Sylvester Stallone Teases ‘Rambo 5′ Storyline

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sylvester stallone rambo 5 Sylvester Stallone Teases Rambo 5 Storyline

With films like Bullet to the Head and The Expendables 2 due to hit theaters this year – and The Tomb co-starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the next item on his acting to-do list – Sylvester Stallone has been enjoying what he calls a “walk down memory lane” by writing, directing and/or starring (sometimes, all three) in action flicks that harken back to the hard R-Rated, testosterone-fueled, violent cinematic romps that were all the rage in Hollywood during the 1980s and 90s.

Hence, there’s always been good reason to suspect that Rambo 5 with Stallone would eventually be made – even after the Hollywood icon claimed (matter-of-factly) that the film would never be made, back in 2010.

In a recent interview with, Stallone touched on many topics concerning his career as a whole – like his surprise success with Rocky, a onetime feud with Schwarzenegger, his frequent poor choice in film roles during the 90s, etc. – when the actor mentioned that he is indeed still “dying” to make a fifth Rambo flick.

Here is what Stallone had to offer, in terms of the potential storyline for Rambo 5:

“[John Rambo's] in Arizona on the border. It will involve him going into Mexico. I don’t think Rambo likes Mexicans.”

rambo5 Sylvester Stallone Teases Rambo 5 Storyline

The idea of John Rambo crossing over the U.S.-Mexico border and battling Mesoamerican criminals is similar to one that Stallone mentioned as being the setup for Rambo 5 a few years ago. However, in that instance, the idea was that Rambo would be battling Mexican cartels specifically.

When last we had anything of substance to report on a fifth Rambo flick – back in the latter half of Summer 2011 –  it had supposedly been retitled Rambo: Last Stand and was being scripted by Sean Hood (Conan the Barbarian). Hood had also provided the following nugget of information about how he came to be working on the project, and what the basis for his script draft was:

“I met with Mr Stallone twice last year…He gave me a book, an older screenplay, and about twenty pages he’d written himself to use as inspiration for the last chapter of the Rambo saga…It’s more in line with the small-town thriller of ‘First Blood’.”

If you put two and two together, the implication seems to be that Stallone’s “book” for Rambo 5 may involve the eponymous Vietnam vet having found his way back to the United States – after making a living in Thailand in the fourth film, titled simply Rambo – and that Hood’s screenplay runs with that idea of Stallone’s onscreen counterpart shaking it up with some thugs who hail from the southern region of the U.S.-Mexico border.

rambo sylvester stallone Sylvester Stallone Teases Rambo 5 Storyline

Stallone’s been in a similar position before – with a project that he’s excited to make but which may or may not actually happen. In the aftermath of Rocky Balboa becoming a surprise critical and box office smash (paving the way for Rambo to be made and achieve similar financial success) it’s all the more difficult to dismiss just about any Stallone-centered action sequel as preposterous or not even a remote possibility.

Considering that the actor/filmmaker’s star meter doesn’t look to drop anytime soon, Stallone may manage to eventually pull Rambo 5 together after all. Whether or not the film will successfully bring things full circle back to First Blood and end the franchise on a high note as promised, well, that’s another matter.

We will continue to keep you posted on the status of Rambo 5 as the story develops.



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  1. Hmmm, I’d rather see Rambo up against some kind of separatist movement. First they try to recruit him, but once he finds out how far they plan to go, he has to take them down.

    • That would play in LA, NYC, etc. but would tank at the box office.


      • Yeah, because white seperatist movements are the ones cutting babies heads off down on the border and murdering people by the bushell and white seperatist movements are the ones strapping bombs to themselves and blowing up Israeli cafes

        • OK, let’s tread lightly. I don’t want this comment thread getting off topic or out of hand.



    • By “separatist movement”, do you mean the “Occupy movement”? As of late, they have been the more violent ones, you know…

      • Actually, as with most causes, it’s the outliers who are being violent, the kind of people who would be violent regardless of what their chosen cause was.

        • Eric, we did not see any of the Occupy behavioral issues happening with the Tea Party, so I rate your claim people “would be violent regardless what their chosen cause was” as 99% FALSE.

  2. This is intresting news let’s see where this go’s.

  3. i have yet to see Rambo 4. i have seen the first 3 and they were pretty good. i think the first is my favorite, they just got more campy which each one, which i didnt mind, but the first was by far the best. is the 4th worth checking out as an action fan?

    • Don’t look for a story in the fourth one, but as far as the action goes it is not a let down.

      It is a gorefest, in the best possible way.

    • Yes, if youre a fan of the other Rambo movies and youre a fan of action. Yes, 100% without a doubt watch the 4th. It is f-ing awesome!

    • The 4th is the best one IMO. Just all out gorey macho fun!

  4. First Blood (Part 1) is a very underated film, as was Sly’s performance in it. It you haven’t watched it in a while, please do. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. You may even leave with a little more respect for him as an actor. While the vast majority of Sly’s roles are nothing to write home about, his performance in First Blood is GREAT, especially during the close of the film when he breaks down.

  5. I see what you mean Vic. Such a story would go a ways to bringing the character back to his roots in First Blood. I think it be nice to see the character come full circle much like Rocky

  6. Just give his son the role already…

  7. Rambo 5: Final Blood… ?

    • last blood

  8. This seems like an outdated interview with a serious misquote. Would Sly really say Rambo doesn’t like Mexicans? That plays righ into the racism debate Sly has always said Rambo has nothing to do with.
    Rambo: Director’s Cut is the only version you should watch. It includes scenes that actually have emotional weight and expose Rambo’s philosophy on war. Such a pity it was not the version released theatrically.
    Rambo 5… not really sure if we, or Sly, really needs it. Unless it becomes Rambo’s own Unforgiven.

    • HGH is a heluva thing….

  9. how about set it up where something about the Government and him getting caught up in a huge city battle? anyway looking forward to the tomb,bullet to the head, and Expendables 2, and hopefully 3.

  10. Neat! Rambo (or Rambo 4) was pretty excellent!!!

  11. Dear Sly,

    You did the franchise proud with “Rambo 4.” Walk away now and we can forget that this ever happened.

    • I disagree. Sly, You did so well with the last one. Lets see another!

      • HERE! HERE!!

        I’ll take some more Rambo or anything else Sly wants to put out.

  12. Hmmm… how about a riff on The Shootist?

    • With The Shootist, you had closure at the end with his death. Rambo 4 was a totally different animal. Sly himself recognized that the audience wasn’t going to buy a sixty year old man defeating an entire movie all alone. It actually had more parallels to Big Jake than the other Rambo films.

      My rationale for walking away from Rambo is the same as the Rocky franchise. Rocky Balboa was a sweet way to say goodbye to such an iconic character.

      John Wayne fans like to remember his performance in True Grit as opposed to that unnecessary Rooster Cogburn…and friends sequel. If it the story doesn’t serve to enhance one of Sly’s two signature roles, they shouldn’t do it.

  13. rambo 4 to me truly went back to the core of first blood. to me there is first blood then rambo. the other two while ok for its time (and i liked them at that time as well), simply were too cartoony. the raw meaty story of john rambo that david morrell created is one of the best anti-heroes. if at all possible i wouldnt mind seeing a transition kinda ala jason bourne and a newer character created within this world and making future movies. not sure about sean hood writing this – because the new conan sucked azz – so maybe it was the directors fault.

  14. What’s interesting to note is that Stallone likes sequels-a lot. I know that’s way too obvious to point out. Rocky was a phenomenal movie, second on the all time sports movies list only to Raging Bull and that was Scorsese, so come on, you got to give him credit for all the work he put into that. Rocky 2 was just a rehash of all the greatness of the 1st film, completely unnecessary. Rocky 3 didn’t need to be made either however Mr. T was a nice change of pace from Apollo Creed and Eye of the Tiger was a, needless to say, great movie song up there with Gonna Fly Now- should’ve been put into the 1st film. The 4th film, while playing an integral part of the Cold War, had shown the series its age. Rocky 5 was the worst by far and was a terrible movie overall. Rocky Balboa was second only to the 1st and it was necessary but it wouldn’t have to be if the 4 other sequels weren’t made. In the meantime, the Rambo movies aren’t that great anyways. The Expendables should be Stallone’s focus now.

  15. oh im fine with it so long as he doesnt pull the crap he did in the last film and have these rouge delta a$$wipes that you couldnt care less about in the majority of the film. we want RAMBO.

    • i mean it was good when the action was rolling but an f word EVERY SINGLE SECOND was just pointless.

  16. Rambo 5 is every bit as bad an idea as lethal weapon 5.
    Those movie have gone full circle : riggs is finally settled with a wife and child, rambo has finally gone home. Those character have reached their existential goal.
    There’s no point in carrying on.

    • I have to agree with you there, Rambo went home, his war is over

  17. I am surprised to see all these so-called Sly fans hating on a Rambo V. You really don’t think he can pull it off? I am a fan of Sylvester Stallone, so all I can do is have faith in him. He knows what he’s doing, so just let the man do as he pleases. If you don’t want a Rambo V nobdy said you have to watch it. You of course remember the success of the 2008 Rambo, if Sly was able to revive the series 20 years later, I am quite sure he can do another just 4 years after the last.

  18. i think a rambo V is not the worst idea. and rambo did show more of john’s story to redemption. i still think and fight with peeps that “oscar” was his best acting to date

  19. why does he have to go ahead and ruin the perfect ending of #4, it concluded both the series and the character sop well, that to have him go around turning people into mince again will completely ruin the fact that the character finally comes to terms with himself and wants to finally live a normal life.

    if he’s so desperate for cash he should just make a prequel showing us john prior to military training which will explain to us why he wanted to get away from his family and why it took him so long to return back. the seuqel to that would be of him in the military and showing us just what made him the ‘combat soldier’ he is known for.

  20. There’s an ending spoiler in that interview, one which I’m not looking forward to :(

  21. welcom

  22. Stallone & Schwarzenegger should make live-action adaption of Contra after me seeing a picture online despite their age. What was the feud between them about anyways back then?

    As for Rambo 5, i hope it’s a great script worthy to be made into a film. Because i felt the last film ended the franchise with a good closing. Aslong as the 5th film brings a good closing to the franchise aswell, im all for it.

  23. As much as I would like Rambo 5, I think Stallone should leave it with Rambo 4.

    The movie was awesome and the ending was a great way to finish the franchinse.

    Also it was a great comeback from Stallone so let’s hope the series will end with a high note.

    • Agreed, it’s best to leave the ending on a decent note. I’d imagine his agent and just about anyone in his circle tells him that same thing.

  24. Thanks for agreeing, Vangurad.

    I think Stallone’s agent and everyone he knows should tell him to leave it with Rambo 4.

    It would be better off like that.

    Still, I am exicited about Bullet To The Head, The Tomb and The Expendables 2 depsite it being PG-13.

    The idea of PG-13 better work because it is aimed at families and schoolkids who might know who these action hero legends are and love action movies.

  25. Personally I would like to see another Tango and Cash. Rambo 4 was the perfect ending to the series, it was like a western with the gun slinger walking off into the sunset.

    If they do Rambo 5 they start right from the end of 4. Rambo comes home and his family is either dead, missing, or a little bit of both. That shows him that he would have better off staying then leaving. You can’t run away from your past, Bruce Banner style. That way the can bring it full cirlce to the first movie.

    Another way to open to it would be to have his house blow up before he gets to it. His mail box slants forward and package slides out. We never see whats in it, but it sends him off the deep end….

  26. I think he should be living back in AZ with a few relatives. One of the relatives is a 17 year old niece that graduates high school and goes on a senior trip to Mexico and doesnt return. The government doesn’t step in so uncle Rambo decides to take things into his own hands!!

  27. I would love to see another rocky and rambo movies. My generation (mid 30′s) are sick of all the chick flicks being made and miss the carnage that Stallone movies always give.