‘Supernatural’ Reveals Its Season 9 Story-Arc in Week Two

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supernatural season 9 episode 2 crowley Supernatural Reveals Its Season 9 Story Arc in Week Two

Now that Sam and Dean have finally recovered from the previous finale, it’s time for Supernatural season 9 to reveal the season story-arc which will follow the Winchester’s to the end of season.  Are you prepared for a battle for Hell and the return of Kevin “Solo” Tran (Osric Chau)?

In the Supernatural season 9 premiere, an over-arching tale to introduce this season’s adventures was, instead, replaced with a more intimate story about Sam and Dean’s relationship, allowing fans to once again connect to the core tale of two brothers battling evil. Now, in week two, “Devil May Care”, written by longtime scribe Andre Dabb, it appears that Crowley (Mark Sheppard), the King of Hell, may be in the most danger, as one of Hell’s originals returns to claim the throne.

As Sam set out to complete the Trials last season, Crowley slowly began to become human, to feel human emotions. With Crowley still in the custody of the Winchesters, Abaddon (Alaina Huffman), the last surviving member of Lucifer’s hand-picked Knights of Hell, has once again restored herself and, now, is not only attempting to take over Hell, but is also attempting to Change the rules that Demons follow when making deals with humans.

supernatural season 9 episode 2 sam Supernatural Reveals Its Season 9 Story Arc in Week Two

After more than a season of Kevin Tran, some fans may still find it difficult to accept the (once) newly-dubbed Prophet – who (arguably) appeared out of nowhere and began to recite dialogue which stated exactly why he’s important to the cause. In this season’s introduction of “Solo”, however, both Tran’s tale and his character are softened, which allows for Sam and Dean – well, mostly Dean – to, instead (and finally), provide a strong argument for his inclusion. When Dean says to Kevin, “We are all we’ve got,” it’s as if the elder Winchester was acknowledging to fans that, though the setting isn’t ideal (when is it ever), Kevin is the only character who can truly help them now. That is, of course, if one forgets the other hunters.

It may have been a long time coming, but Supernatural has finally brought back a few hunters for Sam and Dean to interact with, which allows the series to hold on to its roots while still progressing the overall storyline and escalating the situation at hand. True, the two hunters were more than likely introduced to warm audiences up for the backdoor pilot which will come later this year, but their inclusion in the original series (especially at this moment) is an important one – one which allows audiences to see the Winchesters (once again) work with other hunters, even if there was already a backstory between the characters.

supernatural season 9 episode 3 sam dean Supernatural Reveals Its Season 9 Story Arc in Week Two

For all intents and purposes, this week’s episode is more of the typical Supernatural faire, as the intent wasn’t to introduce, but to explore the newfound setting of Earth following the Angels fall from Heaven. Sam, Dean and Crowley all take earnest steps in evolving their characters this season and, from what’s been shown so far, audiences should be excited about what’s to come as the season progress. (And yes, that includes Sam becoming a better vessel for Ezekiel’s (Tahmoh Penikett) Grace.)

As it currently stands, Supernatural season 9 is a mature, adept exploration into the series mythology – both literally and philosophically – which allows both the fans and the producers to stand next to the series and explicitly show why it still deserves to be on the air. Yes, there have been sidesteps here and there, but for what it’s worth, Supernatural still goes above and beyond what’s required for a show still on the air after 9 years – and if the start of this season is a sign of what’s to come, there’s no doubt that a terrific showdown will help usher audiences in to the show’s (likely) soon-to-be-confirmed tenth season.


Supernatural returns next Tuesday with “I’m No Angels” @9PM on CW. You can check out a preview of next week’s episode below.

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  1. Seeing Abbadon again was great she makes a cool villain as the queen of hell for now

  2. Can’t wait to see Castiel reunite with Dean and Sam.

    But i do wonder if that box they got from their grandfather last season will play a part in the story arc. Since it has every spell created it should have one to send the angels back. Just wondering?

    • The box contained the key to the bunker that’s become their home base – they have the angel tablet, which Kevin is supposed to translate to see how they can defeat Metatron.

      • Miss that episode thanks for clearing that up.

      • They have to continue supernatural. Best show ever made not even kidding

  3. That female hunter was so hot

    • +1

  4. The two hunters were sloppily written and then sloppily handed off, the boys only had the barest of attachments to Irv (because he was a friend of Bobby) then he was killed off and didn’t even merit a further mention, much less a hunter’s burial. And Tracey who actually was having sex with the vampire she killed, had only a bit of snark, but no personality, the info dump that she blamed Sam for the death of her parents (as he allowed Lucifer to get out of the cage) made no sense (after all this time) because Sam gave up his life to put him back in, not to mention the boys killing Eve, and the Leviathans, if anything, Sam is feeling guilt about not closing the gates of Hell this moment. The throwback to season four has no point. At least Tracey mysteriously disappeared between the boys grabbing food and the bunker, c’mon show, you’ve done better.

  5. The wings… sooooooooooooooo bad @$$.

  6. There’s a theory that Ezekiel is actually Lucifer and the 2015 in season 5 might actually happen. I hope not cause I wanna see Tahmoh Penikett again.

    • @Miss Jen – I did not know that theory exists, but I feel as if we are leading up to that episode. Mainly because Cas is now human, and we saw him gorging on junk food. And in that Season 5 episode, he completely over indulges on human impulses. And perhaps, Dean is becoming that hardened future version of himself since he stopped the sealing the gates of Hell and now has let an unknown angel use his brother as a vessel. Only time will tell…

      However, it would be hard to bring back Lucifer and that zombie virus.

  7. Abbadon being back is cool, but that episode was pretty weak. It suffered from the main problem that I have with story arches and why I rather favor the monster of the week format.

    This was only the second episode of season, but we have a big confrontation with Abbadon that couldn’t possibly go anywhere that early in the season. So everybody just went through the motions of the conflict and then left without any kind of resolution or payoff. Naturally, because that only comes at the end of the season. As a result the episode was very boring, which wasn’t helped by pulling two hunters out of the hat that we never heard of and that suddenly had to work as stakes that we were supposed to care for (I didn’t, even though the girl was super hot).

    With a monster of the week episode we at least would have gotten a new story that might have actually been engaging and fun.

  8. One thing that has been missing is Hunters. Since Rufus and supposedly Bobby are gone, no one has stepped up to the plate. Irv and Tracy didn’t seem like Hunters at all. Irv didn’t last long and Tracy seemed weak. Speaking of weak, Crowley was right about one thing. Kevin is a weak character that just won’t go away. It seems obvious that Season Nine is the touchy-feely season of Supernatural. It remains to be seen whether this season ended up being a weak one like the past three seasons.

  9. Abaddon returning was nice. She’s a good villain to face while Metatron kicks back in Heaven. But we need more Crowley!

  10. Is there some reason why SUPERNATURAL is overlooking the ring of Solomon?
    Its a heck of a lot better than the tablets for controlling demons.