‘Supernatural’ Season 8 Premiere Review & Discussion

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supernatural season 8 premiere sam dean Supernatural Season 8 Premiere Review & Discussion

After Supernatural season 7 left much to be desired, all eyes were on the longtime series as it makes its way into season 8 – which we now know may lead to season 10. Bringing in former Supernatural writer Jeremy Carver as showrunner, has the series been able to right itself from past mistakes, returning the series to its former, leviathan-less self?

The Supernatural season 8 premiere picks up one year after the events of the season 7 finale, where we find Dean (Jensen Ackles) escaping Purgatory and Sam (Jared Padalecki) in love. This storyline essentially mirrors the season 6 beginning where Dean had found love and Sam escaped from Lucifer’s cage, so it’s not surprising that more than a few moments feel eerily, then awkwardly, similar to scenes we’ve seen before, now in reverse.

The entirety of the premiere’s intended tale is interesting enough: reuniting the Winchester brothers and slightly revealing a seasonal arc, with perhaps a few candidates for season 8 foe. Still, the episode is not exactly the return to form fans had been waiting for. Instead of a clear, direct focus about what’s actually occurring, audiences are met with more of a mish-mash of past season storylines needing to be cleaned up and hints at oddities that happened during the time jump in the series (including Sam’s dog).

While the premier should have been focusing on establishing a strong start to a (now) planned three season arc, it spends much of the time attempting to make sense of where season 7 unfortunately left them, quickly slipping in hints of an important artifact – one that references a Hell Gate. Lacking the familiar faces of Castiel (Misha Collins) and Bobby (Jim Beaver), the attempt to return the series to its intimate roots feels all but loss as the inclusion of so many additional characters makes the episode itself feel crowded. The need to create an emotional tie to Kevin (Osric Chau), the Prophet, is necessary, but the teeny-bopper transition the episode took in order to include his former girlfriend in the story felt unnecessary, resulting in some of the episode’s weakest scenes. Fortunately the series makes use of its aced sleeve, Crowley (Mark Sheppard), to help smooth over many of the episodes rough spots.

supernatural season 8 premiere crowley Supernatural Season 8 Premiere Review & Discussion

When the episode isn’t following the Prophet on the run, we’re left with the anticipated reunion of Sam and Dean. Considering Supernatural viewers have gone through enough of these reunions, they all tend to have a similar flow to them, catching everyone up on what important information we need to know about what was missed. However, this reunion largely failed to do that. Given the likelihood that Dean’s friend is going to soon become an enemy, too much time was spent on highlighting the hidden communication between the two, instead of cluing audiences in on why we should at all care about this character who didn’t exist last season. This would also help reveal more of what happened to Dean in Purgatory – something that this episode lacked.

For the first time Supernatural fans got a glimpse into one of the often talked about settings in the series mythos, seeing exactly what type of hell our favorite characters find themselves in. Aside from a few lines citing terrible things, the only thing we saw of Purgatory was fighting in the woods. Not terribly terrifying or challenging – at least from what we’ve currently seen – but still something we’re supposed to believe drove Castiel to “give up,” or to cause Dean to hush up about it upon questioning from Sam. Perhaps something that would have been better sold if we had Castiel present in some fashion. But, alas, not yet.

Right now we’ve got a Prophet that’s likeable at best, Crowley chasing after the Word of God, a friendly Leviathan making secret phone calls, and a “given up” Castiel waiting to make his return (along with someone else). This isn’t exactly returning to form. After last season’s Leviathan-filled storyline, many were waiting on the producers’ promise to return the series to its former self. Instead of epic battles involving every mythical and religious figure, the series was going to create a more emotionally intimate tale with the brothers at its core.

supernatural season 8 premiere prophet Supernatural Season 8 Premiere Review & Discussion

Because there’s so much going on in the Supernatural season 7 premiere, often jumping from the past and present, it’s difficult to get that familiar sense of an epic adventure waiting to occur. While there’s no doubt that Supernatural can still deliver such things, the premiere felt too chaotic to get a real sense about what the future of this season holds, or whether the promise of returning to its roots will be met.

Hopefully the push for a premiere next to the Presidential Debates, leaving episode 2 to follow the highly-anticipate Arrow premiere, is a sign that it’s a strong episode the network wants to pair with such a publicized premiere. So, like many Supernatural fans have done as of recent, we’ll just have to continue to wait and see.


Supernatural airs Wednesday @9pm on CW

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  1. I think Sam should have kept the Hammer of Thor! could have made an awesome weapon and a little story of the gods trying to get it from him! also!!!! they should have Cain as an enemy from Purgatory since Cain was the first human to kill n was marked by god it could make an interesting story, Abel tries to help the brothers but again they need their vessels maybe but theres no way to keep them out so they on the run. summit like that!

    • I like your idea! That`s would be really great!. Try to submit it to the movie makers))))))

  2. Michael and Lucifer, Abel and Cain, Dean and Sam, lots of parallels there

  3. I just finished watching “bitten” . It was awful. I love the show and the actors but this one was silly. The two lead actors showed up during the story in bits here and there. Lets hope the writers do better or there won’t be a season 9.

  4. This is by far the worst episode you have ever aired for this show. I am so disappointing and such a waste of a great show. Where are our our Hero’s. OMG. Sam Dean? Puke. I have seen every episode. This is going vastly down hill. What a shame.

  5. Season 7 is a monumental failure of epic proportions. The script is devoid of the charisma and spell-binding scenes seen in previouse seasons,and my advice is: keep it straight and simple and capitalise on your past seasons’ successes and use that has a contination. Perhaps mix it with greek mythology with nordic. Perhaps shed a glimpse on God. Anyway, i am not a stroy teller or writer, I will leave that to the professionals. Fix it oh producers of the show or see it die a horrible and quick death.

    • I agree with Apollo, this season is a collosal failure. My wife has seen every episode of Supernatural at least 6 times, and watch/rewatches episodes daily, but this season has her falling asleep and actually considering dumping the show.

      I don’t know where to begin. The choice to handle the season via flashbacks instead of chronologically seems like the first failure. We already know the punchlines, short of Dean killing Castiel himself, there is nothing worth watch in his flashbacks. Subsequently, Sam’s flashbacks are handled so terribly that it’s almost like watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy or some something. This show would have been much better served with a chronological story, breaking the brothers apart and having interesting stories for each of them paralelling eachother for the first half of the season, and finally bringing them together for the back half.

      This last episode would have been better served if Sam pulled out the knife at the end and chopped Benny’s head off, despite Dean’s objection. It would have made a good contrast between this situation and Dean killing the demon that Sam was involved with last season.

      I think the writer’s this season are trying to show that Dean has acquired a darkness and Sam has acquired some sort of light/goodness, but the way it is implemented is soooooooo booooring. Even the season setup with Kevin Tran is mediocre at best.

      It’s really too bad that they probably have another 3-4 episodes filmed and couldn’t change course if they even wanted to, but I hope they have some better plan than Sam being pissed about Benny and keeping us in the dark about Castiel. Speaking of Castiel, way to underutilize an excellent actor and one of Supernatural’s best storylines…the war of heaven and hell. Please find your way back to the war of good vs evil, that’s where Supernatural really shines, otherwise we’ll have to just migrate towards Grimm, where the talent seems to be flourishing.

  6. Why made the strange story? Do not make me leave my supernatural. I always remember season 1 to 3. Very best serial. I love the relationship between Sam and Dean, please go back to the first point

  7. I honestly think the show has gone downhill since the new writers came in season six. anyone remember the pixie episode? or the clowns i mean come on its 2012 something needs to change. and damn sam needs a hair cut! lol i really like the benny dynamic tho. a little confused with the whole sam, dog woman thing. and when dean is yelling as sam for forgetting him, isnt that what dean did when sam went to hell did they forget that? im just so confused. its such an amazing show because the actors are terrific but something has to change within the writing. be nice to bring back deans humor too lol

    • No that is not what dean did maybe if you watch the show you will understand s6 episode one dean said I collected 100 of books tryi g to find anything to bust you out and Sam said you said you will leave alone and dean said of course I didn’t leave it alone sew me! And dean is the one who got Sam soul back in the first place if your going to dawg the show please have the correct information it’s not rocket science sam ran because dean was gone he hit a dog met the girl and than they got together what’s so hard about that

  8. I’m trying not to judge the season just yet because I know that the mytharc has barely gotten started, but honestly I’m just really not feeling it. There are some aspects that I like, sometimes more so in idea rather then execution, but yeah this season has just felt really lackluster and mediocre at best. I want to say I’m disappointed but I guess I’m not really, given the trajectory of the show. It’s not as frustrating as early season 7 but that’s not saying much.

    Before the season started, back in July I think, when news broke out about Dean and Sams’ year apart being done via flashbacks, I was initially pretty irritated. They said it was because of how the fans apparently hate seeing Sam and Dean apart, but then I realized that it was also probably mostly because of budget reasons. So then I thought, well okay, maybe this flashback thing will work. I don’t feel like it has. Maybe it’s not so bad with Dean’s time in purgatory, because we get the gist of what’s happening, but still, and especially with Sam I feel like his storyline is majorly suffering. I like Amelia personally but any substantial character development that could be scooped out for him I feel is being totally missed out on. It just makes me really wish that this season had shown their year apart in real time for at least half a season. Purgatory could have been this really cool place but it’s so boring here. Showing their stories parallel in real time, showing how Sam and Dean dealt differently with things and stuff would have been much better.

    And just as far as individual episodes so, the only one I’ve actually really enjoyed was the fourth one, Bitten. Even with the premiere, which I said I liked, in retrospect actually feels very mediocre, because I was seeing that episode as a set up for great stuff down the road and we haven’t gotten much. the second episode I didn’t care for aside from the flashbacks and Linda Tran, it felt all over the place (and what was with killing the demon vessels so easily? Sam literally put the demon back into her body and then killed an innocent woman wtf show). The third episode was just so flat I couldn’t believe it, same with the sixth episode. The fifth episode was actually good up until the ending where Andrea was killed… I felt like that was totally uncalled for and it went against everything Benny and Dean’s story lines have been about this season. There have been themes in each episode about monster versus humanity, and what those concepts mean and where they intersect, but most of the time the stories they’re executed in don’t work. The only episode I feel like has worked as a whole is episode 4, like I mentioned before. The mythology of this season is really boring and feels creatively dead. :/ Which is dumb when you consider that you could do so many things in the world that the show is in. There’s more I could say, but I don’t feel like writing much more about it. It’s just frustrating. I’m sure that some people here can agree, imagine and expand on what I’m saying based on the other comments I’m seeing.

    I really hope that the episode tomorrow catapults all of this set up in a good direction, because if not I feel like this season is already a goner… and I feel like it won’t do so… I just don’t trust most of the people on the writing team to deliver a good story anymore. I’m only watching because I care about the characters, not the story like I used to.

    • BlueHero hit it exactly on the mark. Exactly. Praying they can fix this terrible beginning to the season.

      • I don’t know if you or anyone else here has seen the new episode from tonight, but, it was really dumb and redundant. My expectations were low and I was still disappointed. I don’t think I’m even going to watch it at all anymore.

        • I saw it. Last 2 minutes showed potential, but the entire episode was garbage. Crowley is going through the motions, the Trans are so annoying, is Cass staying or going? Can we get some consistency? Next episode looks like comic relief junk as well. Was hoping Cass return could help the show, but surely not in this episode. Uggh!!! Bring back Sera Gamble if this is the best you got.

          • I love Crowley but I don’t like how the show has used him since season 7 or so. Also, I love the Trans personally, I just don’t get what the show is doing with them, and I certainly don’t understand why Kevin had to LOSE A FINGER. Like, what in the world, show?

            I hate the ending because it’s just another case of Cas having his agency taken away. There’s something wrong with him and he’s being controlled in some way, and he has no ability to stop it. Just like with Godstiel, Emmanuel and then Crazy!Cas. And he’s being used to gather information on Sam and Dean. It’s so redundant and lazy I don’t even know where to begin. I’m rolling my eyes at the inevitable angst that will result from Sam and Dean thinking Cas betrayed them again. And I mean that’s not even counting all the other dumb stuff in the episode, like the horribly mishandled reunion scene or the witch subplot…

  9. When I read all the comments, though I can not watch the show I know because too many seasons the writer lost the basic feeling about supernatural, so the story become absurd and far from truth. It’s a pity. Btw I like JJ.

      • Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it.

        I agree with the season being almost unwatchable. I haven’t even gathered up the will to post comments on any of the review articles for the last two episodes because things have gotten so bad. I am just /astonished/ that this season would make so many huge mistakes considering they should have learned from the past.

        I just– I’m not going to go into a whole discussion or anything about 8.08 and 8.09, but I just want to mention a few things that bothered me: Castiel being treated as canon fodder the show can whip around to serve whatever purpose he needs to, Castiel not getting a chance to deal with his suicidal feelings because his agency has been completely taken away from me, Castiel being treated as dumb for comedic relief, and finally *spoilers* Castiel having some kind of LOBOTOMY performed on him (based on the previews for 8.10)– which is just, disgusting, that is irredeemable to me. It’s deplorable that the show would bring him back to treat him this bad. To actually torture him just because they can’t think of anything better to do. Then you have Dean, who’s storyline is a total bust, as you mentioned. His storyline revolved around his guilt of the big ~mystery of what happened to Cas when really nothing happened at all, so that’s resolved. I was hoping we would get a Dean-centric mytharc this season because Dean’s never gotten one but it doesn’t look that way. I just don’t even get where his character is going anymore. The show is trying to treat Benny as if he’s the first “good” or at least not all bad monster they’ve ever encountered but they’ve actually met at least several of those characters before, but they weren’t treated as good because the winchesters needed to kill the monster to fit the message of the week. Like for example, in 8.04 the message was that “oh wow dean’s learning to be more tolerant what a good guy!!!” for letting a SINGLE monster go after all these years, and then he proceeds to kill Andrea in the next episode. Sam’s storyline is also terrible. I like Amelia but I don’t get why they care about each other at all, which is kind of necessary for me to believe anything that happens with them. Like I’ve said before a lot of this is a testament as to why the flashback system is failing and was pretty much a bad idea from the get go. They don’t know how to treat Cas as a character, they don’t know what to do with Dean as a character, and they don’t understand Sam as a character. That, being poor characterization most of the time and poor character arcs, combined with a boring non-existent myth arc is really just making this season out to be one of the worst.

        And I hate that I come here and make these comments but sometimes I’m not sure what to do. You put a lot of time into watching, appreciating and discussing something only to watch people ruin something and mess with characters you love. I am very frustrated that the show has no interest in telling a good story or even simply respecting its characters anymore. It’s obvious that the show is just on it’s last legs and the people behind it are chugging along just enough to keep the show going for three more years so the CW can continue to benefit from the people who are watching. They’re already baiting Cas as much as possible– he was teased for the first six episodes and appeared in short flashbacks, and will fully appear in only three episodes of the season so far; 8.07, 8.08, and 8.10, the mid-season premiere. Then he’s gone for at least six episodes, and I doubt he’ll be back until the end of the season to help resolve whatever BS the mytharc is going through at the time. So he’ll really only be in a handful of episodes this season for more then two minutes.

        I feel like the show could have been redeemed after season 6, and maybe after season 7, but 8 just feels like the final nail in the coffin. Jeremy Carver is the showrunner and I can’t imagine that changing. The show is getting better ratings for most episodes, and the fans who are eating up whatever service the show is giving them are unfortunately the loudest. So the show will continue to follow Carver’s “three year plan” (which honestly I roll my eyes at now) and nothing will change. Many of the flaws in the present season stem from fundamentally misunderstanding the show and the characters, so I doubt that the writing will improve. Carver is just there to keep the show going until through season 10, not to tell a good story. The show will most likely continue the direction it’s going and continue to be terrible. I just want most of the writing staff to be replaced with talented people who care about what they’re doing.

        Aside from now, I’m been keeping away from writing about and even thinking about the show because I’m tired of giving the show more time and energy of mine when it doesn’t deserve it.

      • I have only began watching Supernatural from the beginning of December 2012, and loved it so much I devoured all seven seasons in a matter of weeks (while working 8 hours a day). Up to season five was great, and I’ll give season six a thumbs up because the storyline there wasn’t too bad. But the atrocity that was season seven…

        As a new SPN convert, I know Supernatural can be very cheeky and full of innuendoes, but constantly making lame references to Dick (Roman) was not amusing at all. I found it to be bordering, if not gone over, the line of crass. We got it, his name nickname is Dick, perfunctory laugh, let’s move on. But no, they insisted with getting rid of dick, or saying dick on dick and a lot of other nonsense that was terrible. Honestly, I don’t remember much of what happened in season seven, as I try to forget about it.

        Season eight almost sent me to sleep. I found my self skipping scenes just to get to the get what was the gist of the ep. I knew things were not going to go well for this season, with that half-hearted reunion in episode one. It made me cringe, and that has never happened before. Also, they should have set up the season to show a sort of soulless Dean, changed by purgatory (I guess that is what they are trying to do, but it didn’t really hit true for me) and ditch Sam’s storyline, not focusing on Sam so much for a change. Episode two (the last I will be watching from this season I think) left me feeling a bit scared for the show; it smelt like the end of something that was great, but now has lost direction. Since season seven, I have kept thinking, if this is all they have, how do they plan to make it to season ten?

        I hope they can turn this around, and despite me saying I won’t watch the rest of season eight, I probably will just to be informed.

    • I totally agree with you – people complain far too much! I personally loved Season 7 – the Leviathans were badass and something different. I loved their whole approach to destroying the world; so corporate and modern! And although Bobby dying was awful and made me miserable as all hell, I enjoyed the whole twist with him coming back as ghost, because I think it really highlighted how important he was to them and they were to him. And as for Season 8, you cannot judge an entire season on just the first episode, so I don’t understand why everyone is trying to! People need to lighten up and just enjoy what they are being given – incredible actors, hardcore supernatural creatures, amazing music, thrilling storylines and one kickass car! Thats what I’m doing and I’m loving just as much as I’ve always loved it (and I REALLY love it!)

  10. I think Sam and dean argue too much. In the beginning of Supernatural they were good for each other, but in season 3 or 4 they began to be suspicious of each other all the time. Don’t get me wrong I am a huge SPN fan. Been watching since first episode and I will continue to do so. I didn’t care for the Leviathan season either. And Castiel needs to be more of an Angel and stop being a wuss. He was awesome in the beginning and Angels don’t lose their juice for goodness sake. Thanks for listening.

  11. I’m not sure what’s going on with the show but after watching season 5, I just feel dissatisfied with the storyline so far. It seems like they have good ideas they want to roll with that seem good on paper but I suppose they have poor execution. Season 8 doesn’t even try. There’s so much going on with everyone that it feels like nothing’s going on at all. BTW what are they doing with Cass. Sometimes I forget that he’s an angel. I remember watching seasons 4-6 and seeing Cass fight and speak even when he wasn’t at his full potential and he was still bad-ass. Now he just kind of sucks. Dean goes to purgatory and he doesnt come across any of the monsters he sent there. I really thought that Gordon dude that was fixated on killing Sam would be there or Sam’s friend, Amy. I don’t even want to get into the crappy flash backs, but purgatory isn’t that terrible and Sam’s flashbacks are stupid and remind me of Soap operas. So far 8 has been a series of disappointments although I liked the Nazi necromancer episode(I HATE NAZIS)

  12. do not make absurd story, back to basic, don’t go too far, it will make you loose your fans, I will always remember Sam loves Dean and Dean loves Sam, though

  13. I will always remember how they want to sacrifice themselves for each other, that is the point I get lessons from supernatural

  14. Many movie series I have watched, only Supernatural shows how love could not last, love is strong, so do not change the basic of love. Just remember season 1 to 3 and 5. Season 4 not good, I don’t know season 6,7,8, I have not buy the dvds

  15. I can say that I am a great fan of SPN. i watched every episode from season 1-5. I love this series . not only because of it is a horror, thriller or mystery series. the only reason is the brotherhood. the love between two brother, bond in a family makes it different from other series. bit I don’t know what is wrong with season 6-8. its seems like there is no strong point. no love between brothers and nothing else. writer is may b just passing time or messing wid its fans. because it is always been a fan following show.

    plzz bring back the love, the mystery, the brotherhood and sacrifices. without it Supernatural became unnatural.

  16. Supernatural is amazing and funny
    Sam and dean are sexy and hot

  17. i seriously hate that Sam doesn’t care at all that Dean was lost in Purgatory. they have written him almost like he has no soul again – totally without remorse for leaving Dean where he was. it seems wrong for the Sam character. the brothers seem to try to save each other, and wouldn’t just shrug and go off to find themselves while the other is suffering.

  18. Just finished watching season 8 Ep5. How could Dean possibly roam around a vamps nest without the Vamps smelling his damn blood. They can sense and smell humans a fricking mile away!!! The vet woman who is supposed to be a romance match for Sam is irritating and there is no spark with those two. The flash backs are seriously irritating. The writers and directors seriously interrupted my bing watching on season 8. Should I stop??? Please someone tell me this show redeems itself sometime after s8 ep6. ARGGG…so frustrating!!