‘Supernatural’ Season 8 Episode 4: ‘Bitten’ Recap – ‘Chronicle’ with Monsters

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supernatural season 8 episode 4 bitten Supernatural Season 8 Episode 4: Bitten Recap   Chronicle with Monsters

Supernatural season 8 continues this week with “Bitten,” a unique story which echoes the found-footage tale of Chronicle to present a monster origin story, including all of the pain that comes with it. But could this Winchester-lite episode have come too soon for audiences to fully appreciate it?

Like many of the episodes this season, “Bitten” essentially reveals all that audiences want to know. In shaky-cam fashion, the tables are once again turned on Sam and Dean as they attempt to investigate a new case with an ever growing body count. Instead of focusing on the Winchesters’ storyline for this episode, audiences follow the mysterious events through the eyes of someone who gets infected.

As stated previously, this episode of Supernatural follows the superhero hit film Chronicle, only switching out superhero powers with monster abilities. Unfortunately, because it does replicate many plot points from the movie, audiences many find themselves one step ahead of many twists and turns that this episode contains. Though Supernatural has done parody episodes in the past, the almost non-existent inclusion of the Winchesters turns this episode into something other than typical Supernatural fanfare. And without the humor of past episodes such as “Ghostfacers,” some may be hoping for the return of the quest for the Word of God.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the episode: Brian and Michael are friends; Brian and Michael find Kate, a beautiful woman; Kate and Michael begin dating; Brian secretly loves Kate; Michael gets bitten by a monster, begins to gain abilities; Brian wants Michael’s powers; Brian tracks down the prime monster, forcing him to turn him; powers get out of control and a battle ensues, leaving most dead. Throw in a couple of appearances by the Winchester brothers and that’s the episode in a nutshell.

supernatural season 8 episode 4 bitten 2 Supernatural Season 8 Episode 4: Bitten Recap   Chronicle with Monsters

This week’s episode, although jarring, was an entertaining enough story in its own right. However, because much of the season has been awkwardly focused, such sidesteps might deter audiences from anticipating the return of the actual story. No matter how entertaining the episode may be, audiences have to remember that nothing actually occurred to advance the overall plot of the season – of any the Winchesters’ plots, for that matter. What may have been a welcomed breather in past seasons feels like a poorly-planned fourth episode in a scrutinized season.

Fortunately for those who wish to continue to put their faith in the Supernatural collective, November sweeps will bring the highly-anticipated return of some familiar characters, meaning that things could soon return to their (hopeful) former glory. If, however, your fanaticism is waning, you’ve got to at least admit that producers have proven they’re capable of presenting a compelling character story. Now if only they’d focus it on Sam and Dean.

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Supernatural returns next Wednesday with “Blood Brother” @9pm on CW. You can watch a preview of the episode below:

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  1. There was absolutely no plot progression and virtually no Sam and Dean in this episode, but even so I found this episode very enjoyable.

    Definitely one of the best stand alone episodes of the series and an episode that anyone can watch.

    At the very end we do get some character development though when Dean decides to not hunt the girl and instead let her try and control the demon within, showing us that Dean’s conscious is still there and that he cares about the general well being of people

    • yea that was about the only good part where Dean actually showed a human side…..lets just say it wasn’t awesome

    • This episode just shows dean has been corrupt by his year in purgatory. Monsters are to be killed


  2. This like the ghostfacers ep was a great stand alone. the best of season 8 so far, but the start of this season wasnt great so lets see where it goes
    I do wish sam/dean were more involved such as making commentary while watching the footage.

  3. IMO, this was the worst yet. I have absolutely no desire to watch shaky-cam shows/films and the teen angst forced on us was ridiculous.


    • Right…I hope they don’t do like every other series on CW and make Supernatural into a Soap format. This channel is getting worse on that for all their programing. Supernatural has had a long history of basically being about intense situations regarding the supernatural….Sure the boys have been accused of being womanizers a time or two, but with their life styles what do you expect? But this teenie love angst fest did seem a bit like pandering…

  4. The opening of the ep hurt me though, brian films kate but gives the cam to michael and she comes up to him, next thing you know theyre banging in the other room. Poor brian.

  5. Yeah it was one of the worst episodes i have ever seen i stopped 1/3 way and deleted it :(

  6. I real good stand alone episode the most part the plot could have been a movie……characters were likable and stronger performances than usual from minor characters of the series….at the end I felt they could to do good spin off series based on the girl

  7. Can anyone please tell me the name of the song that was playing on the ipod in the beginning and end of the show.

    • Whats the Matter by Milo Green

    • what’s the matter – Milo Greene

  8. I really enjoyed this episode, I always look forward to their stand alone episodes, and this was a good one.

  9. Looking at the ratings jump in episodes 2 and 3 however – significantly higher than any episode in season 7 – they must be doing something right, so far anyway.

    I don’t know what it is about Supernatural, but I’m a lot more tolerant with it than any other series I know. I mean I was a massive fan of Fringe, but the stumbles, plot holes and shark-jumping in season 4 has really alienated me. And season 5 has been bordering on dumb so far, with plot holes the size of the Grand Canyon.

    But when the same kind of thing happens in Supernatural, I cut it a lot more slack. Perverse of me I guess, or maybe I just have lower expectations for Supernatural.

    • The ratings actually FELL for this episode to 0.7, according to TV By the Numbers. Last week’s episode was 1.0. This episode hurt the show. Not good.

      • OK, I take your point, I was just looking at the Wikipedia entry that shows 1.86 million viewers, which is still higher than the average episode in season 7.

        But yeah, I get that this may not include the advertisers’ desired demographic.

        But then I think the Nielsen ratings system for instance, is not as representative anymore, many are questioning its validity these days, but that’s a whole other discussion or argument.

  10. The “Bitten” episode was moderately well-done…although I am not a fan of found footage films in general, save for Cloverfield, which was quite good being one of the first of its genre. As for the song in the opening and closing sequences, it is “What’s The Matter” by the group Milo Greene from their self-titled debut album. Long Live the Supernatural!

  11. This was one of the worst SPN episodes to date. I don’t mind stand alone episodes, but this was badly done. Boring. The acting was WAY over the top. The constant shaky camera was a pain. I kept looking at the clock, wondering when it would be over. The ratings fell to 0.7 for the episode, according to TV By the Numbers. Last week the ratings were 1.0. I’m not surprised the ratings plummeted, as the quality of this episode was awful. Enough fillers! I want to get back to the demon/angel/Dean/Sam/Cas story line!

    • I kept looking at the clock wondering when the real show was going to kick in….

  12. As a mini-movie or an episode of Outer Limits or Twilight Zone this would have been pretty good, despite the worn out found footage shtick. But as an episode of Supernatural it sucked balls (pardon my french). I’m watching this show for the main characters and don’t care much about the sorrows of some random college kids.

    Sam and Dean being guest characters in their own show was okay in “Weekend at Bobby’s”, because he was pretty much a main character himself and was awesome in his own right. Even the Ghost Facers reality TV parody in season 3 was a good compromise, because these bozos were locked into a house with Sam and Dean, so we saw a lot more of them. But “Bitten” was definitely going to far with its removal of the main characters.

    The conventionally filmed ending was pretty good, though. And yes, Dean, you say “awesome” one hell of lot. 😀

  13. glad i had this on dvr i basically had fast forward going the entire time

  14. I enjoyed this episode, it wasn’t groundbreaking in the terms of the plot or even particularly moving – but I always enjoy episodes that show Sam & Dean from the perspective of others. It’s just a shame that there wasn’t more of them in it.

    And as another poster said, it does further the plot, because it shows that Dean still has empathy and the belief that this girl will go straight after what he witnessed… when usually he is a ‘kill and think about it later’ kind of character.

  15. I loved this episode, because it gave us another side to the overall story–where do monsters come from? As told by the “monsters” themselves. All too often we see the monsters as the bad guys that Sam and Dean have to step in and gank. This was a refreshing, if not exactly original, take on the whole matter as told by those who find themselves monsters through none of their own choosing.

    True, it didn’t forward the Sam and Dean story overall, but I still enjoyed seeing the brothers through someone else’s eyes. And I thought it was an interesting take that Dean showed mercy when he seems to have come back from Purgatory even more hardened than when he spent time in Hell. I like a break from the overall story now and again and this episode delivered that.

  16. I’m a senior film student at NYU and we used this episode as a basis for discussion in class. My professor said it’s a lot like just regular folks reading Toni Morrison’s Beloved. If you’re not educated and schooled to understand and appreciate certain things, they go right over your head. He–and our entire sr. class–thought this episode was ground breaking even though a lot of students weren’t familiar with this series.

    • Granted that like many art forms there’s what we interpret internally and what we interpret through experience and knowledge. You might find more meaning through knowledge, but then again. This is basically a fantasy bit about monsters and a whole lot of gratitudidous killings. Not some deep story line with excellent writing

    • Do you know the name of the cameras they were using in this episode?

  17. I got maybe ten minutes in before I turned this crap off in disgust. All that high school horse crap. They apparently became monsters at one point but I started fast forwarding my DVR and found out the entire episode was focused on a pair of skinny pizza faced children. I quickly shut it off and deleted it.

    I liked some of the other off shoots but the characters in this were completely unlikable, to the point that they made me cringe every time they opened their acne lined yappers.

  18. Oh what was this? C’mon ,were Jensen and Jared busy or something? I really don’t like this episode. Boring,shaky cameras, like some documentary like that witch project or something like that. Generally “worst episode ever” !

  19. omg omg i can’t wait to see it 😀 I love dean 😀

  20. Is it just me or is that ending perfect for a spin off series, just saying

  21. For me this episode seems like it could be perfect for a spin off following her, well at least the ending could lead in that direction.

    • sounds good..they should take that into consideration

  22. anyone knows the song at 29:20 ???

    • The song at 29min in is Barricades by The Outdoors

      Used my Shazam App to find out. I’m just glad it wasn’t in a dead language. 😉

  23. ausumn episode…was something different…and the song selection was good 2

  24. Yes, this episode was not main character centered. And I’m not a big fan of the whole POV from the camera but I still found myself really liking this episode. It was just…sad. They started off as being such great friends. And you got enough Sam and Dean information throughout the show and if you watch the show religiously then you pretty much know what the two of them are doing anyways without them showing you. But as great as I personally thought it was, time to get back to Sam and Dean.

  25. This episode was really disappointing .. What’s happening to my favorite show?
    And everyone looked like they shopped at forever 21.
    Please bring the old story line and dark and dirty look back ! I love the rock and roll feel of the show!

  26. Song: What’s the Matter by Milo Greene

    Used my Shazam App to find out. I’m just glad it wasn’t in a dead language. 😉

  27. I’m watching this episode right now. I have to say, I’m not impressed. I thought this show was about Dean and Sam Winchester; not about a bunch of annoying teenagers running around with a video camera. I don’t care about these guys. I care about Dean and Sam. This episode was terrible.

  28. i think this episode is pretty cool. i mean there are 2 perspectives everyone seems to be having and everyone’s saying how ‘it doesn’t fall in with the storyline of supernatural’ but honestly, i think it does, just in a way no one’s familiar with. it’s called supernatural because it pertains to things of the supernatural realm and the process that sam and dean go through to execute the supernatural beings. but you also have to take into account that sam and dean don’t have to be the center of every single episode. hey, maybe they wanted to try something different and have a little special. i think it’s put together nicely. i just wish the cameras weren’t so shaky and that brian didn’t shove the camera in the others face every second of the day. but that’s just my opinion.

  29. Worst episode ever, how could anyone like this bull episode, glad this wasn’t the first episode I watched because then I would have skipped out on a great series.