Sylvester Stallone Asks – Should Mel Gibson Direct ‘The Expendables 3′?

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mel gibson expendables 3 director Sylvester Stallone Asks   Should Mel Gibson Direct The Expendables 3?

Sylvester Stallone failed to pull in a decent-sized crowd with his solo vehicle Bullet to the Head, but he shouldn’t have that same problem on his forthcoming “team efforts”; that includes The Expendables 3, which Sly is actively writing and plans to get into production before the year is out.

He’s lined up new additions like Jackie Chan to join the guns-blazing party, but we haven’t head anything yet about Expendables 2 director Simon West possibly returning (or any director candidates in consideration, for that matter). However, Sly recently posed an intriguing question on his official Twitter account, in hopes of getting some fan feedback – which is appropriate, given that Expendables is THE epitome of a fan-service franchise (something the sequel wisely played up).

Sly Tweeted a joke about Mel Gibson directing Expendables 5, before posting the following:

Gibson’s much-publicized personal problems have overshadowed his recent film work and left him struggling to find employment (onscreen, anyway), outside of his three leading roles over the past decade – in the lesser-seen (but generally well-received) Edge of Darkness, The Beaver and Get the Gringo - following the years he devoted to directing The Passion of the Christ, Apocalypto and episodes of the television series Complete Savages.

mel gibson apocalypto director Sylvester Stallone Asks   Should Mel Gibson Direct The Expendables 3?

Mel Gibson filming ‘Apocalypto’

He stands to make an acting comeback later this year, by playing a James Bond-esque villain in Robert Rodriguez’ Machete Kills; that’s to say, now wouldn’t be a bad time for “Crazy Mel” to announce his next filmmaking venture, especially one with surefire broad commercial appeal like Expendables 3. That’s not to say he’s truly in the running for the job at this time, but the power of the Internet shouldn’t be under-estimated (see: Michael Bay casting Mark Wahlberg in Transformers 4, after rumors began circulating online).

Personally, Gibson directing Expendables 3 sounds fine by me. To paraphrase a line from South Park: say what you want about Gibson’s shortcomings as a person, but the man understands the art of cinematic storytelling, and his directorial efforts to date have featured everything you could want from a good Expendables movie: well-executed action, engaging drama and humor, all infused with a sort of insane passion that makes everything happening onscreen seem genuinely off-the-wall and crazy (just like you remember the best old-school beefy action movies back in the day).


How about it: do YOU want Mel Gibson to direct The Expendables 3? Let us know in the comments section!

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  1. Definitely Mel.

  2. Hell Yeah without question! if anyone has the mind for drama, passion and excitement it Mel Gibson. He’s in the ranks of the expendable boys;-)

  3. HEEEELLLL YEAH. he’s an awesome director

    • I have always been a fan of Mel Gibson’s film work and have applauded his passion for his Catholic Faith. He’s hit some hard times in recent years, but talent doesn’t wane because of tribulation. He is a gifted director and his cinematic work possesses a visceral punch. Who else could have made “The Man Without a Face”, “Braveheart”, “The Passion of the Christ” and “Apocalypto” such magnificent and memorable directorial achievements. Sly, don’t let Mel slip through your fingers. Answer my prayers and nab him to direct “The Expendables 3″.

      • Passion of the Christ was was not a masterpiece, nor should his overzealous Catholic faith be praised. It is not a virtue to believe the unbelievable.

        • Passion WAS a Masterpiece and one should be extremely proud of their convictions AND should be applauded for standing firm in the face of critics. Mel is an outstanding director, and a great actor, yes he has his demons but who among us does not? Sly bring on the Lethal Weapon and hire him to direct Ex3.

        • I’m suspecting Bub’s self-admitted, anti-Christian hostility is blinding him to the obvious: “Passion” was a magnificent, artistic triumph. Lots of “Christian” art — music, film, lit, painting — is schlock; I’m a “Bible-thumper” but I have no difficulty admitting that. It would be nice if so many of the pompous Christ-haters who reflexively sneer at all things “Christian” would be objective enough to do the same and admit when a work with a “religious” theme is executed skillfully.

  4. Sly, give Mel the job. He is a great director and like you he has a great eye for directing action, drama and great movies.

  5. Yeah.. sure, I think he would do a great job, I loved all the movies he’s directed so far, go for it.. Give him the job.

  6. @Filip B

    A number of Screen Ranters are saying Mel Gibson may not be interested in directing THE EXPENDABLES 3…but you know what I think? Sly Stallone has already pitched the project to Mel, and now sending this “shout-out” to fans over the web as a sort of “test-marketing” the notion; to get us weaving “threads” in a show of support; something Sly can then show the producers, the studio(s), and the distributor(s). That’s what I think.

  7. @lebsta

    John McTiernan surrendered to federal authorities in Yankton, South Dakota on April 3rd to serve a 12-month sentence for perjury as part of a wiretap scandal. Your suggestion that McTiernan would be a better choice over Mel Gibson (on the character issue) seems moot under the circumstances.

    Sly Stallone is about giving people in his profession “a second chance”; as Wesley Snipes rolls out of prison and into a half-house in July, Sly may very well cast the ex-convict/actor in EXPENDABLES 3. Perhaps, he will have McTiernan direct EXPENDABLES 4 after he satisfies his prison time.

    Mel Gibson can be an a**hole, and has never abused the privilege, but the one he has hurt the most…is himself.

  8. Mel would be great. Say what you want about his violent bigot, racist rantings. The man is very talented. When we watch movies he has had a hand in, most are very successful. Besides movies are about actor’s personal demons are they?

  9. Despite mels short comings in his personal life i believe he would be a great choice for directing expendables 3..

  10. I would actually go see Expendables 3 if Mel Gibson directed it.

  11. Yap i really want Mel to do that it will give this epic movie an even more epic behind the sens cast!

  12. While I agree, that he might deliver one of the gripping action films we’ve seen to-date with Expendables 3, I kinda want him to get his Viking project together as the first thing. I’ve been waiting so long for that film.

  13. Maybe if Mel directs he can cameo being Bruce’s rival and having Danny Glover as his number 2, like he was in SHOOTER :)
    Wesley Snipes
    Jackie Chan
    Nicolas Cage
    Harrison Ford
    John Travolta
    Vinnie Jones
    Kurt Russell
    Jason Mamoa
    The Rock
    Ray Park
    Mad Dog (from The Raid)
    Cynthia Rothrock
    Micheal Dudikoff
    Micheal Ironside
    Gary Busey
    Gerald Butler
    Hulk Hogan
    Sgt Slaughter
    Micheal Jai White
    Vin Diesl
    Danny Trejo
    Antonia Bandares
    Zoe Bell
    Milla Jovovich
    Tom Hardy
    need to be in this

  14. The trilogy is a special collection of the (older) major movie action heroes. They are legendary because of their careers. The movie isn’t focused on the newer and younger heroes. That is why the Expendables is so amazing. Sly has brought back the best of the best of actors who all served as lead roles in their own action flicks just to fight together in one movie. It is a seasoned cast. So in keeping with that profile, Wesley Snipes and Jackie Chan are rumored to be casted for the 3rd one. And you could consider these been around guys as well: John Travolta, Hulk Hogan, Michael Jai White, Danny Trejo and Antonio Banderas.

  15. I don’t care as long as you put Carl Weathers and Mr T in it as well.

  16. Hmm. Intersting question, I think he’d actually make a decent job of it.

  17. So it’s bad to rant about blacks and Hispanics but ok to hate jewish people. Mel Gibson s an idiot and should banished from Hollywood