Frak! Another Battlestar Galactica Spin-Off?

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battlestar galactica Frak! Another Battlestar Galactica Spin Off?

Syfy is in the middle of a big push for new programming. In addition to the superhero pilot Three Inches we covered earlier today, it appears that the cable channel is also seeking to extend the Battlestar Galactica franchise with another spin-off.

You might think talk of a spin-off Battlestar series would be the symbolic sayonara to Syfy’s Battlestar prequel series, Caprica, which has seen mostly uninspired ratings so far.

Mark Stern, SyFy’s executive vice president of development, was quick to defend Caprica:

“We have a lot of hope for that show. The (DVR data) has been very promising and growing week after week. The ratings don’t reflect the potential audience.”

Maybe so, but developing a new Battlestar property certainly does seem to indicate that a large portion of the Galactica audience never made the jump to Caprica – and SyFy is hoping to find a new vehicle with which to reclaim those viewers.

Caprica isn’t the disaster that some critics have made it out to be, and it has been improving from week to week. However, the series still doesn’t have a lot of forward momentum – something Battlestar Galactica was rarely lacking.

caprica poster title Frak! Another Battlestar Galactica Spin Off?

As a result, it’s no surprise that, according to Stern, the new show would return to the space-opera roots of the franchise:

“We’re looking for other ways to spin off ‘Battlestar’ beyond ‘Caprica.’ That world is so rich. We’re sitting down with (executive producer) Ron Moore and his team. It would not necessarily be a traditional series.”

If SyFy does intend to launch Battlestar back into space, the channel has definitely put the franchise in an awkward place; the best direction to go in would have been a prequel, perhaps showcasing a young Bill Adama in the later stages of the first cylon war. Now, with Caprica already in the mix, Syfy has already played their “prequel” card.

So what is SyFy to do? Drop another series in between Caprica and Galactica? Not likely.

It’s hard for me to get excited about the possibility of another Battlestar series when it feels as though the show’s creators are merely throwing what’s left of the franchise at the wall in order to see what might stick.

battlestar galactica 0314 Frak! Another Battlestar Galactica Spin Off?

Moore’s re-imagining of the Battlestar universe was so unique and imaginative – it’s hard to believe this is the same man who would be willing to sit-down with SyFy in order to whittle down what’s left of that vision – one spin-off at a time – until nothing remains.

How do you feel about a new Battlestar Galactica spin-off series? What would you like to see SyFy do with the franchise?

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  1. I like some of the ideas some have posted on here about spin-offs, but I hate to say that most of them sound like one-shot specials, or at best mini-series.

    There is an inherent problem with prequels and that is – We sort of know what’s happened. During the BSG series we were giving a “time-line” of sorts (history). Man creates Cylons. Cylons rebel. We may not have known the details (hence, Caprica), but it’s like Star Wars Episode 1 when we’re introduced to a young Anikin – we don’t know how he becomes Darth Vader, but know something will happen.

    Instead of focusing on the past, why not look to the future?

    We know that there were survivors and resistance on Caprica after the fall of the colonies. What’s not to say that there weren’t survivors on the other colonies? (There were also people left behind on New Caprica).

    The 12 Colonies – it might take a long time for them to regain the technology they had prior to the Cylon attacks. Since the remnants of the Fleet settle on Earth 150,000 years ago, this would be more than enough time for the former 12 colonies, to rebuild, repopulate.

    Perhaps a new series where 150,000 years have passed. The colonies are far more enlightened and advanced than they were before. In an attempt to retrace their roots and history, these new colonials attempt to search out the legendary migration of their ancestors 150,000 years ago. They discover New Caprica where Humans and Cylons peacefully co-exist, which, despite their enlightened views is simply horrific to them. They eventually find their way to Earth where they’re alarmed to find Earth Human DNA has components of both Colonial and Cylon markers. The colonials feel an obligation to eradicate any and all traces of Cylons, even though, this sentiment is not shared by those on New Caprica and unknown to those on Earth.

    And then there’s the Cylons themselves. It’s reasonable to assume that there were Cylon survivors at the end of BSG. Cavil, would attempt to organize them with his own agenda. Over 150,000 years what would they be able to do? New models, a “new plan”? Assuming they could replicate the resurrection technology and build from there, you could end up with a whole new generation of Cylons and this time, their egos are even bigger – believing they are perfection and natural organic life is inferior to them and should be eradicated.

    Lots of possibilities to make a BSG spin off that happens after the series, with the benefit of not knowing what’s going to happen. I like Caprica, but in the back of my mind, I know where it’s going. I’m sure there will be some surprise twists thrown in here and there, but it’s all leading to the events that we see in BSG.

    • Jeff, wow i really like your idea!!!! i also wondered about other survivers on the other colonies and your right, a 150,000 years is more than enough time to rebuild. what a great idea for a spin off!

      we already know that after kobols destruction the planet was fine after only a few thousand years…the enviroment looked fine when they landed.

      we also know that on caprica there were bomb shelters, so i’m sure that other people survived on the other 11 colonies as well as caprica.

      That would be a great show and with your idea there are so many directions they could go, plenty of story lines.

      If we are lucky, maybe someone at syfy is watching and reading the thoughts of their fans…

  2. @jeff stevens
    Yes, that does sound like the obvious choice, a great idea. There’s a whole universe of possibilities when your writing for the present or the future. Personally, I like the simple ememies of human Vs cylon and I think having cross-dna and places where they live together in harmony, it just complicates this demographic. I do like your idea though. It’s very believable and a natural follow-on. This is what they need to find because they run the risk of looking desperate if they don’t find the right story.

    I was also thinking about the future too. How about re-making the whole story again but this time on the 2nd earth 150,000 years in the future? Almost perfectly continuing on from the last BSG where they showed how robots and technology had evolved. After all, all this has happened before and all this will happen again, is one of the shows most important quotes. The story doesn’t have to be exactly the same but it could be told from a real world (our real world) perspective. The machines don’t have to be called cylons for a start. It would be a great was of bringing our world and the bsg world together into one story.

  3. All great Ideas!!!

    Bottom line— Bring back BSG!!! It was, by far, the best show….I can honestly say I have never been “seriously upset” about the end of a show before! Haha…
    Bring back Starbuck, Adm. Adama, Col Tigh….


    • +1
      spot on

  4. “All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again”, these are the words of the holy scriptures in Battlestar Galactica. I personally think it fitting to see that followed through with. I suggest that Syfy create a spinoff of Battlestar Galactica were we the people of earth have created robots and called them Cylons. I propose that the Cylons rebel against their masters and force us earthlings to flee via newly created FTL ships. I think that it would be interesting if our archeologist dig up a raptor and the scientists replicate the FTL drives. When they dig up the raptor they could find the history of the 12 colonies and Kobal. I think that this series could show a handful of ships looking for the planet of Kobal. Even if we don’t create colons, and they don’t destroy us in the show you could have the colons we set free 150,000 years ago come back and force us out. You could even skip the Cylon attacks all together and start off with earthlings finding a buried raptor analyzing its make and finding the history of the 12 colonies, what we know about Cylon Earth, Kobal, and the holy scriptures. The scientists could update our technology and create FTL drives and go out to colonize the 12 Colonies once more but I suggest they don’t find them just Kobal. At the end of the series they could find Kobal and their ships could break down and they could be stranded, completing the cycle.

  5. I like the social aspect of the show, but I am much more interested in the lower classes; You know the janitors, the nurses the teachers, and how they live.

    I am sick and tired of the “Ex Navy Seal Captain” with a PHd in Philosophy,(who happens to be under 25)as the hero! In real life the people who do the killing are enlisted, high school dropouts with thick necks and bad attitudes! So lets see some fat old people and save the day. Then after the battle, have them watch some prick Second Lieutenant get the medal for their efforts, while those who did the killing are stuck cleaning a space-toilet.

    Heroes are great until you meet them-in real life they are crass, angry bitter and disgusting human beings who were scared enough to take action at the right time-make this part of your character back-stories.

    Hold a mirror up to the world and work in OUR current events, and issues. Also do it on Showtime or HBO so we can see some nudity-and screw tasteful-make it hard core S&M bondage!

    When you piss off the people at Fox, AND the censors you will know you made a great show.

    And Art (and SciFi) exists to tell the people when social values of the elite classes conflict and infringe on the rights of the working people who make society palatable. In other words, write something profound and meaningful that will shock and irritate the one percent.