‘Supernatural’ Season 8 – Will You Be Tuning In?

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supernatural season 81 Supernatural Season 8   Will You Be Tuning In?

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Like many series its age, Supernatural has had its fair share of problems during its seventh year on the air. But after seeing the Supernatural season 7 finale, has the series once again righted itself? And, more importantly, will you be tuning in when Supernatural makes its move to Wednesday for season 8?

From the continuous episodic stories that rarely progressed the plot, to the introduction of one of the most powerful, though completely non-frightening, monsters in supposed series history, many fans were worried that perhaps their favorite series had lost its way. While the season 7 finale did little prove that the series will be returning to a familiar, enjoyable path, perhaps there’s still hope for Supernatural season 8.

Splitting up Sam and Dean for the beginning of next season, there’s at least a tangible obstacle for one of the Winchesters to overcome.With Dean being stuck in Purgatory with (maybe) Castiel, it’ll be interesting to see the series depict a setting that has only been described up until this point, even within its limited budget.

That being said, who knows exactly how long Sam and Dean will be separated. While the character of Dean has previously carried long story-arcs on his own, the general uncertainty that Sam is left in really doesn’t provide for a compelling lengthy solo storyline. With Crowley and Castiel (hopefully) returning, perhaps the producers will make use of those rich characters to help Supernatural make its way out of its unfortunate season 7 hole.

That said, it’s doubtful that many fans will give much leeway to the series spending any significant amount of time with Castiel’s “issues,” there’s more than enough depth to all of the series’ characters to craft some type of competent storyline that will somehow make us forget all about the Leviathan. Perhaps one that builds towards providing a definite end to the series as a whole?

While we’ll have to wait until this fall to see how Supernatural responds to this season’s complaints, it’s hard to believe that Supernatural would return to the path that caused so many problems for the series during season 7. With former series writer Jeremy Carver taking over for Sera Gamble as showrunner in season 8, as well as fan-favorites Ben Edlund and Adam Glass remaining on the series, Supernatural still contains the same high caliber of talent that it always had.

They just need to put it to good use.

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Supernatural season 8 premieres Wednesday @9pm on The CW this fall.

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  1. season 7 was the worst one

    most of the season we didn’t see the “baby”

    the leviathan didn’t feal like supernatural bat more like science creachers
    i mean borex…… come on
    can copy humen with DNA

    no cass

    and et the end deans new leather jacket ……

    bat it was fun to watch anyway

    • I agree with you to an extent. I am positive season 8 will be better. Season 7 was still more fun to watch then many series’s out der.:))

    • I disagree 100% Why? Because, it doesn’t matter who or want kind of creatures are in this season. It just matters that Sam is okay, after his hard fall when Castiel brought the wall down. I love Supernatural with all of my heart. Even though, I don’t watch it on T.V because I get tired of waiting a WEEK for one episode so, I just wait until it comes out on DVD. :)

  2. I was disappointed that Jim Beaver had decided to leave the show. I don’t know what’s going to happen to the “Boys” with their father figure gone. I was hoping, since Cas returned, that he would do his Angel magic and make Bobby alive again. The guys have lost so much, why did they have to loose Bobby too? I was excited to learn that Misha Collins was returning as Cas but the return left a lot to be desired. Give him back his Angel mojo and let the guys have some happiness for crying out loud.

    • Jim Beaver didn’t decide to leave the show, the writers decided kill his character to tell another story. He didn’t want to leave, but at the same time accepted the decision.

      • I can’t believe they decided to kill off Jim Beaver (Bobbie), I love his character on the show.. I’m very disappointed they took that approach! although I still love the show.. I was greatly disappointed to see him go.. I hope they bring him back somehow.. the show won’t be the same without him! sob

  3. Supernatural NEEDS to go back to basics! The best seasons were the first three. Hunt monsters and get away from the angels and demons!!!

    • They will be able to go back to hunting pagan gods, monsters and ghosts IF they can permanetly close the gates of hell. No more angels and demons!This is what the season 8 arc is about. Whoever thought of this idea should get the extra cookie.

  4. I cant wait till season 8 starts!!! I loved every season of supernatural!! Team Sammy!!! :)

  5. I cant wait till season 8 starts!!! I loved every season of Supernatural!! Team Sammy!!!

  6. I love the show an I know sometime you have to mix it up sometime an I love that to but I just have to know is this the last season cuz I see a clip of what’s the new season is going to be about an it look like its going to be good.

    • Probably not going to be the last season. The boys are signed for two more years after this season and the CW president wants to keep SN going beyond this year.

  7. Crowley himself couldn’t keep me away from Supernatural. I love every bit of news I’ve heard regarding season 8.

  8. I loved season 7. Of course, I’ve loved all the seasons. I love this show and think even when the writers stumble a bit, it still beats anything else on tv, so all is good in my opinion. Can’t wait for season 8. Team Winchester forever!!

  9. No Way..
    Supernatural has to be shown again. this season. It would not be the same if Sam and Dean were not in it. I know I look forward to the show each wednesday.
    It would be sad if there was no show this season. Wow.. no way.. it has to be on again.

  10. omg cant wait to see how dean is going to get out of pergatory!!! xD

    • So true dude I want to see that.

  11. what about the many story lines that they started but never finished ? for example, that episode where the found that 11 year old who was tha “anti-christ” ? i’d love to see what happened to him

  12. I cant wait untill season 8 starts. Team Dean is the best. :)

  13. supernatural is awesome whatever they do cant wait for season 8 team DEAN all the way.

  14. Season 7 was one of my favourites. It renewed my faith in the show after the epic failure that was season 6. I almost stopped watching altogether many times trying to get through season 6, from the first episode of season 7 I was hooked

    i like all seasons and didnt find anything wrong with the 7th i loved it to and guarentee season 8 wont let me down etheir i still watch the season over and over again on dvd cause i have the first 6 on dvd and am getting season 7 soon

  16. Question, I know they are premearing it on the CW but they cut that channel out no ? I’m from NY BTW. The CW isn’t channel 11 anymore what is it now ?

  17. good day

    Supernatural is a fantantic series — excellent acting, exciting episodes (keep you on the edge of your seat) Season 8 will be fantastic

  18. Suprrnatural is beast, deans pro and sams cool. what channel will it be on in England on sky? Follow me on twitter email: curtisheslop_1@hotmail.co.uk.

    • It’s shown on livingtv in the uk xx

  19. Supernatural??
    With it to the very end.

    I loved Season 7 as much as other seasons and I am very eager on the season 8 which is being released…5 hrs from now.

    I won’t deny the fact that it had been a little off sometimes but this happens to every tv show. However, it is no much to the entertainment am receiving from it.

    I am certainly going to miss Bobby but it has to come to a time where the main characters pass away.

    Awaiting Season 8…

  20. to me supernatural never lost its mojo and yet again the WINCHESTERS are back , surely leviathans weren’t that scary but the series did held a lot of suspense and now after watching season 8′s episode one i’m so glad that i started watching the show

  21. i just wanted to say that i’ve been with supernatural as a show for only a short time now…really ever since they started to rerun it on TNT. after that I watched the whole series online and wow…just wow. a great show.

    season 7 had to its misfires especially in my opinion leviathans. they just don’t have that same evil umph the demons walk around with.

    saw the first episode of season 8 and i’m back again.

  22. I don’t think seasons seven was that bad not much different from the other. I think season 8 will be awesome because there are so many ways the story could go and I love supernatural and all the characters. I can’t wait until season 8! I just finished watching season 7 on ITunes and I am jonesing for more!

  23. I don’t think season seven was that bad and i think season 8 will be awesome because there are so many ways the story could go. I love supernatural and all the characters! I can’t wait until season 8! I just finished watching season 7 on ITunes and I am jonesing for more!

  24. Personally i am a long term fan that has enjoyed EVERY season of Supernatural and cant to see what season eight brings as i hope it continues to go to season ten! Xx

  25. I am a HUGE fan of supernatural :) I watch it everyday on Netflix and after watching the last episode of supernatural (not knowing that it was the last episode) i whent back to watch another episode and when it started at season 1 I freaked I had to see when the next season started. I hope Castiel get “fixed” and Sam gets out of purgatory fast!!!


    i love supernatural …i heard they gonna end it with season 10 ..thats aweful ..atleast make 20 seasons..

    i cant wait to see bros…dean rocksss.keep it up guys..

  27. R there any plans for a movie? I always think its a great way to end the series (not that I want it to end anytime soon) it puts the real importance that the finale should have.

  28. I asked myself who is writing this article and had he or she ever seen a episode?
    I don’t know why season 7 should be so worse. I liked it….

  29. all of the seasons are great ….can’t wait for season 8 to come out on dvd …i watch it ever week but still love to start from to begining

    • i have all the series on dvd i get season 8 for xmas, i watch them every day while i have brekkie which can last for 3 hours, know them off by heart, they should have quizes on them, is it true you can buy them in books , like chuck wrote