‘Supernatural’ Season 8 Finale Review: Heaven’s Fallen

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supernatural season 8 finale sam Supernatural Season 8 Finale Review: Heavens Fallen

In the Supernatural season 8 finale, “Sacrifice”, written by showrunner Jeremy Carver, an intense tale of Heavenly vengeance seamlessly evolves the series’ mythology, as well as its character, proving that the show has, officially, returned to its former glory.

In order to get Crowley to stop killing their past rescues, Sam and Dean make a deal to hand over the demon tablet. When trickery comes in to play, Sam attempts to use the King of Hell to finish his Trials. Meanwhile, Castiel and Marv continue with their own Trials; that is, until Naomi catches Marv. With the gates to Heaven and Hell almost closed, revelations of vengeance force everyone to make new plans before it’s too late.

“Sacrifice” is not as much an action-packed thrill ride as it is a deeply rich and engaging exploration of the series mythology. The finale, which does continue to progress this season’s story, never really places its characters in a position where the obvious resolution to what’s occurring seems logical (or wanted). Instead, each character – from Sam to Naomi – are allowed to shine in their own moments, with dialogue, not action, used as the driving force.

supernatural season 8 finale marv Supernatural Season 8 Finale Review: Heavens Fallen

As the episode begins to unfold, the true ramifications of anyone completing their intended quest begin to reveal themselves. Crowley, as a human, is an intriguing concept that should never occur – and it doesn’t. Though much of Sam’s back and forth with an emotive Crowley is, essentially, a pantomime of what will never be, it provided a wonderful foundation for Jared Padalecki, as well as Sam, to step out of the shadow of Dean (and Jensen Ackles) and show that this character is much more than the “aw shucks” guy.

Castiel, too, receives a twist to his intended Trials, thanks to Marv’s (Curtis Armstrong) intent on destroying those who ousted him, and both characters evolve in an interesting way because of it. Such twists, as with any finale tale, are expected; however, in this instance, viewers’ expectations can get the best of them.

In a sense, what transpires in the Supenatural season 8 finale (up until the end) isn’t as important – or as relevant – as the journey that each and every character goes on throughout. But because this show is as old as it is, with a fanbase as knowledgeable as they are, any attempt by the viewer to figure out what’s going to happen next can result in a nervous frustration which easily overshadows everything that this episode accomplishes with its characters.

supernatural season 8 finale sam dean Supernatural Season 8 Finale Review: Heavens Fallen

The most important part of is finale is the ending, when the angels of Heaven fall to Earth. Not only is this one of the most beautifully crafted scenes the series has ever seen, but it’s made much more so by all of the wonderful exposition that came before it. In the many years that the series has been on the air, religions and monsters have been combined into an impressive, singular and surprising logical tale, and Lucifer and (maybe) God have, at times, appeared. Still, the inclusions of these two larger-than-life characters were nowhere near as impactful as the final moments of the Supernatural season 8 finale.

Those looking to find flaws in this season finale, it won’t be difficult. At times, the story at hand isn’t as important as its results. And yes, at times, twists are overused and feel a bit forced. But after everything that Supernatural has been through in previous years, and all the work it took it to bring it back to its former glory, there’s no doubt that a bit of heavy-handed, forceful storytelling was required. For those who are able to look past such things and at the characters’ journey – to hear the words crafted for them to say – the thought of Supernatural reaching season 10 with such earnest intentions is everything a fan of the series could hope for.

What happens in Supernatural season 9 is anyone’s guess. But because of what occurred in the finale, the series now has new elements to help it reach its (likely) end. With the lines of good and evil once again blurred, new relationships will have to be created, and help will be required from the most unlikely of people. And because, now, all of the angels have been cast out of Heaven, perhaps there’s an opening to receive some behind-the-scenes help from a familiar idjit who still happens to be there.


Supernatural season 9 premieres September/October on CW.

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  1. loved the finale. Seeing the angels fall from heaven was an awesome moment to see. cant wait for the next season

  2. kinda wish hell got closed…

  3. Loved the this season finale and it sets up a perfect scenario to bring back Bobby.

    • Will Bobby require a different vessel since Sam and Dean burned his body and then the flask?

      • Well I hope not. One of the reasons Bobby is so amazing is because of the actor. The guy is great in the role, so I doubt they’d change the actor and face the wrath of the all Supernatural fans in the process. Also he could come back in any number of ways, all it takes is some imagination from the writers. Reminder: they brought Ellen back for an episode when someone stopped the Titanic from sinking. Hopefully, though, they’ll keep Bobby around for more than one episode.

      • Bobby is neither an angel or a demon and therefore does not require a vessel. If Bobby does return he will be played by Jim Beaver as a ghost or something

  4. Great finale, watching the Angels fall was awsome..

  5. Thank god for this ep all season 8 suck imo.thay needed more lore. less forced jokes. hopfully lufiucer and micheal come back and will we see or hear from god? this one ep put my faith back into the show keep it up dont let the girly fans change it agen after all it supernatural not home n away

  6. Thank god for this ep all season 8 blowd imo.thay needed more lore. less forced jokes. hopfully lufiucer and micheal come back and will we see or hear from god? this one ep put my faith back into the show keep it up dont let the girly fans change it agen after all it supernatural not home n away

  7. ,Thank god for this ep all season 8 blowd imo.thay needed more lore. less forc ed jokes. hopfully lufiucer and micheal come back and will we see or hear from god? this one ep put my faith back into the show keep it up dont let the girly fans change it agen after all it supernatural not home n away

  8. Thank god for this ep all season 8 blowd imo.thay needed more lore. less forc ed jokes. hopfully lufiucer and micheal come back and will we see or hear from god? this one ep put my faith back into the show keep it up dont let the girly fans change it agen after all it supernatural not home n away

  9. Thip ep put my faith back into the show dont let the girly fans change it agen after all its supernatural not days of our lifes

    • Dude how the hell is it even remotely like or how can it even be COMPARED to days of our lives. Well except for Jensen ackles of course

    • I KNOW!!! Fricken fan girls ruin the show.

      • I assure you that the casual or what you would term as the “normal” fans of this show are just as annoying as the “fangirls” that you complain about, and this is hardly the place to make such a complaint considering this season has had more of if not at least just as much fan service as the past two seasons have. (not to mention the sexism in these comments but that’s too much for this website)

  10. Personally i really enjoyed this season. It was a welcome return to seasons 1-5.. 6/7 sort of went off the rails somewhat but this season was fantastic. I enjoyed the whole Benny storyline and the Sam’s time away from hunting part too. This last episode was fantastic and to be fair the Falling Angels were brilliantly filmed. I really really am looking forward to Season 9 – and maybe hope to see Some Michael and Lucifer scenes in it too. After all if they’re in Hell – Would be good to see whats kicking in the cage between them two. All in all.. I’m over the moon that Supernatural is back on the right rails again and cannot wait for S9.

  11. Absolutely an amazing episode and finale. Up there with the best of em. Great to see some awesome special effects(including Sam’s makeup), but it really makes you wonder how much better this show could be if it was on a bigger network or some place like HBO/Starz etc.. The angels falling hopefully means less angel/heaven story line, as I thought that aspect of the show was getting a little old. We will see, cant wait for next season.

  12. What are you talking about? “Carry on Wayward Son” has always been used for the season finale (well except the first season, they used it for the penultimate episode).

    • I was going to say that. Carry on Wayward Son is the signature song to lead in the grand finale of the season. It never played during any other time throughout the seasons.

  13. Thought it was highly entertaining although I wasn’t too thrilled about Marv’s turncoating and apparently killing off Amanda Tapping’s character (I liked her!).

    Was also hoping to see the Golem again since he was part of the flashbacks at the beginning of the episode.

  14. Omg this freaked me out i thought it was the final episode like forever ! But omg when i saw on her its coming back. Got so happy and loved the ending. so brilliant ! But i didnt like how that angel turned on castiel and did that to heaven.:( <3 supernaturl4eva!

  15. Epic..just freaking epic! Best finale ever! Now. for season 9, lets get Michael, Lucifer, Death and God all together to end the series in a bang!

  16. Awesome finale. So many questions. Did all the angels in heaven (minus Metatron) fall and become human? What’s Metatron’s big plan that required all angels to be expelled? Is Crowley mostly cured or back to his old self? Is Abaddon the new ‘Queen b**** of Hell’? And what will happen to Sam and Cas? Can’t wait to find out!

    • Wow…I’m not even sure the Angels besdes Cas became human. They said the Angels would fall from heaven like Lucifer. After Lucifer fell he didn’t become human.

      • Difference in that is Lucifer was thrown in a cage in Hell, with all of his powers in tact. You recall, one if the angels falling shown his wings disappearing. That to me indicted their mortality, thus they are all most likely human. No powers but centuries of knowledge at their disposal.

        • Lucifer doesn’t have wings either but that doesn’t make him mortal.

          Just means they have fallen from grace.

      • Lucifer was cast out from Heaven, the other angel fell from Heaven.

  17. Epic ending to a great ep, that song like some else has wrote has been a key factor in the season’s finales with the exception of possibly season one with flashbacks. I know I am in the minority but I have no love loss for the show and trully get annoyed with the phrase the show has returned to its former glory if you want to use that phrase then use it on game of thrones. I highly would stop watching game of thrones if it was not for the awesome dragons or the boobies for it has failed me this season…end rant

  18. This guy hasn’t seen any of the other seasons because they all ways used Carry on Wayward Son song in every Season

    • You are correct, sir. Not about the me not watching other seasons, though.

  19. Revenge of the nerds Metatron! Crowley was awesome as one of the main villain but after what had happen on the finale, downgraded him would be a stupid move like how he was in season 7 so making him an awkward ally should be good.

  20. Personally, I don’t think that in this mythology Angels are necessarily the spirits of the dead. I doubt we’ll be seeing Bobby again – He’s up there in his own little version of Heaven (as we saw in ‘Dark Side of the Moon’) & the Angels are “employees” of Heaven – and they are the ones who Metatron cast out.
    Also, it has been said before in this thread, but truly uninformed of you to say the Kansas song hasn’t been used in a long time. Do you even watch the show?

  21. In the course of a single episode, this show:
    – Brought back Jody Mills just to be tortured.
    – Destroyed Abaddon’s vessel, essentially killing her off for the time being.
    – Confirmed Linda Tran’s offscreen death. Allowed no time for anyone to mourn her.
    – Had middle aged white man Metatron kill female character Naomi by putting a drill in her head after she showed signs of regret, not allowed redemption.
    – Forced the most irredeemable character and coincidentally (or really, not) the white male, Crowley, into the role of redemption.

    From one episode in a season where season 1 character Sarah Blake was brought back and turned into a mother just to be killed off, where Meg was brought back and forced into a romantic role just to be killed off, where multiple women have been brutally murdered on screen, where a woman of color literally walked around wearing a dog collar calling a white man her master, even this episode was just kind of shocking.

    I find claims that the show has returned to its former glory very frustrating because I feel like the people who work on this show aren’t going to grow. It’s been 8 years now and they’re still pulling the same offensive stuff they’ve been doing since day one. It’s also ridiculous to me, because so many plot points this year went nowhere (purgatory, amelia, trials, etc.), and even if in the end it’s about ~the journey~~ a couple of effective scenes per episode (of which I’ve said in the past, and there are a few I liked in here as well) don’t make up for the inconsistency of the journey they’ve been trying to put these characters on as a whole.

    It’s so hard to even tell what’s going on in Sam’s head anymore most of the time. The show screwed up with Amelia storyline and not adequately exploring how Sam dealt with Dean’s disappearance as well as his post-traumatic stress, and he’s been having another magic sickness storyline since then. The only episode that I feel really worked on having that journey make sense was 8.21 because Sam really talked about how he was feeling, and it made sense in the context of everything that happened to him. He was given a bit of the POV which does’t happen often anymore. But otherwise much of the time I feel like very few people on the show understand Sam, and it doesn’t help that he’s given the same repetitive material.

    Dean hasn’t really had much going on. His purgatory storyline was dropped and he was forced to kill off one of the only friends he still had, and then he had to take care of Sam again. Which is what Dean does naturally, but that was actually his storyline. I know that he’s become more comfortable with himself over the course of the season but I don’t feel that it’s been portrayed effectively, it feels more like something happening in the background because the show doesn’t want to deal with it. And I really want to believe that whatever happened between the brothers this year was a way of resolving the mess of the last few seasons, but when I see it riddled with the same tired situations over and over again (magic sickness, lying, reveal, lack of trust) I have my doubts. It’s hard for me to get invested when I don’t know if it’s ever going to go anywhere, because in the end it hasn’t these last few years. Even with the really great performances.

    And once again Castiel made a choice independent of other characters and it caused disastrous consequences. He hasn’t had any time to process what’s happened to him the last few years (godstiel, the craziness that was magically cured in purgatory, regressive brainwashing storyline) and last episode as soon as he’s free he decides to listen to whatever Metatron tells him to do, just like that. And now he’s responsible for every angel falling from heaven, which is only more guilt that will be added to his conscious that he’s not going to be given time to deal with. Remember when he revealed he was suicidal? Cas being human now might force them to do something different but I’m not holding my breath. He’s treated so bad on this show. So are most other side characters, the difference is that Cas has been around long enough due to his popularity that it’s obvious.

    “But because this show is as old as it is, with a fanbase as knowledgeable as they are, any attempt by the viewer to figure out what’s going to happen next can result in a nervous frustration which easily overshadows everything that this episode accomplishes with its characters.”

    What has the show accomplished with these characters? I’d really like to know. I feel like the leads are put into the same story lines just dressed up differently, and almost everyone else is written off of the show right before they actually develop. This comment feels very dismissive of actual concerns. Everything happens in such a disconnected way, and not in a way that’s satisfying as a journey but in a way where the show leaps to where it wants to go without actually looking.

    • Some people, like, get too caught up in a show. This is not Shakespeare, to be studied, you idj… If the show is offensive to you, turn it off or watch something like Little house on the prairy , you fairy.
      Supernatural rocks. its escapism. its a story. it is television. get a real life and just enjoy the show for just what it is. numbnut

      • Well put! All the negative writing he could of used his time to watch something else

        • All that time thinking about the episode, going online to read about it, looking at the comments below and then replying to mine when you could have been watching something else. We’re here because we care, and because we want to, to some extent, talk about the show. My reasons for being here aren’t any less valid than yours.

      • Even escapism is rooted in reality. Content is created by people, people who are socialized to have certain biases, and oftentimes those biases shows up in the work they create. Media is culture and culture is created by people, and when you have a show like this that practices so much gross treatment towards women and other oppressed groups, treatment that perpetuates actual treatment of these groups in real life, it matters. It’s not something you get to excuse because you don’t want to confront it, it’s not something you get to label as escapism as an easy way out. These issues matter and they need to be talked about, whether or not you’re part of it, not consistently dismissed by comments like yours.

    • Holy Crap…..

    • What of the boy who turned Cas into a toy minature several seasons ago? He was extremely powerful.

      • Yeah, I don’t know if he’ll ever be brought back. He’s TOO powerful. There won’t be any drama if Jesse can basically do anything.

      • lol these hacks can’t even care to resolve the Adam situation even when Sam literally takes a stroll through hell, and especially considering half of them haven’t even watched the whole series there’s no way they’re ever going to even consider talking about the antichrist kid again.

    • Why do you complain so much? You don’t look like you’re enjoying a tv show. You’re taking it too serious, chill man.

      • I dream of the day when people who go onto the internet to talk about the things they like come with the understanding that people are going to have a wide variety of opinions and regardless of whether they agree with them or not understand that it’s better to let people say whatever they want rather then trying to shut down any form of critical thinking because they don’t want to hear criticism on something that they like in one specific corner of the website they’re visiting.

        • I have nothing against criticism…but you have never say something good about the series. Everytime I read these articles I read your comments and they are full of negativity. I’m not asking you to stop criticizing, but I would like to see you admitting how creative this season was, and the awesome special effects it contains. My point is that you always find the mistake, or negative facts in the episodes, and its okay to have a personal opinion, but your comments make me think you are trying to have a perfect series in Supernatural and you won’t find it, cause no series is perfect.

          • I don’t expect any show to be perfect, I don’t expect Supernatural to be perfect, I have only ever wanted the show to at least just be /competent/ these past few years, which it has not been. I sometimes mention things that I like about certain episodes, but I’m not going to focus on those things when my concern is what is the show doing wrong so steps can be taken to fix it. So no, I’m not going to gush about the special effects because they’re honestly one of the last things on my mind when it comes to the show right now, and I’m not going to “admit” that this season has been creative outside of some standalone episodes when it’s been full of derivative BS and taken almost every single inconsistent, easy retcon shortcut that it can for a shoddy season, and painting criticism towards the show to be very black and white isn’t going to make that any more accurate.

            • Okay, here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter how many comments you post with the intention of having a better series, because its not like the writers are reading your comments, so what’s the point? I’m sure they don’t give a crap of what you or me write here. It is not bad to criticize once or twice, but more than that would just make you explode, and eventually it’ll make others explode. Cause while you are complaining about everything, some people are actually enjoying the series. My suggestion is that if you insist that the show has been going down hill since season 5, just STOP WATCHING. The “downhill since Season 5″ thing is getting old. It’s been almost 4 years since Season 5. So come on, get over it or stop watching.

              • Of course I don’t think they’re reading what I write, nor would they care either. They’re still too full of themselves because of fans who blindly supported them this year. I mean to discuss the show with other people, both so it might be part of a growing awareness and so that I can talk to others abou something that frustrates me. I don’t know what you mean by others “exploding” considering there’s only one person so far who was actually voiced their concern about it and it was hardly angry. It sounds more like you’re projecting something onto me to justify you not telling me off with comments like “complaining about everything” as if that’s what I’m actually doing. I mention things I like and I usually have to put a disclaimer (because people are too eager like yourself to jump on saying otherwise) that I understand why others still enjoy the show, but I’m not going to continually edit my thoughts, comments, and just stop watching because you still don’t like what I have to say. I watch the show because I care about it and the characters and so want it to get better. My suggestion to you is to ~get over some trivial comments an anonymous person on the Internet is making and do whatever the hell you want, because I don’t know you, why you’re here or where you’re going.

  22. I think this was a great way to bring back Bobby. It could be played that because of all the good Bobby did on earth he was automatically chosen to be an Angel. Now that all the Angels are falling, Bobby falls too.

    • That wouldn’t make any sense, and it would especially be gross considering there have been plenty of other characters, female, POC and otherwise who were great people before they died, only to bring back another one of the white male characters, the only people in the show who are ever allowed to come back from the dead.

  23. I agree…final episode was awesome…the entire season was great! Bobby is a soul in heaven and not an angel. Falling to earth, the angels are casted out of heaven… shouldn”t Metatron be among them?

  24. My comment below is not to perform a negative autopsy of the series but to shed some realism experienced by a fan (a fan from the series first episode)…

    When hurricane Sandy hit, the power was out in my area for 6 days. The temperature in my house drpped to 50 degrees each night. My husband and I spent our evenings in the car with the heat blasting through the vents while Supernatural DVDs played on my laptop. Supernatural helped us keep our sanity.

  25. Ok, Meditron seals the gates of Heaven and Hell shut. Purgatory is still open right?

  26. I really believe Bobby will be brought back in some capacity, seasons 9 an 10 have endless possibilities , but 9 must be crafted perfectly. remember episode 4 of season 5 “the end” lucifer said all roads will lead back to this. An it was 5 years in the making, possible return of Zacariah, the crotoans, an also considering that in hell time is different (1 year E=120 years H) it has been a few centuries since Mikey an lucifer were put in the cage, will they finally get along an quell their fallen brethren? this also can bring Death back in the picture

  27. Hopefully we’ll get to see Joshua (Roger Aaron Brown) again in season 9. He was one of the only angels other than Castiel who was on the boys’ side.

  28. I just don’t get it. They spent the whole season preparing us for hell closing and not only does hell not close, but heaven opens? And I’m just guessing, but I’m pretty sure that is not going to be a good thing. I especially liked the scene where Kevin is in the Men of Letters headquarters and all the buttons light up. That makes me think that the Men of Letters probably knew that was going to happen or were at least prepared for it, which must mean that they have a solution somewhere if it gets out of hand.
    Speaking of the earlier comment to the person who says their bored of Crowley, well, I kind of agree, but now I’m pretty sure that with Sam almost completing the humanizing thing, they can finally give him some character development. Plus, I think that with the brain wipe, he won’t be the next season’s villain. I think the main demon may be Albion, and they will probably bring in a new bad angel character, and they might even make a new creature like last season’s leviathans.
    One more thing, with Cass human, now Sam and dean may be forced to teach him how to be a hunter, like that hilarious episode earlier this season. Now that he’s human, he will always be around Sam and Dean, and you know what that means… no more two bed motel rooms! Ooooh!

  29. Did any one else notice that both the season finale of Supernatural and the season final of Arrow shared the same title, “Sacrafice.” I thought that was a random coincidence.

    I really enjoyed this finale, but I didn’t quite understand the turn Sam made at the end of the episode. They both knew that no good can come from them completing the trials. They knew that they were going to have to sacrifice themselves to complete this task when they starting undertaking the trials. Dean became selfish and didn’t want to be lonely, so he convinced his brother not to complete the trials. So now hundreds if not thousands of other hunters and regular-joes can be tormented by demons. Way to go Dean…idjit.

    The Angels falling was a nice touch. That actually surprised me.