‘Supernatural’ Renewed for Season 9 – Will It Reach Season 10?

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supernatural season 8 Supernatural Renewed for Season 9   Will It Reach Season 10?

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Sam and Dean’s adventures will continue for (at least) one more year, as CW announced that it has given an early renewal for Supernatural season 9. Could showrunner Jeremy Carver’s plan to reach season 10 actually happen?

The news, announced via press release from CW, also came with news of Arrow season 2 and a new season of The Vampire Dairies, helping to the secure the network’s top ratings performers for one more year. Nothing was mentioned in regards to whether or not Nikita will continue on Fridays in season 4.

Once riddled with the programming “death slot” next to Nikita, Supernatural was rescued from Friday nights to be paired with new series Arrow, the network’s (now) most watched show, which led to a ratings increase of 15% from season 8 to season 9. But there’s more to Supernatural’s renewal than just improved ratings. 

supernatural season 7 finale sam dean Supernatural Renewed for Season 9   Will It Reach Season 10?

Through season 7 and 8, Supernatural went through so-called “growing pains,” as many aging series do. After a tiring battle against the Leviathans, the death (and afterlife) of a fan-favorite character, and a surprise trip to Purgatory, fans of Supernatural were wondering if their favorite series had finally become too broken to fix. And then, Jeremy Carver returned to the show for season 8 – this time as showrunner.

Carver, who is considered one of the best writers Supernatural ever had, returned to the series with the goal of reaching season 10 – a goal, he said, that would include returning the show to its origins. And although it took until the second of half of season 8, Supernatural has, largely, returned to its roots, replacing unnecessarily complicated storylines with a coherent and thoroughly entertaining story-arc, the “Man of Letters.”

Now that Supernatural season 9 has been confirmed – something that the actors already agreed to last year, along with season 10 – fans will get to see more of Carver’s story begin to reveal itself, allowing viewers to see where, if renewed, the show could be heading in its (likely final) tenth season. However, if Carver’s plan of bringing Supernatural backs to its roots continue to be as successful, don’t be surprised if Sam and Dean continue to battle it out until season 11.


Supernatural airs Wednesdays @9pm on CW

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  1. so confused: “which led to a ratings increase of 15% from season 8 to season 9.”

    So we already know the ratings of season 9 even though it hasn’t happened yet?

    • You do realize SR can predict the future they do it in a few of their posts every now and then. But this is great news I’m happy to hear it’s coming back and with the news of it having increased ratings already for next season means a season 10 is coming also, I kid, I kid.

      • LOL

      • It means that the entire part of 8, up to 9

  2. Yes! This is the news I’ve been waiting for :D good choice by cw. Hopefully it can make to season 10, and maybe (fingers crossed) season 11

  3. First, please don’t start with the ‘will this be its last season’ stuff (article title), already! Season nine hasn’t even started. Second, I suspect one of the reasons “Arrow” is so popular is because OF “Supernatural.” I know MANY fans who are watching “Arrow” BECAUSE it airs before “Supernatural.” Otherwise, they wouldn’t be watching “Arrow.” Third, next I want to hear from CW that Misha Collins has been signed for season nine. Unless Misha returns in season nine, there are many of us out here who simply won’t tune in. The new Men of Letters story line isn’t THAT popular.

    • Oh yes it IS.. viva MoL. It is the best thing that has happened to SPN in years. But I also agree bring Cas back or many fans will sulk! And we know what SPN fans are like when they sulk.

    • Deborah, we have only heard of the men of letters for TWO episodes and you are saying its not popular already? WTF? Can you see the future or something?

  4. I’m one of those people who thought Supernatural went downhill after Season 5. I barely made it through season 6 and about 3 episodes into season 7 I stopped completely. But I recently watched the last 2 episodes of season 8 with the ‘Men of Letters’ development and I quite enjoyed them. If they keep going in that direction maybe I’ll start watching again.

    • I think supernatural started going down hill after season 5, I think season 8 is better than season 6 and 7, but im still not liking seasn 8 a whole lot

    • You should Season 8 has been amazing throughout. :)) I personally loved season 6 and 7

  5. Yes! I don’t have to find a replacement show yet! I’m enjoying the new-found vigor the show has shown in the past few weeks.

    • The show has recently got a lot better, my favorite episode is when they work with their Grandpa, I like episodes that contribute to the whole Supernatural story, too much stand alone episodes hurt the show

  6. I think the line “replacing unnecessarily complicated storylines with a coherent and thoroughly entertaining story-arc” Pretty much said it all.

    I realize it must be difficult to keep a series from becoming a stale piece of junk after it’s been on for several seasons, but Supernatural did turn too dark and lost some of the fun from the earlier seasons during those dark days of the Apocalypse and then the Levitons.

    Although time travel could end up being a bit complicated because any changes they made could make radical changes in the future (As in the one where the Titantic didn’t sink so all those people had generations of people who weren’t supposed to be there….I thought that was a good concept) I would like to see them maybe do a parallel universe again. Especially go back to this universe where their lives are just a series on TV…That was one of their funniest and best shows as far as I’m concerned. But an arch into a parallel universe could open up possibilities they might have closed in their own universe.

    Whatever they do I just hope they bring back the funny more often like they used to. I don’t know how much of it was Jarred’s ad libs and how much was written in, but damn they’ve had some funny lines…Like after the show with Linda Blair as Sam and Dan are walking away Dean says< "For some strange reason I'm in the mood for pea soup." Funny as hell if you get the reference.

  7. Yayy supernatural is to bad ass to end. Season 8 is so much better then 7. They need to make felicia day a regular and more cas!!

    • We need more LARP!

  8. Supernatural renewed for season 9, J2 signed their contracts until season 10.
    Is Supernatural reaching season 10? b**** please..

    • Alright, Mr. Welling… Just because Smallville 10 doesn’t mean J2 will. ;-)

      • Forgive me if my comment was a bit rude. I just think J2 are looking foward to reach season 10, Mark Pedowitz wants the same (he maybe wants more than 10 seasons), the show is getting viewers back, and with the help of Arrow, the ratings could remain stronger. And the most important thing: the crew, including the writers, producers and directors are looking foward to reach season 10. Everyone supports reaching season 10; the only way it won’t happen is if ratings go very, very, but VERY low. That is why I said: “b**** Please”

  9. Keep in mind that season 5 was suppose to be the end of the series, and the finale of which i thought was great. I have to agree that seasons 6 and 7 weren’t that great, but I do think that season 8 has proven pretty good so far. I would love to see more exploration into secret societies, MoL, and maybe even Sam and Dean restarting the Men of Letters. It seems fitting that Supernatural is diving into Secret Societies now, the characters are much more mature and beaten down compared to their earlier season counterparts. I cant wait to see the rest of what the season has in store.

  10. Dudes, Sam and Dean better go buy the Arrow a big ol’ gift basket cuz they owe him their life. Without the huge popularity of that show, Sam and Dean would be headed to that place in the sky where all good hunters eventually go.

    You know, the arrogance of SPN fans never ceases to amaze me. It’s sheer lunacy to think that people are watching “Arrow” because they’re watching “Supernatural.” What farcical nonsense! Without “Arrow” as a lead in, “Supernatural” would have shriveled up and died.

    I loved “Supernatural” back in the day, but the show has gotten patently ridiculous, and it’s a shame. It should have ended after Season 5, as Kripke first envisioned, and then it could have gone out with some dignity. Like a wise critic said not too long ago, it’s way past time for someone other than Sam and Dean to save the world. The boys need a rest.

    Let it go, people. It’s time. Let Jared move into film and Jensen on over to CBN so he can start directing the 700 Club.

    • Supernatural has excelled in every position it was given. It was so popular in season 7 that they moved it to Wednesday. They both helped each other, Arrow is fantastic series but i and many others watch it as a start up to the most epic show and that is SPN

    • Arrow and SPN was a tag team we fans wanted anyway. Better than tying SPN to Beauty and the Beast.

    • Stop watching! I know the show has to end someday, but I think the show deserves to end at least on season 10.

    • “CBN so he can direct the 700 Club.”

      Uh, why would Jensen go to the Christian Broadcasting Network to direct some stupid religious show?

      • He’s known to be somewhat of a Jesus freak, lol. Works fine for me, even though I’m Muslim. He’s religion changing hot!

    • no they woudn’t…Supernatural survived the Friday death slot even with Gamble trying every possible way to burn it to the ground, in fact the show actually got popular, and they moved it to the Wednesday slot. If anything Arrow should be thanking Supernatural.

      “Without “Arrow” as a lead in, “Supernatural” would have shriveled up and died.”…. They would not have shirveld up and died. Supernatural survived the Friday death slot without any “help” from Arrow.

  11. I don’t know the extent of how much Arrow helped Supernatural, or vice versa. I don’t even watch Arrow. But I do know, if it helped Supernatural at all, I am extremely grateful. I will remain loyal to my show until it ends, and anything/one that helped it stay on the air is something/one I want to thank. I am cautiously optimistic about the turn season 8 has taken!

  12. I have to admit this show feels a bit like SG1 in that they have done virtually everything, kicked the biggest baddest creatures on the block (including the devil himself) and have even come back from the dead (multiple times).

    SG1 struggled to find more enemies and I thought the Ori were fitting final trump villain but really after they had played that story out there was no where left to go. Hopefully this, “Men of Letter” concept will keep things fresh and interesting enough to last through season 10 but I think after that they need to retire. It’s introduction was clever showing the writers still have some tricks up their collective sleeves.

    Plus when Ackles is offered the role of Batman in the JL movie he will need some time off ;)

  13. I just started watching Supernatural this year and fell in love with it! Very happy to hear it is getting picked up for Season 9. I think the MOL story line is brilliant, but mostly I just hope that they have lots more Castiel in Season 9. Misha, Jensen, and Jared together are a brilliant trio and I can’t get enough of seeing Cas, Dean, and Sam in action! Misha being a regular on the show, instead of just a special guest star, would be an outstanding thing to happen.

  14. I hope it hits Season 11 or even 12

  15. Supernatural used to be my favorite show. I looked forward to watching it during its first five seasons more so than shows like The Shield, Sons of Anarchy, True Blood, House, and Dexter. But once Eric Kripke left as showrunner after season 5, things started going downhill in a big bad way. Season 6 showed promise but left me disappointed. I only watched a portion of seasons 7 and 8, and they’ve left a bad taste in my mouth.

    They should have pulled a Ben Kendrick and ended the show after season 5.

    • I said it before I said it again: had they ended the show after Season 5 some of my favourite Supernatural episodes would have never seen the light of day. As long as they keep making it I’ll be watching it.

  16. I have been a huge fan of the Supernatural series since the beginning. After season 5 in which it has its own hiccups but I tribute this more to both budget and the reality that the writers knew the series will still air despite not stretching the arc to another season, I really got let down by season six in which the show had no clear direction to go so it had multiple plots rather than really digging into just one or two and making them solid. Season 7 despite having made a simpler plot- stop the Leviathans- it was a lot less enjoyable and I stopped watching.

    I understand there I still much fans out there that keep the show a live due to either just liking the new supernatural or watching out of loyalty and want of the old supernatural to return. I however have not been able to enjoy those past two seasons despite some episode being favorites of mine which were the Castiel and Bobby centric episodes. Some were also funny and the writers do really shine in that department but the show has lacked a real intrigue to the Supernatural and fun aspect. They either aim for too much unnecessary angst despite the episode itself not being overly dark etc or they aim to using fantasy concepts to make really out of the world funny episode. They tend to succeed in the latter but that for me doesn’t drive the series.

    The series especially in the earlier years was dark the less you see the scarier kind of show that was also fun and adventurous. Our boys acted like true heroes with interesting supporting characters. There was moments to laugh and levity was useful when things got especially dark in order to freshen the audience up an give their emotions a break. But now I felt there was not true drive as much of late and our boys seemed more supporting characters than heroes as before. An the interesting supporting haracters replaced with far less impressive ones.

    Yet one night after watch Arrow I stayed tune to see if the rumors of season 8 were true. I saw the first two episodes of the season that I found an improvement relative to the past two seasons as I was not having an issue to sit through the episode. The down side was that those first episodes and roughly the season prior to hiatus was still fresh from those seasons that overall the show was in a weird place trying to compensate for the faults of the past. But Staying after Arrow to see the episode in which Sam and Dean meet their Grandfathers and I got a good vibe. While the episode has the usual weaker elements that Carver is trying to overcome- make our heroes like before- the episode just seemed to have brains on its shoulder and more importantly heart. I felt it was back to the basics of what made the first couple of seasons successful to me. They were expanding the world of the supernatural with a secret society that tied up with the Winchester family that underlined their importance in destiny and fate but ties with Sam and Dean’s father. We also meet not more hunters but refined supernatural men, one season 1 Sam would have loved to be a part of rather than just hunting.

    I have not seen the latest episode hopefully soon. I for one hope this continues on in the future if Supernatural must survived but the show truly must know not to stretch it out where it wears thin. It’s a nice change and although it came in the second half I am glad it showed up at least and hopefully season 9 will truly be the successive Supernatural season that all fans deserve and want.

    Ps some less bright lighting and characters and more seriousness adventures won’t hurt anyone.

    Also, yes Jensen can make a good Batman maybe

  17. Jensen Ackles is certainly lovely to look at, but he doesn’t have the acting chops to carry a big budget film. Warner Brothers (or whoever is funding the next Batman series) is not about to take a multi-million dollar risk on someone like him, not when there are established actors like Channing Tatum, Chris Pine, etc., all of whom are better suited to the role and have proven they can carry a mainstream film. Jensen is perfectly suited to television, and he’ll probably show up on some police/detective procedural series after Supernatural fades away.

      • TheLostWinchester, that it the absolute worst link you could have provided to make your case. Jensen is criticized constantly for being nothing but an overblown soap actor who can cry on deman, and you didn’t do anything but back that up with your example. I actually started laughing watching it. It’s like Bad Acting 101.

        • In the “world” of the entertainment industry, Jensen Ackles is considered an extremely competent actor. Remember, he was in the running for Captain America.

          • Wow, I think you’re wrong. Jensen came out publicly and said neither he nor his agent had ever been approached by anyone related to Captain America. He said it at a con I attended in San Diego because during the question/answer session, someone asked him how close he came to getting the part. He said he was never in the running. I think he was ROBBED but that’s what he said.

    • I agree about WB not wanting to take a chance on him – he hasn’t done alot of films. But to say that he doesn’t have the chops is simply ridiculous. Maybe you haven’t paid attention because you were distracted by his good looks but he has proven himself a capable actor.
      He has what it takes to branch out into films, he just needs that ONE role to put him on the map. Example: Chris Pratt.

    • Sorry to disagree, but both Jensen and Jared are good actors, able to pull off drama and comic relief. Watch them sometime.

    • Channing Tatum, Chris Pine…are anything but established. Channing Tatum plays Channing Tatum in all his movies.

  18. yeah, no way is ackles going to be on the big screen. he’s VGL but he really can’t act that well. that crazy deep voice he fakes for dean is soooooo irritating!

    • Seriously?? We have a VERY different idea of what good acting is.

      • Yes, we do. The actors I think are good are the ones whose roles win Oscars or and Emmys.

        • I’ll admit- you got me on the Oscar thing since he didn’t win one for the only major film he did, “My Bloody Valentine.”
          But nobody from Supernatural, nor any other sci-fi/fantasy show will ever win an Emmy because the Emmys don’t care about the genre.
          Ex: John Noble had some great moments in Fringe but he was never nominated, which is a real shame.

          • Not to be a jerk, but True Blood and American Horror Story prove you wrong, and if I thought about it long enough, I feel certain I could come up with others. You’re largely correct, though. Neither the Oscars nor the Emmys are overly fond of fantasy and sci fi. I like Jensen Ackles and think he’s an okay actor, and I’d personally like to see him on the big screen. I just don’t think he’s going to ever get there. As I see it, there are 2 things hindering him. First, he and his wife are Conservative Republicans and that doesn’t help anyone’s career in Hollywood. There are a lot of producers, directors and casting agents who are very political and aren’t going hire anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their own beliefs. Secondly, Jensen and Danneel just don’t play the Hollywood game, and I think you have to in order to get the big roles. I agree that Jensen isn’t in the same league as Jeremy Renner or Chris Pine or Bradley Cooper, but he isn’t a horrible actor like some make him out to be.

            • It’s cool. I didn’t know that sci-fi shows even got nominated. Guess you learn something new everyday :)

        • So you can’t base it on your own opinion if a actor is good or not that you have to rely on them winning an Oscar/Emmy before you consider them good? Alan Arkin won an Oscar for little miss sunshine when he didn’t deserve it. Their were more guys deserving of that award. Winning an Oscar/Emmy doesn’t always mean someone is good. Kinda sad you have to base on what you consider good on other peoples opinions.

          • Dude, you need to go play with people your own age. You’ve contributed nothing original to this discussion at all. I get that you’re a SPN fan and that’s cool, but dissing everyone who has an opinion other than yours isn’t. I love Jensen but he isn’t in the same league as Tatum, Pine, and others, not now anyway. Maybe he will be someday, and I hope he is, but you’re not doing anyone any favors with your immature comments. Major Hollywood awards mean something in HW, whether you agree with them or not.

  19. Didn’t know Carver came back but definitely realized that the second half of season picking up and though that the last few episodes felt like they were season 4/5 episodes. REALLY REALLY like the man of letters episode and how they tied that into the story. If Supernatural sticks to its roots, which are strong, it can’t go wrong and it can make it to season 10.\

    Thing they need to avoid is these filler type story arcs that are just pointless. The mini arc’s should be about the family’s roots and the main arc should be about closing the gate to hell (and Heaven?)

    Looking forward to watching this season unfold

    • Yeah, the Amelia thing was huge waste of time in my book. I’m not watching Supernatural for badly done soap opera segments.

      Benny still has some potential, should they decide to bring him back in.

      • true…but i don’t think bennies coming back anytime soon.

        • I’m guessing Benny will return soon. I’m hoping in a story line involving the Alpha

    • I knew before I even clicked on your link that it was going to lead to some over-played dramatic scene with Jensen crying. Listen, Jensen Ackles is a perfectly acceptable television actor, and he’s improved a whole lot over the course of Supernatural, but he doesn’t have the raw talent (or the credibility) to make it onto the big screen. Who are the actors who have successfully made that transition? Well, I’ll tell you. They’re George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carrell, and Sally Field just to name a few. All of those actors, every last one of them, had racked up major awards (as in Emmys and Golden Globes) and by the time they made the transition. (And, no, a children’s Daytime Emmy from the 90s doesn’t count.) They were the creme of the crop as far as tv goes, and that’s why the studios were willing to take a risk. Or they started with very small roles in big films (like Chris Pratt) and garnered great reviews, which led to bigger parts. I like Jensen Ackles just fine, but he got slaughtered by the critics on his only big screen endeavor, “My Bloody Valentine.” I wish him the best, and it’s great that he has such committed fans but realistically speaking, a film career for him is out of reach.

      • Sorry but you’re being a little bit rude. I happen to believe that there are alot of tv actors and actresses that are better than movie actors as I’ve seen movies where there is a horrible actor cast as well as shows and Jensen is a really great actor. The problem is that with supernatural his acting ability isn’t tested too often and whenever he does have a scene he gets the emotional and nothing else. I’m not the biggest fan other than the fact that I like the Character of Dean but to compare him to the likes of Legendary big time movie actors and actresses. That’s Cruel. Where did you think all of these big movie stars started out. Some on Soaps as Jensen did. Ofcourse now you’re going to hail them as the greatest because they’ve already earned that respect as their not in their 20′s and 30′s anymore and have made their name. Great acting im part has to do with great writing and if the show isn’t written to test the actor then you can’t judge his acting ability as all supernatural has ever given him has been sappy, emotional stories. You hear that alot on the show how some people think Jared is so much better of an actor but if Dean was given the ample of story arcs and diverse acting parts as Jared is given as Sam you could better judge if he was a great actor or not but with what they give you you seriously would not know.

        • If you think my little blurb up there was rude, you’d get eaten alive in Hollywood. I work in Hollywood and have for many years. By Hollywood standards my response to you was nothing short of kittens and sunshine. And as far as great acting being contingent on great scripts . . . go tell that to Meryl Streep or Jake Gyllenhaal, both of whom have taken awful scripts and made them work. Now, I agree that good scripts allow good actors to showcase their talents more effectively, but good actors can usually pull something out of even the dullest, most banal words, and I’ve seen glimmers of that with your Mr. Ackles. And for what it’s worth I disagree about Jared Padalecki being a better actor. He isn’t. Even so, with the exception of those of us who work as critics, acting talent is largely subjective, so if you think Jensen is a major talent, then that’s all that counts. Enjoy him and don’t worry about what others say.

          I do think that “Immortal Mary” up there touched on a very valid point as far as any potential film career for him is concerned. Along with his limited range, Jensen is going to be hampered by the fact that he’s reclusive and doesn’t have the Hollywood connections one needs to break into mainstream cinema. He’s also going to be badly hurt by the fact that politically he’s known to be a conservative Republican, and I can promise you that most directors and casting agents hire those who align themselves with their own political beliefs. Other than one or two, I can’t name a single accomplished Republican director or casting agent. On the other hand, I can think of numerous stories of actors donating time to various Democratic campaigns just to get face time with Christoper Nolan, Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Quentin Tarantino and Joel Cohen. Like I said, though, enjoy your Mr. Ackles’s work and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Frankly, I think he’s lucky to have such devoted fans.

          • LOL…your comment was rude, and now your being stuck up about it. You “working” in hollywood does not mean crap. Andy Dick “works” in hollywood, you don’t see him throwing that around like its his badge of honor. All your spitting out is your own opinions. Opinions are like A## holes, everyone has one.

            “By Hollywood standards my response to you was nothing short of kittens and sunshine. “…. so now your opinion represents everyone in hollywood?? hahaha…cmon, marty.

            • You know, Jim, you’re the reason why SPN fans have such a bad reputation. I’ve watched SPN from the beginning and I love the show and hope it goes on for a long time. I dig Jensen and Jared and I think they are good actors. But face it, they aren’t A list and prolly never will be, but that’s cool. They are able to make a living from acting–a GOOD living–and that’s better than most. Martin’s comments were NOT rude, man, and they weren’t stuck up. He just said it like it is. He didn’t try to say that he represented all of Hollywood. People like you who jump down the throats of everyone who has a different opinion don’t do our fandom any good. All you people saying that commenters are ‘rude’ because they don’t agree with you are just ridiculous. You sound like 7th graders.

              • please actually read his comment before replying.

                “I work in Hollywood and have for many years. By Hollywood standards my response to you was nothing short of kittens and sunshine.”)…..

                so base on this, hes implying his opinion represents all of Hollywood standards. I never said his opinion was wrong, all i said was he was rude and being stuck up about it by throwing the ” i work in Hollywood line” out there. Also I’m not the one of the reasons that make SPN fans have a bad rep, you are. Unlike you i didn’t call anyone names. All i did was say my opinion. you’re the one that called people names. Like i said before, opinion are like A** holes, everyone has one. Here is some parting advice, , next time when you want to defend someone, actually read the whole thing before playing Knight in shining armor. If you don’t you’ll end up looking like you do now.

                • Hey Jim, I think your mom is calling you for dinner. Better run on upstairs, out of her basement where you’re living, and eat while it’s hot.

      • yeah, and where did all of them start off as??? Thats right, TV actors. They were all TV actors before they got their big break. Only reason your throwing names out their Mr.”i work in Hollywood” is because they are already established names. ‘d like to hear you say that when they were all unknowns.

        (“but realistically speaking, a film career for him is out of reach.”) based on what?? your all mighty Hollywood opinion??

  20. The Man of Letters storyline might have been more interesting to me if Grandpa Winchester hadn’t bitten the dust. Still, I’m glad the show carries on.

  21. I am excited about this news! I love season 8, it is definitely better than season 6 and 7 (although I enjoyed those too).

    I really hope that the Men of Letters storyline continues, because I find it amazing! :D

  22. Is it just me, or would anyone else be completely ok with any half-wit idea that would get Bobby back into the show?

    I will admit that the writers overused his character in season 6 and 7, but he can still help stabilize the show in many ways–similar to the way Castiel’s character does when he is around.

    • No, it’s not just you. I really miss Bobby. If Sam, Dean and Cas can be brought back time and time again, Bobby should too. :D

    • I agree, I don’t care how they do it they just need to. Bobby was such a great dad to the boys and I’m sorry but Garth is not so wonderful.

  23. I wanna get to lucky number 13.

  24. Is Jim Beaver on another TV show now? I want Bobby back too, and with all the insanity the show portrays, nothing is over the top as far as I am concerned.

    • Justified

  25. Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love this show and I am so looking forward to season 9 and 10. Love the boys and would be lost without them.

  26. I used to love this show. It was funny and original and I always thought it was so undervalued. But after season 5, it got crazy. If you guys love the show so much, you need to let it go. It needs to be able to go out with some dignity. Of course, we’re we’re already years past that so I guess it doesn’t make any difference anymore.

    Sad, sad, sad.

    • So far, Jeremy Carver has managed to get the show back on track to how it once was. Whether you agree or not is totally your opinion, of course.

  27. yea wat he said!! supernat rocks!!