‘Supernatural’ Season 8 Trailer: Dean Winchester’s in Purgatory

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Supernatural is one of the few remaining supernatural television shows that doesn’t even dip a toe into soap opera or romance territory (see: True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, and Teen Wolf).

After seven seasons – with the season 8 premiere less than a month away – the cult series is still equal parts action movie, horror movie, buddy cop movie, comedy, and tragedy.  The recently debuted trailer (above) for the season 8 premiere confirms that, yes, the show will continue to embrace all of those genre conventions and more. But can it find the old magic of the earlier seasons?

In the season 7 finale, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) – with the help of Castiel (Misha Collins) – killed the Big Bad Leviathan, Dick Roman, which inadvertently banished both Dean and Castiel to Purgatory (from whence the Leviathan came). The season 8 trailer indicates that after being stuck there for a year, Dean has somehow managed to escape Purgatory, which recalls the season 4 premiere that depicted him escaping hell.

It also looks like Kevin Tran (Osric Chau) – the prophet who helped the brothers defeat Roman last season – is back with more information about “The Word of God.” According to Kevin, there’s a way to “close the gates of hell” and expel all the demons from the face of the Earth. Will this be the main storyline for season 8? Maybe, maybe not, though Kevin makes it pretty clear that the Leviathan are still very much a threat.

Supernatural Season 8 Trailer Supernatural Season 8 Trailer: Dean Winchesters in Purgatory

While there were definitely bright spots throughout season 7 (Bobby’s death was particularly affecting), it’s probably not controversial to say that it was a bit of a mess overall.  Sure, the season gave Dean and Sam a single objective to focus on in the form of fighting the Leviathan – an improvement, in that respect, over season 6, which was a bit all over the place in terms of what the brothers were fighting. But the Leviathan quickly became more annoying than interesting or scary, and they were often ignored in favor of lackluster monster-of-the-week episodes, for some reason.

Pound for pound, season 6 was probably more satisfying than season 7, but it’s fair to say that the show hasn’t been the same since creator Eric Kripke left at the end of season 5. Of course, it probably helped that Kripke’s final season was the culmination of five seasons’ worth of a single storyline, one that left few dangling threads.

Hopefully, Supernatural can find its stride and get back to being one of the more consistently entertaining shows on television. Our own Anthony Occasio talked to fan-favorite writer/producer Ben Edlund about season 7′s struggles and what the show can do better in season 8, to which Edlund said:

“This season, we’re really looking at a closer point of view of human relationships again. Because they’ve gone through such operatic, massive sweeps of character and events, it’s, like, trying to get them really close to people a little bit, so that they can now remember what they’re trying to save, in a sense.”

At the very least, the show will be able to rely on the talent and chemistry of its stars, Ackles and Padelecki, who just last month signed on to play Dean and Sam Winchester through season 10.

What say you, Screen Ranters? Will you be tuning in for season 8?

Supernatural season 8 premieres Wednesday, October 3rd @9pm on The CW.


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  1. After watching the promo and seeing what other people are saying. Is this the last season for Supernatural?!

    • They’re signed through season 10. Read the article.

    • No,jensen and jared signed u till season 10 this is nt meant to be the last season!

  2. So Dean comes back after being gone for a year, Sam has moved on, has a girlfriend, his life has changed for the better…

    Hang on!

    Wasn’t that the plot for much of season 6? But the other way around?

    • Actually its same plot for season 4 when Dean was in Hell.

      • Actually it’s not. When Dean was in Hell it was only for a few months and Sam tried to get him back. The setup for Season 8 is indeed more like the plot from the beginning of Season 6, when Dean thought Sam was trapped in the Pit with Lucifer for a year while building an “apple pie life” with Lisa and Ben.

        • So Dean’s been to Hell, Heaven and now Purgatory.

          • Dude get’s around. :D

            • *gets

          • Actual Tourist Dean Winchester

    • To a certain extent but mucccch more different

      • I wouldn’t say it much different. Supernatural has been on a spin, rinse and recycle since the shows written arc finished after season 5.

  3. I’ll watch this show to the very end regardless of the quality. I can’t get enough of it!

    • i so agree the show rocks. im happy theres a good chance the show goes to number 10 hell i hope and wpi;d love it to go past ten but i guess we wait and c 4 now season premire is just around the corner CANT WAIT

  4. They’re showing how the monsters actually look? s*** just got real!

  5. Damn right, I’m gonna tune in!

  6. Of course Im in have been since season 1 and I have no intentions of stopping now. I cant wait till Oct 3rd. Supernatural is still one of the best shows on TV and I always look forward to it. Long live Sam and Dean Winchester.

  7. As long as theres monsters…..castiel, but i feel like hes going to die to get dean outta purgatory but I suppose he needs to be gone due to how strong he is.

  8. Just a few more weeks to go. Close the gates of hell permanently? Oh yes plz!

  9. I stopped after season 5. best decision I ever made.

    • How would you know? Just because some people complain? Seasons 6 and 7 had tons of excellent episodes that you missed out on.

      • I can think of only 2 truly great episodes in season 6-7.

    • Just curious, if you stopped watching then why are you reading this article and commenting?

  10. SPOILERS MUCH? Whats up with the major spoiler in the title?!?!?!

    I am only half way through season 7.

    A little consideration for the fans who haven’t caught up would be nice.

    • Yeah, it’s like in the podcasts where they sometimes just drop major plot points during their raves and rants discussions with a trailing “Spoiler Alert” remark that is about as useful as a snooze button on a smoke alarm.

    • @ Kevin Micheal films

      well yeah that is your fault for not watching the show?

  11. I am very excited for this season… I am curious about Dean’s and Cas’ time in purgatory… and Kevin Tran is turning into a very great recurring character IMHO.

    I hope we get to see a few old faces in purgatory… some fan-favorite MOTW can never hurt :D

    I have much faith in Jeremy Carver… he wrote some of my all-time favorite episodes (e.g.Changing Channels), so I am looking forward to this story-arc he seems to want to make for the final 3 seasons.

  12. Watching the trailer now, makes me glad I stopped watching after Season 5.

  13. Dean adn Sam RULES, This is the Sickest Show on the Planet. Never missed a episode. IM kinda gutted im going to have to go back to the 1 show a week . It just gets better and better or they do :-). fair enough 6 and 7 story lines could have been better but to be honest, i watch it for the chemistry between Dean and Sam. They work soooo well together makes me wish i had a relationship like that despite its trials. Supernatural is more about FAMILY than Ghouls and Monsters!

  14. Dean looks awesome in fighting mode!!!! Poor Cas looks done-in – hopefully Dean can pull him out of his gloom. Sam looks like he just got back from a sunny vacation – Tut, tut Sammy leaving Kevin, Dean, Cas and the rest of the world to their fates – Haha just kidding!! But, I do have to ask what the heck was Sam doing with all the supernatural knowledge that he has over the past year??? Anyways, can’t wait to find out about all of them! Rock on Season 8!!

  15. Yea!! Dean is gonna kick some a$$ this season!!!

  16. I still don’t know what everyone has against the Leviathan. They worked like humans to eliminate humans as the top of the food chain just going to show why mankind is the worst monster in existence. Well done, season 7, well done.

  17. When the Series finally comes to an end , I’d like to see an appearance by John Winchester .



    • Speak up, i can’t hear you…

      Anyway, i agree with the post about the spoiler in the title, in the UK we are only a few episodes into the first showing of season 7,

  20. the comments are harsh.. i would say that now its a time to stop making film on supernatural power etc. now its internet age.

  21. Both the fact that they replaced the showrunner and moved it to primetime shows that the show is going to be good again and they know it. Why would a studio give a show with sinking ratings and a bad last season (or two) another chance otherwise? Judging by all the comments made by Carver and co., they know what needs fixing and have figured out how to do it. And really, with this show, not much is needed to fix it any way, because it’s awesome at its worst. In other words, just bring back classic rock, the Impala, regular Cas, and back-country horror adventures. Corporate monster takedowns don’t gel with Supernatural’s world.

  22. last season was a mess, the leviathans were nothing except for Dick. I absolutely loved him

  23. Personally, i think they should’ve stopped after season 5 and not just that but, it should have ended without them showing Sam coming back like that. It just ruined the whole moment you get caught up in from Chuck telling their story.

  24. I will tune in for season 8, 10, 20… I love “Supernatural” I’m a die hard fan. Best supernatural series since Buffy the Vampire Slayer!!!

  25. I have always been a fan of supernatural n have seen all the series over n over I like how they use legends n myths rather just making crap up but we do need to see an improvement in series 8 the writers seem to be running out of ideas they either need sum fresh blood or a new writer (sorry guys I no u work hard) but there are so many things they cud use there are so many different religions n myths that surround them so time to hit the books I think I’m glad the boys have signed till season 10 but can the writers make it till them god I hope so just an idea but have they ever thought of using nephilim that shud get u thru a few episodes maybe a season if they don’t push it.

  26. Ive loved the show from start to end think season 7 lacked the omg factor but neva the less cnt wait for 8 would love to see chuck reveal who he really is as thay seemed to be a loose end and maybe the boys could be reunited with both parents briefly other than that bring on 8 9 and 10

  27. They’re obviously not going to close Hell’s Gate permanently, something is bound to go wrong. There’s no Supernatural without demons.
    But I hope we get more Cas this season. Definately the GREATEST show on television. Always will be. <3

  28. Wonder what it’s going to be like with all this and Leviathans running wild.

  29. supernatural is a awesome show.
    people complaining about season 6 and 7 of not working out are wrong,though they were not as much as till season 5 but there were many nice episodes and always is fun to watch supernatural.