Frak! Another Battlestar Galactica Spin-Off?

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battlestar galactica Frak! Another Battlestar Galactica Spin Off?

Syfy is in the middle of a big push for new programming. In addition to the superhero pilot Three Inches we covered earlier today, it appears that the cable channel is also seeking to extend the Battlestar Galactica franchise with another spin-off.

You might think talk of a spin-off Battlestar series would be the symbolic sayonara to Syfy’s Battlestar prequel series, Caprica, which has seen mostly uninspired ratings so far.

Mark Stern, SyFy’s executive vice president of development, was quick to defend Caprica:

“We have a lot of hope for that show. The (DVR data) has been very promising and growing week after week. The ratings don’t reflect the potential audience.”

Maybe so, but developing a new Battlestar property certainly does seem to indicate that a large portion of the Galactica audience never made the jump to Caprica – and SyFy is hoping to find a new vehicle with which to reclaim those viewers.

Caprica isn’t the disaster that some critics have made it out to be, and it has been improving from week to week. However, the series still doesn’t have a lot of forward momentum – something Battlestar Galactica was rarely lacking.

caprica poster title Frak! Another Battlestar Galactica Spin Off?

As a result, it’s no surprise that, according to Stern, the new show would return to the space-opera roots of the franchise:

“We’re looking for other ways to spin off ‘Battlestar’ beyond ‘Caprica.’ That world is so rich. We’re sitting down with (executive producer) Ron Moore and his team. It would not necessarily be a traditional series.”

If SyFy does intend to launch Battlestar back into space, the channel has definitely put the franchise in an awkward place; the best direction to go in would have been a prequel, perhaps showcasing a young Bill Adama in the later stages of the first cylon war. Now, with Caprica already in the mix, Syfy has already played their “prequel” card.

So what is SyFy to do? Drop another series in between Caprica and Galactica? Not likely.

It’s hard for me to get excited about the possibility of another Battlestar series when it feels as though the show’s creators are merely throwing what’s left of the franchise at the wall in order to see what might stick.

battlestar galactica 0314 Frak! Another Battlestar Galactica Spin Off?

Moore’s re-imagining of the Battlestar universe was so unique and imaginative – it’s hard to believe this is the same man who would be willing to sit-down with SyFy in order to whittle down what’s left of that vision – one spin-off at a time – until nothing remains.

How do you feel about a new Battlestar Galactica spin-off series? What would you like to see SyFy do with the franchise?

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  1. Leave it as it is BSG is one franchise that can't be matched,copied, or improved upon

    till next time

  2. Try the old show 'Combat' formula… Focus on a group of Viper Pilots and their exp and missions are 'inserts' to the original story arc. (Easy to have the show's regulars come and go…)

    “Simple. Easy to Remember.” ~ Capt. J. Sparrow

  3. let me guess the name of the show B.G. beating a dead horse

  4. Look, for all the people concerned with, “too much BSG on at one time”, CSI and Law and Order have successfully done the same and all shows have done quite well in their own right. I, personally, would love to see a First Cylon War, Husker from the Razor Minisodes, meshed with some kind of Born Identity flavor. It's all there for the doing. It should've already been done. I mean when you get a “find” like the guy that pulled off a great YOUNG ADAMA you are ahead of the game at the start. My only concern would've been, “who could possibly play a good Younger Eddie Olmos”, but that guy in RAZOR (Nico Cortez) did an amazing job. No brainer if you asked me.

  5. Did anyone watch The movie 'Razor' which appeared to show a separate sect of the Cylon race.

    What would you think if they expanded on that?

  6. The only place they really have to go with this would be a series chronicling the first Cylon War, which is where Caprica is headed anyway. Think of it as a kind of “Band of Brothers” in space. It would be really cool to see. I loved Battlestar, but I always wanted more space battles. The show that I am envisioning would deliver that along with the superb Galactica drama.

  7. I've just about had enough of the robots vs humans. After Galactica and summer 2009s uninspiring movies and if you read Science Fiction with any interest you no doubt ran across H.L.P.'s Jihad against the machines series running parallel with the airing of BSG. So burnt out just about sums it up. Just finished reading “BOLO” which was uninspired but got a little reinspired with a re-viewing of the Tezuka inspired Otomo version of “Metropolis.” Gotta love that soundtrack and the dark but Disney like story that has a poignant core that declares their's a tomorrow that's every bit as good as Galactica's story, sans the unpleasant lingering after taste…

  8. I miss “Battlestar: Galactica.” I do have “Caprica” as series recording on my DVR but I currently have at least four episodes waiting for me to view because I'm starting to forget why I'm watching it in the first place.

    The Cylon War would be a good place to have a new start. But I would like to give Caprica some more time. I know a mini-marathon is in my future.

    I just don't want a half-assed BSG: Spin-Off just so they can regain their audience. If they wanted all the fans to stick around then they shouldn't have messed with the format.

  9. The first Cylon war would be a good series, but what about that desimated earth they found in BSG? Wasn't that planet filled with Cylon skin-jobs?

    • Brilliant! I forgot about them skin jobs on Earth. I said in my earlier post they could follow Starbuck when she went missing for all that time. As we know, he burnt remains end up on the same planet as the skin jobs so this would give them plenty to start off with.

      This would be an amazing spin-off because it will be in the familiar BSG style, with some of the same characters I’m sure and set in a time not too far away from the main BSG.

      Well spotted!

  10. I am of the few who like Caprica. I wouldn't mind them making Caprica a limited series with a run of two or three seasons. Caprica would lead up to the new series which would focus on the first cyclon war. I can also imagine a series after that which shows the actions of the cylons during the armistice and how they created the “skin jobs and why they opted to only make a limited number of them.

  11. The first Cylon war would be a good series, but what about that desimated earth they found in BSG? Wasn't that planet filled with Cylon skin-jobs?

  12. I am of the few who like Caprica. I wouldn't mind them making Caprica a limited series with a run of two or three seasons. Caprica would lead up to the new series which would focus on the first cyclon war. I can also imagine a series after that which shows the actions of the cylons during the armistice and how they created the “skin jobs and why they opted to only make a limited number of them.

  13. i d really like to see it centered on another grp that survived maybey a battlestar or 2 wth sum support ships

    • Yeah I do as well but realisticly it would damage the first re-imagined BSG because the whole concept of the show is based uopn them being the only sole survivers of the human race.

  14. I have the perfect solution: “Battlestar Pegasus” !! There are numerous stories that can be told in this possible “Battlestar Galactica” spin-off should the powers-that-be decide to make it (and I hope they do). Admiral Cain was such a deliciously devious and complex character, it would be great to see what she did before the Galactica found the Pegasus. There are many stories that could be told here, and it puts fans right back into the same timeframe as “BSG” without disturbing the existing storyline. It's a no-brainer. “So Say We All” !!!

    • I thought this too but the only problem with this concept is some of the main characters from Battlestar Pegasus were not nice people and fans would find it hard to grow fond of them. This is a really important aspect to any show, the viewers have to be able to relate to the main characters. How can fans do this when most of the pilots and deck hands are queuing up and taking turns to rape and abuse Gina Inviere the other Cylon No.6 skin job. Another reason I don’t think this would work is because it’s obvious that Admiral Cain gave the orders for this raping and abusing to happen when she told Pegasus lieutenant, Alastair Thorne to do whatever it takes to break Gina Inviere emotionally and physically. Then we also have the time when she shot her XO in the head for refusing a direct order. This Executive Officer (XO Belzen) was one of Helena Cain’s closest friends as we see in one episode he invites her back to his house while their both preparing for shore leave before the Cylon attack of the colonies.
      Theres no way the writers could get around all these bad actions without making the audience hate the characters eventually.

      I would love to see this spin-off of Pegasus too but realistically it would be too difficult and complex to make it fit with what we’ve already seen and keep the fans liking the characters.

  15. id rather see a different battlestar so we could get a complete different story and besides in the timeline there wasnt much time between the attacks and when pegesus met up wth the fleet

  16. Never watched any of the spinoffs and stopped watching BSG when
    it started becoming like a soap-opera drama. I think IMO, SyFy Channel
    is hurting and changing it's name didn't help.

    • You obviously have no taste whatsoever.

      You poor soul missing out on all that BSG just because you can’t take a bit of drama. Your loss.

  17. What about a massive inter-colony war or something? That would be cool. I want to learn more about the colonies themselves. What about the period between settlement and the events of Caprica?
    I also think that Caprica should end (after two or three seasons) at the beginning of a series focused on the first Cylon War. It's the logical choice really.
    But I'd love to see some inter-colonial fighting, it would make a change from constantly warring against Machines.

    • Caprica is going to take us right up to the point where Cylons rebel against human slavery. It’s a great show and I look forward to each episode. Can’t wait till it comes back again. Saying that it’s not in the same league as BSG by a long shot.

      Caprica is exploring some interesting ideas and concepts and I can see some great opportunities for the writers as the twelve colonies face a technological singularity of sorts where they build a race of robots that eventually declare war on their creators. It’ll be interesting to see what forces the Cylons to fight back. Were they abused or treated badly by humans? Did they become self aware machines who wanted freedom? See what I mean? it has some interesting topics to cover.

      The only real problem I have with caprica at the moment is a times it’s a bit slow and mysterious. The writers are trying to hard to address people’s emotions and psychological effects after disasters etc. They should cut to the chase, speed it up a bit and give us plenty of action and drama. They could take a leaf out of the sarah connor chronicles for this I guess. (Another big mistake that this show was dropped)

  18. Hello! I think I could be game for yet another spinnoff especially if it were to go back to it's more scientological “space opera” format. It's not that I dislike Capica, but that it's moving a bit slow and there is no direct mythologicol connection between Battlestar and Caprica as it appears “Kobol” has become non-existent considering it should be where all spiritual beliefs of the twelve comonies should derive from. Smart fans and BSG comic book readers (The Final Five serious in particular) can come up with new takes on how one would become a virtual messenger in the BSG universe and there seems to be a want of Cavil's plan(s) and Virtual 6's within the themology as well.

    I would be happy with either 'the ghost squadrin' series, the first cyon war, or something that takes place after the arrival of earth 2…

  19. I would totally be in favor of another BSG show in the Space Opera vein. Lets not forget at one time two star trek shows aired simultaniously for a few years. DS9 and Voyager. Please make a show on the First Cylon War!!

  20. How about this, even though it would throw Glen Larson in a spin cycle until the time we develop FTL drives and form our own colonies…

    At the end of “Daybreak”, we see the refugees settling in after kissing off the remaining toasters, Anders piloting the fleet into the sun, etc. Gaius Baltar still being a scientist with time on his hands (when not farming) discovers the fluidity of time itself, and that time travel is indeed possible and the technology can be developed with parts of raptors they used to land on Earth.

    Meanwhile, in the midst of the toasters on the lone Basestar a Cavil appears with his plots and plans for revenge, also discovering the possibility of time travel.

    Now for those who think this sounds familiar, a similar plot line was the original idea behind what became “Quantum Leap”. Originally set in the old BSG universe, it was to feature John Colicos as (evil) Baltar, running amuck through time and Richard Hatch’s Apollo in the role played by Scott Bakula, righting the wrongs. Dirk Benedict would originally sit in Dean Stockwell’s chair feeding Apollo info to make things right.

    It was initially rejected after the abysmal response to Galactica 1980, and retooled as we saw. Anyway, I think maybe a reboot of this in Moore’s BSG universe could be interesting with Bamber’s Apollo, fed with information by Callis’s Baltar to have to figure out disasters in time created by Stockwell’s Cavil.

    It’s a thought.

    • Interesting idea. Funny how these BSG cast were part of Quantum Leap and now this is an area they could take the show into.

      Expanding on your idea a little more, how about Baltar and Six on Earth (earth 2) Eventually, we could have Baltar creating a time travel technology that allows anyone to travel back in time and appear in someones consciousness. Basically, this would allow Baltar and Six to actually go back and be their own spiritual guides like we see throughout BSG. This would be an interesting concept because we would learn more about the motives of the spiritual Guides and it’ll be weird to know it’s actually their future self’s guiding their past selfs.

      It fits perfectly with the show famous words “All this has happened before and all this will happen again”

  21. It need to be a Cobol spin off!! We need to see Cobol!

  22. I agree with some of the others, continue caprica, but the first Cylon war would be awesome !!! Go Husker, maybe start the series with EJO Adama reminising about the first Cylon war and then go straight into the FCW, great idea and it would work !!

  23. After reading all these posts and commenting on a few, I’m all hyped up and I want more BSG.

    Ready to throw my dummy outta the pram here! Ha Ha Ha

    • Yeah I read a little of it and it did kinda work I suppose. I would love it if they brought something like this to the big screen too. I don’t think it would be better that ron moores BSG because that was pure genius, the best TV I have ever seen.
      I guess the only thing I would absolutly hate about this Prometheus version is if they brought in Aliens, them insect like species you talked about. Even if they were in the original, for me this would absolutly spoil the BSG universe for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love sci-fi and I love aliens in some shows but not BSG. The very fact that the re-imagined version was promoted as being realistic and absolutly no aliens is what made me watch it in the first place. It’s the same as time travel too. These two very popular sci-fi themes don’t belond in BSG and this is a big part of why it was so popular. Think about it! Their is absolutly nothing in the re-imagined BSG that couldn’t happen for real in real life sometime in the future. Cylons, yep we will create advanced AI soon that might eventually rebell. Battlestar spaceships with jump drives: Yep these too. We will definity build spaceships in the future and science is starting to make real progress in some amazing areas so jump drives arn’t outta the question. You see it’s all possible so thats what makes it soooo great. Plus I have a little fantasy that by the time I reach Adm Adama’s age Earth will be just like caprica and I could be in charge of a battleship just as the robots rebell. Then I will be living my fantasy as we go off in search of a new home. I’m a bit sad ain’t I? Ha Ha Ha well we can only dream I suppose.

    • I really like the Prometheus storyline. It would be really cool to pick up where BSG left off. Prometheus could find Satrbuck and she could lead them to Earth so that they could reunite with the other survivors and this could develop the whole Starbuck and Apollo story further, they could write President Roslin back in as a Cylon aboard Prometheus aswell as Anders.

      They could then pickup the Human-Cylon conflict further with Cavil.

  24. Richard,

    i read your e-mail sent to syfy and i completly agree with you 100 and 10%!!! Good e-mail and thank you for sending it for all of us who Love BSG.

    I kind of like Caprica…i only keep watching it because i hope it will get better and so far i agree with everyone above who said it is way too slooooooooow! They need to get moving on the story before i and others stop watching the show…i am hating all the mushy stuff, way to much on the family mourning…let’s get to the niddy gritty and find out more about the cyclons…i want to see the actual start of the cylon revolt, battles and more…no more drama!

    and i also think that the loss of such shows as farscape and firefly were big mistakes…syfy should be real sci fi…i’m not liking the shows they have on anymore! Warehouse,Eurika, who cares…they are all the same to me…if i wanted that i would watch reruns of xfiles!

    and why the heck are they showing wrestling on syfy…shouldn’t that be on espn or something??? Maybe they should put reruns of Babalon 5 or something on…now that was another good sci fi show! and they hardly ever run reruns of BSG anymore. and i also wonder what happened to Dr Who on syfy…i can only see it on BBC America now.

    anyway, enough complaining…i agree with you and liked your ideas (i have thought of similar ideas) and thanks again for speaking out for all of us!

  25. I like the new series, but grew up in the 80\s and still have a place in my heart for the original. and i’ll be the first to admit that i hated the new series when it first came out, but grew to love it.

    but i think if all of what you said is true (and i agree it is), then it is also true that we are not alone in this huge universe. if we have ships that can jump all over the place then sooner or later we are going to run into an alien species…why not reflect that as just as real life as everything else in the show?

    i do understand all the loyalty Ron’s BSG series has, but i am loyal to both versions of BSG and am willing to see something different…mix it up a little.

    Caprica, less drama, more action and i’ll be happy. Remember DS9, that didn’t do to well until they added more action…i’m hoping Caprica learns from them.

    New spin off, i would like to see the first cyclon war and would love to see more of the other colonies…not all of us are from Caprica! Some of us are from Aquaria and etc…

  26. i reakon we should start with the first cylon war and and young William Adama . Also explore the possibilities of the Cylons from the first earth manipulating that war also from afar. Mark 1 vipers and mk2 vipers flying sise by side also.

  27. As everyone else who’s left a comment here – we all lament the passing of a seriously quality story which at times took from real life and gave it it’s gritty, realistic feel – that was one of it’s key mechanism of why it was so popular, visceral thing people could put substance in.

    A logical place for a good spin off would be from Earth 1 – the story of the 5 and the story of how they developed “the process”. The process of downloading consciousness and eventually passed it onto the cylons.

    There where loopholes begging to be explained from the end of the series – best of which is how Starbuck pulled a Lazerus with a shiny NEW viper (where did they both come from?) only to find her wrecked Viper and body on Earth1 – and for that matter how her new Viper was the only one to pick up the signal from the crashed one.

    If the logistics of putting such a show together with RDM and people from the original BSG team could be done – it would no doubt be awesome.

    At any rate,there are still many stories that can come from the BSG universe – if they are crafted properly.

    So say we all.

    • The interesting thing with BSG and now Caprica, is the falsehood of the shows being listed as science fiction. Both shows are dramas, albeit differing primary forms. BSG was mostly a military themed soap opera that happened to be based in space. Caprica’s an all out soap opera in a scientifically advanced civilization. Because both involve things like robots, clones, FTL drives, v-worlds, etc., we accept the sci-fi moniker.

      And while the Earth 1 idea has some fantastic possibilities, I don’t think the answer to Starbuck’s return will or can ever be explained in such a series. Deus Ex Machina is, at times regrettably the only answer to that equation, especially considering the last scene with her and Lee where she simply vanished (although I did jokingly suggest adding TARDIS sounds and the background, a brief appearance by David Tennant or Matt Smith, which could throw out the whole God machine approach, not to mention throwing a lot of people into a fully lathered spin cycle over canon and the like).

      Seriously though, I think Moore and Co. did that so we wouldn’t have all the answers, leaving us to our own inventions to decide for ourselves. I also feel there were probably numerous versions of many scenes so Moore and the editors could tweak the finale for their desired effect. I would love to see all of the scenes they filmed, much like I’d love to see the alternate ending they made at the mid-season in case the strike didn’t end in time.

    • That ‘spin-off’ idea sounds just like what Caprica has done i.e. created a living conscious enity. Except, so far in Caprica it’s traped inside a virtual world but we can all see how the story is going to develop where this conscious entity eventually interacts with the real world through a cylon model.