‘Supernatural’ Stars Agree To Seasons 9 & 10 – To End The Series?

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supernatural season 8 Supernatural Stars Agree To Seasons 9 & 10   To End The Series?

UPDATE: ‘Supernatural’ Showrunner & Padalecki Ready for Season 11, 12 & Beyond

Supernatural season 8 is set to begin this October – but fans now have more than just a refreshed version of their favorite series to look forward to, as series stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have announced that they’ve agreed to return for seasons 9 and 10.

Appearing at the Supernatural NJ Convention this weekend, Padalecki revealed to attending fans that he and Ackles intend to continue with the series into it its tenth season, if The CW continues to renew the show.

Padalecki and Ackles’ announcement appears to be falling in line with what new series showrunner, Jeremy Carver, previously told us about his goal of creating a story-arc that would lead Supernatural to the end in season 10.

Coming off of a few controversial seasons (in terms of quality), Supernatural fans may either love or hate the idea of their favorite hunters making it to year 10. However, unlike most series, Supernatural producers have admitted to the challenges they have faced as the series grows older, as well as what they’re going to do to make sure the show fans know and love will return – and stay – to its former greatness.

Having a series reach the ten-year mark on the air is a television miracle in its own right, but one that is able to maintain an expected level the quality throughout is almost unheard of. Though there have been a few missteps along the way, the return of Jeremy Carver – longtime Supernatural writer and Being Human (US) creator – as showrunner should help to breath new live into the cult series.

supernatural season 7 midseason finale4 Supernatural Stars Agree To Seasons 9 & 10   To End The Series?

Now that Padalecki and Ackles are on board with the producers’ plans, Supernatural fans have to question whether this will be the final announcement of the continuation of the series. Following in the same path of Smallville, hitting season 10 may very well be the end of the series – either due to CW putting an end to it, or the stars looking to move on.

Ackles has already hinted that he’s been taking a note from Smallville’s Tom Welling working behind-the-scenes, perhaps revealing his post-Supernatural plans. Having directed some episodes of Supernatural, Ackles has previously stated that he’s indeed looking to break into the tight-knit circle of television directors.

That being said, if Supernatural seasons 8, 9, and 10 hit the ground running, the adventures of Sam and Dean may very well continue beyond year ten. Having moved Supernatural from its Friday time slot to Wednesday, The CW is certainly looking to use the show to help drive viewers into its core programming block. Combined with new series Arrow, The CW may very well create an extremely strong coupling that they’ll want to continue as long as possible.

Of course, since Supernatural season 10 is still more than two-years away from its (potential) premiere, it might be better to focus on what’s to come in season 8.

[Cue: The Road So Far]


Supernatural season 8 premieres Wednesday, October 3 @9pm on CW

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  1. love the show .. i think ackels should guest star on arrow as bruce wayne .. and padalecki should guest star as clark kent .. they dont have to show batman or superman but just as clark and bruce im not saying the same epsiode or even in the first season .. but it would be cool .. and i have to imagine luthor corp would have to be mentioned at some time .. and or wayne enterprises .. wouldnt even mind seeing john glover reprise his role as lionel luthor ..

      • yeah but everytime i have suggested that i just get flamed .. i think jensen is perfect for bruce wayne/batman .. and i also think jared is perfect for connor kent i think he would be okay as clark .. but i think henry cavill is just the perfect choice for supes on the big screen .. but i think as far as the small screen goes if they are not gonna get tom welling to reprise his role arrow then i think jared is a great in house sub in .. also he was among the finalist for smallvilles clark kent with jensen and tom ..

        • I don’t think he would be a terrible batman. I feel it would waste his full potential though. he would have to be not very comedic. I say the flash for Jensen.

          • nah, Ackles isn’t really lanky enough to play Flash.

            He has a very intense serious demeanor which works well for Batman (including a deeper voice) and he can use the more lighthearted side for Bruce.

            • to me jensen only works as either batman or green arrow .. maybe hal jordan .. but to me if they want to do a batman reboot then he should be on the short list .. and if the cw wants to do a bruce wayne cameo on arrow then he should be the only name on the list .

      • Ackles as Iron Fist for the “Heros for Hire” movie!!!

        • HA, I haven’t seen that episode yet and am now looking forward to it!

        • hahaa!! i didnt even have to watch the vid i already polayed the scene in my head before i saw u posted that link!

    • Nope

  2. This is fantastic news! But, not to be nitpicky, Jensen wasn’t at the NJ Convention this weekend. It was Jared who made the announcement at a panel with Misha Collins.

  3. Love, love this show, but sorry not glad to hear that they are planning to keep it on for another 3 yrs. There is only so much you can do before you start going around in circles on show, especially when the show already hit its climax point in season 5.

    I mean they have already examined all possible tensions between the two brothers and they both have dies and experienced multiple instances of grief so what else is left?

  4. I have to admit I didn’t think much of this show and never watched it until it showed up on one of my other channels as a re-run. I started watching rather late in the series but I really liked it so once it hit the “end” I am now catching up. I do enjoy the characters and especially the later episodes with the demons, angels, Four Horsemen, reapers, etc. The first episodes feel kind of small in comparison.

    My only question is, where the hell (or heaven) do they go from here?!

    • I can see them going way past 10. There is so much that can be done with a series like this!

  5. actually i prefer the first 3 seasons ..

  6. Ten is a nice round number, but I have a feeling when the show ends it isn’t going to bear any resemblance to the one I fell in love with seven years ago at all. Maybe it’s all the passing through different showrunner hands, but just the spoilers I’ve heard so far for S8 don’t even sound like something I’d care to watch. I’m gonna give the premiere a shot but I’m honestly not really expecting to last with it to midseason, much less a season 10.

  7. I really loved season 7 , there was lot of funny scene and plot with Leviatan and ”Dick” was very entertaining.

  8. Yes, Stephanie is right to correct the writer of this article that Jensen Ackles was not present at the NJ Con. But just to be a bit more nitpicky, it was the organizer of the Con that announced that Jared said they signed on for seasons 9 and 10. Jared did not say it publicly at the panel.

    • Though I should clarify to say Jared told the gold ticket holders at the private breakfast but not to the larger audience at the panel. Thanks!

  9. Vid was posted on youtube, that was where I heard Jared say 3 more years. Maybe they want it to be on as long as Smallville was but we have to wait for the new season to see if Wednesday is friendlier than Friday was.

    I started liking the show at season 3, and loved it more when the demons/angels came into play. If Dick Roman is gone, more Crowley, please! Heck, there are only 5 TV shows I watch anyway, and this is one.

  10. I haven’t watched this series in years, but I’ve admired Jensen Ackles work in the episodes I have seen. It’s a wise move, his working behind-the-scenes and developing his other talents within the industry. He did a fine job, as far as I’m concerned, in the animated Batman: Under the Red Hood feature. I’ve yet to understand why he hasn’t made a bigger wave in Hollywood. I can only hope that ten years on the CW won’t box his career in too much.

    • You should really catch up its brilliant.

  11. Ackles wasn’t at this past weekend’s NJcon – it was Padalecki and Collins headlining.

    I’m hoping we get the series beyond 10 years. An 11th would allow Ackles to tell Welling to “Suck it!” as he’s claimed he wants to do. As long as the network wants to continue, and Ackles and Padalecki agree to continue, I want the show to keep coming. I’m in no way ready to see it end.

    • Thanks, Kady – I’ll update the post. It was a bit hard to figure things out from the Tweets.

    • wy does he want to tell welling to suck it ?

      • Just to tease. They are friends, and isn’t that what friends do? Besides, if SPN goes a season longer than what Smallville did, isn’t that worth teasing about? :-)

        • got cha .. i am kind of surprised we havent seen tom on any cw programmming to be honest ..

      • Jensen picked that saying up from Kim Manners who always told Jensen, “suck it up, Ackles” whenever he was complaining about getting injured on set.

  12. My idea for Ackles and Padalecki post-SPN? Jensen moves on to directing, and Jared moves on to big budget action movies. I’d love for both of them to get away from the horror genre. I don’t want them stereotyped any more than they already are.

    That’s not to say that when the series is over, they should leave SPN behind. I want their characters to end up on the big screen before they leave the Winchesters behind completely.

  13. Supernatural going beyond season 10, that would Awwwwweeesooome!

    • Lets hope season 8 will bring back that anxiety or at least start building up to it. They have many more stories to tell I have faith in the writers

  14. Love, love, love, this show. I’m so happy to hear that they’re wanting to finish at season 10. Yes the show has had it’s ups and downs, but honestly which show hasn’t. I look forward to seeing what they’ll come up with.

    • I hope they decide to keep it going past season 10.

  15. What the hell are they gonna’ do for TWO more years??? I mean come on, unless Sam and Dean take a page from the Internet and actually start knockin’ Fryes, ain’t nobody gonna’ be watchin.’ And if they’re seriously goin’ another two years, Jensen Ackles better get himself to a dermatologist for some Botox and some laser resurfacin . . . tout de suite. Nobody likes a craggly, wrinkly hunter. Don’t get me wrong; I love the show. But this ain’t “Friends.”

    • Friends is a sitcom man so different. I have faith in the writers they can take the show to show many more levels. This is Supernatural!

    • Dude! Jensen is 34 years old, how old are you that you think he’s too old??? O.O

      Seriously. He looks older and “wrinkly” as Dean, but that’s make-up, because his character only sleeps few hours per day and drinks too much. So yeah, they make him look stressed and tired, but Jensen is 34!

      Why the hell would a young man like him need any chemicals, are you crazy?

      He doesn’t have to look like a smooth baby-faced 16-year-old! I for one prefer men to look like men, and not young boys.

      He doesn’t need any botox or anything, it’s insulting that you think that someone in his early thirties is in need for anything like that.

      If he would be like in his late fifties, I would not gape at your comment. Holy cow. *shakes head*

    • Nonsense, Jensen looks great and don’t need botox! He’s real and accepts how he looks, that’s much better than those plastic fantasic hollywood people (they all look the same!) Please let there stay real, non fake persons on TV! Jensen is one of the most beautiful men in the world! :)

    • The actors aren’t even close to being old.

  16. Hopefully the CW will renew it for these last few seasons. I’d love to see another multi-season story-arc. Season 6 and 7 had their issues, but I still say it was better than most the other stuff on television.

  17. Jensen Ackles going the Tom Welling way of directing is a good idea. Like Tom, Jensen is very talented behind the camera and would make a great tv director. I think people can judge a show to harshly when its been on a while and dwell on the negative instead of the positve. Smallville had a solid season 8 ( People get over the no fight with Doomsday ) a fantastic season 9, and an epic season 10 to conclude a great series. No show can go on 8 plus seasons and not have a few ups and downs but I trust Jensen, Jared, and Jeremy Carver to wrap the show up in a way that pleases its longtime fans.

    • season 10 was good .. not epic in my opinon .. and there were some episodes were if felt like they were dragging it out .. but i think a season 11 with clark as superman would of been epic .. and they could of made the finale sooo much better with only a few simple changes ..

  18. Please stop this show, it should of ended in season 5. it went down hill because of the writer’s strike during season 3. And the actors look tired and bored. they’re only making polite conversation becuz of their crazy fans.

    • Obviously, you’re not a fan of the show, so I have to ask why you’re even bothering to post something here? Why be negative? There are still a LOT of true fans of the show who still support it, and want it to continue for as long as possible. Being negative only makes you look bad. If you don’t like the show, stop watching and move on, and leave the show to those of us who still care about it. Negativity isn’t needed.

      • At the recent New Jersey Convention, Jared himself said they have signed on for seaon 9 and 10 if the CW offers to renew the show. Obviously the guys are still interested.

    • im sorry dont be so negative. This show is awsome in love syfy this is the best syfy in years every one involve with this show is very talented so its wrong for you to be like this im happy for season 8 and i want 9 10 and hoefully even more or go to syfy after 10years and be anamated it bee soo cool or disney or teen nick in anamation it has so many legss and more to grow and cary on.

    • What are you talking about? Every season has been awesome.

  19. Amen, Kady

  20. Jermey carver returning is great 4 the show im loyal till the end.

  21. I am so excited for season 8 of Supernatural to be here, let alone knowing that there will be 9 and 10 too? That is just amazing news. I have been watching this show since season 1, I’ve been recommending to everybody I work with at Dish, and I would be incredibly happy if it made it to 10 seasons. Hopefully they can keep the quality up, but I have no doubt if Carver is planning on staying the whole time. I can’t wait for this season to start, especially now that I have a Hopper and I can record all of the episodes to watch over and over again and still have room for the rest of my shows. Hopefully we see an incredible season starting in October. I can’t wait!

  22. I love Supernatural. And from day one ive loved there episodes and all the years they have been on. And at the end of each year hoped there be another season so if they last to ten years im happy. I will be sad if they leave after ten but i will love that they made it to ten years. Every season as been awsome. Some episodes have dragge some but Jensen and /jarad carry the scence and episodes well that they still entertain me. Im happy for season 8 cant wait im counting down the weeks to 10 3 2012 and so want supernatural to go to ten or higher if possible. Plse keep up the good work to everyone behind and in front of the camra and yes plse give us back are beloved bobby and castle.

  23. I absolutely love this show.. and hope it continues for as long as possible! There are so many story lines that they can build with this show… I have faith in their writers and directors to continue to make an unbelievable show that has kept so many supporting and caring fans in anticipation and waiting for more!

  24. The most AMAZING television series ever! I LOVE this show So much. The actors are Amazing! The writers and director is incredible!

  25. just 10 series???? come on guys, u can do much more :)

  26. People need to stop being so hard on this show. I’ve followed it all the way from the beginning and yes, I agree that seasons 1-3 were classic and can’t be beaten but the show also had to grow. The brothers couldn’t have been chasing the same old ghosts and demons forever, that story line has played out, so let it. You still have the same great actors and interesting plots so either grow with the show or just stop watching and quit complaining. I’ve loved this show from the very beginning and still do. Yes, some episodes are better than others as well as some seasons, but I’m not going to let that ruin my whole enjoyment of this show.

    • I agree Crystal. I love Supernatural!!

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