Much like our previous “Review & Discussion” posts for 24, Human Target, Doctor Who, Dexter and Monk, we put up a placeholder to allow you, the fans, a forum to talk about the episode before it airs and before we get a chance to write the review [Update: Page one now contains the review of the premiere].

Here are some Supernatural articles from the past that should help tie you over as well as some clips and info from tonight’s episode.

Supernatural: Clips & Info From Tonight’s Return

Complete List Of Winter Premiere & Return Dates

Preview: Last Supernatural For 2009

The CW Thursday Night Ratings Are Strong

Supernatural Episode Preview: “The End”

Supernatural Season 5 Premiere: Review & Discussion

Don’t forget to catch the winter premiere of Supernatural tonight @9PM on The CW and then make your way over to USA for the Burn Notice premiere. Check back here immediately after for our review and further discussion.

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