Syfy Orders TV Pilot Based on ‘Legion’ Film

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legion syfy Syfy Orders TV Pilot Based on Legion Film

A TV series based on a film is always a loaded proposition, especially when the film in question relates to an established franchise. This was certainly the case with current series Hannibal and Bates Motel. However, for other lesser known films, TV can be a fresh start and provide the second chance for a first impression with audiences. Just ask Joss Whedon, as his Buffy the Vampire Slayer series far surpassed its big-screen source material.

Now it appears that Syfy will try something similar with the 2010 film Legion. The film starred Paul Bettany as the archangel Michael who arrives on Earth to face off against an invading horde of dark angels. Upon theatrical release, Legion was critically panned (read our review) but was ultimately a financial success, earning $40 million domestically against a $26 million production budget. We’d previously heard that a TV adaptation was in the works, and now Syfy has officially ordered a pilot episode.

While the film chronicled the beginning of a celestial war, the series pilot – which will be retitled Dominion – takes place 25 years into the ongoing battle between angels and humanity. The series focuses on one young soldier who discovers that he is the key to ending the war and saving the human race. Scott Stewart, co-writer and director of Legion, will direct the pilot and serves as an executive producer on the project.

legion gabriel Syfy Orders TV Pilot Based on Legion Film

Given its premise, it sounds like Dominion will use the film as a kind of prologue. In Legion, Michael was determined to protect an unborn child who was destined to save humanity. So it can easily be assumed that the protagonist of the series will follow through on that prophecy and see this child – now a young adult – grapple with his destiny and rise up to become a leader in the battle for mankind.

Legion may not have been particularly well-received, but the premise of Dominion certainly holds a lot of promise, provided that its creators can manage to develop this epic storyline over the course of a weekly series and within the limits of a television budget. Then again, shows like The Walking Dead have managed to recount humanity’s struggle to survive amidst a post-apocalyptic world to great success. So perhaps Dominion can achieve something similar.

Would you watch a TV series based on Legion, should Syfy decide to take Dominion to series? Sound off in the comments section below.


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for updates on Dominion as this story develops.

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  1. I loved the film. In my opinion, it should not be a tv series, but who knows, I might like it.

  2. Huh. Maybe next we’ll get a tv show of the critically acclaimed and highly deserving Priest next.

    • for what its worth… legion was better than priest

      • I prefered Priest but neither were anything more than 2 star movies due to only being on for like an hour! How are you meant to absorb anything with such epic potential in such a short running time?

        Anyway you lost me at SyFy

        • True

      • Legion was better than Priest but Priest was good too.

        • I hated Priest. Total waste of Bettany and Urban’s talents, even the action sequences managed to be dull.

          I remember the only time I saw Priest, I had to pause it midway through and literally go grab some sleep because I became tired during the movie.

    • Uuhhh….probably uh-uh. Did not see legion, but does not sound all that good. I did see Priest on Netflix, and it was mildly watchable. Better stuff out there they could make a movie of, tho, some good books and stuff.

    • For what it’s worth, I thought your post was hilarious and spot on, Sarcasm at it’s best.

  3. If it’s good enough yes. I enjoyed the movie because i am into things like that, so i would love to see how the TV show turns out.

  4. Hell yeah ! With good acting, decent budget and nice CGI it could be really good. :)

  5. Wasnt that on of the Prophecy Movies Plot?

    • Sorry 1 of the Prophecy Movies plot

  6. I loved the movie, the only thing that let me down was that the music was louder than the dialogue in places.

    I’ll watch this.

  7. Interesting premise, I may give it a couple episodes.

  8. okay this movie is totally my guilty pleasure, damn you Paul Bettany. This and Priest are my guilty pleasures. I wish someone would turn Demon Knight into a show, you could make it a seasonal anthology series (ala American Horror Story) that follows the different Demon Knights. but back to this show, I was surprised that Defiance was actually rather good and that Syfy version of Being Human has grown on me since the original was cancelled. Here’s hoping they get a good cast and writers because i can see them viewing this as what Walking Dead did for AMC, this could do for them.

    • Defiance was/is immensely disappointing. One dimensional characters, stale political premise and very little actual sci fi. It looks pretty, but that quickly lost its charm.

  9. I thought that the movie had a good premise…it would’ve been better if they filmed it in different locations instead of one diner in the middle of nowhere…but maybe if they get a tv show they can make it better than the movie.

  10. I did not enjoy the film. As Alex stated, it had a good premise, but I believe that it was poorly executed.

  11. Ok going to talk about the ending of Legion


    I’m a little confused with the premise (I haven’t seen the movie for a little while) but I thought at the end of the film God stops Gabriel from killing Michael and the son, mother and father, so doesn’t God change His mind on the child (or humanity) dying? I know they drive away with a lot of guns but does that mean the show will be based on the world being possessed by dark angels and God doesn’t have control of the angels?

    • Yeah, God decides to spare humanity because he saw the lengths Michael went to protect those people, it reminded him of the love he once had when he created us.

      I imagine the TV show will take place while the angels are controlling the Earth or the plot of the movie will be drawn out to compensate.

      Either way, it was a brilliant movie (and a total classic compared to that godawful Priest).

  12. This possible plot kind of sounds like Terminator with angels instead of machines.

    • I was thinking “Falling Skies Rip-Off”.

      • Pretty sure Legion released before Falling Skies premiered though.

  13. I thought that the movie had a good premise…it would’ve been better if they filmed it in different locations instead of one diner in the middle of nowhere…but maybe if they get a tv show they can make it better than the movie.

    • I thought the diner worked well. Humanity taking a last stand in one location instead of running and hiding all over the place.

  14. I love shows like this. I’m sick of police & hospital crap, MORE SYFY for TV.

    • Too bad there’s very little actual science fiction on Syfy anymore. It’s all ghost hunters and evil spirits and other supernatural dreck.

      • I wouldn’t mind the ghost stuff if it wasn’t all completely fake.

  15. I thought that the movie had a good premise…it would’ve been better if they filmed it in different locations instead of one diner in the middle of nowhere…but maybe if they get a tv show they can make it better than the movie.

    • Wow, how many alt accounts do you have?

      • So I’m not going crazy; you saw it too. :-D

      • This has the fingerprints of a spambot.
        Notice the name links are promotional.

  16. Was this the movie with the freaky looking ice-cream man? Yeah, I liked that movie.

  17. The movie did have a good premise but was poorly executed. Since this is SyFy, I expect that the series will be a huge success….then SyFy will cancel it for some paranormal wrestling cook. :-)

  18. There is seriously something wrong when BBC America produces the best sci-fi show on television right now *cough, Orphan Black, cough.* Sy Fy should make shows geared more for adult audiences.

    • I saw the first episode of Orphan Black, not bad. I didn’t immediately pick it up as a “sci-fi show” nonetheless it has one of the better first episodes.

  19. hmmmm remember when syfy was sci fi and actually made science fiction

  20. Syfy should’ve picked up Fringe after season 3. And how does a show about Angels and God count as science-fiction?

    • And how does a show about Angels and God count as science-fiction?

      It doesn’t, it’s clearly fantasy. Bronze Age mythology, gotta love it.



  21. I was expecting Legion to be better than it was. Saying it’s a sequel to that might throw some people off, rather than just having it be a story about the war between angels and humans. Oh well, I’ll check it out cause I thought the film had a promising storyline.

  22. Priest would make a better series

  23. SyFy seems to be aggressively going after original programming more often that it had in the recent past even after the NBC transition. Just getting me to tune in for something other than B-Movies with shows like Defiance and Continuum is a miracle in itself even though shows have their relative flaws.

  24. No, this movie is awful.

  25. Isnt this like the middle seasons of supernatural?? and a little bit of the next season possibly?

  26. I thought the movie was a little below average. But I chose to see it because of the story/plot. And I would give the TV show a chance for that same reason. But as avid movie fans, we know that there are many times where the idea behind the storyline or plot is great. However, by the time the movie has been casted, edited, rewritten, and special effects have been added, the final product just couldn’t live up to a successful box office. I will give it one or two episodes for the sake of them possibly getting it “right”.

  27. I’m not saying I’m a religious fanatic or anything but seriously, this movie was straight blasphemy. It was the most boring and stupidest story about the Apocalypse ever. Even for being a biblical-fantasy this movie was even an insult to God himself. Someone could’ve at least read a few chapters out of the bible first before putting pen to paper for this turd. I’m not interested at all. Please stop the madness.

  28. “Legion” was a very interesting movie.

    If it wasn’t for the biblical conundrums, I think “Legion” could have lured a larger following. As a result of making Michael’s background story into Lucifer’s, “Legion” turned a potentially epic story into trash.

    I loved the overall premise, but I hated the deceptions.

    • According to the movie “Legion”, Michael challenged and fell from grace twice. Within the actual biblical background story, Lucifer, The Fallen, and The Watchers were the only angels to rebel and fall from grace. Michael was instrumental in throwing Lucifer out of heaven.

      “Legion” is one BIG intentional and deceptive attempt at rewriting biblical truth.

      …and, that is why it stinks as a movie.

      • “rewriting biblical truth”

        Now THAT is comedy of the highest order.



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