Sylvester Stallone Says ‘The Expendables 2′ Will Be Rated R

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sylvester stallone expendables 2 rating Sylvester Stallone Says The Expendables 2 Will Be Rated R

Countless people around the Interwebz were stirred up into a virtual riot (pun intended) in the early goings of 2012, when word got out that The Expendables 2 – a macho action throwback flick that writer/star Sylvester Stallone has described as a “Barbeque of Grand scale Ass Bashing” – was shaping up to be a PG-13 Rated affair, due largely to co-star Chuck Norris objecting to the “hardcore language” present in Stallone’s script draft.

While Stallone was fairly quick to confirm that rumor as being true rather than the result of a mistranslation, the beefy sexagenarian has since back-peddled on his claim. Sly is now reported as having said that the sequel to The Expendables will indeed be an R-Rated affair, like its predecessor – not to mention the innumerable manly action titles of the 1980s and 90s that both flicks emulate.

According to the Stallone Zone (a generally reliable source of information), Sly issued the following succinct statement on the matter:

“After taking in all the odd rumors and hearsay, EXPENDABLES II is an R.”

Bear in mind, this news does not mean that Norris’ wishes for The Expendables 2 to not feature loads of vulgar language is being ignored. The film could be ready to earn an R rating primarily for grisly action and graphic violence, rather than for featuring tons of f-bombs and similar “hardcore” curses – which would allow for Norris’ demand(s) to still be satisfied. Either way, it’s enough of a win situation for everyone else.

The Expendables 2 Maggie Sylvester Stallone Says The Expendables 2 Will Be Rated R

It is easy (and not entirely unfair) to nitpick and point out that Stallone shoulders more than his fair share of responsibility for the aforementioned “odd rumors and hearsay” concerning The Expendables 2, seeing how he was the one who said the PG-13 Rating rumor is legit. Most movie fans probably won’t dwell on that issue much, as they will be simply be glad to hear that The Expendables 2 isn’t going to be a “filtered” or “cleaner” action romp – but instead, is positioned to deliver all the brutal violence and unfiltered carnage that fans have been anticipating.

That’s not to say than an R-Rating is equivalent to a guarantee of quality, as it will ultimately be Stallone’s script work (and The Expendables 2 helmer Simon West’s directorial choices) that dictates whether or not this flick truly is the end-all of entertaining, hard-hitting, testosterone-fueled cinematic events. As evidenced by recent titles ranging from most of the Saw sequels to the Conan the Barbarian reboot, simply being a hard R-Rated flick isn’t at all the same as being a good film.

If nothing else, the sheer overabundance of legendary movie badasses like Stallone, Norris, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jean-Claude Van Damme (among numerous others) appearing in The Expendables 2 suggests this flick could indeed end up being worth all the ratings halabaloo.

The Expendables 2 hits theaters in the U.S. on August 17th, 2012.

Source: Stallone Zone [via Bleeding Cool]

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  1. Cant fricken wait, this is going to be mind boggling.

  2. same bs happened with the 1st and he just CGd the blood, i’ll watch it in cinemas but i’ll def have to grab the DC version to see the actual movie not a watered down b**ch friendly edition >:( nice marketing strategy sly…

    P.S the DC is the way one should watch this movie, the 10min of extra footage makes a big difference, not only that but dialogue is almost entirely different between the team, and way more funnier then the trash he released in cinemas.

    • I’ll take your word on it. Being that this is a sequel more than likely they will Re-release the 1st with the sequel in a double pack DVD/Blueray. I’ll wait for the Directors cut which will hopefully be packed with many Special Features..Hopefully…

  3. To tell the truth, I’m not against swearing…but sometimes it seems scripts throw in f-bombs just for the hell of it. When it seems artificial or completely over the top to swear, I just don’t see the point.

    • @Gractan

      I think the best example of this in my opinion is the “Unrated” version of Live Free or Die Hard. It just seemed like they were trying to throw in curse words whenever even when it wasn’t appropriate… Honestly the theatrical cut of that movie was much better in my opinion…

      • yeah in the DC there are moments where you can tell they just added them in for the sake of it (the scene where sly tells the group about the job has alot of swearing in the DC which feels unnecessary (though it’s a little funny)).

      • @ Ken J

        I could agree more with you…except the unrated version of Die Hard 4 did have one of the funniest movie lines ever…

        Matt Farrell: You just killed a helicopter with a car!
        John McClane: Hundreds of thousands of people get killed by cars every year. That’s just like four more.

        • sorry…

          *couldn’t agree more

        • @Gractan

          Actually, in my opinion the theatrical version is funnier. I felt that DC line was kind of a long and drawn out witty reply. Sometimes funny replies are better if they’re quick in my opinion. But obviously it’s all subjective, that’s just my opinion.

          To me, in the theatrical version, when he simply replies “I was out of bullets” it makes you think, um, and throwing a car at it was the first thing that popped into your head as an alternative?? LOL, to me that concept was pretty hilarious…

    • That was the reason I didn’t like 21 Jump Street as much as others. It seemed as though the F-bomb was spoken every other sentence.

      • Well that and Jonah Hill is a terrible actor and resorts to F-Bombs to cover up his lack of talent.

        • Bad or good actor, it was still a freaking hilarious movie.

    • I agree. I don’t expect this to have totally clean dialogue, but I wouldn’t mind it not having swear words thrown in just for the sake of it. This is an action movie. What part of action equates to vulgar language? On the other hand, action and violence go hand in hand, so I’d rather see the language toned down and the butt kicking in place.

  4. Yah, I couldn’t care less about the curse words, but the action definitely needs to be there. :-) Looking forward to it.

  5. I hate cursing when it tries to be pseudo Tarantino and applying it terribly, but when it’s done as loose improv like Willis did in the McTiernan Die Hard’s, The Last Boy Scout, etc It really does lead to some memorable lines.

    As for the violence, look at the cast, that dictates brutal violence as that’s what their careers is comprised of.

  6. So when are we getting an official trailer for this one?

    • That’s what I wanna know – it’s about damn time. And the poster in the article cools so damn cool!! 😉


      • yes, its been several months since the teaser. they have to be well into post production by now to be able to release a trailer.

  7. ideal time for a trailer would be right now since hunger games is another big lionsgate movie

  8. Seems like Stallone has been surfing Screen Rant and got scared after all the negative comments.You see people we can make a difference:)

  9. If this is true then it is great news but still I think Stallone not cofirming earlier that The Expendabbles 2 will be Rated R has damaged it’s marketing.

    I mean the news of The Expendables being PG-13 has spread around the world.

    Still I hope The Expendables 2 will have more awesome fights, hard hitting action and more gore than the first one.

    I mean the cast is a a action fan’s dream come true.

  10. this is good news

  11. Oh man so glad to hear that it’ll be R rated can’t wait.

  12. yeah i dont really care one way or the other about the language, as long as the action is awesome. i mean, the expendables barely dropped any f words and most of them were spoken in the church scene by bruce willis.

  13. This Is good news however one could only help that aside from the rating that Everybody gets proper screen time. Like JCVD, Lundgren, Arnold…Pretty much everybody. But JCVD a lil more because he was a sure miss in the 1st but he had his reasons. JCVD gets ALOT of hate but a whole generation(Just like most of the cast) grew up watching his movies(Bloodsport when I was 5) so I hope he gets a proper showing in this…

  14. I was hoping that Norris would have no influence…..come on Chuck, Gingrich!?!?

    • Yes, Gingrich. So what?

      • I doubt Chuck sanity

      • I doubt Chuck’s sanity

        • Because he endorsed Gingrinch?
          Don’t be ridiculous.

  15. yes,truly some good news!

  16. Odd rumors? Stallone was the one who confirmed the PG-13 rating, and now he’s calling them “odd rumors”?

  17. Boy, this article sure takes a load off. I have hardly been able to sleep lately for fear that Expendables II might not contain the maximum number of f-bombs and blasphemous uses of God’s name for which modern flim-goers ache. And that, perhaps, this summer’s audiences would be forced to content ourselves with scores of bad guys merely machine-gunned down, versus actually seeing, slo-mo, their limbs pinwheeling through the air, bodies rupturing redly and noggins exploding like buckets of beef stew. I can rest easy now. Even if the script of Expendables II is as thin and perfunctory as its predecessor, we’ll still, once again, be treated to enough waves of carnage and obscenity to make our knees weak. Now that’s great film-making!! And the evil Chuck Norris presumably gets his much needed comeuppance!!

    • if you dont like that kind of movie THEN DONT WATCH IT!!! go and watch your tellitubbies and barney and let us drool over the arms and legs flying off of baddies. thats what we want to see.

  18. Yes!! Wonder how chuck norris is gonna react lol

    • I have heard that they cut off his scenes from EX2

  19. Great to hear Stallone & co have eventually come to the right decision. The fans aren’t Expendable after all.

  20. Nice! Now all I need to hear is that there will be absolutely NO cg blood in this. I saw that in the first and it pissed me off.

  21. Love Chuck! Let bodies fly apart everywhere but dont shout F-bombs in the process…heh. All of my favs are in this movie…even Seagal I believe! It is amazing how well Arnold and Stallone are holding up. Gotta love HGH!

    • no seagal in this one.

      • That is a good thing…

  22. I’ve read on a few sites speculation that the whole PG-13/R controversy was a marketing ploy. Wouldn’t doubt it. It kept the movie in the news and on the discussion boards…

  23. they need to go balls out with these and the biggest thing is the badguys
    need to be top notch and the big action names need to fight eachother, like have jackie chan vs. chuck norris, thats what action fans want to see
    as the weakest thing about expendables 1, while a great idea, was the badguys.

    and forget the lesser name stars like hemsworth, courter etc. if you have to bring in younger bring in the rock or vin diesle, etc. always go balls out. dont be a cheap b* sly.

  24. not bad at all, thank’s for taking out all the profanity, we don’t need all that junk, kid’s don’t need that or nudity, and I can’t stand to see it, this is the only movie I have watched in year’s, because of lang. and nudity. Thank’s Chuck and Sly