‘Supernatural’ Season 9 Finale Delivers a Game-Changing Twist

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supernatural season 9 finale dean demon Supernatural Season 9 Finale Delivers a Game Changing Twist

[This is a review of the Supernatural season 9 finale. There will be SPOILERS].


What may very well be the penultimate season of Supernatural has come to an end, leaving a lengthy wait before the CW pairs its return with The Flash this upcoming fall season. Castiel’s army attacks; Metatron attempts to take over Earth; and Dean shows everyone what happens when he gets really angry.

In this week’s finale episode, “Do You Believe in Miracles?,” written by showrunner Jeremy Carver, the power of the First Blade continues to consume Dean (Jensen Ackles), while Gadreel (Tahmoh Penikett) joins in on the fight to stop Metatron’s (Curtis Armstrong) takeover of Heaven and Earth. When Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Castiel (Misha Collins) team up to protect Dean from the world (and vice-versa), Metatron finds new followers in humanity, and Castiel delves deep in to Heaven’s confines to discover the true source of Metatron’s power. Meanwhile, the Mark of Cain transforms Dean into the Winchesters’ worst nightmare.

Supernatural is currently sitting at the end of its ninth year on the air, and no matter how many standalone episodes to Oz and beyond there are, or late-season spin-off endeavors surrounding familial “bloodlines,” the series still manages to hold on to a significantly strong cast, which at any moment can proverbially be “turned on” and allowed to roam free within this vast and ever-growing world. Above all else, this is what the finale does best; it’s through the strength of these characters – not the plot – that this episode manages to maintain the strength of the overall story at hand, escalating both Sam and Dean’s position in this chaotic world, as well Metatron’s attempt to “win” the world over with divine intervention.

supernatural season 9 finale metatron Supernatural Season 9 Finale Delivers a Game Changing Twist

Of course, this past season has seen its far share of departures from the story at hand, which in turn made viewing this year’s adventure a bit chaotic, even for the DVR-inclined. When Sam and Dean weren’t off battling monsters of the week, however, this season’s tale opened itself up to allow Metatron to grasp hold of a Heavenly power fans rarely get to see, and use it upon the everyday world. More so, Metatron, as a character, has allowed the series to define the true power of both Heaven and Hell, as well as the integral mechanics of who and what goes in to supporting the ideals of what these two defined worlds can become, for better and worst – all it takes is a leader.

Metatron truly is one of the strongest villains that the Winchesters have been up against, and throughout this season there have been subtle indications that he’s much more than a power-hungry nemesis in search for a powerful title. Metatron truly understands the nature of his power, as well as the Winchesters’ ability to defend against it. What Sam and Dean are unable to defend against, however, is the world they protect playing into a perfectly crafted scheme which manipulates the public’s perception and places “Marv” in a heavenly light, which is something no knife or gravel-y voice can quickly change.

supernatural season 9 finale castiel Supernatural Season 9 Finale Delivers a Game Changing Twist

Unfortunately, the parts throughout this season that ultimately make up the finale whole are lost, more or less, as the climatic turning point of Metatron’s leadership in Heaven turns out to be a clear misunderstanding of how microphones and broadcast equipment works. There’s no great end to Marv but, instead, a promise that he will return next year, in some way. Sadly, the same cannot be said for Gadreel.

If there’s one true pain in watching this season of Supernatural unfold, it’s that Gadreel never received as much screen time as he deserved. Sure, the moments in which he was front and center – even in Sam’s body – helped to strengthen the story at hand, but in the end he wasn’t above the “suicidal angel” label which many of this season’s ethereal characters received. His honor has been restored, yes – but there isn’t an angel in Heaven like him, and next season this absence could very well be noticeable.

On the other hand, Dean’s horrific dive into the power of the Mark of Cain creates for an interesting adventure to have next season, blacked-out eyes and all. Dean danced with the First Blade and ultimately gave up his life (and soul?) for… nothing, essentially. The First Blade did not bring an end to Metatron, nor did it really help much in the finale’s final battle. If anything, Dean’s transformation in to a demon allows the writers to focus much of the elder Winchester’s energy towards his new persona, essentially separating Dean’s powerful personality from the Winchester name and allowing Sam to finally receive his earned time in the spotlight.

supernatural season 9 finale crowley Supernatural Season 9 Finale Delivers a Game Changing Twist

In the end, when Crowley speaks about expectations of Dean returning from the dead, therein lies an earnest message from the producers to the fans: “We know death means nothing” – which is true. Becoming a demon, however, is much more impactful than any death on this series can be, and the fact that Dean is now a demon means that they are able to introduce so many wonderful story elements which can be explored next year. Remember: Crowley is a demon who can feel human emotions; Dean is simply a demon.

As Supernatural closes its ninth season, fans of the series must decide whether or not they want to return again next year, for what may be the last time. Although this year’s story had its fair share of sidesteps, Supernatural is still one of the most powerful fan-driven shows on the air, and for good reason: it’s earned it. Does this mean Supernatural season 10 is a “must watch”? No, but it’s safe to say that you’ll be missing out if you don’t.

Supernatural season 10 premieres in October on CW.

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  1. loved the finale. Dean as a demon should be pretty cool

  2. Every time Screen Rant posts about Supernatural, they have to repeat that season 10 may be the last a hundred times! STOP IT! This is one of the most fun shows ever, and it should keep going for another 10 seasons! I don’t care about wearing out your welcome, or this or that, all I care about is the show! The Supernatural fandom is as strong as ever, and no one wants to see this show end. There isn’t another show like this, and if there is, it’s obviously not as good as Supernatural, seeing as how we have funny-unfunny angels, a quirky king of hell, and a boy who just wants his pie. Supernatural deserves to go on, and yes, it IS worth it to watch season 10, AND the following seasons after. Call me crazy, but wouldn’t it be awesome for Warner Bros. to work out something and the Winchesters could become part of Arrow, or the Flash’s crew? That would just be hilarious. (Imagine Dean’s response to Barry Allan in a skin-tight red suit) . Then again, I think we’re all still hoping Sam makes it to that law school interview.

    • Please, don’t pollute Arrow or The Flash with any characters from this terrible show. If you mean an actor or two from Supernatural, I wouldn’t mind so much because I’m sure once they get out of the Supernatural bubble, they might reveal themselves to actually be decent actors.

      • I don’t think that they are good actors. I don’t hate them but the truth is none of their movies except for House of Wax in which that guy did not even have a good role have been hits. Their careers evolved on the basis of their ‘looks’ and their amazing ability to bear fan girls and not snap at them. It is true that some people in this industry get famous without having any talent while real talent rots away. It is sad. This is my own personal opinion and I am allowed to express it as a free citizen so please!

    • I agree! If Season 10 was to be the last, we would’ve known by now. Mark Pedowitz is on record as saying that Supernatural keep being renewed for as long as the ratings hold. If they were planning to end it next year, they would’ve said it last week. If the ratings tank next season, we will probably still get a season 11, probably a shortened one like ‘Nikita’, and ‘OTH’, but we will know for certain that the show is ending. Supernatural has been a major part of CW for too long for them to just cancel it and not give us an ending.

    • Any good fan wants their show to be great, and a great show knows when it needs to end. Although that finale was a rather good one, the climax of the series was around season 6.

    • It’s desperate fans like you that cant learn to let go that have ruined this show, i’ll admit season 9 has be far better that the last few seasons but the 1-5 story arc was perfect. Everything connected and was tied up perfectly at the end, the evolution of the characters was brilliant (sam began as the goody who turned out being the devils vessel and dean was the womanizing rebel that was chosen by angels). The bittersweet ending where dean is left living an ‘apple pie life’ while sam burns in the cage after sacrificing himself for humanity, after both of them finally accepting that there was no bringing back Sam, that it would be final.

      Then that bloody scene of Sam outside had to go and ruin a perfect ending, they had to milk it out for more money and now we’re on season 10. Well i hope its the last season, cause it seems like this might be the closest they’ll get to a worthwhile arc to go out on that resembles the Lucifer VS Michael arc of season 5, Cain and Abel. Its clear theres been no structure to the last 4 seasons compared to the first 5 and since they’ve done better with this season i hope they decide to go out while they’re ahead and not use it as an excuse to do another 5 seasons.

    • Love the show or not. There is a reason it remains the number 1 CW show after all these seasons and the longest running show: even with the ebb and flow in story telling over the years, it’s good.

  3. Sam and Castiel vs. Dean and Crowley. I’m on board!!!

    • Yeah, making Dean a demon was pretty much the one thing they could have done to bring me back next season.

  4. Dean becoming a demon makes me feel like any day now the CW is going to announce that season 10 will be the final season. Becoming a demon isn’t something that can be easily waved off in a few episodes – it’s going to be something that will last for the entire season. Maybe somehow, Dean gets to find his humanity like Crowley.

    Anyway, I just feel like a development this drastic for Dean can only mean season 10 is the final chapter – at least for Jensen Ackles.

    • Wait, didn’t the review say season 10 will definitely be the final ever season?

      • No, Season 10 is not planned to be the final season. The head of CW is a fan and is eager to keep the show, and the show’s stars are on record as saying that they’ll stay for as long as CW wants them. If CW was planning to end the show after Season 10, they would’ve announced it at the Upfronts last week and they did not. Carver’s initial plan was to take it to Season 10, but even he has said that they are setting things up for the show to continue past Season 10.

      • It said it may be, not definitely. I hope it is though. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the show despite the flaws and criticisms. It’s just that 10 is enough and the game-changer feels like something that would be saved for a final season.

      • Uh,because…he’s a demon. Dean Winchester is a demon! And we don’t know if the cure will or will not work on him since he’s (probably) not an ordinary demon due to the Mark of Cain.

        Also, if the cure restores a demon’s humanity, isn’t it still just a demon who feels human compassion? I mean, couldn’t it still use it’s powers or something? The show never made that clear – to me, anyway.

  5. If only the whole season had been as strong as the final few episodes leading up to the finale. There was so much filler this past season. The actors were strong but the writing was weak. I am one who thinks ten is a good stopping point for Supernatural. I recall how poor the last few seasons of Stargate SG-1 became. Let’s hope the producers and writers give us a memorable Season Ten.

  6. I’m sorry but after reading all that I’m glad I stopped watching the show. In my world season 5 is the final season of Supernatural.

    • Then you missed out! This season (minus the filler episodes) was amazing

    • Believe me you are missing out. These reviews or recaps don’t do any episode justice!!!!
      The season was amazing, the series is amazing.
      Season 5 is great but my favourite was season 8!
      The seasons after SPN season 5 are great

      • It’s so amazing that one already knows each Winchester brother will “die” every other season and come back in the following. As the finale approached, I was already anticipating Dean’s “death”.

      • I think you are seeing this season’s episodes through rose colored glasses. There were some episodes in the middle of season nine that made you want to grind your teeth. They had nothing to do with the angel war arc and we’re extremely difficult to wade through.

      • No he isnt missing out, if i could forget everything since that scene at the end of season 5 with Sam under the lampost and pretend it had ended right before that id remember Supernatural as one of the best TV shows id ever watched, and thats what it would be remembered as had it ended there. Even if the ending is really good, it’s been dragged out to much since to ever be remembered as more than ‘that show that used to be really good’.

        • the only good way to end season 10 (and the entire show) in my opinion.

          We know there is a cure for demons, we also know it is the last of the 3 trials to close the gates of hell we ALSO know it is highly likely (or guaranteed) to kill the person who completes the trials.

          best way to end the show at this point in my opinion is this…
          season 10=have same re-take the trials to close the gates of hell, for the final trial when he has to cure a demon CURE DEAN then both brothers die and go to heaven, their final reward for a lifetime of pain and misery is dying saving each other from eternal torment in hell.

    • Yes they are right. You are definitely missing out a lot!
      Supernatural is still great after 9 seasons! Love the 4 main characters.

  7. Called it.

  8. Ever since they introduced Kain I knew it would come down to this. Kain kiills able in the bible and now what were going to get is the brothers completely against each. I believe the next season we will see Sam kill Dean and the show will end.

    • also there’s the possibility that Dean could now be a Knight of hell.

    • Absolutely agree with your take on how Dean will be a demon … Even Crowley, at one point, stated that even he had to go to hell first to then become a demon and walk on earth … the only other demon that has been seen on the show that has not is Cain himself and he seems to be nothing like the typical demon portrayed on the show (he fell in love with a mortal, walked away from the knights of hell, and threw away the first blade in an effort to stop killing) It would make sense that Dean would hold on to some of his humanity simply because he still has Sam and their connection. But with Dean as a demon the possibilities are endless and I don’t think that they will “cure” Dean all that quickly.

  9. Simple.

    Sam gets the Demon Tablet, Closes the Gates of Hell using Dean as his Demon saving Dean and Killing Sam in the effort. Thee End :)

  10. Say what….

  11. Well they already know how to cure a demon. And it doesn’t need to envolve closing the gates of Hell. Also I assume Dean will be more like Cain then your average demon.

  12. Dean and Crowley are the 2 best characters, played by the 2 strongest actors on the show.

    They should make season 10 the last, and focus it 90% on a Dean-Crowley team up.

    A redeemed Crowley – Garth spinoff? (He said only half sarcastically.)

    • Demon Dean needs to bang a lot of hot chicks too.

  13. Yours was the best review I’ve read … Though I do wish, too, that you (and all others) would stop indicating the 10th is probably the last season … I, along with countless others, are hoping for at least a few more seasons as Supernatural, most definitely, still has it’s mojo …. and Dean as a Demon … the possibilities are simply endless … but to have to wait until October … well… I feel like I’ve been Winchestered

  14. I have watched every season episode at least twice. I will watch this story unfold till the end. It is great literature played out on the screen. The reason it succeeds as stated from start is the SAM/DEAN relationship as acted and interpreted by two excellent, awesome actors Jared and Jensen- huge thanks! (love you too Cas/ Misha) You got me on this finale. I cried with Sam and you leave me begging the powers to be to please please return our beloved Dean to Humanity!!!!!!

  15. 10 bucks says Demon Dean gets resolved in a few episodes altogether leading to more brotherly angst for the rest of the season! Any takers? I can just see how their conversations will go:

    Sam: But you were a demon Dean! You killed *Insert name(s) here ** extra points if its a guest character brought back on just to die

    Dean: I was a demon and this angst is killing me Sam!

    Sam: If you can’t admit hat I suffered more in this situation than you/say your sorry, i’m leaving!

    Dean: Fine!


    Seriously, this show has lost itself. This season was mediocre at best and had some truly horrible episodes, writing, and characterizations. The whole writing staff needs to fired. And Supernatural fans need to stop being so damn easy to please with every haha funny pop-culture Castiel joke, meta reference, or decent episode. Maybe, if the fandom as a whole starts demanding better, the writers will be forced to do better??! Because right now I bet they just sit at their table and crap out stories since they know anything with Sam and Dean will be praised.

    • I guess when the network heavy is a huge fan, you don’t need to sweat job security, and in turn, you can phone it in with rehashed stories.

      Insert people’s choice award joke here. Irony follows.

    • Wouldn’t say I’m easy to please. I at least demand a whopper sandwich and for a woman to tell me I’m beautiful.

      The stories are rehashed and I would like to think I’m somewhat critical, but I honestly liked what I’ve seen. Few problems here and there but it’s still a fun ride for me.

  16. Penultimate season? What the heck?
    It is NOT official that Season 10 will be the final season.

    • Nor does “What may very well be the penultimate season” mean that.

  17. Dean should not be a demon he should be a knight of hell. Him and Kain are the same, both created the exact same way. Dean will now kill Kain and be the only knight of hell left. Crowley and his affection for human blood dean will eventally take over hell and become King. Just have to wait and see how the hell they will work this angle. But if they make dean just a demon and not a knight of hell i will be so disappointed.

    • this keeps getting mentioned in the comments but thats the thing KAIN IS NOT A KNIGHT he trained the knights of hell, he himself is not one. he is just a very powerful demon.

      when abaddon was alive they said there was “one more knight of hell left” even after finding out about kain. which means now that she is dead, there are zero knights of hell left.

  18. You do remember that Sam can cure demon right?

  19. No more Tahmoh Penikett… :(

    And Metatron was an awesome big bad. Just a nerd who want revenge and obtained god mode along the way, so basically he went ape s***. That finale was shocking alright.

  20. Dean being demonized is a double-edged sword. At one hand it offers some interesting possibilities for story-telling, but on the other hand it might change Dean’s personality tremendously. Since Dean’s personality basically IS the show at the moment that might be a major blow to the enjoyment of Supernatural. They need to find the right balance or the show is in real trouble. Of course there is always the chance of the good old Deux Ex Machina, and Dean being back to normal by episode 2. ;)

    At any rate: it was a good finale for the second weakest main story arc in the show’s history (the worst being Season 7′s leviathan thing.). Any stand-alone episode was way more interesting than the boring angel on angel stuff that went nowhere fast. I wish they would go back to a pure monster-of-the-week format, because they clearly don’t have what it takes anymore to tell a compelling bigger story.

  21. This finale was extremely dry to me and was just a testament on so many levels to how worn out every single thing on this show is. I’m not against Dean getting a myth arc, particularly to develop the demons he’s had since his years in hell that were never really resolved and I’m actually kind of surprised this team of writers went for trying something even a little bit different, but I feel like the Mark of Cain storyline was not very well done (from week to week, the moral framing of it, the lack of explanation of influence, etc.). The demon thing will be resolved within the first two episodes, and normally I wouldn’t be against that but given it’s coming from these people it’s going to be terrible. Almost everything about the MOC arc was really weak, especially when paired with everything else this season had to offer.

    From Metatron being a weakly executed, boring villain (not even mentioning others like Gadreel), Abbadon being underused (and then being written as an idiot so she could mess up and be killed off), the angels being overused and dumped wherever they needed to be, the monster of the week episodes, (mention of rape:) Castiel’s redundant arc and atrocious human stint (acting naive and sleeping with an absolute stranger for no reason, being tortured at least twice? and even raped which was never brought up again, becoming an angel again for no reason, learning nothing from his human experience and wasting one of the most promising things the show could have ever done), the terrible inconsistencies because the people who work on the show haven’t actually watched past seasons, the almost total lack of anything new or original this season to actually TALK about, the brotherly conflict and so on, all put out through extremely terrible scripts written by mostly fourth rate writers who should have been fired years ago, this season was probably the worst one the show has ever put out. I would say as a whole it’s worse than season 7 at this point, with the MOC being the only interesting thing at all happening this season that wasn’t even done justice. At least with that season I could tell you what the stakes are, and what the main storylines, character arcs and plot elements are, and Castiel wasn’t around for most of it to be ruined as much as he was in s6, but I can’t say the same about this year. Simply put, the show needs to end. The people behind the show have shown no potential at actually expanding, evolving or improving anything in the show that could justify itself for any longer on a creative level.

    On another note, I don’t actually think the show should have ended after s5 because I feel like it would have been extremely weak as a series finale, not to mention the story didn’t feel finished to me outside of a plot element level. I think the show could have evolved, continued on and told an even larger, better story, but that didn’t happen.

  22. Dean like Cain Demon brings great possibilities of stories for 10 season, looking forward to see in October. Loved the final episode of season 9, loved!

  23. I will never forget that episode where they first introduced Death. In all ways perfect. The music. Perfect. The mood. Perfect. The scene. Perfect. AND to Supernaturals credit, there hasn’t been a scene on TV to equal it. Why can’t this series get back to its roots? Why can’t they give us more episodes like that one??

  24. I would put this season finale up with the 1st season one as one of the best this 9 year old veteran show has produced.
    I can’t wait until it returns in Sept/Oct and boy Season 10 could be the best one ever.
    Having Dean die (again) and then turn into a Demon was a good hand dealt by Jeremy Carver and sets up an interesting story arc for season 10 and possibly beyond.
    Why can’t Supernatural go on to Seasons 11 and 12 if it can still tell good stories and keep me interested.
    Long Live Supernatural.

  25. A show should go on if they are telling good stories. Unfortunately, Supernatural hasn’t been telling good stories for a few seasons. Sure, they string a couple of exciting episodes together, but a whole seasons worth? It hasn’t happened since Season Five. I still go back to when Bobby Singer was phased out of the program… bad move. Go and watch Arrow. They are hitting their marks as far as making a whole season’s worth of exciting episodes.

  26. Why does this review act like Supernatural is a failing series?? It isn’t! The ratings are higher than they’ve ever been. And those who are fans OF COURSE are going to tune into the next season duh!

  27. I’m a little confused. Cain was also a demon. He seemed to have feelings and had no loyalty to any devil or whatever. So are we sure Dean will be just your average demon (besides the mark/blade)? Referring specifically to his psychology and personality.

    • Cain became a demon only AFTER he killed himself with the blade. He died and was reborn as a demon. Now we have no idea what happened to him after this since we saw him when he gave the Mark to Dean and he didn’t act or look like a demon. So obviously there has to be some cure somewhere which is what they will probably spend the next season. Trying to find a cure for Dean.

  28. I think that the show should end now, I am getting bored of the way it seems to drag on and on. No offence to the fans but you just can’t keep a show going because you love to see two faces on the screen. It is time for a new show with fresh cast to take its place. Supernatural should have ended around the time of season 6 but alas! We all know the reason why it was renewed. If I state it, everyone will jump against me. I hope Jensen and Jared take a break from acting.