‘Supernatural’ Showrunner Hints at Bobby’s Return in Season 9 – Should He Come Back?

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supernatural season 9 bobby Supernatural Showrunner Hints at Bobbys Return in Season 9   Should He Come Back?

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In Supernatural season 8, fans saw the series return to its former glory. In season 9, Castiel (Misha Collins) will be returning with a (much) larger role than we was given last season. But what about Bobby (Jim Beaver)?

For many fans of the series, Bobby’s death felt more like an awkward attempt at eliciting some emotion during the “Leviathan incident” (that shall not be spoke of) instead of a realistic departure for one of the series’ favorite characters. And though Bobby did receive an emotional, well-written farewell in season 7, and a surprise saving from Hell in season 8, fans still wonder whether or not we’ll see the official return of Bobby sometime soon. After all, Heaven and Hell haven’t been an endpoint for any character in quite some time. (Plus, the season 8 finale did return to Bobby’s junkyard, albeit briefly.)

When it comes to bringing Bobby – or anyone else – back from the dead, it’s showrunner Jeremy Carver who makes that decision. Luckily, we had a chance to speak with him about all things Heaven and Hell. Here’s how he decides who to bring back:

I never think, ‘Oh wow, who can I bring back?’ I always think of it in the sense of, ‘Oh wow, who would be right for this particular story.’

supernatural season 8 taxi driver bobby Supernatural Showrunner Hints at Bobbys Return in Season 9   Should He Come Back?

So does this mean that Bobby will be “right” to bring back in Supernatural season 9? Perhaps. According to Carver, a path has been created to allow them to do just that, if they so choose:

You know, we were saying all season, ‘You never know what’s going to happen to Bobby,’ and I think we’ve found a – I can’t believe I’m going to say this word – believable way to bring him back from Hell. I think now that Bobby is presumably in Heaven that it certainly does open up the question of whether or not we might see him again.’

Although this isn’t really a confirmation of Bobby’s return, there’s one thing that’s certain: Bobby is an important character in the story that is Supernatural. It may have been John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who helped lay the foundation for Sam and Dean to do their hunting, but it was Bobby who took over, stood in as a father figure and helped them along the way. Though Sam and Dean could have continued with their father, the relationship could have – and likely would have – slowed Sam and Dean’s character evolution.

With Supernatural season 9 setting itself up for a Heavenly battle, thanks to “Marv” (Curtis Armstrong), there’s more than enough opportunities available to bring Bobby back, somehow. And if they do, in whatever way they can think up, it’s doubtful that fans of the series will complain about how it was done, they’ll just be happy that it actually happened.

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Supernatural season 9 premieres September/October 2013 on CW

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  1. I would love to see Bobby come back. He’s the best. In fact, I hate that I love the episode with his death so much. I mena, it’s such a great episode but, on the other hand, Bobby dies. So yeah, I’m completely open to him returning.

    • bobby should come back he is dean and sams inside man plus they have both tablets and the king of hell at there mercy there all going to have to find out how to get cas mojo back so he can make things right in other words make right what he once made wrong so all the other fallen angels praise him as there new god get rid of megatron and they might make a deal with the devil there going to need all the help they can get eric jones out

      • sam and dead are accomplished hunters now, they shouldnt need bobby, in fact they should be the bobbys to other hunters like garth.

        • *dean

      • Dude. Really? It’s friggin’ Metatron, not Megatron. Megatron is a giant robot, Metatron is an angel. There is a difference, and you would be wise to learn it.

        • They even made that joke in Season 7.

    • i think he’ll be back (:
      he’s the one that keeps sam and dean going.

  2. Bobby was the best character i would be happy if he came back but he also had a great send off with them saving him from hell. so either way it would be awesome

  3. Well based upon S8 finale (angels falling from heaven), this is more than plausible scenario for Bobby to return. I’ve been a fan of Supernatural since it inception (S4 & S5 are my fav seasons) but I am Super excited about S9. I think the show and writers have recaptured that luster from seasons past that has seem to be missing during the leviathan story arc. Keep up the great job writers and bring back the trickster!

  4. I really believe the story has really picked upAnd yes we need bobby back
    . I truly love the show thank you.

  5. no ijit.

  6. I gotta say it would be the best choice to bring bobby back.
    Sam and dean are having a hard time as it is with Sam messed up from the trials and with cas powerless it seems like things have become much harder for these two brothers .
    They are gonna have to return all the angels to heaven and fight the scribe of god so it seems as if its gonna be all hands on deck for this one, but I vote heck yeah for Bobby’s return .

  7. yess bring bobby back and i agree with you Brandon but awesome finale season 8 is one of my favorites now! and now cant wait for season 9 and have a great feeling for season 10 considering that’s Jeremy carvers goal and Jared and Jensen are contracted for those two season so yesss!

  8. My grand daughter got me hooked on this show 4 years ago. So much so that I went back and caught up on all the previous shows. Being a minister, I am not real thrilled at how Metatron is being portoried. But then I had to get over the Archangels fighting in heaven or the idea that God disapeared! LOL Yes, it is just a show! LOL See how hooked I am, ROFL. You have to bring Bobby back. Cass needs to not remember who he is! If you really want to get crazy, have Crowly repent anyway, since the 3rd trial has gone so far and help the angels try to find a way back into heaven. Let the angels and demons end up working together to try and over take Metatron, as they are not yet banned to hell for all eternity. That works, since the so called good angles now know how it feels to be tossed out of heaven as the so called bad ones were. Have the angels find a way to have people when they die and go to heaven, not remember their stories, so Metatron gets angry and really board, eventually lonely! Just a thought. Love the show! Love Sam and Dean! Keep up the great work, writers. If you like my ideas, I’m ready for hire. Bwahahahaha!

    • @RvToniL, I totally have to agree with your ideas :). To add a little more, kidnap the souls from heaven so Metatron loses more stories and starts to cause havoc. Perfect for Bobby to return but also for Jo, Ellen and maybe even John Winchester? Back doors where found for purgatory and hell!!! Demons will always be bad so have the Angles trick them into bringing Metatron down but not without the issues of good and evil working together and the impact it has on humans. Cass should have all of his memory restored to border on good and evil for the Metatron ‘takedown’. Kevin will evolve to become more like ‘Chuck’ and be able to write the stories before they happen but can Sam and Dean change things before they come to pass?
      I love Supernatural and wait anxiously for the next season. This series has endless possibilities and I hope for more seasons to come. Didi

      • What do you think is going to happen to crowley

  9. Nooooooo..
    do not bring Bobby back. that’s pushing ridiculous.

    • @ Garret, How will that be pushing ridiculous? Both Sam and Dean have died and gone to hell and returned to the world of the living. The show’s bible has basically set it up so that anyone can be brought back with the right spell or the right deal, with either demon or angel depending on the situation at hand.

  10. Bobby is going to come back as a fallen angel, after he was sent to heaven “something, something explanation” BOOM Bobby becomes an angel and then BOOM he falls from heaven naked with a trucker cap. he will rise from a burnt hole in the ground terminator style and say “BALLS”

    • Yo you funny Azz hell I can see that so clearly and if Sam does die dean going to need him, and don’t forget when he see them his other fav word iggit if that’s how u spell it?

  11. Sam and Dean came back from the dead multiple times and Bobby was an important character (not only for the story but also for what made Supernatural Supernatural). So yes, they should bring him back somehow. I don’t think it would cheapen his departure, because we already saw him already since he got salted’n’burned. That made it pretty clear that nothing is forever in Supernatural Land.

  12. more like chuck? wasnt it insinuated that chuck was in fact god?

  13. Season 8 was off the wall. I really enjoyed it. Crowley deserve an award for the last episode.. He did the da*mn thing. So many cliffhangers, I still can’t understand way there hasn’t been a movie yet. Regarding Bobby, they have to bring him back. It be nice if they could also bring back Ash from Joe’s bar. It would make sense that they fell with the angels. Just a thought.

  14. Loved Bobby’s characeter and thought that the fit great onto the show. But bringing him back, as a human at least, is just too much. I meam how many times are they going to say bye to him and watch him die and then just come back…its getting old.

    If the writers could factor him into heaven somehow, perhaps making him an Angel or something along those lines, then that might be something to consider.

    While you want to keep the story grounded in its roots, you also want to keep it fresh at the same time.

    However, if the writers somehow found a way to bring back Sam and Dean’s father, acto Jeffrey Dean Morgan, even just for an episode, that would be HUGE

    • I’m with you tasouli. They do need to keep things fresh and the whole…your dead and we bring you back thing is getting old (I think the producers realised that with Sam not looking for Dean in Purgatory). I do think there should be some kind of cliff hanger at the end of season 9 (if the tenth season will be its finale) where Bobby and John do come back to help the boys fight. If the whole Michael & Lucifer tale can be anything to go by then the last two seasons will be awesome!!

  15. Hell yess would love to see bobby back

  16. Only way I would like to see him come back is his own spin off when he was younger, when he first teamed up with Rufus.

  17. guys i think for season 9, they will need big help…and the only person i can think of with power is that anti Christ kid, half human half demon, (who turn cas in to a doll) they should bring him back all grown and uber powerful to aid them … what do u guys think?

      • Ever since Lucifer is not walking Earth, I think it´s implied the kid doesn´t have powers anymore, since all of them came fron him, isn´t it?

  18. ONLY bring him back if it has sense and meaning, his return in season eight was too rushed, it should have been a two-parter, and he should have been able to see Dean.

  19. Crowley is almost to the point of being cured. Just as long as Sam doesn’t finish it, can’t someone else? What if Dean confesses/purifys himself and finishes what Sam started?!

  20. i would like to c crowley become human again and be remorseful…. and help try to set things right

  21. I think as all angels have fallen, perhaps Bobby was one of them and this opens it up for his return.

  22. “Angels. They’re falling.” Nice line. That scene literally made me drop everything I had in my hands on the ground. I believe that during either season 9 or 10, the boys should find a tablet that was secretly crafted by God himself that explains how to find him. Mayby the boys could ask to bring Bobby back as a favor or reward to finding God. My advice for the series finale is to have Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Bobby get together for a family photo like in season 5, episode 10 ( Abandon All Hope).

  23. Bobby needs to come back but within reason. Dean and Sam are grown men and must be written as such that they are capable in their own. The earlier season showed Sam and Dean alone and capable. That makes it seem more heroic. Bobby can be there just as Castiel and of course they all work together with new characters (maybe some urban folks) but Sam and Dean should be able to things alone.

    Let Bobby have his own story, as well as Castiel and new characters.

  24. It would be great to have Bobby back but not necessary. I would love to see Chuck aka God make an appearance at some point. That’s always entertaining and pertinent to the latest storyline.
    -Maine Housewife

  25. As much as I love Bobby, I don’t want him to come back.
    Yes he is in heaven now, no he isn’t an Angel, he hasn’t fallen from Heaven on to Earth like the Angels have.

    The reason why I don’t want him back?
    Even though since his death I’ve always been happy to see him again, every time we’ve seen him has seemed to be some sort of cop out episode. A way to just put Bobby in for the sake of it and for the fans missing him. (The only time it wasn’t was the ascension from Hell ep, but even then it wasn’t the same as it used to be and the episode seemed to just go so much quicker).

    If anyone should be brought back, it should be John.

  26. Why do people keep saying chuck was/is god? What am I missing???

    • Though it never specifically said Chuck was God they kinda implied it. I personally don’t think Chuck was God and that the realm God will appear at the Series Finale of Supernatural.

    • Though it never specifically said Chuck was God they kinda implied it. I personally don’t think Chuck was God and that the real God will appear at the Series Finale of Supernatural.

    • You are missing the last few minutes of Season 5. Cas and Dean talked about where God was in all of what happened and Cas said that he might have helped more than they realized. And then there is Chuck’s final narration, his completely changed demeanor and clothes, implying that he was just playing an act and wasn’t really just a weird prophet… and then, of course, he just disappeared in a puff of mist, an ability that he somehow missed to mention or use before. Oh yes, and he does that without the sound of fluttering wings, so he definitely wasn’t an angel.

  27. Seems like we gonna see bobby back in action throughout the next season. Few weeks ago boys actually saved his soul from hell and return it to heaven as one of the tasks of the hell gate slamming. Bobby’s soul is in heaven and it means he is in a way an angel. Now that all the angels have been expelled from the heavens kindergarten, there is a bigger chance of seeing Bobby saying ‘Balls’ more often. I love how they end season 8 and wish it would run for longer, but unfortunately it seems like they are going to put an end to this after couple of years. I loved the show and hope they would change their minds to prolong this wonderful and jaw dropping TV series.

    I am a foreigner and sorry if i made any mistakes while i was typing this…

    Drink loads of red bulls till September..