Bobby is Back for ‘Supernatural’ Season 9 (But How?)

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supernatural season 9 bobby singer Bobby is Back for Supernatural Season 9 (But How?)

As Supernatural enters season 9, Sam and Dean will have to deal with what occurred in the season 8 finale, when the angels fell from heaven and Marv took over. But they won’t have to do it alone – Bobby is back!

Although Bobby’s return has been hinted at several times – including a conversation we had with showrunner Jeremy Carver before the last season came to an end – Jim Beaver, the idjit himself, has reveal on Twitter that will officially be returning to the show next season. How? Unfortunately, that’s still unknown, but Beaver did say that it’s not in the way fans expect.

You can read Beaver’s tweets below:

As you can see from Beaver’s tweets, the way in which Bobby will return will likely surprise fans who think they know what’s coming next – but could it really?

supernatural season 7 premiere bobby sam Bobby is Back for Supernatural Season 9 (But How?)

In the Supernatural season 8 finale, Sam and Dean watched as Metatron completed the spell which caused the angels to fall to Earth. So is it assumed that Bobby has fallen to Earth, or is it that Bobby could still be in Heaven, behind enemy lines, so to speak? Or could it be something completely different? It appears the question isn’t so much how Bobby is coming back, but what, exactly, Beaver believes is the most popular opinion among the fans.

Next question: When?

Since Supernatural just began filming season 9 – out of order, once again – it’s a bit difficult to figure out exactly which episode Bobby will make his return in, but if they’re relatively sticking to the same production schedule, it’s likely that the script Beaver is referencing in his tweets is for episode 4 or 5.

No matter how or when Bobby returns, it’s the fact that he is returning that matters most. For everything Jeremy Carver has done for the series since his return as showrunner, the loss of Bobby still felt like one of the biggest mistakes that needed to be righted. Now, thankfully, fortunately, Jim Beaver will be returning.
Supernatural season 9 premieres October 15

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  1. It’s obvious how he’s back, The end of season 8 the Angels fell from heaven and he was in heaven….

    • I thought that was just the arch angels?

      Great to hear. Jim Beaver owns that role and makes good television.

      • The archangels are dead, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Lucifer is in his box. What happened at the end of season 8 was all angels were expelled for heaven.

        • oh ok. Thanks. Still, Bobby isn’t an angel is he? He’s a soul in heaven, right?

          • If he were to be an angel, it would be hard to believe that he wouldn’t need a vessel… So, my guess is he won’t be coming back as an angel.

          • Go to (whatever u do dont hit any download buttons and exit all pop ups) & you can catch up on the ones you missed.. if I missed to much some might be a lil hard to understand.. hope this helps

    • not all who go to heaven become angels.

    • I was under the impression that angels are angels and human souls are human souls. It only applied to Hell that human souls turned into demons.

      • Yep. Angels are not humans.

  2. sweet

  3. Easy way out is for the heavens to have made Bobby an Angel just before Metatron had the angels fall from the sky. More unique and interesting approach would be for him to be some sort of mentor/leader figure that helped bring heaven back together. That would likely not allow for much interaction between him and the brothers though.

    I feel that somehow they will just bring him back as a living, breathing person- which I think is the wrong way to go. My take on that is why did they ever even kill him off in the first place then?

    Maybe they could involve him with the whole Men of Letters arc.

    Def looking forward to this season, the 2nd half of last season was brilliant

  4. yes ,it would be watching supernatural without all four boys

  5. I gotta be honest im not so happy about this. I liked bobby but he had his goodbye episode and his save from hell. I dont miss bobby

  6. Doesn’t matter how or why for me, even if its a hokey explanation it will be fine because that’s part of the charm of the show.

    Simple fact is this is good news because he has been missed.

  7. the show is called supernatural isn’t it?

  8. This is so stupid. That’s the problem with this show. Characters keep bouncing back from Heaven and Hell like they have friggin’ revolving doors. How are viewers supposed to take the show seriously if forces of death and life don’t even mean anything. How are we supposed to feel bad for characters who die. The only real thing with which anyone on this show can be threatened is a lifetime of mental torture or tragedy and even that bit is starting to wear pretty thin.

    • You don’t read comics do you?

      Simply put – it is part of the show. The heroes don’t say dead because they are the heroes and in this show they get to come (actually I think most of the time they don’t even die so much as get stuck in otherwordly realms).

      Does it work for every show – nope, but it does for this one.

      • All I’m saying is it cheapens the deaths of characters when you know they aren’t really dying and will be right back as soon as writers get desperate enough. Do I think dead characters can be brought back in cool, mind-blowing ways? Yes. But will a viewer be as emotionally invested with other “dead” characters once it’s happened several times in one show or, worse, in one season? Oftentimes, no.

        • That’s called the DragonBall Z effect… :P

      • I don’t like that aspect of comics either, but I view comics differently than a show or film. i also have a problem with narratives that require one thing to do another then, once the another is done, reverse the one thing. It’s a writing cop-out.

        The new Evil Dead film is a perfect example of this. X people need to die to complete a stated ritual but there is only X people at the cabin, leaving no one to battle the evil in the showdown. In order to get around this small logical issue and “keep you guessing”, they essentially either resurrected one of the individuals or that individual died enough to trigger the ritual but not enough to not come back for the cliched grrrl-power ending.

        Maybe it’s just me but I kind of feel like if one reverses any components that were required then any obtained results would or should also be reversed.

    • So true, mate. That’s how I feel This show cannot be taken seriously. There is no real danger or tragedy when characters who are supposed to be “dead” can come back anytime the writers get desperate enough. Bringing Bobby back constantly cheapens his original “death”.

  9. This has me worried and insanely excited all at the same time.

  10. Oh please. Does this show have any sharks left to jump at this point? Do the writers have no limit to how far they’ll stoop?

  11. My FAVORITE show. I’m glad to have Bobby and Cas back. Cant wait !

  12. Bobby coming back yet again-makes no sense. but then a lot about this show doesn’t make sense anymore anyway. The show used to be centered on somewhat reality back in s1-s4. That was the charm of the show-the brothers and the monsters that were based in reality-myths. Now its just bunk. pure and utter ridiculousness-and made up crap. and soap opera crap. Now its the Angel Show starring Cas. I will watch the season opener to see how they set s9 up-but I think I am bowing out of the angel show.

    • Reality? There’s no reality in this show. The brothers have die like a thousand times and they are still alive, you saying that being the main character of the show gives you the right to be back from the dead, NO. If Sam and Dean can return, Bobby and Cass too, or any other character. Besides, we don’t even know how is he actually going to return.

      • I don’t think he means “reality” in its strictest sense. Of course there are no such things as monsters. But seasons 1-4 focused on more self-contained stories that kept things fresh and escalated the stakes at a comfortable pace. The ultimate “Big Bad,” Lucifer, was built up to since the first episode of season 1, which allowed viewers to, in season 5, enjoy and anticipate most chapters in what was advertised as the final leg of the story. Character development was also high and each season saw each main character get believable, usually cool story arcs. Mythology was all a part of a whole. Ever since season 6, the mythology has been scattered and often contradicts itself. All new guest stars can be expected to be killed off in season or exiled in some way. Season villains get what looks like plots from a Saturday cartoon’s super-villain. They all want to blow up the world and, while this plot device worked in season 5, Kripke took 5 YEARS of world-building to get to that point versus the ONE YEAR Gamble took with seasons 6-7. She kept recycling stories and it got old,… fast. She kept reusing the Cas’ redemption bit, the depressed Dean bit, and the Sam-has-something-horrible-to-happen-to-him-every-season bit until Supernatural became too formulaic. Carver, I think, called it right by dialing the stakes back to start building again and to start telling some new stories, but he’s definitely made mistakes. I just hope Bobby isn’t another. He’s already recycled Bobby once in lackluster format and I just don’t want to see that character destroyed. He means too much to the show and was used too well in early seasons.

      • By reality I mean there is a myth about windigos-do they exist??? most likely no-but they were based on “stories” folklore-fact in a way. Same goes for skin walkers, ghosts, werewolves, vampires ect….. Angels and Demons have thier lore as well but now they are just used to tell a soap opera story-with CAs being the main character, and the Winchester brothers barely used as hunters anymore. And any canon that was established in s1-s4 went to crap when Carver took over. SEE Taxi Driver- although I liked the episode in general-it totally trashed canon.

  13. Since Jim Beaver say is something none of us think, there is a possibility that he might return for a simple flashback. Besides that, he could have fall from the sky like the angels, but that would be non-sense cause he is no angel, I believe. He might appear in a heaven scene or something, I have no idea…

  14. Ugh.. Why?! He’s dead! Let him die! Let a character die already and let it be done with SPN!
    As much as I love Bobby Singer, I think his being put to rest would make a great twist for the shows common ‘bringing someone back from the dead’ routine.
    It’s old news, and it’s not making things any more better in regards to different.
    I also like how season 8 played out. Had a more dark adult feeling to it. It’s a shame that they’re bringing back the old crap by not letting a character be put to rest, entirely.

  15. I’m not the biggest fan of Bobby returning because he already died once. Sure, a bullet to the head from a man-eating monster in a suit wasn’t the kind of death I imagined for him. Regardless, the following episode was wonderful and perhaps the best send-off for him (one of Sera Gamble’s best episodes). As a matter of fact, it was weird that they brought him back as a ghost just to kill him again. However, if there is a good reason and a unique way of writing him back into the story, then it’s all good. I just hope he becomes a reoccurring guest star because if this is just for one episode then there’s no point IMO besides fan-service.

  16. Let’s face the facts. Any TV program that gets to seasons 9 & 10 have almost certainly run out of new ideas. I still question why Bobby Singer was dropped from the program. Was it due to Jim Beaver wanting more money or were the producers trying to shake things up? It was stupid either way letting him go. The show suffered, there is no denying that. I guess if you look at it from the point of view that there are two more seasons left to go, you might as well have all four of the main characters back.

  17. What about some new interesting and lovable characters that stay until the end? Everyone seems to come and go with the brothers being the only real constant. Fans objected strongly to Cass going and now he is back, we need more great characters like this to join the cast and stay!

  18. Its sad how some people just seem to complain…well, just to complain. hands down this is the one of the best shows to ever come to tv. Heck I hope they find a way to make it last more than 10 seasons. I think though that bobby should have become a star if anything instead of killing him off. They killed him to shake things up cause they new how loved he was. If you do your reading and see some of jim beavers interviews youll see he thought he’d he a one episode guest and done but he became so much more. I dont think they are bringing him back because they made a mistake or whatever yall may think. I believe its playing out the way they wanted it to. He was the perfect soul to save for the second trial. Most of all though lets not forget the name of the show! Which means they can do whatever they want! Supernatural means just that and all it in tails. Someone dies they can come back because thats supernatural. So its ok for some of yall that sam and dean can die and come back but not a guest star? I bet if he was a real star yall wouldn’t be mad about it. If you think it ruins the show why watch or even bother posting a comment? Oh and for those of you that say its in season 8+ and theres nothing left or they have done it all, you really dont have a good imagination. supernatural entails so much they could go for years. Like I hope they finally bring out god and find out why he stood by and watched. Or head to the fairy realm and show what that place is like. Heck, if any of yall have read dontes inferno youd know there is more than just hell and purgatory. They have already mentioned Atlantis. Time travel can open all kinds of doors. Also there are still plenty of monsters with lore in the real world they haven’t used like chimeras, hydras, I bet there is more nephalim out there. Anyway just wanted to add my piece. I love this show and I will hate to see it end because it will be a long time before anything matches it. supernatural is so much cooler than natural. Im sure I missed some things I wanted to say but oh well. later idjits!

  19. You said the premier was October 15th…it was the 8th! I missed it because of the error! Please tell me where/how I can watch it? It won’t be airing on television for quite some time.

    • Hulu