‘Supernatural’ Season 9 Finale Delivers a Game-Changing Twist

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supernatural season 9 finale dean demon Supernatural Season 9 Finale Delivers a Game Changing Twist

[This is a review of the Supernatural season 9 finale. There will be SPOILERS].


What may very well be the penultimate season of Supernatural has come to an end, leaving a lengthy wait before the CW pairs its return with The Flash this upcoming fall season. Castiel’s army attacks; Metatron attempts to take over Earth; and Dean shows everyone what happens when he gets really angry.

In this week’s finale episode, “Do You Believe in Miracles?,” written by showrunner Jeremy Carver, the power of the First Blade continues to consume Dean (Jensen Ackles), while Gadreel (Tahmoh Penikett) joins in on the fight to stop Metatron’s (Curtis Armstrong) takeover of Heaven and Earth. When Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Castiel (Misha Collins) team up to protect Dean from the world (and vice-versa), Metatron finds new followers in humanity, and Castiel delves deep in to Heaven’s confines to discover the true source of Metatron’s power. Meanwhile, the Mark of Cain transforms Dean into the Winchesters’ worst nightmare.

Supernatural is currently sitting at the end of its ninth year on the air, and no matter how many standalone episodes to Oz and beyond there are, or late-season spin-off endeavors surrounding familial “bloodlines,” the series still manages to hold on to a significantly strong cast, which at any moment can proverbially be “turned on” and allowed to roam free within this vast and ever-growing world. Above all else, this is what the finale does best; it’s through the strength of these characters – not the plot – that this episode manages to maintain the strength of the overall story at hand, escalating both Sam and Dean’s position in this chaotic world, as well Metatron’s attempt to “win” the world over with divine intervention.

supernatural season 9 finale metatron Supernatural Season 9 Finale Delivers a Game Changing Twist

Of course, this past season has seen its far share of departures from the story at hand, which in turn made viewing this year’s adventure a bit chaotic, even for the DVR-inclined. When Sam and Dean weren’t off battling monsters of the week, however, this season’s tale opened itself up to allow Metatron to grasp hold of a Heavenly power fans rarely get to see, and use it upon the everyday world. More so, Metatron, as a character, has allowed the series to define the true power of both Heaven and Hell, as well as the integral mechanics of who and what goes in to supporting the ideals of what these two defined worlds can become, for better and worst – all it takes is a leader.

Metatron truly is one of the strongest villains that the Winchesters have been up against, and throughout this season there have been subtle indications that he’s much more than a power-hungry nemesis in search for a powerful title. Metatron truly understands the nature of his power, as well as the Winchesters’ ability to defend against it. What Sam and Dean are unable to defend against, however, is the world they protect playing into a perfectly crafted scheme which manipulates the public’s perception and places “Marv” in a heavenly light, which is something no knife or gravel-y voice can quickly change.

supernatural season 9 finale castiel Supernatural Season 9 Finale Delivers a Game Changing Twist

Unfortunately, the parts throughout this season that ultimately make up the finale whole are lost, more or less, as the climatic turning point of Metatron’s leadership in Heaven turns out to be a clear misunderstanding of how microphones and broadcast equipment works. There’s no great end to Marv but, instead, a promise that he will return next year, in some way. Sadly, the same cannot be said for Gadreel.

If there’s one true pain in watching this season of Supernatural unfold, it’s that Gadreel never received as much screen time as he deserved. Sure, the moments in which he was front and center – even in Sam’s body – helped to strengthen the story at hand, but in the end he wasn’t above the “suicidal angel” label which many of this season’s ethereal characters received. His honor has been restored, yes – but there isn’t an angel in Heaven like him, and next season this absence could very well be noticeable.

On the other hand, Dean’s horrific dive into the power of the Mark of Cain creates for an interesting adventure to have next season, blacked-out eyes and all. Dean danced with the First Blade and ultimately gave up his life (and soul?) for… nothing, essentially. The First Blade did not bring an end to Metatron, nor did it really help much in the finale’s final battle. If anything, Dean’s transformation in to a demon allows the writers to focus much of the elder Winchester’s energy towards his new persona, essentially separating Dean’s powerful personality from the Winchester name and allowing Sam to finally receive his earned time in the spotlight.

supernatural season 9 finale crowley Supernatural Season 9 Finale Delivers a Game Changing Twist

In the end, when Crowley speaks about expectations of Dean returning from the dead, therein lies an earnest message from the producers to the fans: “We know death means nothing” – which is true. Becoming a demon, however, is much more impactful than any death on this series can be, and the fact that Dean is now a demon means that they are able to introduce so many wonderful story elements which can be explored next year. Remember: Crowley is a demon who can feel human emotions; Dean is simply a demon.

As Supernatural closes its ninth season, fans of the series must decide whether or not they want to return again next year, for what may be the last time. Although this year’s story had its fair share of sidesteps, Supernatural is still one of the most powerful fan-driven shows on the air, and for good reason: it’s earned it. Does this mean Supernatural season 10 is a “must watch”? No, but it’s safe to say that you’ll be missing out if you don’t.

Supernatural season 10 premieres in October on CW.

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    • Well, since you put it that way. OK.

    • dean being demon very boring? which show u have been watching?and why so hate showing in ur comment?? if u dont like dont watch!and no need to say its gonna be the last season because this ISNOT! deal with it!

  1. why in the hell you are telling it might be the last season?? THIS IS NOT! stop spreading negativity and first know about this fandom properly and then write a article!

  2. Mark Sheppard (crowley) has been upped to series regular on the forthcoming tenth season and dean is a demon with the mark of Cain which means he is not just a demon but a super one! so maybe we are gonna see some Dean Vs crowley to take control over hell!
    This 10th season will be amazing. and people who are fighting about if this season is the last or not Lets say for the moment its not.

    Big Hit Show+ more than 10 million Fans+ CW Tv = $$$$$$$ so no end for the show.

    • Yes, there have been 10 million hits on Facebook, but there are a little over 2 million people on average watching the program. Not bad for CW but ratings pay the bills, not Facebook hits.

      • LOL! I love people like you who have a grasp of the ‘actual’ facts!

    • my thought was that Crowley was going to try to take over heaven but dean fighting Crowley for hell much better hope they go that route

  3. I don’t know why i watch this show but i do :/
    Death became meaningless in this show and Dean’s transformation logical and very predictable. Man, i really hope they won’t drag it to much and end it already.

    What i liked about episode:
    - How’s hell?
    - Its…complicated
    - Game of Thrones is complicated, sex is complicated, in hell everything is simple!

  4. They didn’t took the story anywhere, when Sam’s eyes turned “black” after killing Lilith in the season 4 finale, whats to say the same won’t happen to Dean.

  5. keep series going like it very much

  6. Supernatural is the best series about brotherhood, I always write that sentence and that issue is my concern and my care. Because I don’t want this series go to the wrong path ( I think in the beginning the writer want to show the strength relationship between Sam and Dean ). I don’t know, sometimes I feel dissapointed about some episodes, very absurd and strange. Please, keep go back to the beginning point. I still love Sam and Dean, keep loving each other.

  7. I’ve been a fan of this series from the beginning. I started watching episodes live and occasionally recorded ones that I would miss with my VCR. Soon enough, I upgraded to DVR recordings though. And now, I stream everything on-line.

    As a fan that tuned in weekly and now I tune in when I have time and didn’t even watch the season finale until almost 2 weeks later…I can honestly say that I hope season 10 ends the run with the Winchesters. Jeremy Carver said that he has an end game. Maybe season 10 has Dean as a Knight of Hell working with the King of Hell, Crowley. Sam and a grace-less Cas team-up to find them. The main mission being for Sam to “cure” his brother…and finish the trials…which will kill Sam, but the gates to hell and heaven close. In a series finale twist, God returns and revives Sam. The brothers drive into the sunset to continue hunting vampires and other beasts. CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SON plays on the radio…Sam says he hates this song. CREDITS.

  8. Plz do not tell me that all the sacrifise that dean has made is going to be repaid by turning into something that he does not want to be I mean he can’t be the monster he is suppose to be the hero that kills monsters. Just tell me one thing is he going to go back to his odl human self in season 10. Can’t wait for it but plz give me some good news about dean

  9. I totally love supernatural and season 10 should not Be the last season it can not end plz go on produceing this series it is awesome it is the BEST series I have ever seen in my life and would love if it never ends SUPERNATURAL RULES!!! If the producer sees my comments plz reply And don’t stop supernatural at season 9 or 10 it should atleast have like 20 or more

    • Sorry babe but everyone is tired. It’s time for a new series with new faces.

      • CW PLZ PLZ PLZ. let this be the last season of this show. Honestly I stop watching after season 5 because How can you beat that. Lucifer was defeated, now you go back to killing low lvl monsters and angel fights…Yawn. How long are you going to jump the shark with this thing. and now Dean’s a demon. wow very original. they will cure him in 5 episodes and they will go back to do the same generic monster killing routine. So sad how this series used to be great but now its kept alive by pre adolescent girls. what a shame

  10. I agree with crazzyk. Of the genre, Supernatural is still the best and I am no young girl who is a avid fan. I am a mature professional woman in my 50′s who also enjoys a diverse shows that have nothing to do with scary stuff. In Supernatural, I like the mix of demons, angels, angst, evil, good,camaraderie,seriousness and funny. Now that Dean is a demon, I can not wait to see how his inner conflicts and ultimate redeeming will be resolved. For those who no longer feel Supernatural has anything to offer, perhaps you should just move on and not waste your time dogging the show. To each his own… Clearly, they have enough fans who continue to watch, so they continue on. Afterall, it’s in 10th year. No other CW show (or any network, currently) has had such staying power.

  11. Dean hates demons despite the fact that he has had a weird bromance with Crowley so to turn him into one is just so wrong so very very wrong. I don’t know I really don’t like this latest development.

  12. I cried hard when hearing carry on my wayward son. I AM NOW RESTARTING ALL THE SEASONS!