‘Supernatural’ Season 8 – Will You Be Tuning In?

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supernatural season 81 Supernatural Season 8   Will You Be Tuning In?

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Like many series its age, Supernatural has had its fair share of problems during its seventh year on the air. But after seeing the Supernatural season 7 finale, has the series once again righted itself? And, more importantly, will you be tuning in when Supernatural makes its move to Wednesday for season 8?

From the continuous episodic stories that rarely progressed the plot, to the introduction of one of the most powerful, though completely non-frightening, monsters in supposed series history, many fans were worried that perhaps their favorite series had lost its way. While the season 7 finale did little prove that the series will be returning to a familiar, enjoyable path, perhaps there’s still hope for Supernatural season 8.

Splitting up Sam and Dean for the beginning of next season, there’s at least a tangible obstacle for one of the Winchesters to overcome.With Dean being stuck in Purgatory with (maybe) Castiel, it’ll be interesting to see the series depict a setting that has only been described up until this point, even within its limited budget.

That being said, who knows exactly how long Sam and Dean will be separated. While the character of Dean has previously carried long story-arcs on his own, the general uncertainty that Sam is left in really doesn’t provide for a compelling lengthy solo storyline. With Crowley and Castiel (hopefully) returning, perhaps the producers will make use of those rich characters to help Supernatural make its way out of its unfortunate season 7 hole.

That said, it’s doubtful that many fans will give much leeway to the series spending any significant amount of time with Castiel’s “issues,” there’s more than enough depth to all of the series’ characters to craft some type of competent storyline that will somehow make us forget all about the Leviathan. Perhaps one that builds towards providing a definite end to the series as a whole?

While we’ll have to wait until this fall to see how Supernatural responds to this season’s complaints, it’s hard to believe that Supernatural would return to the path that caused so many problems for the series during season 7. With former series writer Jeremy Carver taking over for Sera Gamble as showrunner in season 8, as well as fan-favorites Ben Edlund and Adam Glass remaining on the series, Supernatural still contains the same high caliber of talent that it always had.

They just need to put it to good use.

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Supernatural season 8 premieres Wednesday @9pm on The CW this fall.

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  1. At first I loved that Supernatural reverted back to the type of structure it started with (separate episodes that stood apart with Sam and Dean killing monsters and ghosts), but I quickly tired of it and longed for the continuing of intertwining stories of the last few seasons. Season 7 absolutely left fans (at least me) wanting something more. I was nervous for where the season finale would take the characters as it seemed so cut and dry with nothing left to give. However, the last 5 minutes of the season finale leave me ready for the next season and more excited for it than I have been before. This will be a new route for the show. Sam and Dean have been separated before, but we have never seen them both on their own at the same time. SO EXCITED!

  2. omg love it, so what one hick up in a season but look at smallville after season 6 when of track but supernatural has a better following, i cant wait for season 8 going to be amazing !

  3. I reckon putting it on Wednesday and getting rid of Gamble is the best thing for it! Hopefully many more seasons to come :D

    • i believe that saying “getting rid of Gamble” is a personal attack! SERA ROCKS! i dont see you producing or writing on this show that we all LOVE TO WATCH and talk about…so…Apologies from Jimmy, anyone?

    • Implying that Sera Gamble was a terrible showrunner is not a personal attack, it’s a statement of painfully obvious fact.

  4. Jared said he was looking forward to having some Sam apart from Dean time, although the impetus for me is seeing the brothers’ relationship. And Cas needs to be himself again. Crowley seems to have some real power now, so I expect he will be causing Sam some problems. Wonder if Meg is done for good.

  5. Smallville will alwyays be greater than Supernatural, no doubt about that

    • Dude, stop trolling. Supernatural is hands down the better show.

    • Nope Smallville can’t beat Supernatural with a ten foot pole let alone anything else. Supernatural is just that great. They don’t say what happens to angels when they die and maybe Gabriel and Balthazar will be reintroduced in season eight. Those angels are awesome!!! As well as Castiel obviously but we already have him back!!!!

      • So can you explain why Smallville’s ratings were always higher than Supernatural, by a factor of millions?

        • That’s ones easy….Because they had all this attention to these love stories behind the action so you had millions of teenage girls tuned in…Just like with all these vampire movies and series. Supernatural has more of a base appeal to guys than women because they generally stay away from the soap opera approach. Even when Dean was playing house there for a while it still was a story about good batteling evil and all that grey territory in between.

          All those Vamp shows and Smallville get huge ratings because they get a lot of females tuning in for the love story more than the action story…Fortunately there’s still a few shows like Supernatural that keeps a good story line without the soap…..Hey…Us guys ned a few shows that haven’t become mush buckets…..And I say this as someone who owns all but the last season of Smallville

          • As a girl who’s watched both Smallville and Supernatural I must admit, Supernatural is so much better. I agree that Smallville’s higher ratings were due to the love stories which attract female viewers but Supernatural is an awesome show without all that mush.
            The ending of season 7 was intense and I will definitely be tuning in for the next season!

          • Yes, Smallville was a booring soap opera. So much of tv now is for girls, it’s nice to see a guy show once in a while.

          • I am a female, and I watch both shows too. But honestly, I like Supernatural more than Smallville.

          • Supernatural has a fan base that has many females. While I have never gone to a convention, if you look on You Tube you will find that there are mainly women there in the audience. A good portion of them are probibly there because the guys are not hard on the eyes. I am a fan of the show because I like the scary stories, the humor, and the car. However, you did state something I agree with. There are other shows that have a large fan base because of the love stories and Supernatural lacks that. I am greatful that the writers have not turned this show into a soap opera and I hope they continue with the format that makes this a good show- creature of the week.

          • As a girl, I would say that Supernatural is in fact better than smallville as well. Shows like vampire diaries is just mushy romance that reminds me of a better version of twilight except that the series also has a witch in it. Supernatural is unique!

        • The time it was on may have something to do with it reaching awider audiance

    • You are kidding… right!

  6. Ofcourse I will watch it. The show might not be as good as it used to but it is still entertaining and one of my favorites. It would be a miracle to go seven years and not have a bad year. It happens.

  7. As a huge fan of the show, i can honestly say that Sera did make a mistake. But it wasn’t with season 7. It was the path she chose for season 6 that people lost their faith in Sera which is unfortunate for her. She was trying to reinvent the show into something that everyone has and hasn’t seen already, but combining the two into something unique. Jeremy Carver is now showrunner and i think his job will be excellent. He understands the characters and he understands what the people want and hopefully he’ll work with that. Dean will be brough back in either the first or second episode of the new season, but i dont think that Cas will, which will be a sub-plot for the show. Crowley is crowned top bad guy and thats a great approach for the show because Crowley is a fan favorite who with his demon charm can entice the entire SPN family. When Dean returns, he’s going to return to a surprise, either Crowley’s master plan or its going to be a search and destroy mission thusly leaving the show open to being minor hunts. Either way, season 8 can be good, or can it be mediocre, because lets face Supernatural is never terrible. EVER!!!

    The cliffhanger had me gaspng for breath, probably the most surprising as endings, since it came as quite a shock, lets just see what happens next.

    • I agree that season 7 was a disappointment, with the laviathons; they should have held out longer on Lillith…the finale went with a bang, obviously leaving us fans to wonder what’s next..i own season 4 5 and 6 on DVD and i think those were the best days where the angels fought, the demons…and what happened to sam’s psychic stuff? maybe i missed too much to comment about, but I gotta tell ya, i really hope season 8 delivers…there are tons more lore that that they can use to seperate each episode about the real problems going on for the brothers like they did in the past..i’m sad to see Bobby Singer go also, but i guess they can only use up a character so much…just some thoughts,,

    • I agree!

  8. Heck Freakin YES!
    supernatural was and always will be amazing. it’s better than any show that’s airing on TV atm!!

  9. I love every single episode and every single season of supernatural! The show and the characters are amazing!!! I even loved season 7! All of it was great!!! Season 8 can’t come any sooner… and neither can season 100!!!!!

    • you are not the only one i watched all the seasons for a while on tv then got out of it and started watching them all again and i still wait every week since i dont have the ability to watch them on tv i watch them online and i know the exact day they come up its all great i loved every season and i agree first show to 100 seasons!!!

  10. The season finale was great!! I did not expect dean to go to purgatory i think crowly will end up being the big time bad guy for s8 an im not to sure if thats a good idea….the problem with supernatural is season 5 ended the show lets be real….s5 was suppose to be it and they brought it back…but the worst thing a show can do is back track…s6 was great at first because we wanted to know how sam came back from hellnand him having no soul was genius but the season jump around way to much between eve crowly and then stopping cas season 8 needs to be epic and as much as i love supernatural the show needs to end at s8 bobby dead now for good :( bring the show to an epic end but make sam and dean happy!

  11. one other problem about the season 7 (and maybe the rest of the show) is that god and all the angles are gone and that makes the upstairs too empty. before when there was a problem we were expecting an interference from an angle or someone from a higher power but now there are only demons and some ghosts here and there. the balance of power is gone and they need to bring back god in my opinion (or maybe they should try again to locate and convince god to comeback). a god that doesn’t interfere but at least he can recreate heaven

    • I think there was a cliffhanger at the end of season 5 that most people didn’t catch. That was when Chuck (the Profit) miraculously brought to life after being blown apart by Zachariah and then disappeared.

      who was he really? God maybe?

      I think season 8 can bring him back to help Sam and Dean back together and restore the power balance.

      • Also… I think for Dean to get out of Purgatory he may have to rely on Castiel to help guide him as Virgil did with Dante in the Divine Comedy.

      • Umm….you know that wasn’t Chuck who exploded, right? That was Castiel, and God (supposedly) brought him back. But now that I’m thinking about it, Cas was blown apart twice in that episode – once when he was protecting Chuck, and another time when he pissed off Lucifer at the graveyard.

  12. Supernatural is awesome! It always surprises me. Jensen and Jared are terrific, but I want to see more dialogue between them- I posted recently about the dialogue between Sam & Dean in “Hunted” but I meant ” Born Under a Bad Sign” Sam & Dean need to talk about what’s going on- the writers shouldn’t rely on their facial expressions (which do say a lot)- but I need to hear the words- I’m sorry to see Bobby go, but it was the right thing to do. I hope Dean isn’t in Purgatory long- I want them to get away from such unbelievable monsters- I think it would have been more scary to show Dean in the dark forest alone without the red eyed sci-fi creatures lurking close- Crowley is a great foe and it is great that they still have Cas, even though he’s a little off his rocker- I’m glad that Cas saw a hint of forgiveness in Dean- Of course, I was thrilled to see the impala return, it doesn’t look like this finale damaged it too much

  13. Since Dean is in purgatory, I think they almost definitely have him meet some of his old foes. Remember, purgatory is where the dead monsters go and Dean has killed a lot of monsters, who, I am sure, want some revenge. I don’t think killing Dick will solve all of their leviathan problems – I mean, the demons always seem to get a new boss (the Yellow-Eyed Demon, Lucifer, Crowley), and the leviathans are said to be smarter. I can’t wait for season eight.

  14. The only thing I didn’t like about season 7 was the lack of deans ’67 impala…. I watch this show faithfully because I like how the story keeps changing and facing my boys with different problems. Ya the Leviathin was a bit drug out, but still a nail biter and had me hooked. I’m happy that Dick is gone, he bugged me with his voice and how he talked and smiled! I will def be watching season 8 and every other season they make, I have all the seasons on dvd and watch them all the time. I wish I could be in an episode of Supernatural! That is my dream! I mean 3 hot guys, (Cas, Dean, Sam) and a HOT CAR! What more does the series need?

  15. Worst Supernatural season finale of all time. Absolutely no danger or drama, really dull up until the last few minutes. What a huge disappointment from a disappointing season. I’m very glad that Sera Gamble is gone, she steered the ship well and truly onto the rocks.

  16. I liked all the seasons of Supernatural, I’m sad to see Bobby go but they had to stick to the story line they wrote for ghost becomming vengeful.
    As for God and all the angels being gone, God is isn’t gone that’s why Castiel keeps being rezzed. In my personal opinion I would like to see castiel get back to his old self and try to redeem himself,God may be testing him to make him an arch angelor something. Dean and Sam have had their issues with each other over the last several seasons. I can see them being stronger now than ever as far as team work goes, that being said It would be cool to see the conflict between the angels in heaven end with a new devil being cast down to overtake Crowley and Castiel maybe becomming a new arch angel that helps sam and dean defeat the bad guys up there. Idk, I’m just spouting possible plots for the future.

  17. im just really curious how they are going to continue, because i was thinking about the season six finale when castiel absorbed all those soals and season 7 episode 1 when he put them back into purgatory and where im getting at is how are they going to get dean out without risking releasing all the monsters and laviathins back to earth i just cant see it being cut and dry with no angel help and the only angel that would help is cas but hes crazy now so i doubt he will if he even can, curious curious curious…

    • They mentioned mid way through season 6, that a monster managed to escape purgatory in a different manner. It was the HP Lovecraft/ Dragon episode I believe.

  18. I hope they cx this garbage. Who watches the CW anyway.

  19. I have enjoyed every season, especially 1-5 with the Lucifer story arc ever-present, leading up to the apocalypse. Glad Gamble is gone. She was always real snobby on stage during there comic-con sessions.

  20. I think season 8 will be the last season. I’m having a thought that purgatory will be linked somehow to getting rid of every monster period, except ghosts of course. It’s far-fetched but it’s not totally impossible with the creative minds writing the show. And from the looks of things I think Cas did get his right mind back somehow. He didn’t say one stupid thing or have that slow look in his face when he and Dean got to purgatory. I hope it’s epic as hell though.

    • Season 8 won’t be the last. They announced that they are not planing to end the series with season 8.

  21. No. Stopped watching this show after the real series finale at the conclusion of season five. I’m not sure why this show is even still on television, except for corporate greed. Kripke stepping down as show runner was an omen that foreshadowed the downfall of the show in terms of storytelling, which should be the purpose of the show. To tell compelling stories. There havent been any compelling stories since Kripke left, IMO. It’s past time to put this show out of its misery.

    • The show is still on television becouse it is a great show. Some of the episodes might not be that great but every show has it’s ups and downs.. But still it’s worth watching!

      • The greatness of the show is debatable. IMO, I certainly wouldn’t call the post S5 seasons great. Disappointing and underwhelming would be a more apt description. The CREATOR and primary show runner only planned for four-five seasons. The main story is concluded. The show should’ve ended with integrity and on a high note. But instead, CW is just gonna keep renewing Supernatural ala Smallville. The show is already a shadow of its former self. It’s time for Supernatural to end.

        • You know, that ‘five year plan’ urban legend needs to be salted and burned. Did you miss the part where Kripke later admitted he said it to the Brass to encourage a renewal because he never believed it would get that far? As early as 2006 during S2 he’s on record as saying in a TV Guide interview: “For the show to be the six-/seven-year player that I want it to be . . .”
          If seasons 6 & 7 aren’t to your taste, fine. But don’t support your dislike with the mythical 5 year plan.

          • Very true. There was never an actual five year plan. Kripke didn’t even think it would make it to S3. But he uses the five year plan excuse to convince the CW exec to continue the show. It was like ‘hey there, we want to continue the show! See, we have a five years plan storyline! Give us five years!’ Remember, when he first started he mention there would be no religious aspect in the show & suddenly in S4 angels appear. The actual storyline was even two journalist going around writing or investigating about ghost & not two brothers. Somehow, they got J2 & the brothers chemistry just works. I think its awesome that SPN is still on today. The show had evolve well.

    • Why you commenting if you been gone for 3 years?

  22. I love Supernatural, it is one of the best shows ever. Although some of the episodes in season 7 weren’t that great the finale was just awesome. I actually liked season 6, i don’t think it was bad at all and I’m looking forward to season 8 and hopefully many more to come!!

    • I agree with this. I do not ever think the show is bad. For me the main draw of the show has always been the main characters Sam and Dean then of course characters like Castiel and such sweeten the deal. THEN its been about all things supernatural. all though its second its still vital yes, and I do feel that season 7 had a few dull moments but I still loved every episode regardless. The finale and not end of leviathans but essentially what should be the end was a little sudden over. It felt to me like maybe they were trying to appease all the outcrys of fans to get rid of em, they could have had it planned from the start not like I can say that for fact just felt that way. Also imo this season finale was the best to me it was just epic and it was heightened by that ending shot of dean in purgatory all the red eyes and such and the shadows swirling and cas just poofed total and epic cliffhanging. I do hope he doesnt just poof out and should instead be there awhile perhaps or if he does get out maybe they can have some way to get back in with sam or maybe even just have monsters escape. It all depends but they definately feel like they’re putting some heavy focus on purgatory which is where all monsters go when they die so maybe its a soon to be end for the show. I honestly say an end to the show would suck. I mean there is just SO MUCH LORE and a lot of the episodes in general are them just hunting and such then advancing some bigger plot in smaller strides so since theres so much mythical lore to use Supernatural feels like it shouldnt end up ending lol.

  23. It pains me to say this, but I absolutely hated this season. Aside from the first two episodes, I’ve never been this bored with a season of Supernatural before, and that’s saying a lot. Sure, some seasons had way too many Monsters of the Week episodes, but at least the plot was well worth the wait between arc central episodes. Season 7 was the complete opposite. Not only was it boring, but they also used killing off Bobby as a way to spice up the season and make it more interesting. And the Leviathans, who I was extremely excited to see portrayed on screen, were a complete disappointment with their “We’re going to eat all the humans” scheme. I say good riddance to Sera Gamble. She’s proven this season that she doesn’t have what it takes to craft an entertaining season of Supernatural. Hopefully Jeremy Carver will bring some semblance of life to the next season. If not, they might have just lost me as a viewer, because then, the show will have become the one thing that Eric Kripke was afraid it would turn into – a joke.

  24. Just bring back Sam’s powers!!!

  25. Personally, I have loved every episode of every season, I could never get bored of it and will definitely be tuning in for each episode of season 8. I can’t wait!

  26. Season 7 fell a bit short of my expectations but it was still great.
    I’d love love love for Adam (the other brother) to be brought back!
    The show’s core has always been about family bonds, but more specifically brotherhood. I think it’d make the most sense for Adam to be ‘saved’.
    I also think that if the CW is moving the show to a week night then it must have faith in the next season.
    I’m excited to see how season 8 will pan out (:

  27. I just “discovered” Supernatural this past winter and ended up watching from the beginning thanks to DVDS and Netflix and then digging up Season 7′s episodes online until I caught up with what was airing on TV.

    At first, I thought I wasn’t enjoying season 7 due to having to wait week to week for new episodes – I’m extremely impatient. lol

    But glad to know that my passion for the show wasn’t fizzling but the general consensus is that this season was not the best season in the series.

    I just didn’t enjoy the Leviathan plot line and I missed the go out and kill off/take care of other monsters and supernatural beings that was a key element in the other seasons.

    Honestly, I’d keep watching even if the show tanked completely because I have to get my Jensen/Dean fix. But I definitely prefer for the stories to be good. :-)

    Looking forward to Season 8 and beyond.

  28. I enjoyed this finale more than the sixth season finale for sure. Although I do hope little time is spent dispacthing the remaining leviahtan in season 8. THANK GOD Gamble is no longer showrunner she was thoroughly running the series into the ground. The weird amount filler episodes this season made me dislike it more way than season six. I will be interested to see how purgatory is depicted for sure and as for Sam being on his own….. well he can ask Sheriff Mills for some help seeing as how she is like the only living ally the boys have besides DJ Qualls (can’t remember his character name). I wonder since 8 will probably be the last season if they will finally Kill Crowley, he has screwed the boys over majorly in the finale and I think in the end he deserves his die. If this is the final season I want a good amount of good guest appearances from seasons past including Jeffrey Dean Morgan (hopefully he could find a break to do an appearance). Definitely the weakest season in my opinion but the sixth season finale was worse in my opinion. Hope things end on a good note for the Winchesters.

  29. I think what they need to do in season 8 is deal more with heaven. They have been going for a couple seasons now with this war of the angels. There has been no true go to show up yet and now that Dean is in purgatory and Sam is alone going up against Crowly and laviathins, they are going to need someone with some power. This will most likely be the last season sadly, therefore I think that they should bring on the almighty.

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