Sylvester Stallone Asks – Should Mel Gibson Direct ‘The Expendables 3′?

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mel gibson expendables 3 director Sylvester Stallone Asks   Should Mel Gibson Direct The Expendables 3?

Sylvester Stallone failed to pull in a decent-sized crowd with his solo vehicle Bullet to the Head, but he shouldn’t have that same problem on his forthcoming “team efforts”; that includes The Expendables 3, which Sly is actively writing and plans to get into production before the year is out.

He’s lined up new additions like Jackie Chan to join the guns-blazing party, but we haven’t head anything yet about Expendables 2 director Simon West possibly returning (or any director candidates in consideration, for that matter). However, Sly recently posed an intriguing question on his official Twitter account, in hopes of getting some fan feedback – which is appropriate, given that Expendables is THE epitome of a fan-service franchise (something the sequel wisely played up).

Sly Tweeted a joke about Mel Gibson directing Expendables 5, before posting the following:

Gibson’s much-publicized personal problems have overshadowed his recent film work and left him struggling to find employment (onscreen, anyway), outside of his three leading roles over the past decade – in the lesser-seen (but generally well-received) Edge of Darkness, The Beaver and Get the Gringo - following the years he devoted to directing The Passion of the Christ, Apocalypto and episodes of the television series Complete Savages.

mel gibson apocalypto director Sylvester Stallone Asks   Should Mel Gibson Direct The Expendables 3?

Mel Gibson filming ‘Apocalypto’

He stands to make an acting comeback later this year, by playing a James Bond-esque villain in Robert Rodriguez’ Machete Kills; that’s to say, now wouldn’t be a bad time for “Crazy Mel” to announce his next filmmaking venture, especially one with surefire broad commercial appeal like Expendables 3. That’s not to say he’s truly in the running for the job at this time, but the power of the Internet shouldn’t be under-estimated (see: Michael Bay casting Mark Wahlberg in Transformers 4, after rumors began circulating online).

Personally, Gibson directing Expendables 3 sounds fine by me. To paraphrase a line from South Park: say what you want about Gibson’s shortcomings as a person, but the man understands the art of cinematic storytelling, and his directorial efforts to date have featured everything you could want from a good Expendables movie: well-executed action, engaging drama and humor, all infused with a sort of insane passion that makes everything happening onscreen seem genuinely off-the-wall and crazy (just like you remember the best old-school beefy action movies back in the day).


How about it: do YOU want Mel Gibson to direct The Expendables 3? Let us know in the comments section!

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  1. I think that’s a great idea! Sure it’s pretty far from the kind of movies he usually directs (Braveheart is in my top 5) but he should take the opportunity to work again and then maybe we’ll see his Vikings movie! I also think if he doesn’t direct it he would be good as the villain!

  2. I like Gibson as an actor and director and moviemaker over all i try to separate the actors from the personal life style and personal views as best i can so if he directs i think it will be cool and fun like the last two.

  3. Yes yes yes.

  4. I say bring it as long as gets to have at least a cameo as well. loved a lot of his movies especially Braveheart and Passion of the Christ

  5. What the hell, Mel Gibson is extremely picky about what films he directs. All his films seem like big time passion projects (besides his directorial debut).

    Of course if Mel wanted to direct Expendables 3 he can. Who the hell would say no to Mel Gibson directing your movie? Theres only about 7-8 directors I can think of that I consider better (and thats just because they make more films).The guy has directed 4 movies since his 1993 debut and 3 of them were GREAT films. To boot his films werent only really good, they were also did well in the box-office.

    If Mel is going to return to directing I hope he actually makes something good Like that Viking film he was suppose to direct w/ Leo Dicaprio Starring.

    • “Mel Gibson is extremely picky about what films he directs” He should be thankful to anyone who lets him near the business end of a camera at this point. He’s a raving racist lunatic.

  6. Even though Mel has done and said some terrible things, I think that he’d do a good job as the director if Expendables 3.

    Michael Dudikoff should be in the movie.

  7. get him to play a villain

  8. Why would he direct an Expendables movie? I don’t particularly like Mel Gibson, but his movies were great. Any Academy Award winning director taking on a movie like Expendables would be a shame.

  9. yes, I do


  11. Gibson is great and one of the better professionals at both acting and directing movies.

    I would love to see him direct as long as he had a hand in the story as well. The first two expendables were fun but very b grade story lines. No reason they could not make something really good.

    Or forget doing another expendables and remake the dirty dozen

  12. yes, give him a shot, he’s a good director.

  13. I would love to see him working on it–even appear IN it… BUT, I think that, in order to win over the general public, he may want to think about addressing some of his past personal actions that some people love to bring up…and he should do this HIMSELF and not wait for some interviewer to put him on the spot–and even do it with his signature sense of humor. People UNDERSTAND that we all go through things–money does not make him immune to being human–and if he were to just throw it out there and say, “yup, that was a sucky time–sorry” –then he could possibly make such an easy comeback– a little humility goes such a long way. –and making nice with people in general would certainly change his public image–not overnight, but he’s no stranger to a little hard work. Come back, Mel– be cool again! :)

  14. I think Gibson is one of the most talented Directors out there I just wish his body of work was bigger. I dont imagine him jumping on board to do a project like this but who knows he may need the money. Im still waiting for his Viking movie.

  15. Fine by me :)

  16. Yep he’s great.

  17. Heck yeah!

  18. It does my heart really, really good to see most everyone feels he is worth a second (or maybe even third) chance. Alcohol and rage can derail peoples lives, and Mr. Gibson has had problems with both. But nothing he has gone through rates being blacklisted. From “Gallipoli” to “Mad Max” to “Lethal Weapon” (okay, the first two) to his recent efforts, and his great work behind the camera, this man has extreme talent.

    The Expendables seem like a strange place for him to end up, but how many think a motivated Gibson knocks this clean out of the park?

  19. Good idea

  20. Sure why not. Just add Westley Snipes to the cast, possibly as the main villain. And Dwayne Johnson. And Harrison Ford.

  21. yes..and put tony jaa in it as well.

  22. Hell yeah!!

  23. Mel Gibson may not be a hit as an actor anymore, be he is definitely a great American film director! The result would be great, however, I don’t think he is interested in such a mainstream film.

  24. Hell yeah he would knock it out and he should also cameo in it too

  25. I wouldn’t mind if he directed the next installment (still pulling for John Woo though…), and even if he doesn’t, I think it would be cool to see him act in the next one, if possible.

  26. Mel sounds a good idea.. but why not Ben Affleck directing it, i mean he’s a great director, and lately Argo was Amazing. His touch on the expendables could be interesting.

  27. Heck yeah I think he would be the man for the job! Put Mel in the drivers seat….

  28. Mickey Rourke was missing from Expendables 2 which was a big mistake. If Stallone could get both Rourke and Gibson to be involved with Expendables 3 then he would have a certified mega hit on his hands.

  29. Mel should act and direct Expendables 3 doesn’t matter if he is a hero or villain in that .I would like to see him interact with Harrison ford Arnold Schwarzenegger , Bruce willis , sly and the rest of the cast.