‘Supernatural’ Season 8, Episode 8 Review – What Happens Next?

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supernatural season 8 episode 8 Supernatural Season 8, Episode 8 Review   What Happens Next?

Now that Castiel is back, it’s time for him to become a hunter! In this week’s loony, toony episode of Supernatural, “Hunteri Heroici”, cartoon physics take over the real world, leaving a trail of comedic crimes and deaths in its wake. But as Castiel begins to brush up on his cat interrogation skills, a call to Heaven forces him to stop running from his past mistakes.

As Sam and Dean begin to investigate the death of a man whose heart beats out his chest, anvils and large frying pans begin to make their way into the real world. With no real lead to follow, Castiel takes it upon himself to become Sam and Dean’s third wheel, interrogating (or smelling) everyone (or anything) he can. When the string of deaths and crimes leads to a senior citizens home, Sam and Dean find out that an old friend of their father’s, Fred Jones, is unknowingly being used to help aid in bank robberies. And while all of this is happening, Sam’s past relationship with Amelia is further explored.

Although there may have been a brief reference to Kevin and the Word of God, this episode, thankfully, continues the seasonal attempt to return the series to its roots. Largely successful in its own right, though still containing its fair share of flashbacks and odd foreshadowing, this week’s episode manages to use its over-the-top comedic flare to smooth off a few of this season’s weaker elements, including – and most importantly – Sam’s romantic flashbacks.

This season of Supernatural has had more than its fair share of flashbacks which, unfortunately, haven’t been as successful as producers (probably) had hoped. Although Supernatural needed to explain what had happened to Sam and Dean during the time-jump between seasons 7 and 8, the dueling flashbacks were too awkward in their implementation, leaving audiences to piece together some form of emotional connection, or general interest, in what had occurred in the past. Thanks to Castiel returning, Dean’s forestry flashbacks were put to an end. Sam’s flashbacks, however, keep on coming.

supernatural season 8 episode 8 cas Supernatural Season 8, Episode 8 Review   What Happens Next?

Fortunately, this week’s episodic flashbacks, though still brief and quite awkward when they do appear, contain more of an actual story. By bringing in Amelia’s father, who isn’t a fan of her and Sam’s relationship, Sam is able to have one of the first uncomfortable “fatherly” conversations the series has seen since Sam and Dean’s dad, John, was a part of the series. And although common ground was finally found between Sam and Amelia’s father, an unexpected twist sets up Sam and Amelia for eventual heartbreak.

Still, one has to wonder how everything that we’ve seen this season is going to come together. Castiel has his brief trips to Heaven, Dean has his vampire friend, Sam has his past love, and Kevin has the Word of God. Perhaps not as awkward as last season’s Leviathan storyline, but it’s still quite the number of story-arcs to juggle at once, let alone having to bring them all together for an enjoyable (and logical) conclusion. Although Supernatural has had its missteps in the past, and even a few in this season, the series appears to be righting itself. And while there are a still story elements from last season that fans must continue to live with (no Bobby), seeing Supernatural reach season 10 in an enjoyable fashion now feels completely achievable.

Now fans just have to figure out what’s going on with that whole Heaven thing. And what happens next? 

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Supernatural returns next Wednesday with “Citizen Fang” @9pm on CW. You can check out a preview of next week’s episode below:

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  1. For a show based on the supernatural, to have Sam and Amelia breaking up over returning BF/husband seems cliched. Or will there be more to it than that?

    The Dean?benny thing is ok but take it somewhere. And why am I annoyed that Benny calls Dean “bro”? Grates on my nerves lol.

  2. I thought this was one of the better shows this season. Supernatural walked a very fine line between banality and drama with this entry and I think they pulled it off nicely. Although Sam’s flashbacks (as related to Cas also) were nice, but totally unoriginal. Sam had a meltdown. He couldn’t do the hunter thing anymore. We get it or at the very least figured it out. Cas, as always was a joy to watch.

    • I agree with you: the flashback scenes were the least-welcomed aspect of the episode. I’m not invested in Sam’s relationship with Amelia, and I don’t care to have that storyline developed further. And although I really enjoy Cas, I feel like he’s best when he’s used sparingly. Now that I think about it, one thing that bothered me about Cas in last night’s episode was how he shifted between having his act together (e.g., entering Frank’s mind) and being a doofus (e.g., interrogating the cat). I love the humor of the show, but not when the laughs come at the expense of the continuity of a character’s personality.

  3. Cat: dumbass…

  4. Can they stop using Cas for comedic relief already? Season 4-6 he was a bad ass enigma, now he’s smelling things and laughing at Looney Tunes? I’ve been hoping for a return to form this season but the directing is leaving much to be desired, it just doesn’t have the old feel any more. There’s no gravity to anything that happens, and who gives a crap about Amelia.

    • Re: Cas: I couldn’t agree more! I hope this version of Cas is simply a setup for meatier storylines down the road.

  5. Am I wrong or was the cartoon guy Hunnicut from MASH

    • You are not wrong. It was him.

  6. I agree, WolvoMS, that Cas started off powerful, and they seem to have given him back his mojo, but in his quest to belong, he is made the butt of Dean’s jokes.

  7. I have to say this show seems to be hanging on by a thread. It has no mythology to steer it anymore and when they do a stand-alone episode like last nights it just seems like they are diminishing the last follow thru storyline they have of any interest. Loved this show for may years but am about ready to throw in the towel…

    • I feel your pain. I just rewatched the Season 3 finale where Dean was torn to shreds by the Hell Hounds. Seeing Dean chained in Hell, screaming for Sam to help, still gives me the chills. The blood was a little much, but I miss the more serious tones of previous seasons’ storylines.

      All that aside, I can’t throw in the towel. Even though the show isn’t firing on all cylinders this season, there are few alternatives to Supernatural. I’m not looking for a comedy, and they are a dime a dozen right now.

  8. I don’t know. Looking through some of these comments, I see a lot of dissatisfaction with Supernatural. On the whole, I agree, but I do think they’re trying. I think the previous episode, IMHO, was whimsical and not too over the top. As for Cas, his personality does seem all over the place. I mean, when you base a couple seasons on God and the Apocolypse, where do you go from there? Both brothers have been to Hell. I mean really. What’s left? Don’t be too hard on me.

  9. I can’t believe this show is still on. Who is still watching this utter BULL???