‘Supernatural’ Season 8: ‘What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?’ Recap

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supernatural season 8 whats up tiger mom Supernatural Season 8: Whats Up, Tiger Mommy? Recap

The search for the Word of God becomes more difficult in Supernatural season 8′s second episode, “What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?” when Plutus, the god of wealth, puts the tablet on the auction block, forcing the Winchester’s and Kevin Tran, the Prophet, to outbid their competition.

Picking up from the Supernatural season 8 premiere, Sam and Dean find themselves with an unhappy Prophet on their hands. After his ex-girlfriend, Channing, was killed by Crowley while they were escaping, Kevin wants to make sure that his mother is safe from demons. Once at Mrs. Tran’s house, the Winchester brothers can see that Kevin’s mother is still safe – but not for long.

Although everything in the neighborhood is seemingly safe and quiet, Dean quickly notices that both the mailman and gardener have been taken over by demons who are now watching her every move. With familiar knife in hand, Dean takes care of the demons guarding her house, allowing Kevin to reunite with his mother. Mrs. Tran, surprisingly unfazed by the news of her son being a Prophet, joins the Winchester’s in their search for the tablet containing the Word of God.

Unfortunately their search doesn’t go as planned, thanks to a criminal looting the lockers where Kevin had previously stashed the tablet. The Winchester brothers, always with a suit in hand, head over to the local police station to interview the criminal charged with the crime. During the interrogation Dean flashes back to his time in Purgatory, where he is seen questioning a monster on the whereabouts of Castiel, who is/was still missing. Finally getting the information he wants, Dean brutally stabs the monster in the head.

supernatural season 8 whats up tigers mom 2 Supernatural Season 8: Whats Up, Tiger Mommy? Recap

Returning to the interrogation room, we find out that Dean did not follow that same path with his human victim, instead using a neck tie to threaten him for information. Although the criminal didn’t have any useful information, the Winchester’s are approached by a man named by Bob outside their motel room and are given an invitation to an other-worldly auction of the tablet. To help force their hand, Bob, revealing himself to be the right hand of Plutus, promises that the auction is the safest place for Kevin.

With a plan for Kevin to simply memorize the tablet, Sam and Dean have their “Plan A” for the auction ready to go. Once at the auction they can see that someone has covered the tablet, making it impossible to see, let alone memorize. Fortunately for the world the Winchester’s have a “Plan B” ready to go, and this plan is all about pooling money, credit cards and Costco memberships. If they can’t steal or memorize the tablet they’ll simply purchase it. After all, it is an auction, right?

supernatural season 8 whats up tigers mom 3 Supernatural Season 8: Whats Up, Tiger Mommy? Recap

Nope, not this time. Like the items they’re auctioning, the currency to buy them is equally as unique. Though Sam and Dean have some money collected, they’re going to have to come up with much more to top the bids of dwarf gold and virgin pieces the other items have been receiving. Eventually the Word of God comes up for auction, and Crowley promptly bids $3 billion for it. Still not enough for the tablet, the auction is incentivized when Bob couples Kevin with the tablet. While everyone was struggling with what to do next, Kevin’s mother bids her soul for the tablet, winning the auction.

As Kevin’s mother waits for her soul to be taken, an angel who had attended the auction speaks to her, offering his assistance in protecting her son. Kevin’s mother ultimately chooses Sam and Dean over the angels, but not before Crowley takes over her body to secretly obtain the tablet. While the final transaction is occurring, Crowley reveals himself to everyone, killing Plutus and his guards, taking the tablet for himself, and leaving Kevin’s mom comatose. Now all alone and without the tablet, Sam and Dean give Kevin a few too many moments with his mother, allowing them to escape from the protection of the Winchester brothers (somehow).

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Supernatural airs Wednesday @9pm on CW

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  1. Kinda of a rushed recap. You skipped the entire scene at the pawn shop which wasn’t that important but at the same time it wasn’t their motel they were approached in front of.

    Also I can’t believe you skipped mention Thor’s hammer showing up.

    • *Kind of a rushed review.

  2. You did rush on some of the very key points. You skipped why Cas left Dean by himself in Purgatory cas telling Dean that there are more leviathans in there chasing down Cas wanting to kill him so he left Dean behind to keep him safe from them. Cas tells Dean just to leave him behind but Dean refuses and says I’m not leaving her without you. The pawn shop, tattoo place, the most important Cas and Dean reuniting in Purgatory on a flash back. Crowley’s Demon eye color red like crossroad Demons, when he smokes out of Ms.Tran that his demon smoke is dark red and not Black. Sam using Thor’s Hammer to kick some god ass. Then the end with Cas yelling for Dean’s help making it look like dean can’t help him as he slides off a mountain or he just doesn’t care. Leaving us with one thought is Dean the reason why Cas died in Purgatory. I think that Cas is not dead at all just trapped in Purgatory and very hurt close to death, I mean this is Cas we are talking about he kicks so much ass.

    • Yeah, they weeded out the cast of characters more than enough in the past seasons. We can’t lose Cas as well.

  3. I definately agree with Anthony… My only complaint about this episode is that they did not keep the damn hammer!!!

  4. Crowley keeps surprising this season. What happened in the past year to change him? Finally has demon eyes, can take over a body, and has no soul (just tons of personality). And we can assume Meg was roasted by Crowley, no word of her.

    This epi was an improvement over last week. Can’t wait for the season to unfold.

  5. That old man with the frost giant’s finger was a bit of a bait and switch. After the teaser with the deposit box I would have expected him to be the Monster of the Week or maybe even a recurring character, but then he was just some guy at the auction and gets ganked by Sam with Thor’s hammer.

  6. Sam killing the old guy was so priceless and how the guy bought the hammer was so priceless also. I did like the fact they gave crowley a different color smoke which looked badass. I am wondering if he somehow called the angel back and they escorted them away.

  7. Good episode and I do like general direction that this season is heading in.

    For me though, Thor’s hammer showing up in the episode was very interesting and probably the biggest takeaway from the episode. Was Supernatural legally authorized to use the Thor’s hammer? Really don’t know how they were able to pull that off but I am curious to see what will come about it.

    While I do love the show, my problem is that they are going in circles…we have already seen this whole Dean gets sent away/killed and comes back and needs to find his place arc. I mean yes, the circumstances are different but not all that different. Also how many times is the relationship between the bros and between Sam and Cas going to seesaw up and down?

    With that said, I still love the show and will continue to follow it. While some seasons were not as good as others no seasons were bad by any means unlike other WB/CW long running shows (Smallville seasons 7-8 for example)

    • @ Tasouli, what do you mean copyright? You realize Marvel didn’t create Tor right? He’s from Swedish, Norwegian, Danish mythology. The ancient cultures of those lands created him, not Marvel. All Marvel did, was make him a blonde alien…..with a british accent….don’t ask me how a Norse god has a british accent LOL.

  8. I still say that supernatural should’ve ended a long time ago

  9. this weeks ep was a step up from last weeks premier, but I do hope they stop with the spoilers though…

    ms tran is kickass this ep. I liked the supernatural auction and the action scenes following. But the best parts were Deans flashback of Cas, and what happened to kevs mom. Those were the kind of dramatic elements I feel should be nurtured this season. They really know how to keep me wanting to watch because of that dangling carrot on the stick (purgatory and cas). The kind of mystery and suspense missing from last season.

  10. Hey first time poster here, and I must say the optimism and positive vibe is much better than other sites I have read forums on other topics, even though the show does not always deserve it.

    Firstly let me say I love Supernatural, whether it’s great, decent, or not so good. I don’t think it’s ever truly been bad. Just a few missteps in my own personal opinion. Most can agree that seasons 1-5 were nothing short of spectacular. A few gripes? Sure, but I enjoy the ride and take the good with the not so good. Season 6, again IMHO was very good too, despite Kripke leaving. Loved the whole Soulless Sam story, eg him watching Dean get Vamped and smiling knowing it would help their mission, not caring about Dean’s fate. Excellent.

    But then something happened. And I know the moment: When Castiel said for them to get back due to the forthcoming Leviathan “breakout” and Cas explosion I was like “Wow! This season is gonna rock!” But…umm…the Leviathans were handled poorly. Written poorly. Bad plot, with the corn syrup and crazy hamburgs but the few bright points to the season saved the show. As much as I love Bobby, it was time for a major character to bite the bullet. I just thought they would be really gutsy and kill off one of the brothers (probably Sam) and have the ghost accompany the other on cases, but they did that with Bobby instead, so kudos there. The MOTW episodes were great. But the entire Leviathan arc fell flat IMO. I still looked forward to a new and exciting step forward and I got it with Dean and Cas trapped in purgatory.

    This season so far? Meh. I dig it. I liked Tiger Mommy better than the other two episodes but the Sam wanting a new life thing is getting old already and I hope the writers have something nasty in store for the girlfriend so Sam is stuck on the road. They’ve already did this with Dean and his girl/son and we went through the gamut of emotions there. Seems like writers are reaching. Lots of good ideas left I think. Although the season is young and I know it’s got lots to show us yet so I am excited. Oh and does anyone else think Jason and Jared are kind of “phoning it in” so far? I just dont feel the same level of performance as in past seasons that we’ve got spoiled on. Maybe its just me.

    Loved the bit with the Hammer and yes its true Marvel did not invent Thor! Only turned him into a superhero. Although the Hammer design in the episode would leave many to believe it was the Marvel Thor hammer. But seriously, as someone has mentioned: why not keep that hammer! For the love of all that is holy, that would be an awesome weapon to add to their Demon knife and salt shotgun bullets (ha).

    All in all if the boys pump up the acting/emotion a bit, and the Cas storyline goes somewhere, I think the show definitely has legs left for 1 maybe 2 seasons yet. Need to address the God is missing thing, perhaps for the grand finale of the show…a return of Lucifer that only God can get the boys out of the jam to save the world and perhaps the boys will make the ultimate sacrifice? Speculation. As long as that continues, then theres a show to be had…Peace.