‘Supernatural’ Stars Agree To Seasons 9 & 10 – To End The Series?

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supernatural season 8 Supernatural Stars Agree To Seasons 9 & 10   To End The Series?

UPDATE: ‘Supernatural’ Showrunner & Padalecki Ready for Season 11, 12 & Beyond

Supernatural season 8 is set to begin this October – but fans now have more than just a refreshed version of their favorite series to look forward to, as series stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have announced that they’ve agreed to return for seasons 9 and 10.

Appearing at the Supernatural NJ Convention this weekend, Padalecki revealed to attending fans that he and Ackles intend to continue with the series into it its tenth season, if The CW continues to renew the show.

Padalecki and Ackles’ announcement appears to be falling in line with what new series showrunner, Jeremy Carver, previously told us about his goal of creating a story-arc that would lead Supernatural to the end in season 10.

Coming off of a few controversial seasons (in terms of quality), Supernatural fans may either love or hate the idea of their favorite hunters making it to year 10. However, unlike most series, Supernatural producers have admitted to the challenges they have faced as the series grows older, as well as what they’re going to do to make sure the show fans know and love will return – and stay – to its former greatness.

Having a series reach the ten-year mark on the air is a television miracle in its own right, but one that is able to maintain an expected level the quality throughout is almost unheard of. Though there have been a few missteps along the way, the return of Jeremy Carver – longtime Supernatural writer and Being Human (US) creator – as showrunner should help to breath new live into the cult series.

supernatural season 7 midseason finale4 Supernatural Stars Agree To Seasons 9 & 10   To End The Series?

Now that Padalecki and Ackles are on board with the producers’ plans, Supernatural fans have to question whether this will be the final announcement of the continuation of the series. Following in the same path of Smallville, hitting season 10 may very well be the end of the series – either due to CW putting an end to it, or the stars looking to move on.

Ackles has already hinted that he’s been taking a note from Smallville’s Tom Welling working behind-the-scenes, perhaps revealing his post-Supernatural plans. Having directed some episodes of Supernatural, Ackles has previously stated that he’s indeed looking to break into the tight-knit circle of television directors.

That being said, if Supernatural seasons 8, 9, and 10 hit the ground running, the adventures of Sam and Dean may very well continue beyond year ten. Having moved Supernatural from its Friday time slot to Wednesday, The CW is certainly looking to use the show to help drive viewers into its core programming block. Combined with new series Arrow, The CW may very well create an extremely strong coupling that they’ll want to continue as long as possible.

Of course, since Supernatural season 10 is still more than two-years away from its (potential) premiere, it might be better to focus on what’s to come in season 8.

[Cue: The Road So Far]


Supernatural season 8 premieres Wednesday, October 3 @9pm on CW

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  1. I think the series finale will be Dean and Sam/Lucifer meeting in Detroit again. A different version but the same result.

      NEARLY 2014 (time Dean went to the future)

  2. I love the show but I get kind of bored when there is only one all-seeing, all-knowing, all-badass week after week. I am so tired of Crowley. I have thought of stop watching but I do love the show and have been watching since it began.

    Crowley is so predictable and always wins. It’s tiresome. I know many of you love him but there is no creativity anymore, it’s always the same. The actor is great but enough already.

    • Crowley doesnt always win, have you seen the latest epispde?!
      Ilove Crowley so mmuch it hurts ;_;
      He is an amazing character and I love everything about him, I think if you are considering not to watch it anymore-you might aswell. I dont think your a fan enough to understand.
      idek there were people who thought of spn this way!?! ieek

    • seriously its not that repedative its awesome bring out another 10 season’s

    • Im from England and I love the show too, and it will be very very very sad when it ends, i just would like them to go on as long as they possibly can.
      I read that ‘if’ the show ever ends, they would/might plan to make a Supernatural movie <3<3<3

      • Omg really?? A supernatural movie would be awesome!! Luv u Jensen and Jared!!

        • I question why people would want a binge series as a movie. What do you get from a movie that you dont from a binge series. Think about it a movie you have less then two hours to build the character up for the story then you have the climax.

          with a binge series you have (lets say 50 episodes, at 60min each) thats 50 HOURS (48 hours longer) then a traditional movie, and it dosnt cost $20 to go see it.

          but i really do want to know why people would rather have a movie, when you can buy the dvd or stream it after the series is over if you didnt already dvr it.

          btw: binge series might not be the right term just sounded right as you want to just watch one after another and they’re all in sequence.

  3. I really really love this show like you dont even know!!! this is the first ever series i watched full because the others get boring but supernaturall really caught my eye i am so curious about what happened to crowly at the end and i find that how they made the angels fall really did catch my eye and i really did replayed it so many times i really cant stop watching supernatural iv started to watch it 2 months ago and i got so addicted i really love the bonding relationship between dean and sam and i find dean so funny!!!! like in the episode yellow fever!! <333333

    • U aint a fan if you haven’t watch every series come back and judge when u have coz u dont know anything

      • no, i think she means Show. Shes seen other shows but non of them have caught her attention like Supernatural have. At least, thats what i hope she means! :/

  4. Please, make a Supernatural movie, after the end of the seasons.

    • Very cool…thanks for the link.

      • yur welcome ;)

  5. I want to see supernatural as long as possible, and I’m sure to love it.


  6. I just love Castiel, Sam, and Dean – let the boys stay as long as they want! I will watch.

  7. I just don’t get it. They spent the whole season preparing us for hell closing and not only does hell not close, but heaven opens? And I’m just guessing, but I’m pretty sure that is not going to be a good thing. I especially liked the scene where Kevin is in the Men of Letters headquarters and all the buttons light up. That makes me think that the Men of Letters probably knew that was going to happen or were at least prepared for it, which must mean that they have a solution somewhere if it gets out of hand.
    Speaking of the earlier comment to the person who says their bored of Crowley, well, I kind of agree, but now I’m pretty sure that with Sam almost completing the humanizing thing, they can finally give him some character development. Plus, I think that with the brain wipe, he won’t be the next season’s villain. I think the main demon may be Albion, and they will probably bring in a new bad angel character, and they might even make a new creature like last season’s leviathans.
    One more thing, with Cass human, now Sam and dean may be forced to teach him how to be a hunter, like that hilarious episode earlier this season. Now that he’s human, he will always be around Sam and Dean, and you know what that means… no more two bed motel rooms! Ooooh!

    • well, Metatron is certainly the bad angel!
      I dont think Abadon will be much of a Demon villan tbh, i think Sam and Dean(if they dont mess up again) will sort her out.
      As for Crowley, I actually think he will join part of Team Will hopefully ohhhellyeaahh
      but it will be awesome now that Cas is human-just hope he finds Sam and dean ;_;
      I hope we see more of Garth and possibly some other long-lost characters like Ghostfacers :V

  8. it should have ended with 8, there is absolutely no logical reason for what happened.
    they have spent their entire lives, lost both parents, many friends, both been to hell, heaven and purgatory all to stop demons killing innocent people. They had a way to stop demons for all time and at the last second decide not to just because

  9. Arrow + supernatural + GOT are the best…

  10. U aint a fan if you haven’t watch every series come back and judge when u have coz u dont know anything

  11. This show is beast!!!!! The best show ever. I would hate for it to ever end. Long live Supernatural, Padalecki and Ackles! Really respect how they have stuck to this show for this long. <3

  12. This show should never end! It has been the most inspiring show to me ever! I’m a hetero guy and I have never been so hooked on any tv series like this. I really can’t even describe what it’s like waiting every Wednesday for a new one to come on. I may be a little obsessed with the show but one thing is gods honest truth, this show would not have been remotely close to what it is now with out the amazing actors and cast. The story line as well is incredible it just takes anyone’s emotions for a roller coaster ride, it’s hard to believe I’m talking about a horror or sci-if show! These actors alone deserve an extreme recognition. I am not a person who lives in denial though I do realize that one day it will end, I just hope for Jensen, and Jared’s sake that I see them on the big screen one day in the most amazing film ever! Much love to supernatural, keep it coming!

  13. Oh, “illusive man” maybe you haven’t quite got the driving point of the whole show? It’s about the brothers loyalty to each other as family, sticking together, the only thing they truly have left is each other. It’s always been about the brothers not the demons really. I get your point, I guess my main thing is that last episode left me like so in shock. It’s like being so in to a movie and then your power goes out! They so need to continue, they’ve pulled it off before and who knows maybe the upcoming seasons will be the best to come!

  14. “illusive man” maybe you haven’t quite gotten the driving point of the whole show? It’s about the brothers loyalty to each other as family, sticking together, the only thing they truly have left is each other. It’s always been about the brothers not the demons really. I get your point, I guess my main thing is that last episode left me in shock! It’s like being so in to a movie and then your power goes out! They so need to continue, they’ve pulled it off before and who knows maybe the upcoming seasons will be the best to come!

  15. people people people looking at the last episode in full Metatron is the new villain. For sure all of Sam trials he has done will make him powerful the new good angle. Sam and deans dad needs to come back the way he left was just stupid i think Sam and deans dad is God. Neomi has all the answers but cant be trusted. secretly i knew that Metatron was bad news just pissed me off that cass fell for his trap. remember that boy from i think season five with all the powers he draws and it comes alive. and he can pull a demons out of a person with out words he is very strong season 9 & 10 all about the tablets

  16. I am from India and i love this show. I have watched each and every episode from 1st season to 8th, last episode was really intersting with Dean stopping Sam from the last trail,Sam confessing to his bother for letting him down,angels falling from sky, Cass lost his essence.I would love to watch 9th season. I really like Crowley and Cass character. I would love to see how it ends.

  17. I wonder if it will turn out like in Dean’s time traveling… If it does, then that means that Lucifer will escape, right? But, if all of the angels are falling and becoming humans, that shouldn’t happen. Plus, Chuck was in the future travel! Two things I have speculated for Chuck: He’s dead; He’s God. I sort of hope that it doesn’t end like in the time travel trip…

    • I hope it wont end with time travel, but i think it’s starting to loop round agaim :o list on why this might become:
      - “whatever you do, you will always end up… here. no matter what choices you make, whatever details you alter, we will always end up… here”
      - cas’s hair looks like future cas’s hair
      - cas is human (like futurecas)
      - the angels all fell (future cas said that the angels left heaven and that there wernt any left-they have all fallen)
      - its 2014 next year (the end happened in 2014)
      I do think, as you said that Chuck is God, expecially how he just dissapered wearing a white shirt and stuff… :) i cannea wait!

      • very good points. but isaw the actor that played lucifer has a new show coming out in the fall on the CW. unless they get new actor/ host for lucifer idk if that will happen. though i think i would love a storyline with lucifer back in the mix

        • Damn! Mabey he shall return for later in the season or even next season (if they go that far)

  18. I have just finished watching season 8 i started watching it on uk living but jumping from series to series was annoying.. i bought 1-8 instead now im stuck waiting for 9 to start..

    make the damn movie when series 10 is done

  19. I would like too see something epic to end the series like “God” himself turning up at the finale and putting the world to rights so Dean & Sam can ride off into the sunset and lead normal lives. Great series.

  20. Not sure but I think Supernatural has been moved to Tuesday nights this fall. I’ve watching the show since it first came on and I still love it.

  21. I love this show and never want it to end, but I dont want the series to go on forever and be cancelled without an ending. So i have mixed feelings,but im so excited for season 9!!!!!!

  22. This show rocks. I hope they go to season 20

  23. i cant wait until God is a character. they have been building toward it for along time, when that happens you know its the end of the show. personally i hope they go on forever because i find even the bad episodes better then 95% of other tv shows

    • Very interesting theory. I like it! That would be cool if you were right.

  24. I love supernatural so much, no other tv series has ever been as good as Supernatural is! I, really hope they do carry onto season 10, maybe even extend it to more, i’ll be really upset when the show does end, because i have never been so addicted and loved a show this much that i watched all episodes and seasons from 1-8 and i’ll carry on watching till it ends, If they are planning to make a Supernatural movie, i will 100% watch it, because it would be amazing to see how the create a show with so many problems and possibilities and drama, turn into a 2hour long movie, it’ll be really interesting to see. – The best show ever.

  25. I think that the, “men of Letters’ is, or should be a huge part of the next season. Getting to know all about their Grandfathers, and what he was involved with. The last episode hinted that it may ge going in the direction
    of discovering more about the Men of Letters. We shall see!! God Speedqq

  26. I have enjoyed Supernatural s for years. Not having a television since it went digital and everyone forgot who the airwaves belonged to; I have had to rely on the DVD’s. So I am probably one of the fans to see each season last. But this has worked to some advantage since it gives me time to study the production more closely. I love the way good and evil are treated. It is great mythical story telling.
    I have only two criticisms. First is the anti-woman thing which sometimes makes me cringe. Second is the way some of the really interesting characters are killed off too fast without developing them further. It seems like you are using up great potential real estate too fast.
    Looking forward to the 9th and hopefully 10th season.

    • Can you explain to me the ‘anti-woman’ thing, as ive never heard it about SPN before :)

      hopefully the characters that get killed off to fast (as that is true) will be brought back or something like that~

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