Sylvester Stallone Asks – Should Mel Gibson Direct ‘The Expendables 3′?

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mel gibson expendables 3 director Sylvester Stallone Asks   Should Mel Gibson Direct The Expendables 3?

Sylvester Stallone failed to pull in a decent-sized crowd with his solo vehicle Bullet to the Head, but he shouldn’t have that same problem on his forthcoming “team efforts”; that includes The Expendables 3, which Sly is actively writing and plans to get into production before the year is out.

He’s lined up new additions like Jackie Chan to join the guns-blazing party, but we haven’t head anything yet about Expendables 2 director Simon West possibly returning (or any director candidates in consideration, for that matter). However, Sly recently posed an intriguing question on his official Twitter account, in hopes of getting some fan feedback – which is appropriate, given that Expendables is THE epitome of a fan-service franchise (something the sequel wisely played up).

Sly Tweeted a joke about Mel Gibson directing Expendables 5, before posting the following:

Gibson’s much-publicized personal problems have overshadowed his recent film work and left him struggling to find employment (onscreen, anyway), outside of his three leading roles over the past decade – in the lesser-seen (but generally well-received) Edge of Darkness, The Beaver and Get the Gringo - following the years he devoted to directing The Passion of the Christ, Apocalypto and episodes of the television series Complete Savages.

mel gibson apocalypto director Sylvester Stallone Asks   Should Mel Gibson Direct The Expendables 3?

Mel Gibson filming ‘Apocalypto’

He stands to make an acting comeback later this year, by playing a James Bond-esque villain in Robert Rodriguez’ Machete Kills; that’s to say, now wouldn’t be a bad time for “Crazy Mel” to announce his next filmmaking venture, especially one with surefire broad commercial appeal like Expendables 3. That’s not to say he’s truly in the running for the job at this time, but the power of the Internet shouldn’t be under-estimated (see: Michael Bay casting Mark Wahlberg in Transformers 4, after rumors began circulating online).

Personally, Gibson directing Expendables 3 sounds fine by me. To paraphrase a line from South Park: say what you want about Gibson’s shortcomings as a person, but the man understands the art of cinematic storytelling, and his directorial efforts to date have featured everything you could want from a good Expendables movie: well-executed action, engaging drama and humor, all infused with a sort of insane passion that makes everything happening onscreen seem genuinely off-the-wall and crazy (just like you remember the best old-school beefy action movies back in the day).


How about it: do YOU want Mel Gibson to direct The Expendables 3? Let us know in the comments section!

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  1. I’d be happy for him to direct. I was watching The Passion again a few days ago (nothing else on TV) and the shots used were fantastic. Plus Mel’s early career was built on action so he knows a thing or two about the genre.

  2. Expendables 5?! They’ll all be dead by then!

    • Then they can turn the franchise over to people like The Rock and Gina Carano

      • ^ this get the rock and a bunch of new upcoming action stars

      • Dwayne Johnson is cranking out too many movies these days. Yes, being in too many movies is not a good thing.

        He’s going to start getting stale, like Jason Statham’s action movies have become.

      • They would have to change the name to “The Marketables”.

  3. Why not?
    He is a good director, and I’m sure he could bring some interesting direction.
    His personal problems don’t phase me that much. If Marky Mark can beat a guy unprovoked and still get work, Mel should be able to have a mental breakdown and get some redemption.

  4. i wouldnt mind mel. but i think i would rather have someone like Simon West return, or John Woo.

  5. Absolutely!!! He is an excellent Director and it would be awesome!

  6. While he wouldn’t have been the person that initially came to mind, I think it would be really cool to have him direct. He has proved he can do it well, and he was also one of the 80s action stars.

  7. Yes, he is a great director, I say let him have a a re-write of the script as well.

  8. I wouldnt mind him directing, but i dont really want him in the film.

  9. Beyond my wildest imagining, to have Mel Gibson directing…anything.

    For THE EXPENDABLES 3 to achieve its intended value as an entertainment, and to uphold the enjoyable franchise started by the under-rated talent of Sly Stallone, it requires no high level scrutiny to realize Mel Gibson is the go-to director for any aficionado of the action-adventure genre.

    What an exciting idea. I’m all wet…I mean, I’m all in.

  10. Mel Gibson should have nothing to do with this load of wank!!

    He’s an Oscar winning director and a movie legend, the Expendables is where old losers go to kill their careers! Stay away Mel!!

    • While I tend to agree with you here the fact of the matter is that if Gibson wants to direct again it’s going to have be be something like this.
      No studio wants to be the first to hire him again but if he gets the chance to direct The Expendables and he does a decent job all of a sudden doors will open again.

      • He shouldn’t have to tarnish his filmography with movies like this just to please studios!

        while it would be sad, I think he should just bow out gracefully and retire, look at all the actors who are legends but just keep churning out garbage for the money, Willis, De Niro even Pacino, these actors used to be fussy about the films they made and only chose the best scripts and worked with the best directors, now they don’t seem to care!

        Sean Connery had the right idea, he made some duds along the way but most of the movies he made are classics, he didn’t keep on acting just for the sake of it!

        • I can’t defend Willis because A Good Day to Die Hard just came out and part of me hates him for that.

          I don’t know much about Pacino but I’m pretty sure he’s insane now. (

          As for DeNiro, I’ll agree he’s done a whole lot of crap in his twilight years but if he’d retired years ago we never would have gotten such a great performance from him in Silver Linings Playbook to remind us why he’s a living legend.

  11. Mel Gibson surely has some of the most profound films in Hollywood.Still, seeing him directing Expendables 3, the movie that is anything but profound, somehow just doesn’t fit :/

  12. Anything that brings Mel Gibson back into the movie mainstream is fine with me, though I’d much prefer to see his viking epic first! I love The Passion and Apocalypto , he’s a great director.

    • Hey, I’m down with Viking/Historical movies.

      Love Game of Thrones and The Vikings on History Channel. I’m now getting a bit tired of the political/monster/sci-fi/vamp movie stuff out there, so a movie about Vikings would be quite refreshing.

      Hope Mel gets the Viking movie out soon.

  13. Yes, Mel’s Apocalypto was great, i think he’s more than capable for high octane action.
    P.S. I enjoyed Expendables, but Expendables II was a dog. I enjoyed Wan Dammes performance though.

  14. YES!!! Stallone is not a good director as the last two Expendables showed it.

    • He directed the first one but not the second.

      • Oh wow he didn’t direct the second one. Touche. I still think Mel would be a better choice.

  15. Mel is very good at what he does. I say, if he is willing, let him do it.

  16. Mel Gibson needs to just start doing something. I loved Apocalypto and if he wants to direct a bunch of old men shooting guns at each other then I’m down with that too. Maybe Stallone can dig up Eric Roberts and eat his heart or something.

  17. Lethal Weapon, anyone?

    • I would love to see Lethal Weapon 5. It seems the terrible remake idea has stalled…

    • I would love to see Lethal Weapon 5. It seems the terrible remake idea has stalled.

  18. Love Mel Gibson’s work! I can’t think of any stinkers that he has produced, directed, or acted in. Have you? Sylvester has seriously had some stinkers, so why not give Mel a chance to work his magic with Expendables…

    I would for the money and the art, if I was Sylvester.

  19. Dwayne Johnson is saying to Sly, “I want in, if you want me in.” And should Oscar-winning director Mel Gibson (BRAVEHEART) be hired to direct…EXPENDABLES 3 will up the ante, considerably, even if the movie is not your choice for filmed entertainment.

    Let us not forget that Steven Spielberg was a hired-gun director for a a “dog” sequel (INDY 4); this goes for every other A-list director, given enough time and opportunity.

    If the film industry can forgive a pedophile/hebephile like Roman Polanski –a fugitive from American justice– in awarding him an Oscar, why shouldn’t Mel Gibson be given the chance for reconciliation (through filmwork) with the Hollywood community?

  20. I would prefer Woo to direct, but I could see Mel as the main vilian.

    • Imagine the signs posted around the set: “Live doves on set. No shooting the .50 cal machine gun.” :)

  21. As much as I hold Gibson’s acting work in awe. I’m not excited by his directing work. I also hold Gibson in contempt. I believe in the phrase, “In Vino Veritas.” I would try to view the work independantly of my feelings. I would also not be dissappointed to see Gibson never work again.

    • Well, how kind of you…a true example of a forgiving heart.

    • I hold you in contempt for being judgemental. I would not be disappointed if you never posted again. See how that works?

  22. Hi
    Yeah give the man a chance to work his magic and forget his personal life because we are all not prefect and we all make mistakes in life. Just go back and watch braveheart again. But he will always be Martin Riggs for me because he was The Leathal Weapon and that’s what The Expendables 3 needs great shout sly you are a legend


  24. All of his directorial efforts have thrived on one key element missing from this franchise: A plot.

  25. Mel is a great director and actor, I say Yes!
    The Expendables movies are a lot of fun, I think he would do a great job.

  26. i would love to see the director of the raid direct an expendables film, though the hand to hand fights wont be that good since barely any of these old timers know how to fight ‘technical’ – more than just basic punches and kicks.

  27. I am looking forward to it. In fact, I am looking forward to anything with Mel in it. He is one of the best actor/directors ever to work in Hollywood. It’s hard to believe that an industry which made a living out of churning out racist stereotypes against Hispanics, Asians, Arabs and what-not getting offended at Mel’s jibes.

  28. The Expendables has generated much goodwill and popularity amongst film fans. Any Gibson involvement could give the franchise bad notoriety that it doesn’t need.

    John McTiernan would be a far more fitting choice. He did after all direct two bonafide action classics of the 80s in Die Hard and Predator. If not then give Simon West another shot.

    • Oh please. Yea, sure, the Expendables is all about “good will”. If so, then all the more we should be examples of this “good will” and forgive and forget. Like no one in Hollywood has ever done any worse than name-call in a drunken rage?!

      I’m glad to see the overwhelming sentiment here is contrary to your thinking.

  29. Your fantastic meals fantastic but do you two meld on this type of movie just make it awesome like 1 and 2