‘Supernatural’ Successfully Takes on a Truly X-Rated Adventure

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supernatural season 9 episode 8 dean 2 570x294 Supernatural Successfully Takes on a Truly X Rated Adventure

Supernatural kicks off the holiday season by allowing the Winchesters to regain the one thing no ancient spell or crossroads demon can bring back. Though what this episode does for Sam may be more important than any accomplishments made with a certain person named Suzy Lee (Susie Abromeit), or Carmelita, as you sinners likely know her as.

In this week’s episode, “Rock and a Hard Place,” written by series scribe Jenny Klein, Sam and Dean are born again and begin to lead a new, pure life with a signed vow of chastity to guide them; however, when one of Dean’s “Casa Erotica” dreams becomes a reality, neither Roman god nor vow of anything is going to prevent him from crossing this item off his bucket list, once and for all.

For all intents and purposes, this week’s episode of Supernatural is pure fun, through and through; however, at its core lays proof that a skillful hand was required when writing this episode, in order to balance the familiar series tropes with Dean’s excitement of, well, having sex with a porn star. Although this may not be a tale Supernatural fans are used to seeing from their favorite show, its comedic voice and pure heart allows this episode to unapologetically stand next to those which came before, no matter how sensational (or Holy) the subject matter.

supernatural season 9 episode 8 dean 3 570x294 Supernatural Successfully Takes on a Truly X Rated Adventure

“We got to pray just to make it today…” – MC Hammer

More so, this episode lays the groundwork for Sam to realize that there may be more going on with him than meets the eye; though this a revelation which comes much later in this week’s tale. Before that occurs, Sheriff Jody Mills stops on by to help support Sam’s much-needed character development – and to much success – while Dean is away perfecting his thoroughly entertaining one-man act.

Supernatural is, at its core, a story about two brothers – but there’s one who has been burdened with quite a bit of emotional weight to bear, for quite some time now: Sam. Trial after trial, setback after setback – not to mention dying, or losing his soul – Sam has largely been required to stand in the center of the seasonal tale at hand, while Dean entertains all with punchy one-liners and a controlled intensity audiences wait to see unleashed.

supernatural season 9 episode 8 dean 570x294 Supernatural Successfully Takes on a Truly X Rated Adventure

Dean confirms prayer works.

This hasn’t always been the case, however, and there are signs – albeit small ones – which point to Sam being allowed to return to his former self (think: werewolf love), which will help to strength the series even further, for however long it continues on the air. With all that being said, Supernatural has never truly given up on Sam’s character; it’s just easier to allow Dean to do all the leg work, as audiences would rather see a progressive character who makes them laugh than one who is required to drive home the point that, in the middle of all of this episodic fun, serious events are occurring – events which could destroy everything, Heaven and Hell included.

Even so, Supernatural has never been just about Sam, or Dean, and neither of the two will ever be remembered individually. So as far as Dean taking the spotlight, or Sam being riddled with weighty, dangling story-arcs, fans of the series should take comfort in the fact that, as with any great partnership, it’s their ability to compensate for what the other lacks, or is unable to achieve, that makes the thing work. If one considered themselves a “counting man”, it’d be fair to say that, after adding everything up, Sam and Dean, as well as the series as whole, has achieved quite a bit.

Supernatural returns next week with “Holy Terror” @9pm on CW. You can check out a preview of next week’s episode below:


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  1. that hippie from Bethlehem.

    maybe zeke will attack cas next week

  2. Totally disagree with this assessment, it’s Dean that gets his storylines constantly dropped. To me and many others, Sam has gotten overall,the lion’s share of the best storylines and meatiest acting assignments, including this season’s duel role.
    Ideally, they should both share equal story arc importance and POV.
    I do think Jodi brings out another side to Sam and they are great together as friends.

    • Really? The whole thing is in Dean’s POV and the things he had to deal with, which includes Sam and his s**t.

      Sam’s story arc is in Dean’s story arc which is about family business and taking care of his little brother so stop whining.

      Anyway, Ezekiel is always fuzzy. Some say he’s actually Lucifer and the 2015 might actually happened but I think he’s actually a leader of a group of angel. Plus, Hael and all the other angel who was killed by Castiel died and didn’t show any burned wings imprinted on the floor where their body lies while Ezekiel still has his.

      • Yeah, Zeke still has his wings, but they are mangled only vestigial. Maybe some angels completely lost their wings, and others ended up with mangled ones like Zeke.

        Also, the show hasn’t always shown the burned wings imprint after an angel.

        • That started when Castiel kills Hael and the angels that were hunting him. Before that, every angel that dies will have their wings imprinted into the ground where their body lies.

          Plus, Hael said it herself that what’s an angel without any wings, indicating that angels lost their wings while Ezekiel has his.

  3. I think Ezekiel is lying to Dean about Sam’s condition and is not going to give up Sam’s body too easily!

  4. Wow! Supernatural seems to be treading water the past four or five weeks. The whole fallen angels thing has taken a back seat to ‘funny or cute’ episodes. It would seem the writers are producing filler because there isn’t enough plot lines for a full season of angel stories. Having Bobby come back briefly was a big tease. How this once great show has fallen.

    • I don’t understand why people keep calling regular stand-alone episodes “filler”. For me the whole fallen angel story is nothing but a background thread and provides the real filler episodes that will go nowhere until the end of the season, and that are pretty boring, because everyone just goes through the motions.

      Case in point the Abaddon epsidode (episode two, I think). Absolutely nothing interesting happened in that episode. We learned that Abaddon has goons (shocker!) and that she likes to kill hunters (what a revelation!). Now that’s treading water.

      Stand-alone episodes, however, provide real entertainment with a proper conclusion rather than stringing us along with a wild goose chase that leads to the inevitable cliffhanger at the end of the season that will have no real impact on the next season anyway.

      In short: the main story arc is what they use when they couldn’t come up with any other interesting story for the time being = filler.


    • I am not sure where you got the idea Jensen Ackles is the second banana on the show. Quite frankly, Ackles wouldn’t find another gig as good as Supernatural. I disagree with your assessment of the show. I would imagine both actors will ride it out until the bitter end.

      • I feel Jensen is in a support capacity, not a second banana (that’s a term for a comedy act) And it is not just my opinion, many fans feel the same way. Even J. Carver stated at the Comic Con last summer, he thought the character Dean was boring. Jensen gets movie offers that he turns down each year. Jared his wife and son live in Canada during shooting (he has a home in Austin) Jensen’s wife and daughter live in California . Imagine traveling every weekend to another country to see your wife and child. Unless Jensen’s family changes their living arrangements I can’t see him going past 10.

        • I still think Ackles rides it out to the end. Even if he goes ten seasons that would be more than enough for most people. I am in the minority about Supernatural. The show has slowly been going downhill since Season Five in my opinion. Getting rid of Bobby was a major mistake in my view. I see Supernatural in the same light as Star Gate SG-1. After Richard Dean Anderson left, the show lost its drive and was never the same. If Jensen Ackles left the show, it might continue but it just wouldn’t be the same without both Winchester brothers.

        • By the way, the term second banana can also mean being subordinate to another. I surely didn’t mean as a comedy act.

  6. I love this show!!! I was not expecting the awesome open ending in season 8 and sadly i only have the ability to watch it on Nextflix so i have to wait until they put season 9 on Netflix but still I have enjoyed the entire journey of the Winchester brothers. I like to just watch and enjoy the series without analyzing it. I think the best thing about this series is that there are cliffhanger episodes and there are relaxing episodes. The cliffhangers are full of action and the relaxing ones allow the writers to provide other information that i feel is key to the story. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next season(s)!!!!!!!!! I also would like to see Jensen Ackles enduring things like what Jared Padalecki endures. Let Dean have a little more spotlight but I still love the show and I will watch every episode that I can and more than likely re-watch most of them

  7. Hi! Vic’s daughter here :)

    Supernatural is pretty much my lifeblood, so I’m always interested in seeing what others have to say about it. I was going to comment on the mid-season finale review about Kevin (who is actually sorely missed by thousands of fans, myself included), but I saw this post and felt compelled to bring up a different issue.

    Unfortunately, Supernatural has never been very good at handling female characters. It’s sexist at best, and extremely misogynistic at it’s worst. So the moment I saw Suzy, I knew it was going to be a disaster. They take a woman who was a former porn star, who has made a choice to get out of that line of work, who has worked hard at making herself feel decent, and they make her nothing more than Dean’s sex toy. The entire exchange is ridiculous. Just because Dean’s hot and used to watch her pornos, means that she’s going to swoon and break a fast that she’s worked really hard to keep up? Frankly, even the way Dean is acting feels off to me. Trust me when I say this – I love Dean. So when I watched this episode and I felt uncomfortable and even a bit afraid of Dean during his and Suzy’s exchanges, I knew something was wrong. Dean was, dare I say it, out of character. He was predatory the way he invaded her space and kept pushing her. He coerced her to have sex with him, and that is so NOT Dean. Sure, Dean isn’t exactly chaste, but if you go back and look at every hook up he’s had on the show, you’d know that the girl almost always initiates things. It’s lighthearted and fun and no one is doing anything they don’t want to. He also knows how to take “no” for an answer. When he tries to get it on with Kali (badass Hindu goddess), she says “no” and Dean says “no problem”. End of exchange. This episode on the other hand, made Dean look like a rapist, and that is not who he is.

    Also the fact that the writer of this episode made the actress who played Suzy get naked for a photoshoot with maracas over her breasts is enough to turn the whole thing sour for me. I’m very disappointed in how this season is turning out, and I don’t understand why certain writers are getting handed plot heavy episodes when they can’t even handle filler correctly. Supernatural means a lot to me, and I’ll stick with it to the bitter end. It just upsets me to see it going downhill.