Sylvester Stallone Updates ‘Expendables 3′; No Steven Seagal, Maybe Jackie Chan

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expendables 3 sylvester stallone Sylvester Stallone Updates Expendables 3; No Steven Seagal, Maybe Jackie Chan

Sylvester Stallone anchored last month’s bout of machismo and manly brawling – in the form of Bullet to the Head – but, unfortunately, few people turned out to see what proved to be an exhilarating and genuine action throwback. That song ought to change on Sly’s upcoming projects, since the majority of them will feature one more tough guy screen icon to sweeten the deal – or several, in the case of The Expendables 3.

We’ve previously reported about unconfirmed (re: rumored) Expendables 3 casting possibilities such as Nicolas Cage and Steven Seagal, in addition to confirmation from Jackie Chan that Sly is fleshing out a role for him in the threequel. Today, we can offer something more official on the situation, courtesy of Stallone’s recent comments on his certified Twitter account.

Expendables 2 brought new aging screen heroes into the mix and moved the action franchise towards being more tongue-in-cheek and even intentional self-parody, resulting in a sequel which many felt improved on its predecessor. According to Sly, that was his plan from the start – and so, that trend will continue in the third installment:

Sly went on to reveal that Seagal has passed on the offer to join the Expendables 3 cast and tease that “maybe we get lucky with J. Chan!” Seagal’s decision isn’t as shocking when you recall his casual (apathetic?) comments about the prospect in the past - which is curious, given the state of his career – but Chan appears to be more inclined to say yes, judging by his more outgoing and fan-friendly attitude.

jackie chan expendables 3 Sylvester Stallone Updates Expendables 3; No Steven Seagal, Maybe Jackie Chan

Hopefully, we’ll soon have a concrete update on the situation with the martial arts legend, as well as other rumored Expendables 3 candidates like Nic Cage and Wesley Snipes. Meanwhile, Sly’s also looking to recruit some “young bloods” for the movie, as he explained in greater depth with the Tweet below:

Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games) and Nan Yu played a youthful addition and “tough, REAL” female lead in Expendables 2, but it sounds as though Sly has more in mind than just rehashing their characters (but with different actors). The “tech wizard” and “super brains” comment sounds like the Expendables are getting their own version of ‘Q’ from the James Bond franchise; specifically, the ‘young and hip’ variety, as played by Ben Whishaw in Skyfall.

As for a younger woman addition who’s there for more than sex appeal: there are plenty of fine choices, including people like Gina Carano (Fast & Furious 6) and Katee Sackhoff (Riddick). Those two in particular are currently tapped to appear in an all-women Expendables-esque action flick that’s in development, but there are many fans who might actually prefer either one of them to instead join Sly and his boys on their next romp. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, of course.


The Expendables 3 may begin filming later this year to make a Summer 2014 release date, so keep you eyes peeled for more information arriving during the forthcoming months.


Source: Sylvester Stallone

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  1. “A young woman who is not a sex symbol, but funny, tough and real.”
    Good!! I wanna see a real badass woman, not a playboy model!! :-)

    • How is my observable comment in reply here considered “spam”? Screenrant, love your site, but your software in following a predictable protocol but making your safeguard appear foolish. Is this spam?

    • Cynthia Rothrock and Kathy Long from old school, if want the youngest one…Gina Carano is the good choice

  2. They should get Gina Carano.

    • hell yes on gina carano she would fit in so well with the expendables and really hope jackie chan is in this one

  3. And what exactly is wrong with a young woman who is a sex symbol? If there’s one thing young women excel at, it’s being sex symbols. being tough? In real life, not so much.

    • not true. You kinda sound sexist.

      • More special-needs than sexist, actually. :D

      • Kinda sounds sexist. It was sexist!

    • I’d love to hear you say that to Gina Carano face to face, and then let us see how your face looks like after the conversation…

  4. for the tech wizard , how about zach levy?

    • I was thinking the same thing! Don’t see it happening mind you, but he pulls it of well in Chuck (and is a nerd in real life), and always plays his roles extremely well.

  5. How about getting Angelina Jolie and Gina Davies. Women have been action heroes too.

    And Chloe Moretz for that matter.

  6. Please no women in the Expendables. This is a mens only club.

    • Some gay dude always has to chime in with the “boys only” crap.

      • @Cave

        LOL!! I concur. Never say no to seeing a female’s face…

  7. Sounds like this movie is on track. I love the franchise. I would rather have a smart, real chick, than the usual sex symbol bimbos that are usually in movies. Brains are just way sexier.

    And no, you can’t usually get brains, being real and looks in one package. On the rare occasion yes, but not normally. It would be the exception for sure, not the rule.

  8. Steven is acting like a d bag for not signing up for Expendables 3.

    • Probably because he IS a d-bag. I love how he acts like such a bad-ass when he’s never been in a legit fight, just demonstrations of his “fighting skills” with his aikido students.

      • No Seagal, no problem. His loss.

  9. Repeating the elements in the 2nd film but enlarging them (more than one “young blood” and asexual (young) female) typically sets up ennui for the audience with expectation of something truly “new and different” each time out. This could be risky.

    And Jackie Chan is fun, even better wearing some serious age, but he is no Jet Li; as a result, Li will be missed, if plugging a hole left by a parting Asian with another Asian.

    The fun to be had in the first EXPENDABLES was seeing these slabs of beef past their due date pouring on the machismo; the 2nd film introduced those younger elements (young dude, young chick); the 3rd film should be something else — while also something more than what we’ve already had.

    The villains, absolutely, play a crucial role and important for the movie to work in the long-run; but a freshness, a gimmick/MacGuffin is the real trick that the first two flicks in the franchise that made all the difference.

    To out do themselves with an even OLDER guy (say, Connery or Eastwood) then have the group face down battle-harden “amazons”, a gender-bender mirror opposite of themselves.

    EXPENDABLES earned $274.4 at the worldwide box office; EXPENDABLES 2 racked up $312.5 million. Mo’ money for 2 didn’t come from repeating what’s proven, but rather improving upon itself. Script, direction, production values, and casting should up the box office; but to better the odds, shouldn’t they up the ante?

  10. Michelle Rodriguez

    • Nice….

  11. They should cast Ray Park.

    • Also nice…. the man rocks in action scenes. He and Statham having a throw-down? Stupid fun….

    • 100% agree..the same thing I was thinking, Ray Park is a real martial artist will fit to fight Jason Statham or Jet Li, by the way other casts who will fit to fight Jason Statham or Jet Li are Mark Dacascos, Donnie Yen, Darren Sahlavi or Luke Goss

  12. Chuck Lidell

  13. They should just give up, The Expendables 2 was one of the worst films I’ve seen in a long time, along with Taken 2 and Die Hard 5, if they insist on making another one then at least make it R rated, thats one of the main reasons the originals were so successful!!

    • the first 2 were R rated…

      anyways, i loved Ex2. a whole lot of fun for me. i cant wait for the 3rd

      • The MPAA wouldn’t give them a PG-13 rating with that much blood.

    • The expendable 2 was a 12a as were Taken 2 and Die Hard 5 in Britain, making them kids movies!!

      • Ex2 and DH5 were both rated R in the US… sounds like you got the watered down versions.

        Taken 2 might have been PG13 tho, i cant remember.

    • Die Hard 5 was also R rated… Obviously the rating has nothing to do with how good a movie actually is, unless you’re 15 and you really think the f-bomb is cool or whatever…

  14. Van Damme was EASILY the best part of #2, although Liam Hemsworth was very good in his limited role. I am a huge Jason Stathom fan (One of like twenty or so, judging from his last three solo outings which I liked and no one else went to see), so I am in. But we need as good of a bad guy as what Jean played and MORE TERRY CREWS!!

    This franchise could really be a very consistent bread maker, so long as they are willing to take some risks to throw curve balls into the formula.

    • “Statham”.

      Such a big fan, I can’t spell his name right.

      *puts nose in corner*

  15. How about writing a good script before casting it? EX2 was a giant turd.

  16. would be awesome is wesley snipes is the villain :D

    the problem with JCVD in ex2 was that there was very little of him in the movie, he was great when on screen, but he could have used more screen time to further establish his character, same with scott adkins, who just comes across as a lap dog that has some BA skills in fighting :P

    • Why don’t put Wesley Snipes and JCVD together in the Ex3 as the double trouble villains? One is a new Villain and one is come to take a revenge, joint together to challenge The Expendables, also put in Michael Jai White, Ray Park, Mark Dacascos and Donnie Yen as their henchmen..EX 3 need a totally great Villains

  17. I didn’t care for the first one but was really surprised by all the fun i had with the second one so i’m interested in EX3 i think it will be a ton of fun.

  18. For some old school Kung Fu guys, Donnie Yen or Sammo Hung.

    • @Bignerd

      Hell yes. Donnie Yen before Jackie Chan any day…

      Maybe Donnie Yen as the good guy, and Jackie Chan as the villain, and they have an epic kung fu fight at the end, lol.

  19. Wesley snipes, Christian slater, Kurt Russell as bad guys. Wesley snipes as some dude that just doesn’t die so you can bring him back in part 4. And maybe Linda Hamilton as a bad girl villain.

  20. I read here on SR that JCVD could be back as the twin brother to Jean Vilain (Claude Vilain?). I think I also read that they may incorporate a slight sci-fi twist which could work depending on how it’s handled.

    I like the idea of Gina Carano or Katee Sackhoff joining the cast (I’m partial to Sackhoff, but I wouldn’t kick either of them out of bed for eating crackers). I think it would also be fun to see Wesley Snipes join. I’m not upset if Nic Cage or Steven Seagal are not on board. Can’t wait for EX3!

  21. Badass addition would be:
    Sean Connery, Zoe Saldana (Colombiana, Idris Elba, Harrison Ford, Dennis Quaid, Eliza Coupe, Wesley Snipes, Ron Perlman, Angelina Jolie, Russel Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Adam West, Uma Thurman, Clint Eastwood, Kurt Russel, Tommy Lee Jones, Linda Hamilton, Thomas Jane, the list could go on forever

  22. A funnier title for this film series would be Depend-ables.

  23. OK Mr Stallone, no Steven Seagal in Expendables 3, its OK, you can get other action star instead, you can Save him (Seagal)for other movie after Expendables 3, maybe cop/secret agent movie is more fit for you and him to collaborate, like “Tango and Cash” but now, double trouble old cop working together, thats will be awesome!!

  24. sly, get kurt russell in expendables 3 as well as alec baldwin, michael keaton, gary oldman, chris cooper, tim robbins, tommy lee jones, jeff bridges, mel gibson, harrison ford, rutger hauer, peter weller, antonio banderas, wesley snipes, armand assante, nicolas cage, john travolta, hulk hogan, carl weathers, don johnson, robert davi, al pacino, james caan, robert duvall, clint eastwood, john heard, dennis quaid, richard dean anderson, kevin costner, dwayne johnson and vin diesel etc. get kurt as a good guy. you don’t have to get richard gere if you don’t want to i know you hate him i agree, but he would make a great villian. bring arnold and bruce back again and dolph lundgren and the rest of the cast.

  25. I would love to see Mark Dacascos, Wesley Snipes, Michael Dudikoff, Kurt Russel. Gerard Butler, Carl Weathers & Van Damme all in EX3, Van Damme to play Jean Villain’s twin bro Claude Villain ! I cant wait either way it will be Awesome !

  26. I’d like to try to get in the expendables 3 project. It Sounds really cool what Stallone is trying to do.

  27. This is my version of The Expendables 3

  28. They should get Harrison Ford.

  29. Wesley Snipes,Clint Eastwood,Mark Dacascos,Gerard Butler,Carl Weathers,vin diesel.dwayne johnson,Ron Perlman,Donnie Yen,Ray Park,Chow Yun-fat,Russell Wong,Vinnie Jones,Colin Farrell,Norman Reedus,Michael Rooker,Jeffrey Dean Morgan,Óscar Jaenada,Rain – Ninja Assassin,Kris Kristofferson,Channing Tatum.Danny Trejo,Timothy Olyphant,Clive Owen,Michael Jai White,Tony jaa ,Shawn Ashmore -just pick a hand full of them,that way it dont matter you’ll have a block-buster you can mix young and old plus all of the can be funny while still staying a legit tough guy,then also could add in Zoe Saldana,Gina Carano,Nan Yu,Linda Hamilton, that way it will help them spin -off