‘Supernatural’ Stars Agree To Seasons 9 & 10 – To End The Series?

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supernatural season 8 Supernatural Stars Agree To Seasons 9 & 10   To End The Series?

UPDATE: ‘Supernatural’ Showrunner & Padalecki Ready for Season 11, 12 & Beyond

Supernatural season 8 is set to begin this October – but fans now have more than just a refreshed version of their favorite series to look forward to, as series stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have announced that they’ve agreed to return for seasons 9 and 10.

Appearing at the Supernatural NJ Convention this weekend, Padalecki revealed to attending fans that he and Ackles intend to continue with the series into it its tenth season, if The CW continues to renew the show.

Padalecki and Ackles’ announcement appears to be falling in line with what new series showrunner, Jeremy Carver, previously told us about his goal of creating a story-arc that would lead Supernatural to the end in season 10.

Coming off of a few controversial seasons (in terms of quality), Supernatural fans may either love or hate the idea of their favorite hunters making it to year 10. However, unlike most series, Supernatural producers have admitted to the challenges they have faced as the series grows older, as well as what they’re going to do to make sure the show fans know and love will return – and stay – to its former greatness.

Having a series reach the ten-year mark on the air is a television miracle in its own right, but one that is able to maintain an expected level the quality throughout is almost unheard of. Though there have been a few missteps along the way, the return of Jeremy Carver – longtime Supernatural writer and Being Human (US) creator – as showrunner should help to breath new live into the cult series.

supernatural season 7 midseason finale4 Supernatural Stars Agree To Seasons 9 & 10   To End The Series?

Now that Padalecki and Ackles are on board with the producers’ plans, Supernatural fans have to question whether this will be the final announcement of the continuation of the series. Following in the same path of Smallville, hitting season 10 may very well be the end of the series – either due to CW putting an end to it, or the stars looking to move on.

Ackles has already hinted that he’s been taking a note from Smallville’s Tom Welling working behind-the-scenes, perhaps revealing his post-Supernatural plans. Having directed some episodes of Supernatural, Ackles has previously stated that he’s indeed looking to break into the tight-knit circle of television directors.

That being said, if Supernatural seasons 8, 9, and 10 hit the ground running, the adventures of Sam and Dean may very well continue beyond year ten. Having moved Supernatural from its Friday time slot to Wednesday, The CW is certainly looking to use the show to help drive viewers into its core programming block. Combined with new series Arrow, The CW may very well create an extremely strong coupling that they’ll want to continue as long as possible.

Of course, since Supernatural season 10 is still more than two-years away from its (potential) premiere, it might be better to focus on what’s to come in season 8.

[Cue: The Road So Far]


Supernatural season 8 premieres Wednesday, October 3 @9pm on CW

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  1. Hello all, I’ve been watching from the beginning and really love the show. From the goofy slapstick(Dean being killed over and over and over again, (“Mystery Spot”) to the serious use of historically referanced legend and myth,(Hammer of the Gods).The show is reliably enjoyable and entertaining.I trueluy hope it can continue to be so for manny more years.My only suggestion to the writers is to not fall into complacency. No offence intented it just seems as though the hunger to creat new storie lines has been a little over shadowed by an easy use of familliar content and simply written familliar material. This unfortuately has led to quick resolutions of plot and under developed storielines, even for an one hour show, (old vampy boy fighting to crawl out of purgatory only to volunteer to go back. Really, how many years in and in less then one out he’s ready to go back)! Really, here is harder then there….. come on guys!! The show is great, this is the first time I have ever written something like this but i believe there is still a lot of life left in this story, wreather for one more year or six. Go back to the basics people, use the complete storie to reinvent the original tales. keep in mind that the early yeary are what drew your fan base. The incorporation of popular religion, stimulated our imagination but our preprogramed beliefs leads to an end road. Take os back in time so we can revisit our origens enjoy the stuff that tought us to love the show.
    I know no one will see this. This is really just a way for me to vent my hopes for what has been one of my favorite shows for many years. at any rate whoever spoke to the referance between Supernatural and Smallville? Smallville was an enjoyable show but smallville ended itself. The story could have gone on for much longer had it not run itself into a brick wall. it forced its story to follow so strictly with where it was headed that there was no where left to go! please don’t do the same. Reopen yourselves and look out into the worlds legends. forget which way we’ve been heading wrap it up and start the next season with an undirected unpridicted story line. Look at the Simpsons, I love the history it gives me,it make me remember my youth, why can’t Supernatural have that. Look I know it’s a differet kinda show but let’s let people know they can count on it. Think Xfiles., really, YOU HAVE YOUR FOLLOWING, just don’t let it go. At any rate despite my rant I’m not some Supernatural stalker I have just realy enjoyed the show and hope to enjoy it for years to come. So keep on writing, keep on imagining and pleese keep on living ‘SUPERNATURALLY’. Nick pairofnormals1432@gmail.com

    • I to have been a long time fan, seen all and heard all as everyone here has as well I imagine! I absolutly love Supernatural, and although this is way random, does anyone want to see more or wonder what ended up happening to Deans necklace his dad gave him that Castiel took from him on his search for god? I believe this was season 5 ish? Bobby was still in a wheel chair, and the garrison was in disarray so Castiel wanted to find god and needed deans necklace that would supposedly light up in the presence of god, to find God. . I would absolutly love if they would bring that back and do something with it! Maybe I am just crazy but I’ve alwasy wondered about that necklace!
      Long time fan First time writer!

      • the necklace that dean had was givin to him by sam,on christmas

      • In the end of S5 16, Castiel returned Dean his magic amulet or necklace, and said that it’s worthless because God won’t help them. and Dean threw it away.

  2. Hi there. I really love the show. However, smack bang in the middle of series eight i found it to be getting quite boring. I stopped watching it for a while, the caught up later. The problem I find with the show is that they have been writing the same stuff over and over again. Sam dying – Dean dying – Sam dying AGAIN – Dean dying AGAIN. But when I watched the last episode I was pleased I didn’t give up on it completely. It was spectacular. I’m finding myself itching to watch season nine. I can’t wait to find out what they have planned for the next season.
    I have never watched SmallVille so I can’t comment on that reference. But I was pleased to read that there is a really good chance of a season ten. I just hope the writers don’t fall back into the trap of repeating themselves.
    And just so you know, I don’t usually write stuff like this, I just felt I needed to get it out there.

    • well-said Nick

  3. This is an AWESOME SERIES and DEAN, SAM & CASTIEL make it what it is! There are many other characters that have been a great asset to the series, but without these fellas you wouldn’t have Supernatural! They work so well together! I love the twist on Polytheism,which I actually practice. I am also, believe it or not a PCP in a Mental Institution. It is actually interesting how a paranoid schizophrenic with auditory/visual hallucinations reminds me of one of the characters on the show that has been taken over by a demon! Of course, I would never discuss this with any of my colleagues, or they would have me committed to my own unit! LOL! However, they do many things that (often heinous) the voices instruct them to do. Many quote the bible, or think they are a mythical god or goddess with special powers! I also LOVE my job!

    So, keep up the good work! The Guys are AWESOME!!!!

  4. Having watched all 10 seasons of Smallville and all 8 seasons of Supernatural, I can safely say that Supernatural is following the exact same pattern as Smallville. Amazing first few seasons then a few not-so-good seasons followed by an absolutely awful season, then from season 7 the show picks itself back up and travels back on the road of greatness. I can see Supernatural making it to season 10, mainly because its popular. As much as I love Supernatural, I think maybe they should have ended with season 8. Don’t get me wrong, the season was absolutely amazing, but there is only so long you can drag a show on for. They had the perfect opportunity and storyline to conclude the whole show with basically no questions asked. So, I hope they make season 9 and 10 worth while and end the show with an excellent season and storyline, rather than something annoying such as Sam and his demon blood, etc.

  5. I enjoy watching supernatural and happy to hear about next season.

  6. loved seasons 1 to 5, liked seasons 6 and 7 but season 8 totally enjoyed and thought it followed season 5 more fluidly and intelligently. I am genuinly dissapointed it has finished but what a great cliff hanger, Thank you for season 8 it has renewed my faith. The continuity of the character development makes more sense than 6 and 7 and it sits more comfortably as a story line with the threads introduced in the first 5. Season 9 cant come soon enough!

  7. Am I the only one who wants the show to end? Don’t get me wrong. I love Sam and Dean, but those guys need a break. They need an opportunity to settle down and be happy. Peace has eluded them for so long. Their Pain breaks my heart. As much as I love the series, I would have liked some closure in Season 8. Now I have to wait 2 years to see what happens to them. Give them a happy ending, even if they have to die to get it. Just make it happy.

  8. Best tv show ever…hope to see more episodes ;)..never get tired of watching this..don`t want to end there adventure

  9. No WAY can the WINCHESTER BOYS end the series after 2 more seasons!! WE NEED OUR FIX of the love,torment & communication with the boys while they are saving the world!!

  10. I’ve been a faithful viewer since day one! I watch “my boys”every morning” On TNT and cannot imagine no new episodes coming in the future. Why end and season 10? Are the ratings down that bad?

    • i dont know- if anything i’d imagian the ratings going up. I just started watching it earlier this year and so have the majority of my friends. ;p yep, were spreading the spn fever amongst others heheheh

  11. I can’t wait to see season 9 this coming fall of the angels, Awesome.
    Just wondering a few things they missed out in the other seasons, like about the half demon and half human (anit-christ) OR even the other hunters who killed Sam & Dean for unleashing the apocalypse (Dark Side of Moon-Season5)It’s time for Sam and Dean to die. Again. Supernatural already killed off Sam at the end of season 2 and Dean at the end of season 3 (as well as multiple times in “Mystery Spot”), but they always managed to come back. Then we go right into Sam and Dean being funned down by a pair of Hunters unhappy with the start of the Apocalypse. The hunters were, Roy & Walt…Before going, Dean gets awesome and bad-ass, saying “When I come back, I’m gonna be pissed.” He dies, and thus begins this version of The two People You Meet in Heaven. Ash & Pam.

    How are they going to reopen the gates to Heaven? With a help from the antichirst Jesse Turner. REMEMBER what Cass said,”With Lucifer risen, this child grows strong. Soon, he will do more than just make a few toys come to life—something that will draw the demons to him. The demons will find this child. Lucifer will twist this boy to his purpose. And then, with a word, this child will destroy the Host of Heaven.”
    —Castiel, speaking to Dean and Sam Winchester about Jesse Turner.

    Just wondering if Bobby and the gang in Heaven will battle against Metatron while Sam & Dean & fallen angels battle against Hell Demons.
    Just how it will begin in Season 9 and end at Season 9?
    Just hoping we get the chance to see Heaven and meeting Bobby drinking with Ash & Bobby and surprising twist…John & Mary!

    What do you guys think? Comments anyone?

    • I thought about the gang up in heaven against Metatron-and I sincerly hope that happens, it’ll be great re-introducing the long lost characters. You have quite a few good theories but i think it’ll be great to see the Ghostfacers again, i loved them so much! /sings*ghost-ghotsfacers*/

      • I’m delighted at the thought of the Ghostfacers gang returning in season 9, however, I’m afraid that any recent mention of their come back—thus far—is strictly speculation and has not been confirmed.

  12. the characters in this show are amazing

  13. I love this show so happy that theCW is playing the episodes I can’t see this show ends cause I fall in love with it lol

  14. -”I sooper dooper love Supernatural ! Because the people behind it played their role so well! They do not have to lose themselves in the process..they remain fun, humble, they remain true..even when they need to be someone else when they are in the set… Hoping they would create a “SUPERNATURAL MOVIE”! and make it to hollywood.. and to the writers, bravo! amazing twists and drama makes it worth watchin’.. just looking forward to more unexpected beings and secrets yah know..weird stuff that people don’t really know..how bout taking jensen,jared,misha, or all of the characters in a REAL supernatural encounter huh..?”

  15. just watched last show of season 8 awesome!!!! any1 know when season 9 starts

    • Season 9 starts in october

    • I think it starts October 15th

    • October 8th.

  16. Season10 oh ya baby

  17. I’m absolutely thrilled at the prospect of Supernatural continuing its story-line for a 10th season. I hope it doesn’t end there!

  18. I’ve been a fan since the very beginning and I LOVE every series, I would watch these guys till season 20 if they’d continue doing it. It will be a very sad day when the TV series reaches its finale.

  19. Favorite show ever, hands down I think every season was exactly what it needed to be to keep it from becoming stupid like what happened to so many great shows Eh-Hem (Lost, Dexter, True Blood, Breaking Bad, hell even the last season of Sons was pretty damn stupid). I understand why some think that it should have ended at season 5 but I just don’t know what I would do if there was no more new Supernatural and I couldn’t deal with Sam just being left in the worst corner of hell as a resolution to the show it was too tragic of an end. Sure have them die at the end (actually die…. for good lol) but make a point of liberation not an eternity of torture for Sam and regret for Dean that doesn’t do the characters justice. I will watch for however long it continues and have faith that it will end when the time is right for all of the characters. Anyway peace out and keep enjoying the show everyone.

    • Yeah your totally right by the way supernatural is the best show ever in my opinion and I hope it gets past season ten

    • Yeah your totally right by the way supernatural is the best show ever in my opinion and I hope it gets past season ten.

  20. Please don’t end supernatural I’m really a big fan it can be a season 20

  21. Please don’t end supernatural I’m really a big fan it can be a season 20 I would watch it it’s the best ever

  22. i love this show plz do not take it off.

  23. FOR THE LOVE OF ( GOD ) PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS SHOW OFF YOUR FANS REALLY LOVE IT I KNOW I DO.DO the Right Thing and dot’t mess with perfection supernatural is absolutely awesome I’VE been watching the show for as its been on. I do not have the word to say how much I love the show.

  24. I LOVE this show and hope all involved with making this GREAT show continue making it way many more than just season 10. I would like to see season 20. I buy them on DVD as well as watch them on TV. Love the show. !!!

  25. I was a super fan, but I think the show should end with its head held high, instead of dragging the show and the characters in the mud when they wrote everything they could without it starting to drag out and becoming annoyingly boring.

    like smallville it stayed on intill season 10. and it should have stopped around season 7-8. my favorite seasons was 1-5 lost interest after that. but really the show should have stopped when it should have, but they found new characters to keep the show going…

    so supernatural will do the same. if they stopped at season 5. they could have made a movie to finish the story line. but with fans pitching ideas, the show keeps going and going and going and going and doesn’t stop.

    I like the show supernatural but when I get bored I watch it, but when not bored, I forget to watch it. its a good show, but a good show should end with its head held high instead of dragging the characters in the so called mud and keep going and raking in $ but at the same time insulting the characters…

    I heard bobby singer is coming back. I guess when your character dies on the show, they always come back. like Dean says, “once your dead, you should stay dead!” (with older crew leaving, its just a matter of time they can keep the show going)

  26. You have made some really good points there. I looked on the internet to
    learn more about the issue and found most individuals will
    go along with your views on this web site.

  27. I need castiel for 9-10

  28. i think it’s time to get back Micheal and Lucifer. I mean they could be of some help you know. plus on the down side i think sam goin to die anyway!!! so…. Ya get them out guys

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