‘Supernatural’ Stars Agree To Seasons 9 & 10 – To End The Series?

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supernatural season 8 Supernatural Stars Agree To Seasons 9 & 10   To End The Series?

UPDATE: ‘Supernatural’ Showrunner & Padalecki Ready for Season 11, 12 & Beyond

Supernatural season 8 is set to begin this October – but fans now have more than just a refreshed version of their favorite series to look forward to, as series stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have announced that they’ve agreed to return for seasons 9 and 10.

Appearing at the Supernatural NJ Convention this weekend, Padalecki revealed to attending fans that he and Ackles intend to continue with the series into it its tenth season, if The CW continues to renew the show.

Padalecki and Ackles’ announcement appears to be falling in line with what new series showrunner, Jeremy Carver, previously told us about his goal of creating a story-arc that would lead Supernatural to the end in season 10.

Coming off of a few controversial seasons (in terms of quality), Supernatural fans may either love or hate the idea of their favorite hunters making it to year 10. However, unlike most series, Supernatural producers have admitted to the challenges they have faced as the series grows older, as well as what they’re going to do to make sure the show fans know and love will return – and stay – to its former greatness.

Having a series reach the ten-year mark on the air is a television miracle in its own right, but one that is able to maintain an expected level the quality throughout is almost unheard of. Though there have been a few missteps along the way, the return of Jeremy Carver – longtime Supernatural writer and Being Human (US) creator – as showrunner should help to breath new live into the cult series.

supernatural season 7 midseason finale4 Supernatural Stars Agree To Seasons 9 & 10   To End The Series?

Now that Padalecki and Ackles are on board with the producers’ plans, Supernatural fans have to question whether this will be the final announcement of the continuation of the series. Following in the same path of Smallville, hitting season 10 may very well be the end of the series – either due to CW putting an end to it, or the stars looking to move on.

Ackles has already hinted that he’s been taking a note from Smallville’s Tom Welling working behind-the-scenes, perhaps revealing his post-Supernatural plans. Having directed some episodes of Supernatural, Ackles has previously stated that he’s indeed looking to break into the tight-knit circle of television directors.

That being said, if Supernatural seasons 8, 9, and 10 hit the ground running, the adventures of Sam and Dean may very well continue beyond year ten. Having moved Supernatural from its Friday time slot to Wednesday, The CW is certainly looking to use the show to help drive viewers into its core programming block. Combined with new series Arrow, The CW may very well create an extremely strong coupling that they’ll want to continue as long as possible.

Of course, since Supernatural season 10 is still more than two-years away from its (potential) premiere, it might be better to focus on what’s to come in season 8.

[Cue: The Road So Far]


Supernatural season 8 premieres Wednesday, October 3 @9pm on CW

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  1. I loved 1-5. Currently two eps off finishing s7. Biggest issue: s6-7 resolve themselves. But if Carver is promising to give us a prolonged multi-season plot building into something as large as Lucifer, I’m RIGHT behind him ALL the way.

    Right now, I’m sort of only watching the show in hopes that Bela returns. Best character underneath Bobby and Dean. Would have loved to see her develop from her antagonistic ways, so I could reflect on what she was and what she became. Would love her to come back as a series regular.

    • I doubt Bela will be back. First off she got killed by the hell hounds so yeah they could bring her back as a demon but only as a guest role cuz Walking Dead is doing pretty good right now and I doubt she will leave it. Most likely the same reason she choose a small role on Vampire Diaries.

  2. It is January 2013, on T.W.C. I regularly watch Supernatural on TNT. Am I watching re-runs? so far I absolutely love this show. The content and they way the Winchesters handle it. And the great looking cast. I live in Dallas and am so proud of Jensen. I hope it stays on TV, I am enthralled.

  3. Meny say they think season 7 was bad. I loved it. The fact that many episodes in this season had their own story and not really part of the season plot was for my like going back to basic. I missed that and season 7 delivered it.

    • You are very right. I love the side missions.

    • I agree on season 7 being really good, the only thing i disliked about it is it had its moments where it wouldn’t explain everything as clear as they normally would, therefore it made it harder to understand some episodes.


  5. The BEST Seasons were 3,4, and 5. Season 6 was pretty good too. Buuuuut I really miss the old crew with Bobby, Carver Edlund aka Chuck, the Trickster, etc. I don’t like this Kevin kid being a prophet versus Chuck.
    I just wish the show could be the way it used to be, the darkness, the classic rock, not so colorful as it looks now. Trust me…I will most DEF still watch my Winchester boys…I DVR all the old episodes on TNT…lol

  6. I’m so glad I can enjoy some more episodes of this awesome show. When a single episode in a show brings more excitement and entertainment than most movies out there, 10 seasons is really not enough!

  7. Hi Folks,

    just enjoyed season7 on sky
    - note to the creators (and the actors too):

    All the best for the next few seasons :)
    Let it rock’n roll at full throttle !

    with all the best regards

  8. just to say love love supernatural best show ever there nothing better keep going i have watch it from the start how in earth do they come up script it brillant keep going the sam@dean brillant brother and the other cast member amazing thanks debra

  9. Smalville was getting old, Supernatutal will never get old! Why quit a great show? As long as there is decent money to be made, don’t stop it, we the fans will keep watching for sure!

    • i feel the same way

      • Me too great show, ill admit season 6 and 7 were not my favorites but they were still better than most shows on tv. I’ve been a big fan since season one so I guess it will never get old for me

  10. I have been watching this show since i was 10. No joke! If they so renew the show for seasons 9&10, I will die a true fan-girls death! One suggestion though, BRING BACK GABRIEL!!!

  11. I REALLY hope they keep Supernatural going. This has to be one of my favorite shows, I’ve been watching it since it came out in 2005.. I’m hoping they keep it running. Thank God theres going to be a season 10 ! LOVE this show.

  12. OMG….I just watched every season and I am ADDICTED!! I got NETFLIX just so that I could watch it continuously!! Just finished watching the last episode and now….. WHAT DO I DO!!!! Can’t wait until October…Thank you, thank you there will be at least 2 more Seasons. I wish there were plans for 10 more seasons!!!!!!!! SUPERNATURAL ROCKS!!!!

    • I sooooooo agree with you! The Winchesters are better than any cinema movie out there! I hope they go for more than 10 seasons. I just started watching last month. I have watched all the way up to season 8. I LOVE this show!

  13. supernatural is my favorite show ever created, i have watched this show a relentless amount of hours and days…. i have netflix so when ever i have spare time im watching supernatural. i love that there making 2 more seasons but its still not enough for me, if they are making money why not keep the show going. i will be completely disappointed if the show does not continue on… p.s. i love every season individually!!

  14. Supernatural works best when humorous and tongue in cheek. Season 7 was a bit dour but 8 (thus far) seems to have regained its funny bone. Hopefully 9 & 10 will too!!

  15. ‘BREATH NEW LIVE’…? Just a thought, but aren’t writers supposed to be able to spell well enough to catch what spellcheck doesn’t? As for disappointment in fans, i can’t imagine to what you’re referring. The show’s amusing, suspenseful, diverting, all that it should be, and creative within the horror genre while continuing to pay homage to same. So what’s your malfunction?
    This article’s about as well written and well considered as it is spelled.

  16. Oh yes please make seasons 9 and 10 i love the series sad it should end now maybe even more sad it ends in two years but both Jensen and Jared will have their kids to care for then…will never forget these guys ever terry from denmark

  17. Yes! 2 more seasons will be great. Ive seen every episode over 20 times and still watch it… Cant wait to see what comes ahead. After closing the gates of hell, what more can they possibly do? Its so mysterious!

  18. oh yes please continue the Supernatural series that would be great did not think Jared and Jensen would find the time now Jared is a dad and Jen sen soon to be a dad so i am very happy and looking forward to seasons 9 and 10 terry from denmark

  19. Supernatural has been my favorite show for years. I’ve been watching since I was about 14 and I will watch it till the very end!! Best show I have EVER watched!! All the creepy twists and turns. And just when you think it cant get any more weird, they throw something new at you that blows you away! I know I will cry when its all over. But that’s not for a long time, right?! Keep it up, guys!!

  20. dude the supernatural series is my alltime favorite series along with smallville.. i love the actors and characters i am really a huge fan of this series.. i really wish that supernatural continue’s more than season10 maybe up to season 20?? god it continue’s to inspire me.. i wish them all the best.. i wish another 10yrs on t.v!!! thanks god bless..!!!

  21. Good. Season 10 should be the end. I’ll be satisfied. I’ve been thinking of a good way to end it. Have the biblical apocalypse story arc again. Remember in season 5 when Dean travelled to 2014? Sam/Lucifer told him no matter what, all paths would lead…right here. So why not actually follow through with that. 2014 would be in the middle of season 10 and then it would be over and I’d be happy with the ending.

    • That would be a good ending but are you kidding me 10 seasons is not enough . I know thousand of fans agree with me

  22. Hi i love supernatural loved all the seasons so far,i would just like to say that supernatural has so many fans it will be really sad to see series stop so plz continue,i just love it so much the most amazing show i have ever watched

  23. I Love super natural and wiul love for it to get to season 10 but ill die if it ends there

  24. could we possibly have spinoffs from other hunters point of view maybe after season 10 and/or maybe a movie sized final episode?
    this been basicly only in america, but what about rest of world, europe and asia, every nations have their favor monsters/epic tails to tell id say

  25. just like spinoff worked fine in buffy&angel seriez, would very well work here too

  26. supernatural is really awesome. just think well to know the big push to contemplate what could be there in the hereafter. it could also help u know about nr future in hell or in paradise. i love it all.

  27. The supernatural show is my life im 16 and ive collected the dvds ive got some t-shirts ive been watching their show since i was 10 i love it, but i would like to see carver back in the show, i hope season 9 starts off with something new like a new creature or something or like god wants to kill everyone off and bring in new creations that would be cool to see.