‘Supernatural’ Showrunner Hints at Bobby’s Return in Season 9 – Should He Come Back?

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supernatural season 9 bobby Supernatural Showrunner Hints at Bobbys Return in Season 9   Should He Come Back?

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In Supernatural season 8, fans saw the series return to its former glory. In season 9, Castiel (Misha Collins) will be returning with a (much) larger role than we was given last season. But what about Bobby (Jim Beaver)?

For many fans of the series, Bobby’s death felt more like an awkward attempt at eliciting some emotion during the “Leviathan incident” (that shall not be spoke of) instead of a realistic departure for one of the series’ favorite characters. And though Bobby did receive an emotional, well-written farewell in season 7, and a surprise saving from Hell in season 8, fans still wonder whether or not we’ll see the official return of Bobby sometime soon. After all, Heaven and Hell haven’t been an endpoint for any character in quite some time. (Plus, the season 8 finale did return to Bobby’s junkyard, albeit briefly.)

When it comes to bringing Bobby – or anyone else – back from the dead, it’s showrunner Jeremy Carver who makes that decision. Luckily, we had a chance to speak with him about all things Heaven and Hell. Here’s how he decides who to bring back:

I never think, ‘Oh wow, who can I bring back?’ I always think of it in the sense of, ‘Oh wow, who would be right for this particular story.’

supernatural season 8 taxi driver bobby Supernatural Showrunner Hints at Bobbys Return in Season 9   Should He Come Back?

So does this mean that Bobby will be “right” to bring back in Supernatural season 9? Perhaps. According to Carver, a path has been created to allow them to do just that, if they so choose:

You know, we were saying all season, ‘You never know what’s going to happen to Bobby,’ and I think we’ve found a – I can’t believe I’m going to say this word – believable way to bring him back from Hell. I think now that Bobby is presumably in Heaven that it certainly does open up the question of whether or not we might see him again.’

Although this isn’t really a confirmation of Bobby’s return, there’s one thing that’s certain: Bobby is an important character in the story that is Supernatural. It may have been John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who helped lay the foundation for Sam and Dean to do their hunting, but it was Bobby who took over, stood in as a father figure and helped them along the way. Though Sam and Dean could have continued with their father, the relationship could have – and likely would have – slowed Sam and Dean’s character evolution.

With Supernatural season 9 setting itself up for a Heavenly battle, thanks to “Marv” (Curtis Armstrong), there’s more than enough opportunities available to bring Bobby back, somehow. And if they do, in whatever way they can think up, it’s doubtful that fans of the series will complain about how it was done, they’ll just be happy that it actually happened.

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Supernatural season 9 premieres September/October 2013 on CW

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  1. I’ve been hearing stuff like this finale was original or different than the rest. Not really.

    The way i’ve been seeing it is that all the odd numbered seasons show somebody dying and the main bad guy getting away. In 1 it was Dean nearly dead and John ends up taking his place in 2 and YED gets away. In 3 Dean dies Lilith gets away. In 5 Sam dies, Lucy and Mike are in the cage but Crowley gets away and we’d find out Cas got away to be team big bad of s6. In 7 Dean “dies” and Crowley gets away even though Roman died. Now the even numbered seasons always have some major enemy die and then the boys find out they have a new enemy. in 2 that was YED but the demons get released and we find out Lilith was one of them. In 4 Lilith bites it and so does Ruby but Lucy comes out. In 6 they kill Raph but Cas becomes Casgod. Now here in 8 we have no clear big bad so I’d say we can call it at Naomi with Marv taking point. So it isn’t all that original except that there wasn’t a clear big bad to kill off… maybe Crowley should have but I’d got a theory about that too that kinda makes him not the big bad even if he was the thorn in the brother’s sides all season.

    That kinda means in 9 either Sam or Dean is gonna die again or maybe they can even push it to Cas or Crowley but Marv is probably gonna make it out unless in 9 there’s a bigger bad out there.

    ok before I get ahead of myself the thing with Crowley. See he kinda rollercoasters. Like he was just a way to help Sam and Dean stop Lucy in 5 but then he got his mojo for 6 when he turned into the king. but even as king he kinda took side saddle to Cas in 6 Dick in 7 and he finally got his in 8 but then they bring in Abbadon and Marv who are both stronger. They also bring in Naomi so his big bad status is kinda questionable at best. its not like Sam and Dean ever have that “run the crap away” moment from Crowley like they have with YED, Lilith, Lucy, and Raph. ok yeah getting away from topic again. Ok so now they ALMOST cure his ass but don’t finish it. Some people are saying he’ll just go back to normal and some are saying he’ll be a “nice demon.” w/e the hell that means. I think the writers are even smarter than that. We’ve got this whole garrison of angels now on earth. They wanted to rule humans and the universe when they were so far away up in heaven so now we’re just gonna assume they don’t want that anymore? I think we’re looking at another “regime change” but for earth and Sam and Dean are gonna have their hands full with angel problems. maybe they’ll start a factory for torturing vessels until they say yes because I’m sure some of those angels dont have meatsuits. maybe theres some super angel that’s trying to make a name for himself and be like a new archangel. so why am I saying all this? Well do we honestly think Sam, Dean and some human adjacent Cas can take that on? I think we’re on a gold mine here that the writers might be tapping into for 9. What if Crowley’s hocked up on HUMAN blood? He’s already at the late stages for it he was talking Saving Private Ryan scenes. Maybe he’ll still be a demon since Sam didn’t finish it but he’ll be human enough to join the team. Sam just needs to give him a few booster shots of human blood so he doesn’t redemonize and he can still pretend to be king of hell and send demons to help with the angel problem.

    the team looked perfect in the finale too and that’s more or less what made me think of it. at the end it was Dean and Sam then Cas and Kevin but cue a close up of Crowley feeling the angels falling to round out the supernatural brat pack.So in a world where angels are running around trying to settle in this new earth frontierland you’ve got the sheriffs Sam and dean with deputies Cas and Kev figuring out how to deal with it all and Crowley providing much needed demonic backup.

    but i’m gonna just guess here that the finale for 9 just like always the big bad will get away. now i just said it’ll be marv but if I know the writers it just wouldn’t be dramatic enough with a doped up Crowley so maybe by last few eps Crowley is stuck in overtime down in the pit and can’t get his booster shots. He finally gets some for the finale but o well too late he’s been dry for too long and gets more of his mojo back. while that happens Sam and Dean are just about done cleaning up marv’s mess and get in a final tussle that may or may not end up with marv dead. But Crowley’s back and he didn’t like the taste of Sam’s forgive me father for I have sinned juice so he goes stabby mcstab and Sam bites it. We know he can’t die so by the start of 10 Cas finds some way to take marvs grace and angelizes himself up again to bring Sam back. Then the thing is that nothing ever ends up that clean when one of them dies and comes back. In 1 John gives himself up to save Dean. 3 Cas saves Dean but Dean broke the first seal. 5 Cas brings back Sam but he’s soulless. 7 Dean comes back. He’s buddies with a vamp and Sam’s a mechanic with a gf. Crowley’s been at it for a yr and Kevin’s been on the run. So if 9 is gonna see Sam die and Cas save him by getting back his grace well we saw what happened to Anna when she got back her grace. her meatsuit evaporated.

    Like this idea? Hate it? Comment as you see fit.

    • Like It Dude

    • what about abbadon or metatron

    • When will we see god

  2. I think Bobby is returning, but only for an episode or two. He is not among the fallen angels, I’m sure. But Sam and Dean might see him if they go to heaven, which is gonna happen because the brothers have to save heaven from Metatron and they won’t do everything from earth, so they will make a trip to heaven I know that for sure.

  3. Last season was dope im really looking forward to season 9!!

  4. Season 8 was the best season so far I’m really looking forward to season 9!!

    • You thought this season was good? This site is in the minority. Almost everywhere else the vast majority of fans and bloggers thought it was terrible. I thought season 8 was the worst and that Carver ruined it. Sam not looking for Dean? Dean manipulating Sam with a fake text? I HATED the unnecessary way Carver put the boys against eachother. And Dean got no importance or storyline at all.

      • i agree i wasn’t a BIG fan of season 8

      • roxi, I agree 100%. Season 8 was tainted by Sam not looking for Dean. I just don’t believe the premise that Sam would retire from hunting because he didn’t know where to look. Really show? Sam is the researcher. He would easily figure it out but instead he hit a dog and settled down. Then Carver just destroyed canon all season. Season 8 was the worst season of all. Also not looking forward to an increased role for the angels next year. Bring Bobby back and then close off heaven. Keep the demons because they are fun to watch.

        • Stop crying. Worst season of all? Really now?

      • Agreed.

      • Over-exaggerate much? You have to provide evidence when making claims like that.

  5. There probably bring him back because medatron took over heaven and guess who’s the only Allie they have left in heaven Bobby season 9 is going to be epic

  6. Bobby will probably come back because Medatron controls heaven and geuss watt they have an inside man bobby and he dosent even have to come back to life season 9 is going to be epic

  7. I posted earlier feel free to email me back

  8. Who said Castiels role will be ‘much’ larger. He’s got regular status as he did in 5 and 6 it doesn’t mean its much larger just that he’ll be used more (unfortunately) But this show is turning out to be the angel story yet again so I guess just so they have to keep him.

    Bobby has and will always be a better characater than Castiel and I’ll never know why’d you yank him away from the boys and leave them with Castiel who screws them every time. I don’t think they can bring Bobby back though imo, its done and dusted I would love the boys to be able to move forward with some storyline since they can’t get rid of the angel s/l no matter what they try. The boys are central and the best part of SPN is that they meet new and interesting characters along the way. Brings out different emotions between them.

    I’d rather a romantic interest rather than Bobby. Sorry Bobby I love you but your story is done, it was great and they should never of got rid of you but it wouldn’t mean anything if they bring you back over and over and over again.

  9. I strongly believe Bobby should come back for a while. Just enough to give those who want him back a chance to see him but Dean and Sam are Supernatural. It’s the love they have for eachother as brothers that keeps them brothers. I must admit I really felt like crying when Sam cried during this season finale. Honestly I kinda forgot that Dean and Sam are brothers. Not partners. Brothers. We don’t see as much brotherly love in the newer seasons as we did in the older seasons. The last episode showed their brotherly love and was sort of a wake up call to me. The story is about two brothers against the world. The story is about them and how the can overcome anything together.

    • Agreed.

    • No, the story is and has always been about family. And “family don’t end with blood.”

    • Season 6: Dean rescues Sam’s soul by being Death for a day. Dean tells Sam that he didn’t want a normal life, he wanted his brother.
      Season 7: When Bobby died, was to prove how united Sam and Dean are. Sam told Dean everything, without lies and Dean did the same.
      Season 4 (for example): Sam betrayed Dean for a demon whore. That’s not brotherly love.

  10. Well…i would like to say that season 8 was the weakest among all the rest of the seasons . Iam Really excited about season 9 !! and about the finale of season 8 It was Cool . All the angels falling On Earth . I Hope season 9 will rock ..!!!

    • You crazy?
      The creativity of storylines, and especial effects of Season 8 have been the best so far. The Season 8 finale kicked ass!! This season was the strongest of all, at least better than season 4 (which was HORRIBLE) and 7 ( which was weak).

  11. Season 8…!! Nice Finale But Not Better ThAn Rest Of The SeAsOn

  12. TheLostWinchester: Thank you very much! I’ll watch the end of season 5 again!

  13. I loveeee this season im a huge fan of the show and was upset that this was the last episode because it was getting sooo good. I think bobby will come back and maybe Crowley might help out Sam n Dean. Maybe Crowley will help them find and kill Marv and cas will regain power.

  14. i think bobby should come back the show is not the same with out the work igits lol

  15. I’m glad this show is starting to get some of its spunk back after season 7 (which was terrible.) I really hope we get to see Bobby again, even if it’s for an episode or two.

  16. personally I thought season 5 was the best one and the idea that people can just run from their destiny kinda ruined the whole theme of the show…heres what just popped into my head…to stop the “angel war” on earth sam and dean are going to have to free michael from his cage and when michael gets free…then “lucy” will be free as well and as i said..since destiny is unavoidable well its game on for the apocalypse….but hey it beats being roasted by angels and having no heaven to go to right? game on

    • Screw Destiny! The Winchesters have always proved that the only destiny is the one you choose. I like Season 5, but heading back to Michael&Lucifer Apocalypse all over again, NO. That would just destroy all the hard work the Post- Season 5 writers have done. The tablets, the Men of Letters, Abbadon and Metatron storylines are good enough to do something better than Season 5 and Michael and Lucifer.

    • Ugh, no, please. Let Lucifer and Michael stay in that cage. I agree with Dan, let’s move on, not go back.

  17. i love bobby and some guest appearances for the rest of the show would be great…but i want to see what they (the writers) can do without him. i, personally, love what theyre doing with garth and think its an intersesting change of direction for the show. bringing bobby back permanently is looking backward, if the show wants to stay fresh then they gotta look forward…u killed bobby off, now show us the world without him.

  18. It will good to have bobby back.sure that Sam and dean will have to get to heaven to free it and I’m sure that bobby will be there to help them. And hoping to see more of Kevin too. I think this has the making of a great season and really excited for the season on the way.

  19. You know who else I think should come back? Jo and/or Ellen. It would be nice to see them again! I also kinda miss Ash, but in a way Garth has filled Ash’s roll…though not with nearly as much panache.

  20. Has everyone forgotten about their ace in the hole in heaven called ash he’s the one they’ll probably turn to, he knows his way through heaven just as well as the angels and he’s been there way longer than bobby

  21. As much as I love Bobby, I don’t think he should be brought back. We said goodbye to him, twice. He is now in Heaven where he should be. He deserves to rest and have a beer at the Roadhouse with Ash. Please, don’t bring him back….

    • I don’t want him back full time, by the same reason you don’t. But I would like him to appear the same way Ash did.

  22. Truthfully this season started off pretty suckish. I hated how Sam didn’t look for him. I also must admit though towards the end it was amazing! It really showed their love for eachother as brothers. That is what makes Supernatural, Supernatural. Now moving on to season nine I could care less what they do. Whether it goes back to Michael and Lucifer or stays on the storyline I KNOW it will be amazing! SP fan for life!!!

  23. I think if they bring Bobby back, it should be in an “infiltrating Heaven” storyline, and he should be working with some of our other dead pals. After all, Ash has been studying/monitoring the angels frequencies since shortly after he died. Don’t you think he’d go out and investigate when all but one (or two or three, depending on if Castiel’s Grace is still active and whether Naomi is actually dead or just incapacitated) those strings go silent?

  24. Does anyone know how many episodes is Season 9 gonna have?

  25. I love every season of this show, I won’t complain because as long as they keep making episodes, I’ll keep watching. I love this show! I do like Bobby and I love that you can die in Supernatural and come back. I know it would upset a lot of fans if they keep bringing Bobby back though. So, to make everyone happy they should just have a lot of the season up in Heaven. Then we can see Bobby, Ash, Jo, Ellen, Andy, and their parents! Oh and their grandfathers too….well Grandpa Campbell was a jerk but Grandpa Winchester was awesome! I wish they would have had more episodes with Henry. I really like him. Maybe they can time-travel back to the past and see him and we can explore the Men of Letters storyline more thoroughly. No matter what happens, I just can’t wait til fall!! I’ll have to re-watch the whole series off this Hellatus.

  26. I’m all for Bobby going 10 rounds with Metatron in Heaven. Bobby is one of the best Hunters ever, no pencil pusher is gonna push him around.

  27. The show turned to sh1te ever since Kripke stood aside. I found the storyline prety weak to be honest. All season I kept thinking there was more to Sam’s gf or he was hallucinating he had a gf but he did actually have a gf and that was it. It is a shame the writers did not give Dean more an impact for the season. Does anyone think the angels will try to get Michael out of the cage? It is a shame that Abaddons meatsuit was ruined because the actor playing the role is very sexy!I also agree that Bobby should not be brought back. I wonder if Sam and Dean meet the angel Joshua again on Earth as he is the only one who speaks to God.

  28. Never missed an episode and to make it through to Potential season 9 is awsome… How everything coincides into one crazy story. And using real definition characters. I think Bobby will be a key player as well into the whole Metatron deal. He is very knowledgable about everything evil, why wouldn’t he possess some knowlege of the opposite. The way Dean and Sam were able to predict Metatrons existance and where he was. Bobby would know something. It will be a crazy story, off of my seat, action. I can’t wait to see what unwinds. And if Crowley having an ounce of like when Sam was injecting him will aid in helping for the greater cause. Too much riding.

  29. i love supernatural from season 1-8 never disappointed me at all n i cant wait to watch season 9 n 10 n i hope the keep making more