‘Supernatural’ Season 8, Episode 6 Review – A New Bobby?

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supernatural season 8 southern comfort dean Supernatural Season 8, Episode 6 Review   A New Bobby?

Ever since Supernatural season 8 began, fans were waiting for the producers to deliver on their promise of bringing the series back to its origins. In this week’s episode, “Southern Comfort”, written by fan favorite Adam Glass, viewers finally saw some semblance of the series returning to its roots, thanks to the return of Garth (DJ Qualls), now serving as a Bobby (Jim Beaver) stand-in.

A specter (not ghost) is on the loose in Mississippi, attracting Sam and Dean to the case. After arriving in Mississippi, the brothers are finally forced to face Bobby’s death head on, now that Garth has taken it upon himself to fill-in for their fallen friend. And thanks to Garth’s incorrect delivery of Bobby’s iconic lines, fans were finally able to see Sam and Dean deal with Bobby’s passing in their familiar, often hilarious, ways – especially Dean.

The story presented in “Southern Comfort”, though lacking in some of the series’ familiar mystique, comes with a surprisingly rich backstory and a satisfying revelation at the conclusion. Because this episode’s purpose is to essentially focus on Sam and Dean’s relationship, it’s set up in such a way that Sam, Dean and Garth can seamlessly step in and out of investigating it and provide some much needed exposition and explanation, all while naturally progressing the overall case.

Inserted throughout the episode (once again) are more flashbacks of Sam’s relationship with Amelia. On one hand, Sam’s flashbacks allow fans to see some more emotionally poignant moments (even if they are more fulfilling than Dean’s flashbacks). On the other, neither Sam nor Dean’s flashbacks are all that successful in their execution and intent. And even if there are some moments where the flashbacks are enjoyable, their inclusion doesn’t make up for the absence of important storytelling this season’s time jump created.

Fortunately, this episode does appear to make up for the lack of emotional attachment the time jump created, by forcing Sam and Dean (now haunted) to confront each other over their past mistakes, errors and lapses in judgment. Though this conversation is meant for Sam and Dean to “hash things out”, one could strongly suggest that both Sam and Dean were talking to the audience, apologizing for some of this season’s past errors.

supernatural season 8 southern comfort Supernatural Season 8, Episode 6 Review   A New Bobby?

And as if Supernatural received a free therapy session, everyone exits this episode much better off than they entered it. But now that Sam and Dean have a replacement Bobby, will we see Garth returning more often? Could Bobby ever come back?

Bobby’s story never really received a satisfying ending. While there was a single episode last season that provided fans with the emotional moments they needed to allow Bobby to die, him returning to the series as a ghost served to complicate his entire story, somewhat ruining the emotional impact his initial death provided. And with the rushed conclusion Bobby received last season, combined with the instability of the series storytelling, as of recent, fans didn’t know whether or not they should expect to see him return.

But now that Garth has taken up the role, do you think he should continue? Or would you like to see Jim Beaver return (again)?

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Supernatural returns next Wednesday with “A Little Slice of Kevin” @9pm on CW. You can check out an preview of next week’s episode below:

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  1. Missouri* (Love you guys! :D)

  2. OK! Now that I’ve read it… I didn’t appreciate the flashbacks on this one at all. I mean yeah, I wanna know what happened to Amelia but I want to know what happened in Purgatory MORE. And I’ve always liked the guy playing Benny (yes, even in X2).

    I LOVE the idea of Garth being a regular and if he takes over Bobby’s mantle to do it, so be it. Someone’s gotta be the hub.

    Liking the season so far and the pairing of this with Arrow.

  3. I love the idea of Garth taking up the hard ass mentor mantle left by Bobby. And if they ever decide to revisit the supernatural universe years from now( sorta like degrading) he can be glue the connects the two.

  4. On board if Garth is a regular cast member, it seems his character is evolving. Cannot wait to see Cass..

  5. I am so glad they went back to what made SPN and Grath brings a lot of laughter so if Bobby’s gone for good then let Grath take over,his in it alot more then Sam.I’m really pissed off at Sam there’s no way in hell he should be mad at Dean lets see (1-went to hell)(2-gave up his family life),(3saved him from the Angels over an over),(4-asked Death to get his soul back).I can’t figure out 1 thing Sam did for Dean but have his back and he should always have his back and the hell with Amelia thats Crowelys next victim.

    • Sam gave up his college normal life and lost his girlfriend.
      He tried to bring Dean back from hell on season 4, he gave Dean a necklace, that by the way Dean threw it in the trash…he saved Dean when Edgar the Leviathan was going to kill him, believe it or not, he has always wanted Dean to be happy. He jumped into hell with Michael and Lucifer to save both Dean and the world, and he didn’t asked Dean to bring him back, he told him to go with Lisa and live a happy normal life. If that’s not enough, well, its not Sam nor Jared Padalecki’s fault that Kripke and the other writers always give Dean the best storylines, and give ALL the crappy stuff to Sam.

      • I do agree that Dean’s character is more likeable than Sam.

        The thing with Sam is maybe he does want Dean to be happy but he can’t understand that Dean NEEDS family (blood or not) that he can rely on and connect with to be happy. The moment Dean thinks of you as family, he’s fiercely loyal and will literally go to hell for you.

        Sam has always been happier without Dean. Sam always wanted to live a normal life, yet for whatever reason he’s too wishy-washy to refuse Dean. At times it feels like he holds a grudge against Dean for constantly dragging him back (even though he made the decision to go back).

  6. Glad to see Sam/Amelia flashbacks, and it was nice to see Amelia show her softer side, even briefly. I love Garth! IMO Bobby had gotten too preachy and screechy so I’m not missing him that much. Garth is a breath of fresh air. Overall a good episode. I hope Dean lets the past go and that he and Sam can work thru their issues in a mature way with no more punches, sarcasm, or silent treatments.

  7. … since when is Adam Glass a “fan favorite”? Most fans I’ve seen are most indifferent to his writing or actively dislike it.

  8. I think Garth is on his way to being a better Bobby.
    Might not feel like that is a good thing, but Garth is proving himself to be something special when it comes to the will to do good. :D

  9. My feelings for Garth being the new Bobby is probably exactly what Dean feels except at the end I’m left standing on the fence rather than being semi-convinced.

    Sam in this episode just pissed me off. I mean this wouldn’t be the first time he chose a woman over Dean. First was Jessica (wasn’t mad at him then), then there was Ruby (at least she was more interesting to me than Amelia) and now Amelia.

    Frankly, if I was Dean, I would team up with Benny/Garth and tell Sam to think of Dean as being dead so Sam can continue living his ignorantly bliss life with Amelia.

    • Ruby was such a b****, I hated her. It was damn obvious she was evil..you would literally have to stupid to not recognize it, Dean always felt it, Sam on the other hand just didn’t see it…that’s strange cause I always thought Sam was the smart one, but Kripke destroyed his character on season 4, but I do think Sam is a little more mature, he felt sorry for not looking for Dean, but during his lonely days, he m et a girl, and move on, and its not just a girl, Sam fell in love for her. Sam admits his mistakes, Dean doesn’t (not at first), he uses Sam’s mistakes as excuses for his mistakes, I’m sorry Dean fans, but that is ummature and selfish..Amelia on the other hand is WAY more interesting, can’t wait to know more about her and more about Benny.

      PS. I’m not a Sam fan, just a big fan of the show, no preferences on the characters.

    • Sam is more mature now*
      No preferences on the main* characters.

  10. Overall a pretty good episode, but I don’t really care about the Amelia flashbacks. They feel like fillers to me, with no worthwhile bearing on the plot or the characters. If they are supposed to justify Sam’s behavior of “Oh well, Dean’s gone. Moving on…” they have failed miserably so far.

    The rest of the episode was really good. I liked the story, I liked Garth’s development and the fun they had with Bobby’s trademarks. The confrontation between possessed Dead and Sam at gunpoint was especially well done. I like the idea of Garth filling in for Bobby, but I’m with Dean’s first assessment on that one: he will never be Bobby, even though I gave him a thumbs up at the end when he said “balls!” in the right context. Oh, and Garth/DJ Qualls: hit the gym and toughen up a bit! It’ll suit your new position better. ;)

    • *Oops. Dead = Dean. ;)

  11. Can’t they have their father back, if Dean can return from Purgatory? I also want to see Cass. I’m ok with Garth taking over Bobby’s parts, and I think we should be given the chance to understand Dean’s life in purgatory.

    • Well, John went to Heaven after being released from the Hell Gate and after they killed the yellow eyed demon. Just like Ash, Joe, Ellen and Bobby he is in a happy place now and bringing him back would be cruel.

  12. I always look at fan comments all over the internet and I still see people who can’t understand why Sam didn’t look for Dean or why he wants a normal life. Sam had no idea where Dean went or if he was even alive. For all he knew, Dean and Castiel could’ve died alongside Dick Roman. Unlike season 3 when Sam knew that Dean was in hell, this time he had ZERO leads. And of course Sam could’ve attempted to look, but like I said, Sam had no idea what happened to Dean – zero leads, no traces of his bro whatsoever.
    So I guess he gave up. But it doesn’t mean that he does not love Dean. Sam just had nothing to go on, no one to turn to, nothing.

    • Soooo, what about Kevin who he just abandoned. He had leads for his whereabouts, didn’t he? Explain that. ;)

      • Haha, yeah…I can’t explain that one. No body’s perfect, right?

      • He could’ve assume Kevin was dead, I mean, is it really worthy going all by yourself against the king of hell and die. It’s not like it would-be that easy, he just gave up, thats all.

  13. I’d prefer Jim Beaver back as Bobby but of not, Garth makes a nice change. Bobby had issues that could get in the way of his effectiveness while Garth is so upbeat, he wasn’t affected by the cursed coin. An interesting aside to the usual darkness.

  14. Bring Bobby back! We miss him. He was the one the guys could always count on. Garth should also be more apart of the show too.

  15. Everybody bitching and complaining about amelia, I’m sure that if it would have been Dean instead of Sam, nobody would complain at all right?? Everybody on the freaking web always defend Dean…every good comment is always about Dean, would you say any good stuff about Sam, people?
    I know its hard for you, I mean Kripke was the one who turned the character into a jerk, but Sam has done a lot of great things.

    • I agree, Sam needs to be given a chance. I think the writers have something up their sleeves… hopefully anyway. But I am glad to see Sam finally standing up to Dean even if it’s misguided. Sam’s character has never been as transparent as Dean’s less complicated character. We have never really been given the opportunity to truly understand Sam’s motivations to escape his family. It is always been treated as a given. So hopefully we will see more character development in season 8 Love season 8 tho. Much better.

  16. Love the show, the cast – good and bad guys. Garth is great, but he could NEVER be a Bobby. Bobby should come back with Garth still there.

  17. I really do like Garth he brings alot of comedy to the show..Garth is like Sam and Deans long lost goofy brother..Love for him to be a regular on the show..but Garth is no Bobby..Bobby was a great and strong influence on the boys..Bobby was badd ass,and always one steo ahead of the game..Even though he was an old drunk he had a big heart and always did the right thing..We need more people like Bobby in the world…Bring back Bobby!!!

  18. I really do like Garth he brings alot of comedy to the show..Garth is like Sam and Deans long lost goofy brother..Love for him to be a regular on the show..but Garth is no Bobby..Bobby was a great and strong influence on the boys..Bobby was a badd mofo,and always one steo ahead of the game..Even though he was an old drunk he had a big heart and always did the right thing..We need more people like Bobby in the world…Bring back Bobby!!!

  19. Booby!

  20. Bobby needs to come back. Whoever said “Booby”– takes one to know one.