Sylvester Stallone Explains Rambo 5 Story Choice

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rambo 5 sylvester stallone Sylvester Stallone Explains Rambo 5 Story Choice

We were going good there for about a week, having not heard another crazy update on what’s going on with the story of the next Rambo film in seven whole days… better than four big updates on the project in one week.

Rambo V: The Savage Hunt, as it’s officially called, is now about Rambo fighting some genetically altered half-human bloodthirsty maybe-immortal abomination that he, his partner “Beau” and a bunch of Black Ops dudes have to go in and hunt down.

Got it so far? If you’re confused or upset by this, Stallone says that this is “actually possible” so just relax, will you?

I am serious about two of the parts above though: my description of the movie is straight out of the official Rambo 5 synopsis and Stallone did just say that.

According to Reuters, Stallone had an interview to discuss some of his upcoming projects and he briefly touched on what has some fans going crazy over Rambo 5.

“I don’t want to keep repeating myself and just doing films about war… This is a very psychological film about sophisticated man fighting primitive man.”

“It’s actually possible today, with all the cloning and stem cell research, to actually have some experiments that don’t work very well and get out of control.”

And that simply means, upgraded villains for Rambo to deny life to. Win!

The more I think about this project, the more I dig it. We’ve seen him fight the real bad guys in real world situations four times now. This is our way to finally see Stallone make a movie based off of ‘Hunter,‘ the novel by James Byron Huggins for which Stallone optioned the rights to a while back.

If he had made that movie as a standalone feature, people would make the obvious comparisons to the lead character being Rambo anyway – they’re exactly the same. So why not put it under the brand name he’s established. It’s good that Rambo has a new, more menacing threat to deal with, and it’ll be also good to see a film that’s more psychological and strategically focused than pure action (as much as I love Rambo standing on a gun turret for 15 minutes doing his thing).

So, are you keen on the Rambo 5 plot? Or are you still desiring that Mexican drug traffickers plot hinted at two weeks back?

Rambo V: The Savage Hunt is set to begin production next spring.

Source: Reuters

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  1. Huh.

    I definitely like the idea, but I’m not so sure I like it as a Rambo movie.

  2. Nah do it in the sixth. Maybe he aught to make them back to back? This kind of sounds like Rambo vs Wolverine, when you think about it, or maybe if you don’t think about it.

  3. The sci-fi bit doesn’t sound AT ALL like something Rambo would do. Better off if Sly makes a whole ‘nother movie out of it. Rambo demolishing drug-trafficking sounds more up his alley.

  4. Sounds fine to me.

  5. I say no. This is not the reason I started liking Rambo to begin with. Why does this remind me of Jason X? Because the same thing is happening here. It’s frankly an utter garbage of an idea.

  6. I think it sounds great. Like Rocky 4 in the Rambo world. Bring it on! Stallone knows what he’s doing. Would nice to see something unexpected. Something that adds something to the saga. Usually the Stallone sequels are just the same old, same old. It might flop, but I know I will respect him for trying.

    It’s just important that he doesn’t do a Rocky 5, and sissify and put the focus away from the character. As long as Rambo is still an awesome tough guy with long hair, big muscles and a bad-ass machine gun, it’s all that matters.

  7. Personally I would like to see Rambo at home, building a relationship with his ailing father, and trying to reconnect to a country that he knows little about. Then suddenly you get…. “Hey Dad, let me get you another cup of coffee.”
    Rambo walks over to coffee pot, begins to pour a cup of black coffee. Unexpected knock at the door.
    John Rambo opens the door, looks directly into the eyes of Chuck Norris. “Hey Rambo, hate to bother you at home, but I could use your help with a problem.”
    “I’m done with war, fighting. It’s over.”
    Chuck says, “Nothing is over. We have a situation that can use your skills John. The New Mexico desert is being taken over by secret psycho alien ninjas. Only you, and well, me can stop ‘em John.”
    Rambo looks back at his dad, “I’ll be back in a while, Dad.”
    “Meet me in the barn Chuck.”
    Cut to montage of Rambo in forge inside his fathers barn, hammering steel, forging a katana (in 7 minutes) with which to battle the secret psycho alien ninjas. Meanwhile Chuck is doing roundhouse kicks to help push the heat out of the forge.

    And voila’!

  8. @Josh Rose

    I agree.

    @Johnny 4

    LOL, sounds like you described the first draft of “The Expendables.” 8)

    Although I’m a Rambo fan I really, REALLY wish they would have closed the series with the final scene in the last film and left it there. Would have been a classic, dignified ending to the Rambo saga.


  9. Sounds like a good idea but mexican drug runners seems a little 80′s dont it? yeah its pretty current considiring the situation in Mexico right now, but a sci-fi twist is okay as long as its not the chupacabra he is fighting. If you think about it isnt Rambo kind of a super human???

  10. I read on AICN talkbalk a hilarious comment about what we’ll get next from Stallone. This movie opens the door to finally seeing ‘Rocky goes to Space’!

    I LOLed.

  11. but really, mexico…el salvador…africa, or wherever..
    go in, find bad guys, beat em up…
    same old story.
    yeah, this is kinda weird, but, something at least different.
    these are just movies folks..entertainment.
    bring it!
    now that i think about it, it kinda reminds me of that movie chuck norris made about that geneticaly altered criminal. what was that? silent rage?

  12. If the mutant that he’s going up against isn’t getting some .50-cal lovin’, then this movie ain’t worth watching. Same goes if the Barrett M107 anti-materiel rifle doesn’t get a chance to knock off some heads.

  13. This has to be a joke. This would be a cool concept if it was Stallone creating a new action hero, but not RAMBO. I agree with Vic Rambo finally came full circle let the character rest.

    Sly I’m begging….We will see you do another character you don’t have to ruin the ones we already love!!!!!