Stallone Making Rocky 7 After Rambo 5?

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rocky balboa Stallone Making Rocky 7 After Rambo 5?

Despite some rumblings here and there, here’s a little piece of news that I didn’t see actually becoming a reality. We already know Sylvester Stallone is well underway with his awesome looking The Expendables, and that he’s already got Rambo 5 in the pipeline. But that’s not all – apparently after that, Sly is going to give his most well known character another bout in the ring with another Rocky flick.

Stallone reportedly spoke to Tele 5 in Germany recently and since then, the quotes from that interview have made their way online and spread like wild fire (don’t they always?). The quotes are being sourced everywhere from Teen Say (special thanks to /Film for picking it up from them), where Stallone reveals his desire/intention to make Rocky 7. Here’s what he had to say:

“I know I’ll probably make a fool of myself if I make another ‘Rocky’ film after turning 60…. I also know there’s gonna be a lot of criticism. Even my wife says, ‘Don’t do it. You’re embarrassing the kids’. But I told her, ‘If I don’t try I’ll be a really unhappy man…. You have to do it. Artists like me have to go through the dark over and over again.”

“When I was 21 years old and at drama school. My teacher said to me, ‘If you ever put your head out there, thousands of people will try to cut it off, but that’s exactly what you need to do as an artist.’

“I know it’s ludicrous and everyone would laugh. I would laugh about it. But I also know that I’d be successful if I can make this a film about becoming older, not about boxing but about myself.”

I’m sure there will be much debate on whether Stallone should go ahead and make another Rocky film, and therefore I know I’m not alone on being on the side of the fence that thinks he should just leave the franchise be. I thought Rocky Balboa was suppose to be Rocky’s “one more time” film and that would be it. To me, Sly ended that franchise perfectly with Balboa, tying it up in such a way that to me, the idea of making another takes a lot of the weight out of the whole thing.

rocky balboa still Stallone Making Rocky 7 After Rambo 5?

With Rambo I can understand making another one, since there’s still a lot that can still be done with the character (I think if Stallone delivers more of the carnage he did in the latter half of Rambo last year, we’ll all be happy). But what else can he do with Rocky? It seems he’d just be retreading old water for no real reason other than milking the cash cow making it for the hell of it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure with the passion Sly has for the character, that a Rocky 7 would be be done well (if he strives for the quality of the last one). But to be honest, I’m a bit miffed as to what the point really is in making it. But that’s just me.

What are your thoughts on this: Should Stallone make Rocky 7? Or did he tie the franchise up perfectly with Rocky Balboa and he should just leave it at that?

Rocky 7 doesn’t have any official shooting or release date set yet, but presumably if it goes ahead it’d start shooting in late 2010/early 2011.

Sources: TeenSay and /Film

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  1. I was very pleased with the last movie even grateful to say goodbye to a hero. Now he wants to do another rocky movie. I have to say my first reaction was one of excitement. I love the rocky movies. But then I was kind of confused. Rocky was done the perfect ending. So I thought about it for a bit and searched why he is doing it and I like what he said. It’s going to be more about coming to terms with age. Old stiff sore beat up but not ready to lay down and die. A warrior til the end. I can sort of relate i was an athlete all my life. Better at most things than everyone not as good as some. Now that I’m much older I realize my best days are behind me. But your mind will try to convince you that you can still perform at a high level. Disappointing when you fail. But you have to try. Even if you shine for just a moment it worth the pain. I would like to see rocky give his all. Every last ounce of energy to win one more time make his way to the locker room only to lay down and reflect his accomplishments and then pass on. Going out a champion. But if you have to make a Rocky 8 then I like the idea of training creeds son to be a champion. Luv ya rock. Do us one last favor. Win

  2. He didn’t win in the last one! He needs to do one more!

  3. I really like rocky since I was a kid, but rocky 7? he’s so old to play a boxing movie, he maybe won’t even fight with his fist, but with his walking stick

  4. Rocky 7? Ok if he wants to do it let him but he could do something along these lines at the start of the film he could lose a fight to aan up an coming boxer an this boxer could get screwed over by his promotion team which leads him back to rocky propa trains him up which leads to a grudge match with his ex promotion team something like thaat would be kool

  5. I’m a huge Rocky fan and when Rocky Baboa cand out I was so jacked. I would have like to hear eye of the tiger when he entered the ring for old time sake, and instead of Mike Tyson in the crowd they should have used Mr. T (clubber Lang) instead also not talk about George Forman but talk about Apollo Creed coming out of retirement and what happened to him against Ivan Drago, I know they wanted it to be more a reality of bringing in real champs but I was a little disappointed with that part of the movie, other then that I loved it, it ended perfectly saying, yo adrean we did it, waved and faded out. Don’t do another movie you will never be able to compete with the Rocky franchise doing this spin off Creed, don’t kill our hero leave it at what it is. BALBOA on top

    • Ummm, dude, Apollo Creed DIED in Rocky IV.

      • Yes, Apollo did die, but I think Creed is gonna be Apollo’s son or grandson fighting and Rocky will be his trainer and corner guy. I don’t see Rocky fighting anymore but the new spin off will be Creed and I am sure it will be a hit and more Rocky flix to come after that, but not Sly putting up the gloves but as a trainer now.

  6. Rocky is my hero! Do what you gotta do. Fighters fight!!!

  7. Rocky 7 equals thumbs up. Maybe he can actually win at the end of this one. I didn’t like the exhibition fight in the last one. Should of been full boxing match. Rocky even at 60 looks good for an old man. Maybe they can tie in things like apollo creeds son, even though I know they plan on doing something separate. Maybe even his own kid in the movie train with him. I wish it could be like rocky IV again. I mean my personal favorite when it comes to the training scenes and fight scenes. I dont know my favorite by far is rocky IV after 30 minutes in the movie. Plus look at Rocky, he was like an iron plate. Best he looked in all the Rocky movies.

  8. rocky 7 should be about planet vs planet conquer the universe earth against mars rocky should fight a alien i even know the name of it rocky in space or stallone it should not be made at all these days boxing is played out

  9. Life is about living,
    Life isn’t about giving up, fading away and dying, I’m in my 50s now and say if he can make a great Rocky 7, man bring it, and don’t ever stop till you drop.

    Yes make another just make it good .

  10. I have been a fan of Sylvester Stallone’s since day one, as many others are…he can make as many Rockys as his heart desires and I will follow… same with the Rambos… I have yet to be disappointed with any of them in fact I have the entire collectionswhich I have seen approximately 100 times and anxiously await expanding if he so chooses to make more
    ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥Sylvester Stallone…those movies are so full of passion and action they are such a personal inspiration and have been throughout the years…sending a big thank you to Mr Stallone xoxoxoxo

    • Totally agree with you – such an amazing inspiration. I love sly what a great guy, writer and actor. Rocky is my favourite movie character of all time. Would love to see more rocky movies.

  11. Rocky is the most inspirational film of all time and a God send. He went out in class and in a good spirit at peace with the warrior within him.
    Unless the public will accept Rocky in a character study role as he faces his own mortality with courage (much like how Scorsese did Raging Bull’s La Motta’s character) then i think the last Rocky should be his last.
    Unless of course Rocky were to fight Rambo and then bring on the end of time.
    Just kidding Sly.

  12. I would love to so more rocky movies!

  13. I think the idea of Rocky 7 is the idea I personally emailed to Stallone.
    Rocky 7 has Rocky training his grandson for the boxing Olympics. Rockys grandson makes the team and fights his way to the final match for the Gold Medal. To their surprise his final match is against Apoolo Creed’s grandson. The saga, again, begins.

  14. Aint about hard you get hit, its about how hard you get hit, get up and keep going!

  15. He should fo for rocky 7 cause if it’s a blockbuster he’ll be one of the best actors ever. And there’s no doubt about rocky greatness. I think he should go for it.

  16. stallone should not be making another rocky it is crazy he is to old the be staring in it.

  17. I would really like to see Dolph Lundgren and or The Rock, Dwayne Johnson as part of the cast of Rambo 5.

  18. I adore the rocky series, and I have seen all of them more than once. I think if Rocko wants to do a rocky 7 let him. I can promise that me along with other men That have grey hair will gladly go and watch this movie when, or if it comes out. I am sure that stallone will put just as much passion or more in to rocky 7 as he did before in rocky’s 1-6.

  19. I’m a musician.
    Rocky’s a fighter.
    Rock on!

  20. I would love to see another Rocky movie doesn’t matter if he’s fighting or training someone still would be great I would definitely have to add it to my Rocky collection of DVD’s I sure hope he makes Rocky 7 and even a Rocky 8 would be awesome!