‘Supernatural’ Mid-Season Finale Review – Will You Watch in 2014?

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supernatural season 9 midseason finale Supernatural Mid Season Finale Review   Will You Watch in 2014?

It’s the Supernatural season 9 mid-season finale, and the series made sure to leave its fans with something to think about until its January 14 return. Though it may have taken longer than most had hoped, the return to this season’s Heavenly battle took a no holds barred approach in escalating the severity of Metatron’s (Curtis Armstrong) grab for power and Dean’s unfortunate lie.

In this week’s episode, “Holy Terror,” written by longtime series duo Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming, all hell (or Heaven) breaks loose as two factions of angels – one lead by Maliki, the anarchist, the other by Bartholomew – wage a series of bloody battles in order to gain the upper hand and overthrow Metatron and take Heaven as their own in the process.

Elsewhere, Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles) and an energetic Castiel (Misha Collins) reunite and begin to follow the blood trail left in the angels’ wake. When allegiances are made and lies are revealed, no army of power-hungry angels can near the destruction of a single, fallen guardian seeking absolution.

Don’t call it a comeback – Supernatural has always been an episodic series at heart; it simply has the ability to earnestly wear a serialized skin, if it so chooses. Fortunately, it chose to do so with this episode, where “Ezekiel” (Tahmoh Penikett) is revealed to be Gadreel, the angel who failed to prevent sin from entering the Garden of Eden; Metatron convinces Gadreel to kill Kevin Tran (Osric Chau), thus securing his allegiance to Metatron; and Sam becomes the meat suit of a fleeing angelic assassin. Don’t forget: Kevin Tran is dead!

Supernatural Season 9 Sam Dean and Kevin Supernatural Mid Season Finale Review   Will You Watch in 2014?

Ding-Dong! The Tran is dead – or whichever song fans use to celebrate the passing of one of the series’ underloved characters. Kevin Tran has been kicking around Supernatural for quite some time now, and the quality of his appearances were, unfortunately, never consistent. Even so, as with most things on Supernatural – or any TV show, really – when it works, it works.

At his best, Tran was a lifeline for Sam and Dean while the series was sadly de-Bobby’ing (Jim Beaver) itself; at his worst, he brought enough mother issues with him that only years of therapy – or Crowley (Mark Sheppard) – could fix. Still, you’ve got to give Ackles credit for almost eliciting an emotional response from viewers as they watch Dean painfully acknowledge Kevin’s brutal death.

More so, however, Kevin’s death unleashes Sam from Dean’s side and, now with Sam “gone,” the younger Winchester finally gets a chance to shine with celestial wrath. Of course, Sam’s impression of Gadreel is just that, and there’s a fan-favorite Dollhouse actor who established the voice of the series’ new, likely misguided nemesis, so it’s doubtful that Sam will stray too far away – although it may be far enough to cause just the right amount of damage. Until the Winchesters are reunited, Dean is now a truly one-man show…well, perhaps not completely.

Supernatural Season 9 Sam Castiel and Dean Supernatural Mid Season Finale Review   Will You Watch in 2014?

Before the boorish angels kicked off Heavenly chain of events that nobody saw coming, this week’s episode established a terrific rapport between Dean and Castiel – one that’s easily strong enough to carry the weight of a missing Sam. However, now that Castiel has finally embraced his humanity, a twist was added and Castiel was able to gain his powers back by draining the Grace of another angel. Whether or not the return of Castiel’s power will greatly impact the emotional progress he has made is the big question, and one that won’t be answered for over a month.

When the series returns in January, Supernatural will have a great deal of story to work with, and it’ll be interesting to see how they attempt to blend this weighty serialized tale in with any episodic adventures they have planned. If anything, a single episode focused on Dean and Castiel will likely occur.

For those looking for one thing they can absolutely be excited about, it’s the January 21 episode, “First Born,” which will have Psych’s Timothy Omundson playing Cain.


Supernatural returns Tuesday, January 14, 2014 with “Road Trip” @9pm on The CW.

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  1. Timothy Omundson in the next epp will be a treat. Anyone notice Sage Brocklebank aka Buzz Mcnab from Psych as Theo the torturing angel as well? Supernatural meets Psych!

    • Omg thank you! I was wracking my brain trying to figure out where the hell I knew him from, but the only thing I could think of was that the character he played was oddly super adorable. Now I know why.

  2. No Kevin noooooo…

  3. Had they not had those dumb filler episodes and stuck with the angels plot this wouldve remained a good season.
    This ep was good though but they couldve done more/better before it, so probably best ep of the season so far.
    Also sams body always seems in danger or infected or blahbedeblooh….

  4. Glad Castiel has got his mojo back, :)

  5. This was an awesome midseason finale… c’mon admit it! Whether Kevin was significant or not, killing him off was an unexpected turn of events. And yes, while I loved how they showcased Castiel’s human side this season, it is time to have some angel firepower back on the Winchesters side!
    This is shaping up to be an awesome season, IMHO.

  6. So sad about Kevin and loved the twist with Gadreel (Gadriel?)!! And yes, I noticed that “Buzz” was Theo last night! I pointed that out to my fiance when I first saw hin!

  7. Finally an episode the fans can get their teeth into. The Kevin Tran character was ill used. He was there to translate the tablets and it seemed to take forever. I don’t think the majority of Supernatural viewers will miss him much. It was nice to finally see Castiel get some powers back. All in all, here’s hoping the second half of the season catches fire.

    • ‘I don’t think the majority of supernatural viewers will miss him much’

      Yea we’re not gonna miss him because he’s not dead. We’re pulling a Marvel and we’re gonna Coulson him back into existence. Have you seen tumblr? The fandom is in shambles, we all loved Kevin.

  8. crazy waiting for jan 14th! Jensen Ackles is the big star of the show! and it`s always good to see Castiel in a new challenge. I can’t wait for the return!! SPN is very good yet..

  9. It is toooooooooo long and boring.I watch it just because Dean is handsome.


  10. An exciting episode with great potential to tell a good story in the second half. I hope that potential isn’t squandered on one-off episodes focused on recurring characters. Ackles is doing an exceptional job performing this season — when doesn’t he, though. I’ll definitely be back for the second half of the season.

    • I love Jared Padelecki! I think he is fantastic as Sam. Though Ackles is fantastic, I think that Jared is even more fantastic. I don’t think he gets enough credit for his acting abilities in Supernatural. I have loved this show since the beginning and I will never quit watching it even with the filler episodes. This is one of the best seasons yet and I cannot wait until it airs in January. What does everyone else think about Jared P. as Sam????

      • I like Jared as Sam; I think he tends to get overshadowed because his performances are generally more subtle & low-key (in keeping with Sam’s quieter demeanor) in comparison to Jensen’s more in-your-face Dean. They play off one another very well IMO. As for Kevin, Osric Chau is a good actor, but I think Kevin was never really utilized properly; the character really seemed to serve as a plot device & not much more. As always though, Misha Collins’ Castiel continues to be my favorite character; I think his time as a mortal will ultimately make Castiel a better angel, and it’s going to be very interesting to see where his path takes him next. One thing that continues to rankle at me about the show though is the gross under-utilization of the “Batcave”; ever since the Winchesters first found the place, I’ve been unable to figure out why they haven’t rallied *all* their allies (Garth, Charlie, Kevin, those hunter trainees, all their other trusted hunter contacts, etc.) under one roof and solidified their network, especially now that the angels are on the warpath.

  11. so glad cass got his angel on again. It was very interesting to see his change to human and now how he is dealing as angel again. He was always my favourite character.loved the mid season finale episode. Bit sad to lose kevin though. A great season as always.

  12. After this season… If I never see another angel on Supernatural again it would be too soon.

    • I love the show I been watching it sense day one they need to keep it going

  13. I really hope angels aren’t really a**holes.

  14. Great show with good acting. Been a fan since its inception. Looking fwd to new episodes 2014!

  15. I am offended by what you said about Kevin being an insignificant character in Supernatural; I know that he was a beloved character to many people and he was the bomb Diggity. When I resurrect Kevin, he and I will punish you.

  16. I screamed no when Kevin was killed. I really liked his character. Cas got his mojo back though and that means Kevin is coming back.

    • Even when Cas had his mojo, he was not able to bring Bobby back. I’m sure Sam and Dean will figure it out before Cas does.

  17. Bobby will be back I just read !!! & Castell got his mojo back he didn’t fall sooo…… can’t wait till January 14th !!!

  18. Well I know I have a rare opinion, I couldn’t help voicing it. I love that at it’s heart, Supernatural has always been about stand-alone episodes. For me, some of it’s best (funniest, most heartbreaking, witty) moments have happened in episodes that were mostly unrelated to the plot line.

    Episodes like Yellow Fever, The French Mistake and Changing Channels all made for excellent watching, and while they all had some tie in to the plot line at the time; I still would consider them “Monster-of-the-Week” episodes. Well written and entirely fabulous, they make the show what it is.

    We also have to consider that these episodes are the ones that bolster the show when its plot is failing. A midst all the weakness of Season Six, there were some hopeful episodes like Clap Your Hands if you Believe that kept me holding on to the show, even with its shortcomings.

    That’s the reason I have loved Season Nine so far, this long run of stand alone episodes was reminiscent of Season One and made me incredibly nostalgic. I’m glad that the plot is moving forward now but I had to defend the show’s choice a little bit, because I enjoyed it and I hope others did too.

  19. Supernatural is not about Kevin tran I’m excited for the show to come back Castiel won’t be able to bring Kevin back which I say good! Kevin was a prophet when one dies there’s another would rather watch Castiel and dean get sam back. Supernatural will always be about the winchesters sorry to say I was not upset when Kevin died I’m just hoping this is one death the character can’t come back from!

  20. Supernatural hasn’t been on for weeks!!!!! WTF I love this show its awesome but what happened someone please fix it

  21. yeah i dont know what happened either supposed to be off 2 weeks now this will make 3 and there putting in a new show??? some one please help us out

  22. My husband & I watch it every Tuesday.