‘Supernatural’ Stars Agree To Seasons 9 & 10 – To End The Series?

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supernatural season 8 Supernatural Stars Agree To Seasons 9 & 10   To End The Series?

UPDATE: ‘Supernatural’ Showrunner & Padalecki Ready for Season 11, 12 & Beyond

Supernatural season 8 is set to begin this October – but fans now have more than just a refreshed version of their favorite series to look forward to, as series stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have announced that they’ve agreed to return for seasons 9 and 10.

Appearing at the Supernatural NJ Convention this weekend, Padalecki revealed to attending fans that he and Ackles intend to continue with the series into it its tenth season, if The CW continues to renew the show.

Padalecki and Ackles’ announcement appears to be falling in line with what new series showrunner, Jeremy Carver, previously told us about his goal of creating a story-arc that would lead Supernatural to the end in season 10.

Coming off of a few controversial seasons (in terms of quality), Supernatural fans may either love or hate the idea of their favorite hunters making it to year 10. However, unlike most series, Supernatural producers have admitted to the challenges they have faced as the series grows older, as well as what they’re going to do to make sure the show fans know and love will return – and stay – to its former greatness.

Having a series reach the ten-year mark on the air is a television miracle in its own right, but one that is able to maintain an expected level the quality throughout is almost unheard of. Though there have been a few missteps along the way, the return of Jeremy Carver – longtime Supernatural writer and Being Human (US) creator – as showrunner should help to breath new live into the cult series.

supernatural season 7 midseason finale4 Supernatural Stars Agree To Seasons 9 & 10   To End The Series?

Now that Padalecki and Ackles are on board with the producers’ plans, Supernatural fans have to question whether this will be the final announcement of the continuation of the series. Following in the same path of Smallville, hitting season 10 may very well be the end of the series – either due to CW putting an end to it, or the stars looking to move on.

Ackles has already hinted that he’s been taking a note from Smallville’s Tom Welling working behind-the-scenes, perhaps revealing his post-Supernatural plans. Having directed some episodes of Supernatural, Ackles has previously stated that he’s indeed looking to break into the tight-knit circle of television directors.

That being said, if Supernatural seasons 8, 9, and 10 hit the ground running, the adventures of Sam and Dean may very well continue beyond year ten. Having moved Supernatural from its Friday time slot to Wednesday, The CW is certainly looking to use the show to help drive viewers into its core programming block. Combined with new series Arrow, The CW may very well create an extremely strong coupling that they’ll want to continue as long as possible.

Of course, since Supernatural season 10 is still more than two-years away from its (potential) premiere, it might be better to focus on what’s to come in season 8.

[Cue: The Road So Far]


Supernatural season 8 premieres Wednesday, October 3 @9pm on CW

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  1. what if sam and dean have been in hell since season 1 but didnt know it

    • i think for season 11+ they can go back to where john winchester was hunting, and writing his journel, like have a spin off and have the whole season focused on the begining of supernatural. they keep referencing how john hunted all these things i think it’d be cool to see a show that focusses on john’s adventures of hunting while raising sam and dean. or another idea could be have a season of bobby and rufus when they began hunting as partners, i mean i’d watch that, and it’d give more insite to why bobby’s knows so much bout different languages and stuff, and why he’s so aunry, and that could get you to at least season 20 with ideas.

      • kinda like they made the movie “the hobbit” about frodo’s uncles adventures after they made the lord of the rings movies.

        • oh and more of the ghost facers lol havent seen em since season 3 i think

          • hhmmm… i think removing the sam and dean character would pull all my interest down to the pit. i mean fans have been attached with the charcter on the past series, reamoving them would be unacceptable.

      • Heck ya I would watch that!

  2. Nooooo they can’t end supernatural like they did with smallville :-( its unfair! They need to show more Castiel too, not the nasty one but the obsessive over dean one;-)

    • agree with you there, im still in the hang of season 8! i mean why stop there! the story only on its middle pick…

  3. yessssss :D

  4. The supernatural is my favourite.personally am in love with dean winchester.O.M.G he is so cute n romantic.marry me dean!!!




  6. I’m all for more seasons, but enough with all the heaven/angel/god nonsense. Bring the show back to where it began, with Sam and Dean out killing demons, monsters, etc. The first few season were excellent and it has slowly gone down hill…

  7. The quality of season 8 is not as good, the dark element of the series is not there, but would stil like to see a end to the story. thank you for many hours of bordem that were filled with something to watch. also it gives you a new perspective on why there may be so much in the world that w thnk god should handle maybe god has took aq vacation

  8. I started watching Supernatural just like 6 months ago, and I’m hooked! I’ve already caught up with the TV, season 8, and can’t wait to see what happens next. Not once have I thought that this show has gone downhill. I just want to say I appreciate you three (Jared, Jenson, and Misha) for making this show so full of all the emotions and excitement. This definitely is my favorite show (along with the VD). I admire all of you, for working so hard to make this show a hit with every episode. I hope you do pass the “10-yr” mark, and continue on, you all seem to work together so well, and have fun doing it. Just know that there are millions of us who would be so crushed if you didn’t keep going.

    • I hope it goes beyond season 10 myself.

  9. this may be crazy, but what if they used season 8 to set up an epic and touching end and use whatever money they were going to spend on seasons 9 and 10 and make a finale movie. by putting in theaters they can do a lot more with it special effects, language, etc. i haven’t missed an episode since day 1, but the past few seasons have been becoming a little blah. recently however, it has picked up steam. i just think sometimes it’s better to finish strong and go out with a bang rather than lose viewers and fans and leave with a weak finale.

  10. the show has become a bit boring with all angels and demons. bring it back right from where it started,guys.

  11. Just started watchin SPN in December and am just about to watch the #23 of season 7…(thank you netflix!!) Am still hooked enough that I’d anticipate season 9 & 10. Just no more of either of them spending time in hell or purgatory…..been there done that enough now.

  12. Hey thanks for the great and funny seasons

  13. best show ever! sam, dean, cass, bobby and all the demonds and monsters along the way are great characters, this show along with breaking bad are my 2 favorite series ever and i watch this show on a daily basis! i even watch the tnt reruns lol i hope this show keeps goin n goin and maybe sam and dean can end it with a well deserved break from the madness and a happy ending, ps BRING BOBBY BACK!!

  14. Hello everyone, I have just started to watch supernatural and i must admit i am hooked.. I love the show sooooo much and to hear they will end it after season 10 actually makes me sad.. I wait every wednseday to watch the next episode, lol..I dont want to hear about comparing the show to smallvile.. Supernatural is way better and i would love it to gooo way past smallville seasons, sorry to all you smallville watchers, not trying to be rude but supernatural is way better and i hope it can go into season 11,12!!!…

  15. I think that in season 8 ,they should manage to close the gates of hell but that one very powerful monster/demon should manage to stay on earth. That “thing” should kidnap Dean and hurt him so that Sam must find him quick and that story should go on almost the entire season 9! :)

  16. if the quality of the show keeps out as good as it’s being, it would be great :D

  17. I don’t know if this make sense but supernatural has been a terrific movies of all times,i’ve only sat to watch up to season 7,i neva wished it stops because it’s my favorite.shout out to Dean and Sam Winchesters that i love ‘em but dean is my first luv and completely

  18. im a massive fan and i started to watch all the seasons again love supernatural and im now on season 8 cant wait to c how it will all end for dean and sam hope they get a happy ending they need :)

  19. Hi Im Shela
    Im 13 years old
    I live in Puerto Rico
    I have Dark-Brown Wavy hair and Brown-green eyes
    I will travel any place just to be in the serie
    Im a big fan of SuperNatural
    My dream is to be in the serie
    I have a lot of talent and That Will be my dream come true
    Sp f you looking for extras of permanent cast just let me know ok

  20. If they don’t continue on with Supernatural i will die. that show is so good. ive never had a movie or a tv show that provokes emotions in me like Supernatural does! <3

  21. i love sam and dean.the show so much love loyal.respect for each other they do ebrything the best way they can.to proctected each other thats beutiful.thats what family does love the show and jared padalecki jensen ackles,i wake up early to watch the show.

  22. I think Sam and Dean have a lot more evildoers to fight… Great Show!

    • I have been watching supernatural from the beginning! I love the show and I do hope it goes on through season 10! I love the shows that they have that are funny! I helps to break up the drama and makes things more interesting! The writers on this show, I feel are awesome! If they do end on season 10, I hope they do end with a happy ending! But if they want to continue after season 10, I’m all for that also! All of the cast, from the beginning, have proven to me, they are awesome actors! I love every one of them! Sam and Dean, Cass and Bobby are all my favorites though! I feel that every episode has had great quality, as well as great story telling!

  23. plz dont end it i will die with out it. it gives me hope in life so plz cw dont BEST TV SHOWWWWWW EVEERY MAKE

  24. I think that the show will get back to its former glory now that carver is back. I agree they need to go back to the first few seasons the style of those seasons is why most people fell in love with the show. I think there wasn’t a problem the angels being brought into the story I mean there was demons from the very beginning people what do you expect. I saw that coming after the first season. I think having god on vacation Is stupid. I hope the cw is smart and keeps supernatural around for as long as fans continue to watch since they were the ones to save it.

  25. I think it would be cool if there was an episode of somehow when you sleep if you have a nightmare or your worst fears come alive while your sleeping and could possibly kill you as you sleep I think it would be interesting what Sam and Dean would do to try to save themselves and other people

  26. Yes! More seasons! I wonder if they’re ever going to do an episode on Slenderman. I mean, they could easily make that into a tulpa case.

  27. I Hope the show goes on i really enjoy watching it brothers demons angels hell ya

  28. I luv this show! Couldn’t be happier, I only hope it continues past season 10! Best show on tv! Now that we got Jeremy Carver back, I can’t wait to see it get back to being about Sam and Deans connection as brothers and hopefully he will fix the mistakes, like bring Bobby back, and I would luv to see Meg come back and there be something between her and Cas! Maybe her for a change being good even though she is a demon because of her love for Cas! There’s a lot they could do there! Also the series was at its best when the angel and demons storyline was there! I hope they find a way to start up something again with the devil like someone said above maybe Sam and Dean were in hell, but maybe just since Lucifer came out of the cage, then there would be a lot more they can do! With Angels and Demons the possibilities are endless! What ever it is, I look forward to what’s to come!!!!!

  29. I know I’m just another post and another fan, but I have to say this, I started watching supernatural a few years ago and like others have said I was instantly hooked. Also I’ve always been a bit of a freak when it comes to the paranormal or the supernatural. This show is all I looked forward to when I get home from work, I’ve watched them over and over and over and I go crazy when I have to wait a week for a new episode, thank god for TNT too as well as CW. I think not only about the show but about the characters throughout the day sometime I just have such an emotional attachment to the show, PLEASE CONTINUE