Somehow R4, for me, didn’t quite cut it as a final chapter.

    But to the point what should the story line be? Rambo going out in a blaze of glory fighting Mexican drug lords? For me that doesn’t quite cut the mustard. Firstly, the film must lend itself to an international audience and ‘international folk’ (such as myself) will not really grasp why the Mex/US border thing would drag this war machine out of retirement (btw hasn’t the whole Mexican drug thing been done before as part of the Fast & Furious franchise?). Secondly, Rambo doesn’t fight bandits (no matter how well armed they are) he takes on armies. We all know how skilled he is in doing that!

    When I think about Rambo V I ask myself what made Rocky VI such a towering fitting to end the Rocky franchise? Ok Rocky going the distance with someone 25 years his junior was good. But we all know Rocky could do that. He was born that way. For me what made Rocky VI an excellent film was that we got a deep insight to who Rocky was: his personality, kind, loyal and his philosophical insights (the speeches he made to the boxing commission, little Marie and his son) the ‘stuff in the basement’ that made Rocky who he was. That enabled us to connect on so many levels with the character and that, for me, is why Rocky VI was such an amazing film.

    If Rocky was born to ‘go one more round’ then Rambo is the total opposite. As Trautman said ‘God didn’t make Rambo; I made him’. Rambo himself acknowledges that fact ‘to have war you’ve got to become war’. The point is Rambo did not arrive on this planet a full on fighting machine: he was made one. This is in complete contrast to Rocky who was born ‘to go the distance’. As it stands we have very little knowledge of how Rambo was built. What was his childhood like? How and why did become a soldier? Just what the hell did he go through in training, in Vietnam and on his return home to arrive at the point we see him in First Blood? We can guess but there just isn’t enough evidence for us to connect the dots to really understand and identify with our soldier. For me Rambo V has to give us that.

    In R3 Trautman asks our hero “when are you going to come full circle?”. Some think that John going back to his fathers ranch is him ‘turning full circle”. I disagree. It is the start of his journey. A journey to find some peace. A journey so he can “cruise in a 66 Chevy convertible until the tyres fall off” without having to spend his days working at a Bhuddist temple and then stick fighting at night. A journey where the end destination is him being able to sleep well in his bed without nightmares and to be able to open his life up to a ‘special someone’. In taking us on this journey he has to tell us his past.

    Weaving these two strands together it seems to me that we could have our hero settled at his fathers ranch: married with a child, but still having nightmares, still distant not really being able to connect with the world. Perhaps prone to bouts of violence: not just beating up a street mugger but permanently incapacitating him. A good husband/father but deeply troubled: we’ve got to remember that Rambo isn’t some psychopath. He isn’t some blood thirsty lunatic. He is a trained professional soldier. I think if this story line is followed then Rambo’s wife has to be some super lady (his first stroke of luck in many a year). Maybe someone who has seen combat and it is she that starts unlocking his past. We can have flashbacks whilst he talks and confides in her (brutal Vietnam stuff, etc) with those flashbacks interweaving with modern day events (perhaps even hooking up with Sheriff Teasle and Galts wife for some victim therapy type stuff). At the end of it we have been given a huge window into the soul of our hero and we can both smile and wipe away a tear as (at the end of the film) our man closes his eyes and peacefully passes away (succumbing to some old war wound) with a smile on his face and in the arms of the women who he has completed his circle with…

  13. Mr. Stallone, do not kill Rambo. Let him live, Let him have a family, let him find his Valhalla here on earth. He deserve it. In the first movie he wanted that. He stayed in Asia because it was the place he considered home, in America nobody like him. We want Rambo still alive living with a family.

  14. I love Sylvester stallone, his films are amazing.
    Im really looking forward to rambo 5,yes his recent films are excellent a touch of everything from his films :-)

  15. I’m a huge fan of Sly and Rambo and I’d love to see a final Rambo action flick as a celebration both of the character and of Sylvester Stallone himself. Stallone is approaching his 70s – he’s 68, and the older he gets the more difficult it gets to play an action hero in a credible way. Would we think of an action hero as a guy in his 70s or 80s? Of course not. I absolutely Think Sly should play Rambo one last time in a final Rambo action flick before Stallone ends his career as an iconic Hollywood action hero. Sly might play additional action heroes in his 70s just like Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood and Charles Bronson did, but Sly should play Rambo Before he gets “too old” if you know what I mean.

    However the idea of “killing off” his fictional hero character an “ending” the Rambo character for good doesn’t appeal to me at all. I Think in the last movie, Rambo should reach his redemption – his inner peace and harmony. He would finish his “inner war” – his conflicting thoughts and inner doubts about who he is, what he is all about and whether he has lived his life in the right way. He should finally meet his daughter or son – the “secret” child that Rambo allegedly has in the Rambo saga. The child is never mentioned in the Rambo movies but there are rumors on the web that Rambo has a child in the Rambo saga that he isn’t aware of.

    The final Rambo action flick should be a great way to finish Rambo’s career as a professional soldier, he gets redeemed, he finally gets inner peace and harmony, he gets decorated by the US Army, and is joined with his child and gets to retire with dignity.

    A few modest thoughts of mine.

  16. I would like to see either a Rambo 5 or a prquel to the original “Rambo: First Blood”. I have always liked the Rambo character, but I am also curious as to how Rambo became the person that he was. However, I don’t mind seeing Rambo finally making or finding peace of mind for himself. So, a prquel or a sequel would be fine with me.

  17. John Rambo should not die in the ‘final’ film to be released.. I feel the final sequel should be taking it back to a similar idea as the first.. As he said to Teasle in the first film ‘out there (Teasle) is the law, out here it’s me (Rambo) ‘ and he should show that off.
    This final send off should show how he is a one man army living off what he can catch and kill himself. How he can set traps using twine and sticks.. The final one should show just how much of a machine the army made him.. All the way though he’s been this unstoppable machine, to kill him off would not suit it, it would probably be a stupid death that would not have offered following the basis of the other films..
    It should be a basic simple idea that is not 100% modern, personally I feel the drug industry and trafficking would not suit Rambo.. He was a vet that was trained in forests.. Not city’s where crime would be on a mass scale..
    When someone says John Rambo to you I imagine Woodland and trees come to mind not drugs and Similar things.
    As a final testament it should be old school, typical, hardcore John Rambo.
    No more
    No less..

  18. Would like to see what transpired when John Rambo walks in at his Family’s Ranch and explain to his Mom and Dad where he has been for all those years. I think that would be an intersting story also to see how he is able to live dealing with his PTSD I think it would be super cool if we could also see Rambos early life before he joins the Army and gets sent off to Nam.

  19. i love the new Rambo idea but except for a small problem the way he said he is gonna retire Rambo, it was like saying he is gonna kill him off well that’s something i would never like to see happen if the character dies of old age that okay but i don’t wanna see one of my favorite characters getting killed off like that i want him to live through out the movie and give him a proper ending without killing him off.

  20. Add plenty of IMF Bankers, Corrupt U.S. Politicians, and their lowly goons, then you’ll have one ‘Heaven’ of a script sending them straight to Hell.

  21. a greatest movies in this world Rambo 1,2,3 & 4.
    tell me Rambo5 releising time

  22. I personally would rather he leave it be or if he does make it leave Rambo survive. He has given so much pleasure to us that are fans and it would be a real downer if he was killed off, we who are the faithful fans and have supported the films with our hard earned money deserve a better fate than that. I will support Sly’s movies of all kinds and Rambo until he takes on bullies at the retirement home, I just want Rambo to live on.

    You make em Sly and I will come see em. I’m 74 yrs. old, never went to a movie to see Sir Lawrence Olivia , but I have gone to every Stallone movie made.

    • I have been thinking on this, even tho I have seen all of Sly’s movies, I think if they were to kill off Rambo I would not want to see it and may miss my first Sly movie ever. DON”T KILL HIM OFF

  23. I would love to see another Rambo movie.

  24. Hey plz make rambo 5 cos I like the move n I like you n I seen all the moves you made in your the making