Syfy Sets Premiere For ‘Alphas’ & Other Summer Shows

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 8:46 pm,

Syfy announced its schedule for new and returning summer shows in a new press release. Most exciting is the single new scripted series, Alphas, while Eureka, Warehouse 13, and Haven will return for their latest seasons.

Three of the shows will premiere on the same night, Monday, July 11th:

Eureka will return to television the same night. The show has a small but dedicated following, who tune in for the antics of a planned community of super-scientists and their “normal” lawman Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson). Eureka is coming off its fourth season, wherein the team’s time traveling  adventures have altered the reality of the present. Eureka is in the 8PM timeslot.

Warehouse 13, which Syfy calls its “most successful series ever“, will air at 9PM. This will be the start of its third season. The show follows a team of agents who work in a mysterious warehouse packed with strange and mystical artifacts (you know, the one from the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark) and add to its collection on various missions.

Alphas is a new science fiction series – something akin to a crime procedural with superheroes. A team of people with incredible mental and physical abilities assist the CIA in cases involving other “Alphas.” The show will star Malik Yoba (Defying Gravity) and Laura Mennell (Watchmen). Zak Penn, who helped pen The Incredible Hulk and a previous draft of The Avengers script, is writing. Alphas airs at 10PM.

Haven is the odd man out, airing at 10PM on Friday, July 15th. Haven is an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel The Colorado Kid. It stars Emily Rose (Jericho) as an FBI agent investigating paranormal elements in the titular seaside town. Haven was well-received in its first season last year, and is returning for a second.

haven title Syfy Sets Premiere For Alphas & Other Summer Shows

In addition to its scripted programming, Syfy is continuing its heavy load of reality shows. Haunted Collector, a cross between Ghost Hunters and American Pickers, follows a family that collects haunted objects for their museum in Connecticut. The series premieres Wednesday, June 1st at 9PM.  Hollywood Treasure, a prop-hunting collection show, returns for the second half of its freshman season the same night at 10PM.

Legend Quest, Syfy’s second new reality show, premieres Wednesday, July 13th at 10PM. It follows Ashley Crowie, an archaeologist searching for famous artifacts like Excalibur or the Ark of the Covenant. (Maybe he should talk to those Warehouse 13 guys.) Ghost Hunters International returns for its third season the same night at 9PM.

Syfy’s growing line-up of made-for-TV movies will expand by four, with video game adaptation Red Faction: Origins (June 4), Ice Road Terror (June 11), Swamp Shark (June 25), the Moby Dick re-imagining Age of Dragons, starring Danny Glover (July) and Super Eruption (July).

Source: SyFy

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  1. STOP THE REALITY SHOW GARBAGE!!! Come on, SyFy, get back to sci-fi, horror and fantasy! You, know; the stuff that made the Science Fiction Channel what it is…uh, was.

    • I’m with the Emperor.

    • I agree. All channels, whether it is SyFy or network television, need to quit putting on so many paranormal reality shows, I don’t watch them anyway since all the reality ghost shows are fuzzy, shot in the dark, with only flashlights and the episodes are all the same any more.

  2. Yeah ghosthunters!

  3. But on the other hand now that syfy sucks, I have found some really great TV on other networks.

  4. Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Haven are 3 of the best shows on TV. If you have never watched Eureka, you should definitely check it out. It’s a show that is ALOT of fun to watch!

  5. i’m so sick of them shuffling eureka around. every season it seems like it’s in a different time slot…

  6. No offense to anybody but I can see if your 11 years old, Warehouse 13 is groundbreaking.

    If your 44 years old, its a piece of dung, seen this a tripe a million times, I totally bored and underwhelmed, how much to I pay for Scyfy?

    • You’re 44 and call it a dungheap. You lack an imagination. I am 67 and love it. You need to stay young dude!


  7. Warehouse 13 is meh at best.

    Syfi has went downhill since farscape, SG1, and SGA where canceled.

  8. Warehouse 13 isn’t their best show but it is nice. For myself, Eureka is their best right now. Stargate Universe started out a snoozer but it has come into it’s own; to bad they’re canceling it. Never saw Haven.

    • Warehouse 13 started cool then went campy/silly and lost me.

      SGU started with the goodwill over tons of Stargate fans and blew it early on (I stopped watching about 5 episodes in), and I guess most folks who weren’t Stargate fans before didn’t want to come on board.


      • Vic,

        I tried watching SGU too and I couldn’t stay with it either. Last time I checked in, the ship was taken over by the Dominion (i think).
        All I could think of was “I thought they were too far out??”
        I tuned out again after that.
        The Stargate “Universe” had the greatest potential to keep going and take over from B5!

  9. Sci fi was a different network back in the LEXX, Farscape days.

  10. what is sad is that there is a boatload of fiction and fantasy out there. Buy some rights and make some movies or some series dammit! Perhaps Asimov’s Foundation? Cherryh’s Cyteen or Merovingian Nights? Niven’s Ringworld, Piper’s Little Fuzzy? There’s tons of stuff to mine and these guys aren’t doing any of it! How psyched would anyone be to see an adaptation of Zelazny’s Amber series? The books are out there, I don’t see why it would be so difficult to put something together, especially so with the advancement of green screening and CGI. Not all science fiction or fantasy even involves special effects that are budget busters.

    A night devoted to old school stuff, Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, Time Tunnel, Land of the Giants, The Invaders, Quark, Lost in Space, Quantum Leap, Buck Rogers, the original Battleship Galactica and that’s just what came to mind in 30 seconds and I’m sure I’ve forgotten more than a few. This network is so sad because of what it could be.

    • You make some good points. Syfy adapted Casual Rex, a book about a tyranosaurus rex in a rubber man suit (no, that’s not a joke). You’d think they could find some better source material than THAT. But that being said, would you really want to see low-budget TV shows or movies made out of your favorite book series? Keep in mind that the majority of movies and TV shows adapted from beloved books manage to disappoint some or all of their fans.

      • Who says they have to think small? Why not think big, make a quality production and market it thru DVD and bluray? You could pick some source material that is heavy on concept and light on special effects (think outer limits or twilight zone). You have multiple genre’s to pick from, hard science, space opera, fantasy, alternative history, not to mention the storytellers that use the genre for their allegorical reasons, no reason to not mine each of them. All it takes is someone with vision and some screenwriters with a clue and a few competent casting directors. If I had a few million sitting around, I’d do it myself. Tell me that folks like Pixar, Universal, Lucasfilm, Stephen King, Spielberg, Cameron couldn’t be approached to work with? They could use the network as a testing ground for the next advances in a cost effective way before being committed to 100m movie projects. Tap some of the products that are being crafted in Japan, Australia and Britain (or elsewhere) Hell, they haven’t even tapped anime that has already been out for 10 years.

        As for disappointments, for some reason the X-Men films still got made, as have the Marvel Superhero movies and with a helluva lot more investment risk.

  11. I recently watched a SyFy movie called The Odyssey. For me, that was a very good film. SyFy needs to get back doing stuff like that.

  12. It kind of irks me that the initial air dates for Eureka season 4.0 and season 4.5 are about a year apart. Why not just break them up into separate seasons in the first place.

    I understand doing the whole half season thing when the second half premiers maybe 7-9 months after the first half, but waiting a full year seems silly.

    I understand there is going to be more continuity between the first half of a season and the second half but I’m sure they could accomplish the same thing with two 10 episode seasons.

    Maybe someone here can shed some more light on this for me.

  13. I guess I’m the only person on here that watches Eureka,WH13, and Haven and enjoys all three. as for the new show “Alphas” the premise sounds good but it was written by Zak Penn and since he only has one good movie under his beltI’m not sure I’ll be watching it

    • Dude, I love Eureka, W13, and Haven.

    • Alphas was boring and I fell asleep halfway through the premiere. On my second try I was just as bored, disinterested and unimpressed. Syfy should have picked up “3 Inches” with James Marsters. Idiots!!!!!

  14. i only watch syfy for wrestling merlin and haven

  15. I’m so depressed that Merlin’s second season is already over, on the other hand it’s finale was very exciting and it seems that the story is starting to get really interesting

    • It may have been a typo but it was actually the third season of Merlin that just finished. Season 1 and 2 are available via Hulu in case you might have missed either of them.

  16. yeah it was a typo I’m my damn DROID buttons are too small

  17. I am not a huge fan of Eureka, and I like Warehouse 13, but I LOVE Haven. It is by far one of the top shows on TV. Nothing is cheesy or written badly. Haven and Supernatural are my 2 favorite shows on TV. It would make sense for SyFy to pick up Supernatural for its 7th season since the CW is going downhill, but they won’t. As for their movies, most are pretty good. I just hate seeing the ones that are obviously done using CGI.

  18. I loved the Warehouse 13 premiere. It was funny and I didn’t hate the new guy like I thought I would. Of course, thank the stars for Myka returning :) Yes, I did catch the $25,000 Pyramid reference at the beginning.

  19. thank you for showing haven for a 2nd season -love steven king syfy rocks

  20. I really enjoyed the pilot of Alphas, love the unexplained!!!Very good
    acting also.

  21. I love Haven and Warehouse 13 and will hate to seem go after this year. We all still enjoy Eureka but can see how the cost is making it impossible to keep.

    I would like to see the SyFy channel pick up Alcatraz but can see it did not work for network television since it is a science fiction series. I would like to see the SyFy channel adapt more Stephen King and some Dean R Koontz into movies or mini-series and hire some always popular horror directors to develop a series or movies. If anyone is going to do ghost type stories, make them fiction like American Gothic.

    We love the network show Grimm which is both horror and fantasy.