‘Supernatural’ Season 9 Premiere Review: Carry On Wayward Sons, to Season 10

Published 2 years ago by , Updated October 9th, 2013 at 3:36 pm,

Sam Dean and Cas in Season 9 of Supernatural Supernatural Season 9 Premiere Review: Carry On Wayward Sons, to Season 10

After finally returning to its former glory last year, all eyes are on Supernatural season 9, to see if one of television’s fan-favorite series will be able to reach showrunner Jeremy Carver’s goal of season 10. Thankfully, if the premiere is any sign of what’s to come, Supernatural will be around for quite some time – and, perhaps, may even surpass Carver’s original intentions.

In the return episode, “I Think I’m Going to Like it Here”, written by Carver, Supernatural picks up where the season 8 finale left off – in which the angels of Heaven fell to Earth – by crafting complete, truly impressive tales for each of the series’ three main characters. They did so by staying true the series and its mythology – which, of course, meant the return of a few familiar faces, like Death and Bobby (Jim Beaver).

The core story of this episode centered on Sam who, after being wounded by the Trails, comes face-to-face with Death and must decide whether or not to continue living. Dean, unable to help his brother, sends out a call to all of the fallen angels for help. Castiel, now human and a fair distance away from the Winchesters, learns what it means to be human (and poor). Though the storylines appear simple enough, this episode instantly sets itself apart from the rest in terms of complexity, and is surprisingly successful in (almost) every way possible.

Staying true to their word of bringing the series back to its roots, the producers put Sam and Dean’s relationship front and center, allowing fans to see – yet again – the internal struggles that each brother is dealing with. Dean, the older brother and self-appointed keeper of his brother, cannot allow Sam to die, even though Sam clearly wants to. Sam, on the other hand, is carrying the weight of all that previously occurred and comes to the decision that the best way for people to stop getting hurt is for him to end his life.

supernatural season 9 premiere bobby Supernatural Season 9 Premiere Review: Carry On Wayward Sons, to Season 10

Though the relationship between Sam and Dean – and all its intricacies – is well known to fans of the show, the premiere makes it clear that at some point in time, the brothers will both have to release themselves from the emotional weight they carry around, even if that means in death. But until that day comes, Dean will continue to fight the good fight until Sam can stand on his own. But is that what Sam wants?

While Sam and Dean are busy with the newly-fallen angels, Castiel, too, finds himself having to come to a few revelations. Now human and without his Grace, the powerful force that is Castiel is now dependent upon the kindness of strangers – a kindness he’s only witnessed but never needed. By allowing Castiel to pull back on of his powers, the producers have made it clear that it’s Castiel, not his powers, which are important to the story of Supernatural. And when presented with all of these new interactions and experiences, Castiel’s reserved nature and pure heart envelop each scene, allowing everyone to see the earnest angel that lies behind the trench coat.

supernatural season 9 premiere dead Supernatural Season 9 Premiere Review: Carry On Wayward Sons, to Season 10

Meanwhile, Bobby has, in part, returned to the show – but is this it for him? Bobby is such a beloved figure that any appearance by him should just be welcomed, but the minimal screen time that he received in this episodes almost begs the question of whether or not he really needed to be in it at all. Sure, it’s great to see Bobby again, but because not much time was spent with him, viewers will be left expecting another return and will be unnecessarily disappointed if it doesn’t happen.

As far as premieres go, this is one of Supernatural’s strongest. Now, that doesn’t mean that it’s the best premiere in series history (season 2 is) – what it means is that, for a show that’s now age 9, the amount of care put in to the show is equal to that of some of television’s best. Sure, Supernatural may just be some show on the CW, but to many it’s one of their favorites on TV – and from seeing the care put in to episode 173, the season 9 premiere, it’s impossible for anyone to question why so many have stuck behind the show for so long.


Supernatural returns next Tuesday with “Devil May Care” @9pm on CW.

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  1. Loved the ep, cannot wait for more eps also hope the vessel ezecial was in will be show up for i like the actor. I also wished they would have shown crowley in the trunk instead of him knocking. It will be interesting to see how they can fix this mess and hope tran or whatever the prophet’s name is shows back up he is defiently growing on me. I hope the queen b shows up also the one who sam sent away in the last ep of the previous season from the church whom they chopped up.

  2. ” it’s impossible for anyone to question why so many have stuck behind the show for so long.”
    Preach! Even those “terrible” seasons of Supernatural, 6-7, was still great television, just relatively bad compared to previous seasons.
    And this season 9 is shaping up to be awesome.

    • 6 was okay
      7 was horrible

  3. I got very lucky & saw it last night. I read the new season was to start october 15th & i would’ve missed it if i didn’t checkout the program guide.

    Anyway i totally love supernatural, it’s up there with FireFly as awesome television shows go for me.
    And what Dean did i feel he had no choice because heaven is closed, so where do good souls go ?

  4. Seriously? I found it so boring it was hard to keep my eyes on the screen.
    Almost all aspects of the episode felt like a rehash of things that have already happened seasons ago.

    It was a huge letdown for me.

    • You liked the Avengers so I don’t consider your opinion valid. (Joke)

      I watched the episode twice, the first time I was a bit underwhelmed, mostly because I expected both Crowley and Abaddon to show up and it was entirely different from what I was looking for.

      But when I watched it again knowing what is going to happen I focused more on the actual episode (instead of waiting for the other things to happen) I found it pretty good. It was fast paced (story wise). Meaning that Sam was quickly out of the hospital. Bobby and my 2nd favourite character Death made good appearences, Castiel felt what it’s like to be human, 2 angels died, Dean asked a very good question (where to angels go know that heaven is ‘sealed’.

      Moreover I saw the trailer for next episode and Abaddon will show up so excited about next week. Now BRING ON ARROW!!!

      • “where to angels go know that heaven is ‘sealed’” I hope that is answered.

    • Agreed. Did we really need to see one of the brothers in peril of dying again? Was that really the sort of storyline we needed to spend so much time on? Death for them is pretty meaningless at this point, so it doesn’t work as a means of creating tension or conflict.

      • @ The Avenger and @Ben Moore

        I cannot judge on the episode yet, but honestly this is an issue I have had with the past couple of seasons.
        I have been a fan since the pilot and still consider Season 2 as the best season (with season 4 as a very close second).

        Season 6 and 7 in my opinion repeated the same arcs and regressed the characters to a point where it feels that everything prior never mattered. The show became claustrophobic with focusing solely on the brothers (and to a lesser extent Castiel) while killing off great supporting characters that are able to draw out different sides and interaction from our two main leads. At the same time, both characters have died- and returned- so many times that death has become almost a running joke and meaningless consequence.

        Season 8 started off with issues- perhaps carried over aftereffects of the two preceding seasons- with some episodes kind of showing returning potential to the series. There was good episodes- but still not quite right. So while an improvement and showing some potential, the series is not there yet.

        I am worried about the writer’s interpretation of returning to the roots, while regressing characters and repeated similar arcs in the mean time.

        Dean is still suffering of being his brother’s keeper.
        Sam feels responsible for bad things (and something wrong is going to happen to him at some point)
        Castiel experiences losing his powers and being somewhat human (again)

        They should keep the classic rock vibe, the modern western tone, keep the interesting side characters around and explore them. Give the characters happy moments while returning to a darker style. And can the supernatural creatures actually be creatures instead of constantly possessing humans?

        I watch or at least keep up to date on the show hoping something of interest may happen, because I enjoy the characters and loved Supernatural for years. I want them to go back to the style, but move the characters forward and onto new arcs and enemies.

  5. i thought the spell made them fall to earth an become human so why to those spike things still work when they stab them …

    • The spell cast the angels out of heaven, basically locking them out, but they still have their graces, unlike Castiel.

  6. The Anges have just lost their wings, and some of them are mighty strong still, so i think the have been “grounded” only castiel has been made human. Loved the episode, and agree with the comments that even the ones demed “bad” were good TV. Looking forward to next week, ugh! hate all this waiting now series are back :), looking forward to the walking dead……………….

  7. When someone watches a TV show for a long time there is an emotional investment that takes place. Somehow, that got a bit lost on me this time around, and the Season 9 opener seemed blandly entertaining, as it was so clearly cobbled together from earlier plot points.

    It appears to me the financial (and possibly emotional) goal of ‘making it to Season 10′ is motivating Mr. Carver more than breathing fresh life in to the last seasons of what once was the best show of its kind on American television.

  8. If this were just any Supernatural episode I would have given it a C+, or a solid average. Unfortunately this was the first episode and I was underwhelmed. Bringing back Death was a nice idea that seemed to get lost in the story. The one point that irked me was how Bobby appeared in this episode. Now that he is ‘officially’ dead, will he only show up when someone is near death? At least that is how the writers make it appear.

    I just wonder if this entire season will be the Winchesters and an underpowered Castiel against the angels who fell to earth. If that is so, it could make for a long Season 9.

  9. Man it felt like ages. So glad supernatural is back on. Cas is awesome as always

  10. So very tired of the Heaven/Hell crap. Can they just get back to killing monsters already.

    • I’m sure they will have those episodes here and there as well. But what monsters have they not yet tackled?

  11. missed it because it moved to tuesday, but caught it on the web.
    Twas awesome.

  12. i would love to see John Winchester back on the show the 3 together are AWESOME PLEASE BRING BACK JOHN !!!!! AND BOBBY , I THINK BOTH WOULD BE AWSOME .

  13. My husband & I welcomed season 9 on Tuesday with a late dinner of burgers and beer. Glad to have the show back on the air. (posted this comment in another thread before finding this one :) )

  14. “after being wounded by the Trails” – the Trails? Come on Anthony. It was the Trials! I thought you were a true fan…and don’t pull that typo excuse. ;)

    I really enjoyed this episode and am looking forward to where the show takes us this season. The scene where Bobby popped into the front seat was hilarious. It was fantastic watching Cas using his wits to defeat the angel/human cross breed…not to mention hilarious to see him realize how he’s lost his abilities. Season premieres always have to reset for a new season of build-up and this one did a great job of not only setting up a new plot thread with Sam’s internal struggle, but it added more brotherly secrets between the Winchesters. Great review, Anthony…minus the typo.

  15. I hated it. I was so looking forward to the new season thinking that Dean would finally get a good story arc after being thrown to the sidelines for so long. He got a major story arc alright, that of being shown to be so selfish, pathetic, and obsessed with holding on to Sam that he not only took Sam’s free will and choice away, but he basically raped him, in mind as well as body, all because he feels so worthless aside from his life revolving around Sam. At the same time , Everybody was telling us how heroic and honorable Sam is. And Dean was seen by some to be just trying to use Cas as well. Dean committed an act he can’t possibly ever be redeemed for. Thanks a lot Carver and Singer, I know Dean is your least favorite character but did you have to destroy him like this?
    Also, I’m not getting where season 8 was bringing SPN back to form. To me, it was the very worst season of all. Until this episode, I didn’t think Caver could possibly do worse. Dean is my favorite character and now it will be hard to have sympathy for him for anything. He deserved so much better.