‘Supernatural’ Showrunner Hints at Bobby’s Return in Season 9 – Should He Come Back?

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supernatural season 9 bobby Supernatural Showrunner Hints at Bobbys Return in Season 9   Should He Come Back?

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In Supernatural season 8, fans saw the series return to its former glory. In season 9, Castiel (Misha Collins) will be returning with a (much) larger role than we was given last season. But what about Bobby (Jim Beaver)?

For many fans of the series, Bobby’s death felt more like an awkward attempt at eliciting some emotion during the “Leviathan incident” (that shall not be spoke of) instead of a realistic departure for one of the series’ favorite characters. And though Bobby did receive an emotional, well-written farewell in season 7, and a surprise saving from Hell in season 8, fans still wonder whether or not we’ll see the official return of Bobby sometime soon. After all, Heaven and Hell haven’t been an endpoint for any character in quite some time. (Plus, the season 8 finale did return to Bobby’s junkyard, albeit briefly.)

When it comes to bringing Bobby – or anyone else – back from the dead, it’s showrunner Jeremy Carver who makes that decision. Luckily, we had a chance to speak with him about all things Heaven and Hell. Here’s how he decides who to bring back:

I never think, ‘Oh wow, who can I bring back?’ I always think of it in the sense of, ‘Oh wow, who would be right for this particular story.’

supernatural season 8 taxi driver bobby Supernatural Showrunner Hints at Bobbys Return in Season 9   Should He Come Back?

So does this mean that Bobby will be “right” to bring back in Supernatural season 9? Perhaps. According to Carver, a path has been created to allow them to do just that, if they so choose:

You know, we were saying all season, ‘You never know what’s going to happen to Bobby,’ and I think we’ve found a – I can’t believe I’m going to say this word – believable way to bring him back from Hell. I think now that Bobby is presumably in Heaven that it certainly does open up the question of whether or not we might see him again.’

Although this isn’t really a confirmation of Bobby’s return, there’s one thing that’s certain: Bobby is an important character in the story that is Supernatural. It may have been John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who helped lay the foundation for Sam and Dean to do their hunting, but it was Bobby who took over, stood in as a father figure and helped them along the way. Though Sam and Dean could have continued with their father, the relationship could have – and likely would have – slowed Sam and Dean’s character evolution.

With Supernatural season 9 setting itself up for a Heavenly battle, thanks to “Marv” (Curtis Armstrong), there’s more than enough opportunities available to bring Bobby back, somehow. And if they do, in whatever way they can think up, it’s doubtful that fans of the series will complain about how it was done, they’ll just be happy that it actually happened.

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Supernatural season 9 premieres September/October 2013 on CW

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  1. i love supernatural from season 1-8 never disappointed me at all n i cant wait to watch season 9 and 10 i hope the keep making more

    • I can`t wait for season 9, some one with the season 9 URL ?

    • I hope Michael returns

  2. i think that Booby needs to be brought back. Ruby too, but only cuz she is hot.

    • Ruby is Jareds wife too but I dont know about her character I dont mind seeing Bobby come back. I love the show since Season 1 It is the most fantastic show that has everything in it, the great storyline and the amazing looking actors and the crew that does it all to make the show great

  3. I am no doubt the biggest supernatural fan, watching every episode from season 1 towards the end of season 8 about 5 dozen times, they should bring back bobby for sure, sam and dean you are great

    • same!!!!

  4. I also want Benny the vampire to come back from purgatory!

    • heck no Benny just drove a wedge between Sam and Dean .

  5. Please Please bring Bobby back.. For good. I miss him.. There has to be a way.

  6. First off, I’m just glad we’ll see a Sewason 9 and 10.

    Second, while it’d be great to have Bobby return (and Benny too, for that matter), there’s no “gotta be’s” for the writers and producers to follow. I have faither that whatever they choose for the characters will be well thought out and valuable to the series overall.

    Third, I’m much more interested in how they deal with a “closed” Heaven, and a still-open (as far as we know) Hell. Will the demons have an unstoppable holiday? Will the fallen angels have any power at all? What’s up with Metatron, now that he’s had his revenge? Will Cas be any help without his Grace? Will Sammy suffer from halting the trials? And can Crowley be “cured” for real?

    The writers and producers have created a ton of situations that need to be answered, that I hope they create intelligent and believable answers to. Please, no more series enders like “Lost,” where it seemed like they set up a great chance for resolution, only to fail miserbaly, leaving dozens of questions unanswered.

    I’ll look forward to seeing the answers to these questions over the next two seasons. And many thanks for the first eight!

    – TemplarScribe

  7. I thought of the following regarding Bobby’s return (yes I realise I’m not the one writing the show :) ):

    Bobby was kind of father demon hunter and all, so maybe once he got to heaven he was transformed into an angel and will now return with the fallen angels to earth.

    What do u guys think?

    • and that way even when the angels do go back to heaven Bobby can continue going back and forth (btw heaven and earth) kind of like Cas. That way Bobby will be back for good.

    • I don’t think that would work because in season 2 episode 13 “houses of the holy” it is said that humans can’t become angels. I like the idea, too, but think about it. can you really see bobby as an angel?

  8. Honestly people prob say it all the tine but im the biggest fan of suoernatural!!! I wish it could last 4ever! I own all the seasons that are out! I feel like i have a strong conection 2the characters. All the pain and suffering and of course the lonelyness. I just wish it could last a long tine;)

  9. Ofcourse I would like to see me in season 9 but bobby will do…I guess lol he as well as sam an dean is supernatural and thats what makes it a great show

  10. I love supernatural but i can’t wait to watch season 9 and 10
    so please please please please please gets it fast

  11. Season 9, Awesome. can’t wait to see the world of fallen angels. Bobby would be awesome to bring back on the show but he will battle in Heaven with the rest of the gang, Ask, Pam, Ellen, Jo, John and much more.
    While Sam & Dean battle on earth with the fallen angels against Hell demons and to reopen the gates to heaven.
    Cass will try to live as the humans and have a family, but back in his mind he wants to reopen and take back his grace.
    What’s New Supernatural>?


  12. Who would be crazy enough to vote no way? Idjits!! lol I’ve been hoping they’d find a way to bring him back, I think they can do it too. C’mon, all the angels got booted from Heaven, do you really think folks like Bobby, Jo, Ellen and Ash would sit back and do nothing?

    • They’re in heaven, living the Greatest Hits of their life. How are they supposed to know.

    • Jo and Ellen are not in heaven(Ash confirm it) go back to season 5 and find out for yourself.

  13. I say Bobby’s fought the good fight. He was over 60 when he died. I don’t think anyone human should ever be brought back to life. Only the supernatural, like Castiel–who can’t even seem to die permanently–or even Sam and Dean. They are vessels after all. But Bobby was human, and an old one at that. He doesn’t need to fight anymore. If anyone should be brought back, it’s Gabriel. I miss his tricks.

  14. When will Supernatural Season 9 and 10 be done… Im eagerly waiting for it..

  15. Ok we all LOVE Bobby, probably my personal favorite character besides Castiel and Dean. That doesn’t mean he should be brought back though. I thought the way he went was acceptable and we all got our thirst quenched when he we saw him again being rescued from hell, being happy we knew of his fate. At this point it just would be odd bringing him back when his character story has pretty much been wrapped up. Maybe one episode where the Winchesters need to go to Heaven to talk to him about something but I’d say thats about it.

  16. Please please. bring back bobby for the love of god bobby needs to come back to keep an eye on those two idgets that are the fantastic sexy Winchester brothers x

  17. I am a giant supernatural fan… I cut my hair like deans… spent almost a year restoring a 67 impala, had a M1911 Colt 45 engraved like deans (even bought some ivory grips), I’ve bought twelve jackets looking like jackets dean has worn… my obsession has become one costing over $40, 000… mostly because of the imapala… but still

  18. Season 9 on October 15th, 2013 on The CW. AWESOME AGAIN!
    Anyways, my mind is still on somethings that Supernatural missed in the passed, like Dean & Sam getting killed by Walt & Roy in Season 5 “Dark Side of the Moon”… remember WHAT Dean said, “But when I come back…I’ll be pissed!” then season after seasons went by, not one episode of the brothers getting their hands on the two murders hunters, Walt & Roy.

    Another note, what about the kid who is now grown up, Jesse Turner who is the half demon & Human. Is he going to be back in the seasons?

    3rd note, Any ideas if DEATH the Horsemen going to show in Season 9 to help out Dean for the FINAL task to reopen Heaven?

    I’ll keep in touch SuperFans.

    • OH! One other thing… Bobby can battle in Heaven with the old gang, Rufus, Ash, Jo, Alan & Pam like I mention 3 weeks ago and the brother battle on earth against demons and specially the fallen angels.

      4th note, where is God’s SON in all of this? just saying…

    • im really hope the little boy comes back

  19. Bobby should most deffinetly come back !

  20. For a long time, I would question myself about thing’s, Never had an answer! I have been watching this show for a very long time, And have made every chance I get, to keep up. Thank you, This is the greatest show I have ever seen in my hole life, and I have seen a lot. Just so you know how important this show is to me, I put my hole real name even the middle name even though I do not like it. Again thank You all for a great show, Keep it up… Much love to you all

  21. I really, really love Bobby, but I honestly hope that they don’t bring him back. I think his death was incredibly sad, but it did justice to his character. And now that we had the resolution in season 8 where he was able to enter heaven, I think it’s high time that he gets to rest–maybe chum around with Ellen, Ash, and Jo.

  22. Everyone talks about Bobby coming back which is great but in Heaven there is more then just Ellen, Jo and Ash. What about Rufus, Pamela and all the other killed off hunters over the years? There’s quite a force of souls up there in heaven to fight against Metatron I would think. I do agree that if Bobby is back in the show next season that his role would be best suited up in heaven as opposed to down on Earth.

    Go Winchesters!!

  23. I really want bobby to come back. I’d love if meg came back too. I thought she was great.

  24. What about benny?!?!?!?!?!?!??! They just can’t leave him there at purgatory :(

    • benny is dead the vampires killed him……

  25. I absolutely love supernatural!!! No doubt about it and im excited to see seasons 9&10 however season 8′s story line wasnt as good as all the rest it was slow and only started to get good towards the end. I just hope the writers come up with something good for the following seasons also when they come to a end the last episode should be sam and dean who have grown old with children and grandchildren theb they should die of natural causes and be in heaven with their mum and dad and all the rest of the gang!

  26. i love Supernatural. and i can’t wait to watch the season 9. keep surprising us and please… bring Bobby back. it ain’t the same without him. ow and, i love you Dean ;)