‘Supernatural’ Brings Back Kevin Tran & Tiger Mommy

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supernatural season 9 kevin tran Supernatural Brings Back Kevin Tran & Tiger Mommy

The Olympics are over and Supernatural is back – with a few familiar faces! Sam and Dean return to their Heavenly predicament, while a request from a fallen friend forces the Winchesters to take responsibility for the loss of life that their quest has resulted in.

In this week’s episode, “Captives,” written by two-time (so far) Supernatural scribe Robert Berens, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are paid a visit by a ghostly Kevin Tran (Osric Chau) who, like much of humanity’s recently fallen, are left without a Heaven to enter. When “ghost chatter” leads Sam and Dean to a make-shift prison hidden inside a storage facility, a discontented pawn of Crowley’s (Mark Sheppard) begrudgingly stands in the way of the Winchesters rescuing the once-forgotten Tiger Mommy (Lauren Tom). Elsewhere, Castiel (Misha Collins) stumbles upon some angelic allies, while Bartholomew (Adam Harrington) reveals his grand plan to track and defeat Metatron (Curtis Armstrong).

Supernatural season 9 is now well over halfway through and Metatron’s takeover of Heaven has already put everyone – Sam, Dean, Castiel, Crowley – through the wringer, so to speak. More importantly, it resulted in the death of Kevin Tran – a prophet – by the hand of Gadreel while under the protection of Sam and Dean. As a shocking lead-in to December’s holiday hiatus, Tran’s death served its purpose well – unfortunately, that’s all it accomplished. This time, however, Kevin returns for a “second farewell,” and his death, as fans always hoped, proves to be more than a plot device used to get you to tune in again one month later.

supernatural season 9 linda tran Supernatural Brings Back Kevin Tran & Tiger Mommy

Forcing Sam and Dean to confront the matriarch of the Tran family about her son’s death establishes a real connection to the name, face and life of the friend they lost. To Sam and Dean, Tran was a prophet, and he had the ability to do everything they feasibly couldn’t in order to save Heaven and Earth; to Linda, he was her son, whom she loved, and no divine intervention, or calling, will ever be as powerful. As such, Sam and Dean are held accountable by her for his death – but not before Sam watches a piece of her die inside as he breaks the news to her.

Supernatural, as well as most shows on television, often overlook any type of accountability for actions for the betterment of the story at hand and, for the most part, the series is better off for it. Now that Supernatural is aging, however, an earnest attempt is being made by producers to bring the series back it roots, and one thing that’s also returning to Sam and Dean is responsibility – to themselves, each other and those around them. Sam’s admission to Dean that he wouldn’t have saved him, as Dean did to him, was the beginning, and thankfully Tiger Mommy continues the theme this week.

supernatural season 9 castiel army Supernatural Brings Back Kevin Tran & Tiger Mommy

Admittedly, these scenes are not as powerful as the “Sam falls in love with a werewolf” episodic storyline fans will fondly remember from early-on in the series, but juggling a storyline which impacts core character development with what’s essentially Castiel building an army is difficult, and Berens’ script is successful at continuing to progress the story while doing maintenance work on two brothers who have long since become numb to the deaths of others.

Now that Castiel has an army and Sam and Dean are figuring out their own paths in this chaotic life, Supernatural has sowed the seeds for two important plot points that will more than likely pay off in the end of the season and series, respectively.

Next week, the Ghostfacers return – so enjoy your Supernatural holiday!


Supernatural returns next Tuesday with “Thinman” @9pm on CW. You can check out a preview of next week’s episode below:

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  1. Haven’t we talked about spoilers in article titles?

    • It’s not a spoiler. It was the entire point of the episode not some damn twist. We knew Mrs Tran was alive, because crowley told us.

    • Haven’t we talked about its a choice to come to screenrant?

      • There is a middleground, you know? Only Sith think in absolutes.

  2. Why is this show still on the air??? The introduction of Kevin Tran was when I quit watching. Uninteresting.

    • Then why are you commenting. If you don’t watch then you don’t need to say anything at all.

  3. Robert Berens is CW gift for letting Edlund slip through their fingers. And Jensen’s outfit was hoooot…

  4. Damn, I love the show but I HATE Ghostfacers. They should have kept Kevin and killed them off.

  5. Isn’t the mom played by Lauren Tom this season?

    • Has been for the past 2 seasons, they only had the first woman for the end of season 7, then Lauren took over.

      • Then why does it say the women from season 7 played the mom instead of Lauren tom is what I mean? She’s listed as played by Khaira Ledeyo?

        • The article is wrong, Lauren does play Mrs. Tran in this episode. That woman hasn’t been seen since 7.

  6. Why have fillers of this season been so bad, whereas episodes like this having to do with the main angel plot are better.

    Also It seems like the show doesnt know how to use the winchesters anymore
    “Hey why dont we just have them agree to not be brothers?”
    “But they are brothers, its what the shows abo-”
    “I said do it!!”

    Look if you cant come up with good reasons for drama between the brothers, why even bother because then it feels forced, everyone likes when the brothers get along and kid with each other more anyway.
    Now we’re stuck in this weird mopey relationship between the two.

    • Completely agree with you about how the brothers’ relationship is being handled. Two grown men–tough guys–who are acting like 13 year old girls…why? Unfortunately I think this show is catering to that age group now, giving CW’s general viewership. I will watch this show until it no longer airs, but it is getting hard. The angel story line, IMO, is awful and convoluted. The show is in no way returning to its roots, which were dark, serious, and actually simplistic(episodic). I would love it if it did, but its not. Also, it pissed me off that they killed Bart, not because I liked the character or the story line, but because he was one of the few angels who was actually portrayed by a decent actor.

  7. I’ll keep this short, Kevin and Momma Tran have been the worst series regulars in this show, ever. The episode where Kevin was brutally murdered had been the highlight of the whole season; this is a step in the wrong direction.

  8. This program has been all over the place this past year. The Winchesters acting like two brats is bad enough. The writers barely killed off Kevin Tran and now he is back in the picture. Now the Ghostfacers are showing up again. There are more filler episodes than you can shake a stick at. I am like a previous poster, I will watch Supernatural until it ends because I have invested all this time, but I know I am not going to like it much.