Survivor All-Stars Finale = Sensory Overload

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This had to be the wildest Survivor conclusion in the series entire run. It was obvious that even Jeff Probst (the host of the show) was caught off-balance.

The final on-island episode was a jaw-dropper. With a million dollars on the line, neither Rob nor Amber trusted each other enough to forfeit immunity. The closing remarks/questions by the jury had the most venom since the first season. Lex’s and Alicia’s speech had been percolating for a while, but Tom’s dissing of Rob at the end almost made me spill my drink.

The “after the vote” portion of the show could have gone on for another 30 minutes easily. There was just so much to process. The producers are going to have a heck of a time following up this latest run.

Let’s summarize:

- Rob asks Amber to marry him.
I don’t know… have you ever met a couple where there’s a gorgeous girl in love with a guy who will take your head off with a baseball bat if you so much as give her a second look, yet she thinks he’s the best thing ever?

- Tom still hadn’t forgiven Rob.
I see that Tom watched the show. Rob can say what he wants, but it sure looked like he was being a serious jerk with some of the stuff he said in the off to the side interviews.

- Jenna and Ethan are now an “item”.
That’s cool. The both seem like nice people. It took courage for her to leave the show when she did.

- Jerri is basically booed off the stage.
I think this season was truly hard for her and I think she actually hit the nail on the head with her comments. Not everyone has rhino skin, some people get hurt more easily than others, and the point of the show is to show drama via conflict. She shouldn’t have been booed for what she said. I never liked her during her first stint, but come on, folks.

- Susan gets an extreme makeover.
What can I add to that? icon smile Survivor All Stars Finale = Sensory Overload

- Lex’s righteous indignation is turned back on him.
I don’t agree with what some of the other tribemembers said. Cathy was right… when Rob made the request it was obviously “outside the game”. You could tell he wasn’t doing it for strategy. He wanted to save his girlfriend. Backpedaling on that pledge was a crappy thing to do.

- Amber gives a car to Shi-Ann.
Wow, who’d have guessed that? I’ll be Jenna was fuming. icon smile Survivor All Stars Finale = Sensory Overload

- Another million is going to be given to another survivor.
All I can say is it should be Rupert Rupert Rupert Rupert Rupert Rupert Rupert Rupert .


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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this season of Survivor. I thought having previous players play again added a whole new level of paranoia, scheming, backstabbing and game playing to a show that was beginning to get stale.

    Here are some of MY highlights/observations from the last episode:

    - Rupert, Jenna, Rob & Amber in the final four. Two power couples, two separate alliances. So, going to Tribal will be a tie. The usual tiebreaker is you have to reach into a bag of rocks. Whoever gets a colored one is out. Rather then tempting fate – Jenna decides to vote out Rupert with Rob/Amber and guarantee herself a top 3 finish. Tough decision here… the outcome (ie final winner) would have only changed if Rob was the one to draw the colored stone. Then with a Rupert/Jenna/Amber final three, anyone going against Amber would have been a good bet to win. I think Jenna made the right decision though.

    - The Lex/Alicia/Kathy/Tom speeches. I have to agree with you Vic… not since the rat & snake speech Sue gave have we seen such venom. Tom’s antics (pulling back his hand) were so Jr High, though.

    - Rob’s reactions to the above speeches. I think Rob was genuinely touched by the groups speeches. He appeared caught off guard, and regretful. I kinda felt bad for him, cause I don’t think he really meant to hurt anyone – he was just trying to get as far as possible in the game.

    - I LOVED the surprise engagement.

    - What was with Jerri? You may agree with her comments, Vic, but I don’t. This was her second time around – she should have known what to expect – especially the audience reaction to her comments. I don’t feel bad for her at all.

    - Everyone ganging up on Lex. C’mon Vic! Lex had no problems ousting his good buddies Jerri (who he had an alliance with) and Ethan. Rob had other alliances that he had to honor as well. Kathy & Jerri BOTH tried to tell Lex that Rob was playing the game, and keeping Amber had more to do with staying in Rob’s good graces come merge, then any “outside the game” favor. He deserved the ribbing he got.

    I originally was gunning for Rupert to win the “Viewers Choice”. I actually voted for him a few times on Monday. But, after watching his video plea, I changed my mind. He almost seems like his winning is a done deal. Like he’s entitled to win it because he did Survivor back to back.

  2. I agree that Jenna probably made the right call. She *might* have been able to squeak by Rob if she was in the final two.

    I still think Rob is probably stealth-psycho-boy. :-)

    As to Jerri, I think she just should not have agreed to go on the show for a second time. She was obviously beyond miserable in every possible way while she was on the island. Again, I don’t think she said anything that was untrue.

    As far as Lex, I’m sticking to my “outside the game” argument. I remember that scene vividly, and Rob made a *plea* to Lex to keep Amber in the game. Rob was revisionist in his argument that it was part of the game. I don’t think it was at that particular moment.

    I’ll have to check out the videos you’re talking about on the Survivor website. I haven’t seem them yet.