‘Supernatural’ Renewed for Season 9 – Will It Reach Season 10?

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supernatural season 8 Supernatural Renewed for Season 9   Will It Reach Season 10?

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Sam and Dean’s adventures will continue for (at least) one more year, as CW announced that it has given an early renewal for Supernatural season 9. Could showrunner Jeremy Carver’s plan to reach season 10 actually happen?

The news, announced via press release from CW, also came with news of Arrow season 2 and a new season of The Vampire Dairies, helping to the secure the network’s top ratings performers for one more year. Nothing was mentioned in regards to whether or not Nikita will continue on Fridays in season 4.

Once riddled with the programming “death slot” next to Nikita, Supernatural was rescued from Friday nights to be paired with new series Arrow, the network’s (now) most watched show, which led to a ratings increase of 15% from season 8 to season 9. But there’s more to Supernatural’s renewal than just improved ratings. 

supernatural season 7 finale sam dean Supernatural Renewed for Season 9   Will It Reach Season 10?

Through season 7 and 8, Supernatural went through so-called “growing pains,” as many aging series do. After a tiring battle against the Leviathans, the death (and afterlife) of a fan-favorite character, and a surprise trip to Purgatory, fans of Supernatural were wondering if their favorite series had finally become too broken to fix. And then, Jeremy Carver returned to the show for season 8 – this time as showrunner.

Carver, who is considered one of the best writers Supernatural ever had, returned to the series with the goal of reaching season 10 – a goal, he said, that would include returning the show to its origins. And although it took until the second of half of season 8, Supernatural has, largely, returned to its roots, replacing unnecessarily complicated storylines with a coherent and thoroughly entertaining story-arc, the “Man of Letters.”

Now that Supernatural season 9 has been confirmed – something that the actors already agreed to last year, along with season 10 – fans will get to see more of Carver’s story begin to reveal itself, allowing viewers to see where, if renewed, the show could be heading in its (likely final) tenth season. However, if Carver’s plan of bringing Supernatural backs to its roots continue to be as successful, don’t be surprised if Sam and Dean continue to battle it out until season 11.


Supernatural airs Wednesdays @9pm on CW

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  1. The show is ok, but there is only reason why it has lasted this long. The fact of the matter is that those two dudes are FINE AS HELL!!!! Can season 8 have a Supernatural gangbang scene with Dean and Sam effel towering someone?

    • WTF are you talking about? Supernatural is awesome!

    • I don’t think it’s going that way, what’s going on now seems unrelated. But I did like the demon storyline, and I liked Sam with Ruby… I was only upset that she out of the blue betrayed him and the whole thing was a hoax… it honestly did not seem natural, kind of tacked on, especially after all the excellent character development. Suddenly she’s a mindless cult follower? Nah… But despite disagreeing with some turns the show has taken (the Leviathans were ridiculous – like Killer Klowns from Outer Space ridiculous), they seem to be doing an excellent job with bringing it back. I love the men of letters storyline, and I’ve already almost forgotten about the Leviathans, and I wonder what is going on with Cas and Naomi… everything has drawn me back in the show. And I hope it keeps going with the creativity, originality, and excellent writing that made it great.

      • Also, I would love to see his powers come back, and him embracing himself for who he is. Never made sense that they would just be gone and he wouldn’t still at least latently be who he is.

        • I agree.. I loved Sam and Ruby together, and i wish they’d bring her back, it seems to me that, that was Sam’s only true potential love interest, all the others have been down right, inexcusable. I also thought the demon blood thing was great, i’m starting to believe truly that Sam is human again, because they haven’t brought it up for so long. But Sam isn’t fully human and i think they need to address that, even if its just to remind us. It added more intrigue to Sam’s character.

      • If you watch season two through mid season 5 back to back, the demon blood story line and Ruby’s betrayal were all well-thought out and planned way in advance. Nothing was spur of the moment. Once you see she betrayed him, you can go back and see subtle clues left even as far back as the blond was playing Ruby. Her speech about how proud she was that she pulled it off and only her and Lilith knew the truth… that was brilliant. Sam was always meant to be Lucifer’s vessel, that’s why he could get coaxed into drinking the blood, that’s why Azazel was over his crib in the pilot episode.

        To me, the Dick Roman thing was way too tongue-in-cheek, despite some truly gruesome and horrifying moments and the invention. I mean, really, how many Dick puns can you fit into one episode? The invention of Levathians as some pre-dawn race smacked of the writers scrambling for new ideas and coming up short.

    • WOAH. Hold the f*ck up. You said that ‘I’m tired of seeing him going through things while Dean always plays the ” I need to take care of my brother role.”’. NO WAY. The show is about two brothers who love each other, but the job they have just keeps pushing them apart sometimes. Of course they need to take care of each other! Would it be better if they were like “oh, Sam is bleeding on the floor and possibly dying, but hey, I am hungry, so hang on there Sam, I’ll be back in couple of hours.” Dean is the big brother. It’s his nature to protect Sam. But I understand your point; Sam gets the pain, Dean is there to save him over and over again, and maybe you don’t like it, but most of the people like. I love it. I love how protective Dean is, it’s just so cute. Think about it; the whole world has gone to hell, especially for them, and they still would do anything for each other.

      • Yes bring Bobby n So GLAD CASS IS COMING BACK STRONG!!!

  2. there better be a season 10 and continuing

  3. I’m a fairly well known television actor and wanted to give my thoughts on television to film transitions. I’m here simply because I’m bored at home with my sons,a newborn and 2 year old. Not just bored though, I’m a huge Supernatural fan. You certainly don’t need an emmy nor are there any real predicatable traits that anyone can assume will make a TV star transition to being a movie star. A lot of it is luck, doing the right things at right time, etc. Other times, INSANE popularity of certain musicians or other entertainment figures just makes the right people want to try you out in films. I don’t know Jenson at all. Never met him. But, I know he’s a good enough actor to work in film. Who really has the time when working so much on a long running television series? I don’t think his experience on my Bloody Valentine means a thing the wrong run. Usually films like that are a vehicle and just failed before they’re even made due to people being too fond of the original.

    I’ve talked to friends, family, and professional associates about making a transition to film. I know just by working consistently I would be able to get roles simply because of who I am and not so much based on talent. I have some super talented friends that have been chugging away in Hollywood for a long time and have nothing to show for it.

    The deal is this. Once you become an “industry,” you simply keep toppling on top of that, working hard to get yourself out there, and hopefully avoid any usual celebrity pitfalls.

    I only have a few celebrity friends simply because I can’t stand a lot of them. The political issues they get into, scientology, etc. just drive me nuts and I don’t want my kids around that kind of stuff. I’d rather live as normal as I can because I’m just as full of sh*t as anyone else in this world LOL. I’d rather keep my name out because it doesn’t really matter.

    Thanks for listening! I still love Supernatural and hope to see it go for a long time. I’ve always wanted a guest spot some how but I know that I enjoy it more from a fans point of view. I don’t have that anymore in the jaded world I work in.

    • I totally agree with you on Supernatural I think it should continue because it is one of the longest running tv shows on air. But it would be cool to see Supernatural as a big hit movie release because there hasn’t been something like that. But I believe in Supernatural and I think it will get a tenth season and hopefully go for more but one season at a time and I like that because season 8 is unfolding really well and I think season 9 will be awesome and season 10 too! just hoping for more than 10 seasons I want at the least 12 seasons or 300 episodes would be amazing and beat the 200 episode mark

  4. My favorite serial.

  5. Supernatural is awesome!

  6. I am just regret cannot watch supernatural latest season 9 because i cant afford having cables channel. but i see to it that i bought dvd from season 1 to season 5. and im looking forward to buy the others if i have budgets. love to see the winchester fighting the demons. (from the Philippines)…<3

    • Where do you live? How much is a cable channel in order to watch supernatural ? Love this show and I got all the DVD’s from season 1-7 I watched over and over again those guys are so hot….

  7. I’m a huge Fan of Supernatural… I love the show since it began back in 2005 and still loving season 8. Season 1 to 5 was the best moments of Supernatural for me because it has so much depth and meaning to it… Love every episode of it… There’s no greater thing leading the Winchesters fighting the Devil himself.

    However after the end of season 6, Season 7 kinda went the wrong way with that whole supernatural leviathans piece of crap. I was glad when Jeremy took over Gamble in season 8.. Glad that its coming back to its roots. The only thing that keeps the show going strong is the Winchester’s brothers doing everything they can to help people.

    About Sam new love interest in season 8 doesn’t make sense.. What the hell.. And who the hell on earth is that sloppy cry baby girl that he falls in love and claims she saves him… Yuks makes me wanna puke.! Are you guys Nuts? Hate her and never like her..I rather see Sam hallucinating Lucifer than seeing him with her as his new love interest. Gosh are you seriously kidding me.. Get rid of her.. She’s a bore!

    If you seriously wants him to be in true love then the only love interest for Sam I find in the whole series of episodes of Supernatural is the only girl Sarah played by Taylor Cole who appears in seaon 1 Episode 19 Provenance. What happened to Sarah? Would love to see her comeback as a true love interest for Sam because she did love him and accept him with all the dangers after knowing Sam is a hunter and even Dean tells Sam to marry her as she’s the girl for him.

    Next have always enjoyed Dean sarcasm throughout the seasons… But the only only person I find Dean to be in a really romance triangle is with Bela Talbot played by Lauren Cohan.. She’s the only one who can outsmart him with her words especially the episode when she says we should have angry sex… That was funny and Dean expression was also funny as he ended up sayin don’t objectify me..

    Hope Jeremy brings her back in season 9. She was written off because of a bad script and I know that most SP fans hates her but come on let’s give Dean a break too… No one deserves this more than Dean and Bela is the only one that fits and she’s the only one who brings out the funny love chemistry between her and Dean… Plus points is that they both hate each other and can’t stand one another. Don’t you guys think that after all these years of Dean going to hell and back and even purgatory for the record I truly think that Dean really deserves that Angry Sex with Bela???
    Come on.. give Dean some love mate.

    And finally last but not least.. If coming back to the roots of Supernatural… Then the only one I long to see coming back is none other than Lucifer himself. No greater bad ass Demons nor Crowley nor any Leviathans can out match him. In season 5 Lucifer in Sam’s body tells Dean… See you in five years and says Dean won’t kill him because he won’t kill Sam and further says no matter what happens.. Dean will end up with Lucifer in that very same place in 5 years..

    Damn can’t wait how Jeremy Carver will unfold the series leading to season 9 and am I so happy that Misha Collins is back as full time and as quest star anymore.

    Finally bring Back Classic Rock too.!!

    • Shawn! 3 Months Later…
      1st Note- The Hit Boss Leviathan is gone (DICK ROMAN), but leaves other leviathans behind on Earth or they all return to Purgatory as it was shown in Season 8 where Dean and Cass were trying to escape.

      2nd Note-They should bring back Jessica the 1st girlfriend they’ve killed in Season ONE, where is she? In Hell or in Heaven? Jeremy should bring her back. ALSO! Sarah was killed in Season 8 episode 22 “Clip Show” by Crowley himself over the phone. Sarah is in Heaven.

      3rd Note- Bela Talbot played by Lauren Cohan was killed by hellhounds in Season 3 episode 15 “Time Is On My Side” for selling her soul, now she is in hell and the only way to bring her back is how they brought back Bobby with Sams help. ALSO! Sam can not be hallucinating anymore because Cass took that burden from him into himself or shifted.

      4th Note-Bring back Bella into Season 9 for Deans angry sex could be done like I said in the 3rd Note. She can escape hell by summoning her soul back on earth and become a angry ghost? just details…

      5th Note-Lucifer can not rise again because the door to his cage is sealed shut for the next 600 years with Michael & Adam. The only 2 powerful supernatural beings are Death The Horsemen and GOD Himself, who can open the cage. Not sure about the Anti-Christ Jesse Turner who is half Demon & Human.

      I’m just hoping the old gang in heaven like, Bobby, Ash, Pam, Jo, Alan, Rufus and John Winchester. Would all battle in heaven against Metatron. While Dean & Sam battle on earth against deamons & the fallen angels.

      Definitely bring back classics rocks.

  8. Absolutely love Supernatural. Please bring Bobby back too. The chemistry with Sam, Dean, Bobby and Cass was the greatest. I work a lot of hours and I make sure I set my schedule so I do not miss Supernatural and now of course Arrow, but if it was Supernatural or Arrow, SUPERNATURAL would win out. Love the fight against Evil. We have to have a winner some where because in this world of today, I begin to wonder who is the enemy. Do not stop at Season 10, if the cast and crew are willing to continue. Jensen and Jared you would swear how they act is not acting and that they are bros in real life. Please Mr Carver keep the show interesting and going and going and going. One more thing, the cool thing about this show is I work with many struggling families and 9 out of 10 of these families, kids and adults, Supernatural is their favorite because it gives them hope in some way. It gives them heroes who are fighting the evils of this World. It is not just a show to them, it is a way for them to find some form of goodness in these crazy times. So, thank you to the team at Supernatural, know that just by staying steady and being there on a weekly basis does help many many people. Good luck, and I am hoping that I am still watching new shows as I sail into retirement. Keep up the good work.

  9. I am back, just want to add while I am typing this comment, I am watching reruns because we had a ice storm, yeah, April 11 brought an ice storm, so not going out to work today, so, I get a treat to watch back to back Supernaturals. Right now “Sin City” is on. I am surely addicted. I have purchased seasons 1 thru 7 and I am already getting requests to borrow them. So, as I close with my second comment, just have to say, love the personalities of each character. I work in the criminal justice field and as I stated earlier, I get a break from all the termoil when I sit and absorb the Heroes of Supernatural as they save the day/do the best they can in a world full of turmoil. As the fan base grows, it is obvious people are looking for a source of hope in troubled times. It has a way of helping to heal the mind in ways that other medias are not able to. So, as I close I will just say one more time to the team at Supernatural, know that not only are you entertaining people, you are giving them a sense of hope in their time of struggle. Thank you.

  10. Supernatural is my favorite show ever! I love how the events and storyline keep changing it up. Sam, Dean and Castiel are the best. I sincerely hope that Supernatural has a season 11 as well as 9 and 10!

  11. Keep it going with the “MEN OF LETTERS” angle. This 8th season shows promise for movies later!
    Woody in Missouri

  12. I hope Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles will continue to enjoy playing Sam and Dean Winchester. They have made the show excellent, the writers have done the best job they could, the stories are very good, even the ones I thought were going to be majorly cheezy turned out good. I am looking at a rerun of “The Curious Case of Dean Winchester” and it is hilarious. The actor that played the older Dean Winchester is perfect. One thing I will miss when Supernatural is gone are the funny barbs they give to each other. They are witty and if you are not paying very good attention to the show you will lose out on it. I am happy Supernatural is still around, woo hoo to the CW for not giving up on them. Keep rockin and rollin. When the series is final I am SOOOOO buying all the seasons and keep seeing and enjoying them. I wish all the players that made Superantural possible awesome success in the future.

  13. My son and I love the show and watch every week. We miss the old rock music that was apart of the earlier years. Please bring it back.

  14. I am a huge fan of Supernatural and am thrilled to hear the show will go on! I am tired of tv networks coming out with creative new shows only to cancel them before they have established a fan base. The two leads are not only quite handsome but truly great actors and have kept myself abd my husband and 13 yr old daughter all very entertained over the last seven seasons! I love the new story line with the men of letters. The boys deserve a nice place to chill and call home other than a sixties themed motel! I would love to see Ruby come back or at least a similar love interest for Sam and a new one for Dean that can banter with him and share in his sense of humor too! I was sad to see Bobby go but the intro of new cast has helped fill the gap. We are really happy to hear the show is renewed and look forward to the new season! Great job Supernatural cast and company!!!!

    • i know right me too :)

  15. Hell yeah they should make it more than 10 seasons hehehehe

    IT’S AWESOME !!!!

  17. I love supernatural!!!! They both are very good looking but the show its self I think is great. You need to have an imagination and like these kinds of shows. I love these types of shows. I have been non stop watching the supernatural, vampire diaries, true blood, Dexter and the cult. I love these types of shows. I am very sad though that they ended cult. I really liked that show. I also liked the show the secret circle too. I am very very glad to see supernatural and the vampire diaries ( love love love it!!!!) are back though but maybe try to give cult or heck even the secret circle a try again.

    • Also I sooooo have loved JENSEN ACKLES since he was on Days of our lives !!! and I hope since the Cult was canceled please bring Matt Davis back to Vampire Diaries somehow!!!! Oh and we need Jeremy back too PLEASE!!!!! Just isnt the same without him!!

  18. They need to boost ratings? Well I can tell you how to do that. JUST BROADCAST IN THE UK!!! There are plenty of fans over here too that will support the show and want to see it continue!

  19. I do hope it can keep going. I do know it has to end at some point but id like to see how far they can take it. I do hope they can find a way to redeem poor Castiel somehow. I love the show and the love the brothers share for one another and
    Miss you Bobby ;) no one can say idjit like you. :p keep up the good work yall . I’ll keep watching

  20. heeey just watched the last episode of season 8 and i am very pumped for season 9 does anyone know when season 9 will be released because i cant wait till next year to watch season 9 :(

  21. GREAT , season 9 & 10 this is so awesome !

  22. I love the series of this show.. and most eagerly waiting to see other seasons ASAP.. I cannot stand the idea of spending a day without seeing sam or dean.. I wish to see more of supernatural and cannot bear the fact that they may fall apart if that’s gonna happen.. I cry when they are sad I m sad when they loose all hope.. They are a part of my life.. and I am in love with them.

  23. Yes bring Bobby n So GLAD CASS IS COMING BACK STRONG!!!

  24. I never miss an episode of supernatural . I cried the last episode . Excited for the 9-10 season…

  25. This is my favorite show the storylines are well thought out. I would love for it to continue as long as possible.

  26. I would love for it to continue as long as possible.

  27. All the angels lost their grace and became human..? What about Michael and Lucifer? I think Dean, Sam And Cas are gonna have go recruit the 2 Archs..
    Season 9 and 10 will be explosive! No more billsh*t side missions i reckon