‘Supernatural’ Season 8, Episode 16 Review – Prometheus

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supernatural season 8 episode 15 prometheus zeus Supernatural Season 8, Episode 16 Review   Prometheus

This week’s Supernatural, “Remember the Titans”, taps into Greek Mythology for an entertaining tale about Prometheus, his deadly curse, and the god who put it on him, Zeus. But after so many Men of Letters stories, are Sam and Dean ready for the return of Castiel and God’s trials?

After Sam and Dean begin investigating an apparent zombie sighting nearby, the Winchesters are surprised when they find out that the undead person is actually Prometheus, the Greek Titan who Zeus cursed with having to experience death each day. But when a mysterious woman shows up at Sam and Dean’s with a little boy and stories of once loving Prometheus, everyone comes together to figure out a way to get Zeus to remove Prometheus’ curse, which has now infected his son.

It should be no surprises to fans that after weeks of exceptional episodes, the second-half of Supernatural season 8 is still cranking out top-level stories rich with theology and mythology. This week, a surprisingly astute zombie-twist was coupled with the age-old tale of Prometheus, the cursed Titan who created man out of clay and stole the fire of the heavens to aid humanity. And since Supernatural is always at its best when it delves deep into legend and lore, the modern-take on Prometheus’ proverbial sequel proved to be as strong of a stand-alone episode as any longtime fan could ask for.

supernatural season 8 episode 16 sam dean Supernatural Season 8, Episode 16 Review   Prometheus

In this this mythological adventure, Sam and Dean, who are better than ever on-screen, are thrown in to a mysterious adventure with dead-then-undead elements, only to have the veil brilliantly pulled back to reveal that the Greek gods are the focus of this episode, not zombies. And with that, much of the episode took on a similar tone where, like with the zombies, the actual story being told is used to sell the premise, not undead beings or promises of a spectacular battle worthy of Mount Olympus. Like any great episode of Supernatural, a solid story always bests special effects.

And although this week’s episode was essentially about Prometheus’s tale of love and fatherhood, the actual foundation that this story was built upon was the mystery of who/what Prometheus was and his relationship with the Father of Gods and men, Zeus. And even though Zeus’ business-dressed portrayal was less godly than many would expect from, you know, Zeus, his unshakable thirst for vengeance and continuous revelry in pain and suffering served as the perfect antagonist to Sam and Dean’s heartwarming mystery about a Titan-turned-father.

But like last week’s episode brought to light, Supernatural has been straying far off of its initial season 8 story, the Word of God and the Gates of Hell. So while Sam and Dean’s adventures have truly been enjoyable, even anticipatory, each week, there’s still a lingering question about the series’ ability to pull all of the many story elements together for a cohesive, hopefully logical, conclusion to its eighth season.

supernatural season 8 episode 15 zeus Supernatural Season 8, Episode 16 Review   Prometheus

To Supernatural’s credit, there hasn’t been a single element in these returning episodes that show the series is not up to such a challenge. If anything, the Golem, the familiar and the Titan storylines could be seen as “tests” for the writers and producers. If, by chance, an aging series on the lowest-rated broadcast network is able to craft beautiful stories around characters that are new to the series but rich with known mythology, there’s no question that it should be able to return itself to its pre-Leviathan state.

So now that Supernatural’s recent episodes have, in fact, been widely successful, it’s time for the writers and producers to pick-up the storylines that have largely been ignored since the series returned from its winter Hiatus. And if Dean’s prayers to Castiel are any sign, it looks like Sam and Dean will begin taking on heaven and hell again next week.


Supernatural returns next Wednesday with “Goodbye Stranger” @8pm on The CW. You can check out a preview of next week’s episode below:


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  1. Another fantastic episode. My only disappointment lies in the fate of Zeus. I felt the character could have served a much bigger purpose. In one stand-alone episode as the vengeful God in a business man’s body, he surpassed Dick Roman as a villain…in my opinion of course.

  2. i thought that kid was possessed at the end, turns out hes just creepy

  3. I really wish Zeus stay alive as that he implied that they could rule the world. Angel vs Demon vs Pagan with the Winchesters in the middle sound like a good plot.

  4. this was a very good ep i zeus was really disappointing tho

  5. They should not have killed Zeus. Zeus could have served as one of the faithful and exciting demons.

  6. Well, Odin was killed in his first episode too, so why not Zeus?

    I believed that the Norse Pantheon could have played a larger role, but Odin, Badur and Loki (Gabriel) were all killed by Lucifer right away.

    I wonder why the Greeks did not show up on that meeting.

    So yes, I think Odin should have stayed alive and I also think Zeus should have remained as well. They’re the head of their respective pantheons, they should be harder to kill.

    Who knows though… gods resurrect all the time.

    We should meet a Death God now (like Hel, Seth or Hades), I wonder if those pagan gods work for Death like the reapers :D

    I liked the episode though. Pagan gods never get boring.

    • The reason why they dispatch Gods so easily on Supernatural is that on the show Gods aren’t what religion makes them out to be. In the mythology of the show they are just another species of mythological creatures that have been worshipped for some reason but who most of the time deserve to be “ganked” just as well, because they are nothing but another monster with a human appearance and certain abilities.

      • Nah, it was mentioned in the show several times that the gods weren’t as strong as they used to be since everybody stop worshiping and believing in them.

  7. “Sam and Dean, who are better than ever on-screen”

    Best scene: “Dean, what do we know off that has Jason Bourne fighting skills, dies a lot and has a history of violent women?” – “I don’t know… you?” :D

  8. Love how they make Zeus a douche. Now I wanna see Hades as a tragic character. Anyway, the writers should explain what the hell happen to the leviathans since we’re getting another hiatus.

  9. What an utterly disappointing episode! They bring in the badass [god of] gods of Greek mythology, and for what? Some puny lightning show, just to die like that… done.

  10. I hope Hades will make a Supernatural debut, possibly as next Season’s Big Bad.

    I predict Season Eight will end with Sam dying. If hell is locked away forever then all deals made in the past break, therefore Sam has been experiencing his stabbing from Jake in Season Two in slow-motion as the deal Dean made to resurrect him is slowly braking.

    Now picture this; In the end of Season Eight, it is revealed that Naomi and the angels have been restoring Heaven to it’s previous state before Castiel took over. They manage to bring Michael and Lucifer back from hell before it is locked away forever by Sam and Dean. But when Sam dies, he can’t go the Hell, and Heaven won’t let him in. Instead he is sent to the greek Underworld, as the only remaining place for human souls to naturally go upon death.

    So Season Nine begins with Lucifer striking a deal with Hades to bring Sam back from the Underworld so he can claim his vessel. In exchange, Lucifer gives Hades Crowley, to ensure that he is punished. But Crowley manages to escape the Underworld (being the King of Hell, after all), making him the only demon still able to walk the Earth.

    Lucifer realises that to keep a vessel stabilised, he needs Demon Blood to drink, which he can now only get from Crowley as he is the Last Demon.

    So now there’s this big complicated situation that the writers can use to shape the last two seasons of Supernatural…

    -Lucifer wants Crowley for his Demon Blood, wants Sam so he can restart the apocalypse.
    -Crowley wants revenge on Sam and Dean for closing the gates of Hell, but needs to evade Michael, Lucifer and Hades.
    -Michael also wants revenge on Sam, for dragging him into Hell, and Castiel for molotoving him with Holy Fire prior.
    -Castiel wants redemption after being mind-controlled into taking part in Lucifer’s resurrection, is willing to do whatever he can to help.
    -Hades wants Crowley back in the Underworld, and if he can’t get him, he would settle for Sam.
    -Adam has been tortured by the 600 years spent in Hell, and wants revenge on anyone responsible for it.
    -Sam and Dean are caught in the middle of it, they need to find out how to kill Michael, Lucifer, Hades and Crowley once and for all.

  11. Really pathetic as being as powerful as Zeus died.
    In Marvel and DC can beat or match Superman and Hulk and die here so pathetically. And Superman has fought Zauriel an angel.
    But keep in mind that Artemis took the body of Zeus, perhaps could revive him.
    Zeus would be so stupid as to not have an antidote against the arrows of his daughter?

  12. Promethues could be the Greek equivalent of Castiel in Supernatural, it would be good to see as beings so similar lead.
    I wonder if Oliver seek revenge on the gods, being the son of a titan god can give you some advantages.
    I hope not humiliate Supernatural Poseidon and Hades, because they are my favorites from Greek mythology.
    They could make poseidon is ally or Hades whinchesters help them against Crowley.