Supernatural Season 6: Sam & Dean Take On ‘Twilight’ in ‘Live Free Or Twi-hard’

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supernatural live free twi hard 1 Supernatural Season 6: Sam & Dean Take On Twilight in Live Free Or Twi hard

Two weeks ago on Supernatural, we caught a glimpse of what this season has in store for Sam and Dean in the infamous “Coming Soon” episodic epilogue. We saw glimpses of Dean practically ending things with his wife Lisa, the appearance of Veritas (the goddess of truth) and the realization that something’s just not right with Sam.

What stuck out above all those upcoming storylines were the emo vampires. Specifically, vampires that have taken on the “Team Edward” manifesto – both in appearance and in attitude. This week, we finally get those emotionally disturbed blood-suckers.

In “Live Free or Twi-Hard” (originally titled “The Vampire Diaries” – and we know why that had to be changed), Sam and Dean are pitted up against their whiniest, most convoluted enemies to date. While everyone that has sat through the ramblings of the numerous Twilight movies will gleefully watch as the Winchester’s steak their proverbial Edward, there’s more to this episode than just poking fun at the teeny-bopper franchise.

After fighting vampires for much of his formative years, Dean finally falls victim to one of his adversaries and gets turned into a vampire. While that would most certainly result in Dean’s imitate death at the hands Sam, things appear to be different in this post-apocalyptic world. As Grandfather Campbell makes his return, he explains that there is a way to change Dean back. Of course, in order to do that, he’ll need to obtain the blood of the vampire that turned him. That is easier said than done as one thing stands in their way – the Alpha vampire.

As a previous episode of Supernatural revealed, each creature has their respective Alpha – someone that was the original creature and started their aforementioned race. Not only are the Alpha’s the cornerstone to the supernatural races, but they are also stronger and are not susceptible to the typical weakness that the world has associated with their particular race.

Could it be just a coincidence that Grandfather Campbell returns right as another Alpha shows up? Will we finally find out what he’s up to? With so many thing packed into this episode, I’m guessing not. Hopefully, that reveal will be coming soon.

Until then, let’s just sit back and watch Team Winchester take on Team Edward.

Preview (courtesy of The CW)

DEAN IS TURNED INTO A VAMPIRE — After a group of young girls go missing, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) realize that a group of vampires have taken up residence in the small town.  After a fight with two of the blood-suckers, Dean is bitten and turns into a vampire.  Samuel (guest star Mitch Pileggi) tells Dean he can change him back but he’d have to get the blood of the vampire who turned him.  Dean infiltrates the nest and runs into the Alpha.

“Live Free Or Twi-Hard”  Trailer


“Live Free Or Twi-Hard”  Clip

Drinking in a bar just isn’t same when you realize that it’s filled with fun-loving vampires with no inhibitions.


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  1. thats one of the best titled episodes since “Cris Angel is a douche”

    • hahaha completely agree! loved that episode as well! :)

  2. Mag, this weeks episode looks fun, i just hope Dean isnt an as to Lisa and Ben lol.

  3. Dean gets turned into a vampire? Didn’t think that was something you can just come back from.
    Although last weeks episode was a massive improvement, im not convinced by the new season yet.

    • Sam, i have faith. the Gods Weapons arc i think will be pretty cool, theres still a lot we have yet to learn this early in the season

      • I’m trying to have faith. I’m not giving up though.
        The ratings haven’t been great, I reckon this will be the final season, and if that is the case I hope they can give the show a proper finale.

        • i think youre right DSB it will be the last season. hopefully it’ll be what we all hope for and deserve too.

        • Yes, don’t give up. Ratings are actually really good this year in comparison to last year. Almost 100% retention after moving to the Friday night death slot.

  4. yeah i too like the new story arc and this episode looks like much fun! however i am really interested in the shapeshifter. you know the first first shapeshifter in episode 2! i hope there are more creatures like that.. like the first vampire or the first ghoul or something! it was pretty cool! :)

    • the Alpha twist will be something interesting. hopefully we’ll learn more about gramps and why he was pulled down. and by who.

      • yes! it was called alpha! haha but yeah that is something interesting, and i hope we get to learn of some new lost godly weapons! do we know how many episodes there will be? around the same number as the other seasons? 21 22?

      • Is he collecting the Alphas for something? Or someone?

        If Sam can be raised from the pit, surely Lucifer could be as well?…..

        • im thinking MAYBE part of Lucifer merged with Sam…and Mag, lets hope at least 22!! :) Supernatural is to me what Smallville is to DSB

          • I hope 22 as well anthony! i love supernatural just as much as i do smallville! i’ve probably seen all seasons 2-3 times haha, i got no life i know haha. but then again im pretty young so i can find the time :) on saturday i’ll be as old as ricky! (he 18 yeh?)but keep on picking on him! :p

            • Supernatural used to be one of my favourite shows alongside Smallville, but I fear it has now slipped out of my top ten. I really felt last season’s finale was a perfect way to end the show. Because I personally feel, that like Sam Winchester, the show has come back wrong, not quite right somehow.

              Season 1,2,3 are my favourites. 4 and 5 were good but I prefered the hunting monsters to all the heaven and hell stuff.

              But even at its worst, Supernatural is a thousand times better than most of the dross on tv these days.

  5. A little error in this article it says Season 5 lol

  6. i think i love this episode ,specially all about dean. dean forever………..

  7. Sooooo excited about this episdoe… but,er, Dean and Lisa aren’t married…

  8. You could have written a good article about Supernatural. But, like a typical writer without an original idea of your own or a clue about the fandom itself, you chose the low road to smear hate on the easy target: Twilight fandom.

    Just tired of hearing the same old hate over and over. Get over it. The books are awesome for all ages and genders.

    • they’re not awesome for me pal, face it, there more than a few that just plain dont like the series, or how it softened vampires up. before you hit back with “there are more people that like the book series than those that dont like it” we all know that, people are still entitled to out opinions, even the negative ones, im thinkin its you that needs to get over it.

      • I’m not here to give you statistics on lovers/haters of Twilight. If you would just understand what it’s like to actually be part of a fandom that brings out the absolute worst in its opponents? Do you know what it’s like to have to defend yourself constantly because you love a book? I thought that here, where fanboys might know what that’s like there’d be more understanding. But no, there’s almost as much hate here as in other so-called “free exchange” sites. It’s not a shame to love the books. Why do people feel it’s necessary to try and make it feel that way?

        My opinion, not looking to get more hate.

        • To be honest, the last thing you were doing here was trying to be the pacifist. You started out bashing me and saying that I was trying to smear/hate Twilight. You’re acting as if Twilight is some small franchise and you’re part of a minority group.

          Calm down.

          • Not at all. You are completely wrong about me and my intentions. I would say you are in need of the proverbial “Chill Pill.”

            • OK kids, let’s relax. :)


    • Thanks for those kinds words. Perhaps you should lump the Executive Producers of Supernatural in that group as well, since they were the ones that told me it was about mocking Twilight.

      • Did the producers write your article as well? You are the one who lumped all the Twilight fans into one category. And as I said, I’m sorry you chose to take such a low road, that’s all. Wasn’t necessary. Twilight fans have a great sense of humor about ourselves and the obsessiveness of fans in general. But making fun of them? Low blow.

        • The ONLY mention of Twilight fans in my article is “teeny-bopper franchise.” Are you seriously telling me that this is what has you all worked up?

          Twilight is a “young-adult” franchise. That is something listed as such by the publisher, not me. So, associating it with teens is correct.

          Also, if you’re that worked up about “teeny-bopper,” you should know that it’s a word that originated in the 1950s and it has no negative connotation – even if you’re giving it one.

          • hey, they mocked Cris one is safe from the writers of Supernatural, its all in fun…seriously people need to relax and accept some things are liked and some things just arent. Anthony, keep up the good work.

  9. I know some are wavering in this season, but have faith. There us a plan, I’m sure of it. Also, SN has actually been doing very well this year. Both it and Smallville are doing great this season..probably good enough to get another season if these numbers are maintained.

    • Aren’t Smallville’s ratings more than double Supernaturals at the moment?

      • Nope…here is a rundown of recent ratings:
        1.3 (1.0) (1.0) (1.3) (—-) (—-) Smallville
        1.2 (0.9) (1.0) (1.2) (—-) (—-) Supernatural

        Blue Bloods pulled down the highest rating on Friday Oct 15th with a 1.7.

        Here is the source:

      • They’re both averaging around 2.5 million viewers per episode.

  10. So STOKED about this episode.
    So far this season (although ive been wary) each episode has been better than the last. I mean last weeks episode, it was awesome seeing Bobbys side for once and realizing we all take him for granted. I just want to know what the hell those Campbells are up to!!
    I actually LOVE the heaven and hell aspect. Its just epic.
    This being my favorite show, Ive got faith in it, til the end.

  11. Wow, when did this thread get so out of hand?

    • when a twilight fan started complaining about the article lol

      • It’s quite funny actually.

        • haha indeed it is! i bet this episode has some awesome comments as well :)

  12. I am SOO through with “The Dean Show”!
    Not even a photo of Sam!