‘Supernatural’ Reveals A New Nemesis For Season 9

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supernatural season 9 episode 3 castiel april 570x294 ‘Supernatural’ Reveals A New Nemesis For Season 9

[This is a review of Supernatural Season 9, Episode 3. There will be SPOILERS.]

Now three weeks in, Supernatural season 9 is preparing itself for an all-out angelic battle against a rising faction led by a new threat, Bartholomew, one of Naomi’s followers who is attempting to seek out and destroy Castiel. As everyone’s favorite angelic is quickly finding out, it’s not easy being a human.

In “I’m No Angel,” written by longtime series writers Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming, Castiel is given a truly beautiful, somewhat focused tale of humility, faith and humanity, as he attempts to once again reunite with his friends who, as it turns out, are unable to support him in his time of need.

supernatural season 9 episode 3 castiel homeless 570x294 ‘Supernatural’ Reveals A New Nemesis For Season 9

This, unfortunately, is not the only tale contained in this episode. Castiel’s attempts at survival are pushed to the limits, forcing him to eat from dumpsters, take food from strangers and live on the streets – but one poorly planned twist almost entirely makes waste of this episode’s strengths and accomplishments.

After essentially taking last week’s episode off, it was refreshing to see the series return to follow Castiel’s human plight and continued search of Sam and Dean. Misha Collins, who has been given a larger role this season, steals every heartbreaking scene he is given, elevating his character well beyond his overpowered origins. As a character, Castiel has never been more develop and more real, but as an enclosed tale, this episode really makes waste of it. (Two words: bum sex)

At the height Castiel’s struggle, a rouge Reaper takes the form of a beautiful shop keep who, after providing him with food, takes the Grace-less angel home with her, bandages his wounds, has sex with him and then turns on him the morning after. Though not a completely terrible event for an angel without a home, this unnecessary element does nothing but destroy all that this episode worked for.

If anything, the one thing Castiel’s spontaneous sex does do is further weaken Castiel’s ability to trust strangers and rely on those he holds dearest to him. This, when coupled with Dean’s lies, will likely build to a surprisingly competent winter crescendo where Castiel will truly reach his breaking point, without a place to turn to.

supernatural season 9 episode 3 castiel 570x294 ‘Supernatural’ Reveals A New Nemesis For Season 9

After this week’s episode of Supernatural, it’s clear that the structure of this season, not its character development and arcs, may be its weakest element. After 9 years on the air, that’s not exactly a bad thing. If anything, as a series ages, the handling of the characters becomes increasingly more difficult (but they’ve done so much already) and finding a competent tale to wrap them in requires far more reaching than in previous years.

Tonally, the series is as strong as ever: each and every character has their designated role – and it has been each character which has helped drive the general plot and keep those interested in on what’s to come next. What that next is, however, is still a big question – one that won’t get answered for a few more weeks.

Still, while other television series are struggling to tweak its character tales through this season’s run – likely having to wait until the winter premier to do so – Supernatural merely needs to let this season’s story unfold… in its own time. Because while it’s nice to see Castiel find “love”, albeit momentarily, the episode would have been much more stronger if the series will let its characters – not its seasonal goal – to lead the way.

Supernatural returns next Tuesday with “Slumber Party” @9pm on CW. You can check out a preview of next week’s episode below:

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  1. I had my Angel Blade.

    Cas has 99 problems and theyre all b*tches possessed by angels.

  2. Wait so they have bum sex?? im not totally sure how the ratings work in the US but is that allowed on the CW?

  3. It seems every problem is taken care of using an Angel Blade this season. I still don’t see this as being a promising season of Supernatural yet. The promo for the next episode ‘Slumber Party’ looks mighty weak to me.

  4. Glad I’m not a critic – I loved this espisode and saw no weaknesses.The paradoxical but necessary situations of lies & deception, and yes, even the funny sexual awakening of Castiel, was intriguing, to me. I also think his thoughts regarding his part in the falling of the angels, relative to his grace being taken and that the answer to returning the angels could very well be the restoring of his grace – might be a bit of forboding.We know he WILL get his grace back.

    • I think you meant foreshadowing.

      • Yes, thank you for the grammer check, I did mean foreshadowing,

  5. SOoooo bored with any and all angel storylines! Demons are becoming pretty cliche and goofy too. Get back to monsters, ghosts, and other creepy things,and get away from the angels/demons with all their bad actors and poorly written dialogue.

    • Bad actors? Alaina Huffman is a great actress, Mark Sheppard is flawless, the guy who plays Bartolomew is doing a decent job so far. I really don’t know what do you mean by bad actors. If there is something I like about Supernatural is the acting quality.

    • Season 7 had a lot of that and look at how things go. A more serialize Supernatural isn’t a bad thing with 1 or 2 fillers in between.

      And wow, this episode was soo good but that ending…just imagine if this was written by Ben Edlund.

  6. I missed some episodes in season 8, has anyone been keeping track of the Castiel death count? Has he caught up to the Winchesters yet?

    I liked how he stayed dead for approximately five seconds before the show went, “Awww, we’re just kidding, have him back.”

  7. I love this season so far. Very interesting, I personally think its way better than season 4. It’s not about Angels vs Demons anymore. It’s Angels vs Demons, Angels vs Angels, Demons vs Demons, Angels vs Humans, Demons vs Humans, its a free for all, which makes the story more intense. Cass is not an angel anymore, which is a lot of disadvantage for the Winchesters. Unlike Season 4, Dean can’t get help from every angel, both Sam’s and Castiel’s lives are on thin ice. No place is safe for the Winchesters but that bunker.

  8. Who exactly is writing your articles these days? The English, verb-usage, and over-all grammar is really lacking.

    Yes the bulk of the article’s meaning comes through… but good lord, are you guys even proof-reading this stuff any more?

    • really agree, if i sent that our as a report my boss wold not have been happy!

  9. I loved this episode but I would’ve liked it better if April got possessed after everything had happened between them, so all that had been genuine. I found it sad that the only person who helped Cas was actually just using him. I also loved the ending even if it was gut wrenching to see Dean throw Cas out but I hope next episode Sam at least protests Cas leaving.

    • That would’ve been depressing for Cass. The only person who helps him is possessed and killed, sounds way more sad.

  10. bum sex…? really?

  11. Wrong the characters must grow from the storyline.
    This isn’t a procedural show their must be a story

  12. this episode was really bad, but it could and should have been amazing.. and im not sure i like the way this is going.. when will they realize that cass belongs to the brothers, and that the best ep are the one when they are together.. hope they dont ruin this season..

    • Is the third episode, give it some time. The season WILL get better. The first half of the season might have some fillers, its like an introduction. The second half, is gonna be sick.

  13. Bum sex, ha! I did find it strange that this woman brought a man back to her place and had sex with him after seeing him eyeing a pickle in the garbage earlier in the day. Make him take a shower first lady! I’m glad that she killed him because that had to have been some kind of weird sex fetish if she was human.

    Not my favorite episode of this season, but I’m enjoying this season so far. I’m wondering more and more about Ezekiel. And why can Crowley stay in the Batcave but Cas can’t?

  14. I am hoping we’re headed towards a big showdown with some interesting alliances. What if there are still “good” angels around and they are in “hiding” like Zeke? In a past season (7 or 8), Cas did allude to the fact that his old garrison was either all dead or in hiding. Upcoming episodes hint at 2 new characters — Nora and Ephraim — Nora gives Cas a job and “home” and Ephraim supposedly has some great power. What if Bart and Abbadon team up to rule Earth? There will also be another badass they will have to contend with — Malachi. Big showndown alliances — good Angels/Winchesters/Crowley vs Bart/Abbadon vs Malachi. And there is still Metatron and the inevitable Angel trials. I especially hope there is an epic one-on-one fight between Sam/Zeke and Bart to save Cas.

    • Your ideas are great. I actually love this episode! Supernatural is still a great TV series!

  15. SPN is one of the TV shows with the best actors!

  16. Boy! I so enjoyed this week’s episode with the talking German Shepherd (Guess I would, huh? :)and all the dogs. So funny.
    Well done.They can make any outlandish idea seem ‘almost’ plausible.