SyFy’s Ghost Hunters Delivering Great Ratings

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ghosthunters SyFys Ghost Hunters Delivering Great Ratings

If you watch Syfy’s Ghost Hunters, you are in some pretty good company.

It’s been pulling in some great rating numbers this year.  Last week’s episode drew a 2.0 Household rating which overall, equates to 2.8 million viewers.  Head to head in the same hour, it beat out TNT’s Leverage.

An interesting demographic of viewers for Ghost Hunters is that women between the ages of 25-54 made up 1.1 million of those viewers last week.

Amongst all its spin-offs, the original show is still holding its own.  Is everyone loving the new locations in this new season?

Source:  TV By The Numbers

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  1. Cool show,,, :-)

  2. Trash TV

    Interesting how many ppl watch this crap but definitely not surprising. Box Office numbers often reveal similar results about what most ppl find “entertaining”.

    I’ll stick with Dexter, Breaking Bad, etc.

  3. Not a terrible show but I watch Adult Swim and NipTuck along with some ESPN

  4. If it wasn’t for the fact that a lot of those team members have been together and doing this for years, and you can just tell by their interaction with each other, this wouldn’t be as good as it is.
    I’m just thankful they have shuffled most of the annoying team members off to their International crew.
    Hey, it might not be “SyFy” but I think it’s entertaining. So sue me. I won’t go out of my way to watch it, but if it’s on, I’m not going to change the channel.

  5. Definitely a “guilty pleasure” for my wife and I, and as Tony mentioned it’s purely because of the team members and their interactions.

    We understand its malarky, and we are not really expecting them to “catch” anything of real importance, but it’s an hour the wife and I spend together and have a chuckle.

  6. @Skippy2057, if you ever want a cheap way to ghost hunt take a normal tape recorder to a cemetary. Walk around and talk to the dead. Go home and play back the tape. You will be surprised at what you hear. 8-O

  7. me and my son watch it every week we especaially laugh when tango and the guy thats afraid of spiders get together

  8. Way back when I first reported on GHOST HUNTERS, I was surprised how many people jumped on board to say they liked it.

    Then in the ’08 San Diego Comic-Con, when I sauntered over to check out the Ghost Hunters panel, it turned out to be one of the longest lines I’d ever seen at the event, and I never got in.

    Then oddly, this year, unless I missed it in a list, they didn’t book a Ghost Hunters panel at the 2009 Comic-Con… Which confused me, considering the popularity of the show.


    And no, I wouldn’t deny the premise of ghosts. My grandparents owned a house in Maine, and it was over 200 years old and there were some ‘interesting’ events that took place in there that did enough for me.


  9. Its an interesting show. I don’t take any of their evidence as factual even though I’m a rather firm believer in this stuff. Its easy to shrug at it if you’ve never experienced anything like it yourself, I guess.

    Also, any evidence these guys or any other ghost hunting group gathers will never be accepted as hard proof. You’d probably need a “ghost house”, loads of equipment and serious scientists plus a few years to prove this kind of stuff. And within the world of science, even mentioning ghosts is a nono.

    Guess people just have to experience it for themselves.

  10. Personally, i think some (or most) of the stuff is fake, but i still like the show. It gives me goosebumps and what no when i watch it and that’s a rare feeling when watching tv or movies these days.

  11. Working in Hollywood (one of the most haunted cities on Earth) during the course of my job, I had the privilege of working in the Ambassador Hotel. Its famous for RFK’s assassination. During my “work” there I had complete access to the entire hotel. Keep in mind the Hotel went under during the early 80′s and was only used for movie shoots, commercials etc.
    There’s a stairway that leads up to the floors. I didn’t want to take the elevator on account that it would go up and down on its own. As I went up to the 3rd floor and walked out of the stair well, I could hear voices on the 2nd floor below. I thought it was a location scout team as it was obvious there were about 3 people down there. As I didn’t want to startle them I waited by the stairwell as it sounded like they would be in view any moment. They never appeared. I decided to walk back down and see who it was. As with every step I took back down the stairs the voices got quieter. Once I was at the second floor the voices were gone and there was nobody there.
    There was also a room I walked into near the kitchen, upon opening the door I swore I saw an outline of a little girl sitting on the bed. Just as quickly there was nothing there.
    One room down on the first floor was full of old furniture. The room had to be 50 degrees. You could almost see your breath.
    Lastly upon looking at photos I took of the inside and outside some of the photos were clearly disturbing one that stood out was a shot taken from outside of the front of the hotel. In the glass of the lobby you could see “faces” and one of them was very grotesque.
    Are ghosts real, yes, I have proven it to myself. I’ll never forget walking around in that hotel…

  12. The fact that I know a few people who swear on their life they have witnessed stuff, I can believe it. Just not much of the show. In my hometown there is a malt shop, supposedly one of the most haunted places in Texas and a “ghost hunter” like show came there and my friend was let in because he knew the owner. All he saw them do was joke off camera, throw stuff and make everyone else react to it. Later my friend saw something in the back but he never told them. I need to see more than orbs or whispers on ghost hunters to credit it but I believe there are things out there.

    @ 790, any way someone might be able to see those pictures you have : )

  13. No unfortunately Aaron those photos were taken with a 35mm disposable camera. I’m not sure where they are,,, :-)

    The Ambassador has been more or less torn down and turned into a school. I believe they kept the kitchen where Kennedy was shot intact but the rest is gone…

  14. I think the show has proven to be mostly reputable. They just as often don’t find anything as they do and that’s what gained my immediate respect. Sure it’s possible that the equipment and everything has been tampered with, but J and Grant give that feel that they could truly be your neighbors and are honest to goodness good guys. Th personal feel they bring to everything is where the real draw is and I think that’s why the audience connects.

    Plus every now and again, that crap is scary.

  15. I’ve been having a bit of a problem with ghost hunters this season. Not only have they been relying too heavily on “gee wiz” tricks light the flashlight, but the personalities just aren’t there… I say this as a long time fan, anyone else agree?