‘Supernatural’ Spinoff Changes Name, Now Titled ‘Supernatural: Bloodlines’

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Supernatural Title Supernatural Spinoff Changes Name, Now Titled Supernatural: Bloodlines
In an age when many network television shows are lucky to last a single season before the axe comes down, the CW’s long-running hit Supernatural has proven to be a consistent, crowd-pleasing ratings draw. The ongoing saga of the monster-hunting Winchester brothers has been renewed for a 10th season and is also getting a spinoff series of its own.

Originally titled Supernatural: Tribes, the spinoff has cast its two leads: Australian actor Nathaniel Buzolic, who made his U.S. television debut on The Vampire Diariesand British actor Lucien Laviscount. The bulk of the plot details are being kept under wraps, but we know the show will be set in Chicago, will be penned by longtime Supernatural writer/producer Andrew Dabb, and directed by executive producer Robert Singer.

Now we know a couple more things. Along with a new cast member, it appears that the spinoff is being renamed, as well. According to EW, the show will now be called Supernatural: Bloodlines, and will add Melissa Roxburgh as a series regular. Roxburgh, who has appeared on The CW’s hit superhero series Arrow along with a one-episode guest spot on Supernatural, will apparently play a character named Violet, a member of “the werewolf pack.” 

Bits and pieces of the spinoff’s storyline have been hinted at up to this point, but this update includes a concise synopsis (courtesy of THR). The show is described as a:

“sweeping drama about the various mafia-esque monster families that, unknowingly to humans, run the underbelly of Chicago and are being tracked by a newly minted Hunter who’s trying to stop them and rid Chicago of anything or anyone supernatural.”

Melissa Roxburgh Supernatural Spinoff Changes Name, Now Titled Supernatural: Bloodlines
As for Roxburgh’s character, she’s been given the following back-story:

“Violet hides her true nature because of her forbidden love for family rival David (Nathaniel Bozulic), but when cornered, her inner wolf breaks free.”

So beyond the mafia-of-monster-theme of the show, we’ll get a hint of Romeo & Juliet as well, or so it seems. The overall plot also has elements of the ongoing Canadian sexy-monsters series Lost Girl, too. Will fans come to embrace the one-location setting of Bloodlines, which shifts the cross-country monster-hunting paradigm of Supernatural to Chicago’s hidden, creature-infested underbelly?

If Supernatural really will end after season 10, (or not, if ratings hold) it might be up to Bloodlines to keep the established brand going. We’ll see how strong an impression it makes during its backdoor pilot in April.


Supernatural: Bloodlines will (sort of) premiere during the April 29th, 2014 episodes of Supernatural, with a full season most likely debuting in Fall, 2014.

Source: EW

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  1. Sounds like a very familiar “been there, done that” setting. This whole two feuding family setup also as the potential of chasing its own tail (pun intended) and getting old really fast. I’m sceptical.

  2. Not surprised that Supernatural will get another season. I can’t miss an episode. And this spinoff series sound very interesting. I will check it out when it comes out, no doubt ;)

  3. Personally I think a better spin-off would’ve been a monster duo that has to deal with the stigma of being monsters as they hunt down actually evil monsters. That and the duo has to clean up Sam and Dean’s messes all the time cuz let’s face it, those two have broken the world more times than we can count

    • Or two monster brothers whos parents are killed by the winchesters.

      • I’ll be honest, I was gonna say “That’s lame” until I really gave it some thought

        And you might have a better idea already 03o

  4. This just sounds like one of those post-Twilight series. I thought Supernatural could’ve done better.

  5. If it ends with castiel murdering them all, Im down

    • Agreed! Way back in season 5 when the show went from ok to awful. And I just watched the pilot of it Supernatural S09E20 and the good news is I know I couldn’t stomach an episode of it let alone a series.

  6. unfortunately, this show sounds horrible.

    • Sam and Dean kill off all the Chicago monsters…. awesome.

  7. Still reminds me of the premise of Kindred: The Embraced with C. Thomas Howl. This setting can get old fast.

  8. Heyyyy…Sounds interesting. I’m down. The girl looks hot. :D

    They should focus more on the powers and supernatural aspects though, than on the romance…

    • Supernatural Season 1, Episode 1:

      Dean: “Hey, no chick-flick moments!” :D

      The loosened that little rule quite a bit over the years but it’s still bearable. ;)

  9. I would like to see two cool unique characters in the supernatural universe. It would be cool to a dark hunter as the big bad of an upcoming season. A dark hunter vastly knowledgable of all things supernatural even more than Sam and dean. Also just as skilled or even more than Sam and dead as a hunter overall. He could be like an immortal hunter that has been hunter for centuries. The other character that would be cool to see is a lawyer that knows that about the supernatural. Many episodes throughout the series we see innocent people being wrongly put to jail. cops assume they did it because most people unaware of the supernatural things are real. It be cool to a see skilled lawyer the specializes in getting these people out of jail.

    • Sooo…suits meets supernatural…..I kinda like it!!! haha

  10. It’s always thrilling when a spin-off is announced, but .. yes a big BUT when you read about it and it begins to sound like another spin-off (romance), it really is disappointing. I love Supernatural because they don’t have much romance, they reveal it in small doses, which is brilliant.

    The show is about hunting, and I love that. The spin-off won’t last, I’m already put off by the fact that romance seems to be emphasised. Seriously, there are plenty out there, for example Beauty and The Beast, Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries. I know they are not all CW shows but I think you get my thought process and I know they aren’t spin-offs, personally I’m just getting tired of them, boring, boring, boring.

    I want to see more action less romance, it’s just my opinion.

  11. I just want more Supernatural ( Sam/Dean/Castiel). Thats all. Is that too much to ask??

  12. How about a Castiel spinoff?

    That’s what I thought they’d do.

  13. i really hate the long name, just call it bloodlines or tribes but don’t mash on the already long Supernatural hyphen : name.

  14. “In an age when many network television shows are lucky to last a single season before the axe comes down, the CW’s long-running hit Supernatural has proven to be a consistent, crowd-pleasing ratings draw.”

    Good Grief, Screen Rant. On any other network aside from the constantly struggling CW, Supernatural wouldn’t have seen a second season. Not with the ratings it pulled. Supernatural’s success is the result of perfect storm of sorts, and the two main actors are insanely lucky. With very little other than decent looks to offer, their wooden, stilted acting wouldn’t get them far. Without this show, those two would be languishing in obscurity.

  15. Another monster-mafia-love teen to twenty-something angst story. It is a total shame they have fallen into this high traffic overly abused story line.

  16. looks interesting, i’m thinking this is gonna turn out to be a being human kind of deal (the British version, cause lets face it, the US one is basically twilight for tv) but replace the ghost with a hunter and have the potential for all kinds of different monster species show up, i dunno about anyone else but I for one will definitely be keeping a very close eye on at least the first season

  17. As long as it stays adult and not another teen age werewolf/Vampire show like Vampire diaries, and Dean and Sam are still in it I know lots of people who will love it..
    PLEASE keep Supernatural going and bring back Bobby :)

  18. Not sounding all that exciting to me. I had hoped it might revisit Adam Winchester and work along the same lines as Supernatural, instead I am left thinking ‘not another teenage wolf angst fest!’ Might give the pilot a look see but not all that enthusiastic.

  19. The spinoff sounds like it has touches of “The Originals” and “Lost Girl”



  22. Of course they try to option the least interesting of all the potential Supernatural spinoffs.

    If I had a say, I’d vote for Ghost Facers or that Jewish stoner with the Golem to get shows before the Chicago story did. Hell, even the house with the teenage hunters would be more interesting than gangster werewolves in Chicago.

  23. I cant believe I just found out about this. I really hope they don’t go ahead with Bloodlines and instead do something much more interesting. Even if its not characters we already know, like showing the world in the future and how things are different (though that might mess with Supernatural..), or the past like others said. Even the kid hunters would be more interesting because it would at least allow exploration. Bloodlines would just stay in the same area…

  24. Doesnt sound like supernatural… Would have been cooler if they had followed a rogue reaper or fallen angel, perhaps a person on the “bad” side.

  25. Supernatural has brilliant minds behind it. I’l reserve judgement until I have given S:B a chance. But I doooo think the name too long.