‘Supernatural’ Season 8, Episode 15 Review – A Witch and His Dog

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supernatural season 8 episode 15 sam dean Supernatural Season 8, Episode 15 Review   A Witch and His Dog

In this week’s episode of Supernatural, “Man’s Best Friend With Benefits”, Sam and Dean step away from God’s trials for a standalone episode about a witch who is far too close to his dog. Now that the show has made its triumphant return, is it finally ready to merge all of its many storylines?

After Sam and Dean receive a message from James Frampton – a police offer who helped them on a previous case – about having dreams of murdering people he didn’t, the Winchesters get thrown into the weird world of witches and their familiars. As one pet steps out of line for their master, and another steps out of line with their master, Sam and Dean must put an end to the murders while making as few jokes as possible.

After last week’s episode set Supernatural up with a few new storylines, it was a bit surprising to see the series return to standalone episodes so soon – especially considering the positive response the new direction has received. Still, much like Supernatural’s recent episodes, “Man’s Best Friend With Benefits” puts an entertaining and enjoyable twist on the tale of a witch and their familiar, where continuous displays of power are replaced with a mysterious tale and a hilariously awkward romance, which helps to conjure some of that old-school Supernatural feel.

supernatural season 8 episode 15 dog Supernatural Season 8, Episode 15 Review   A Witch and His Dog

The mystery, which felt all-too familiar to actually be one, was complimented nicely with an intriguing subplot about witches and their relationships with their familiars and the rules and powers that come with it. And keeping with the comedic timing of Sam and Dean that fans all know and love, the Winchesters played off of each scene so effortlessly that it absolutely squashes any theories of Supernatural’s powerful return simply being a fluke.

Like the Golem from a few episodes back, the lives of the familiars are equally as enjoyable to watch and learn about as any of Supernatural’s more memorable characters. Although perhaps not as inherently entertaining as the brooding clay monster, the world of the familiars carries with it enough interesting elements to satisfying any longtime fan.

supernatural season 8 episode 15 dean Supernatural Season 8, Episode 15 Review   A Witch and His Dog

And yes, although this week’s episode had absolutely nothing to do with anything actually occurring in the seasonal storyline, it proved, yet again, that Supernatural has reclaimed its ability to continuously create new, compelling characters and wrap them up in an enjoyable story. So after a few hit-or-miss seasons, fans shouldn’t complain about a little showboating now and then.

But at some point we will need to return to the Word of God, God’s trials, Man of Letters, Castiel’s “thing” with heaven and whatever other storylines may still be lingering – and it will be at that moment when we see how strong Supernatural’s return truly is.

With a few standalone episodes knocked out to test the foundation, and a few new helpful storylines added, it’s time to see it all come together. Fortunately, if the recent episodes are any indication of what’s to come, fans should be prepared for an old-school end to Supernatural season 8.

Supernatural returns next week with “Remember the Titans” @9pm on CW. You can check out a preview of next week’s episode below:

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  1. not a bad ep def still better then most of the season 7 eps. Zeus next ep!!

    • Thanks for spoiling that. I avoid previews and articles about episodes that I haven’t seen yet, because I wanna see the episodes without knowing what’s going to happen…

  2. Zeus? Really? I missed the previews. Funny how he was not in the Hammer of the Gods episode. Wonder what the boys will be doing with the king of the gods.

    • Actually, I was both more fascinated and amused by the OTHER two divine entities highlighted in the preview for next week: Prometheus (for whom I’m guessing the episode is named) and Diana (interestingly enough called the “Goddess of Hunters” instead of her usual “Goddess of the Hunt” by Sam…might she and the brothers have a special, if only professional, relationship?).

  3. I thought the flow of the story in this week’s episode was excellent…all of the pieces seemed to “fit”.

  4. The ending of the episode ruined it for me, when Sam decides to cough blood right after Dean’s speech. Supernatural doesn’t normally throw in random conveniences like that. They could’ve put him coughing earlier on in the episode, and ended with Sam telling Dean he’s fine with a look that clearly shows he isn’t. But whatever, a good episode overall.

  5. Guessing I’m the only one who don’t really care bout the cop and his at the end of episode unlike the Jew and his golem. Those two were cute together! The episode itself felt like just random…

  6. I would F**k that dog.

  7. It seems they are leaving plots open, like the guy and his Golem and the cop and his familiar and who knows who else. People to bring back, major showdown between good and evil? Just adding potential folks to play with in the future?

    • What about the demon born child from season 5? The broken heart vampire friend from purgatory? Castiell? God trails? Word of God? Lucifer can’t be gone like that bring him back as the kid

  8. We had three metaplot-episodes in a row (As Time Goes By, Everybody hates Hitler, Trial and Error). I think it was about time for another stand-alone episode and not at all “so soon”.

  9. True! Plus, can we find out what are the 5 things the colt can’t kill

    • Lucifer for sure. And if it cant kill him, then it probably cant kill michael god or death. Thats only four, so the fifth could be raphael or gabriel, however, it doesnt really make sense to include one and not the other on the list. So maybe death cant be killed, and the latter two archangels make the list. Or, even more interesting, maybe neither make the list and there is another big bad we dont know about

  10. I didn’t know bestiality could be so sexy…or funny for that matter.

    I enjoyed the stand-alone episode. It didn’t seem too soon or like the stand-alone episodes last season where they were just ignoring the Leviathan issue to go around and do whatever for weeks upon weeks. This one had a purpose (not just that a former acquaintance needed help), if you examine the final battle scene and what happens to the Winchester brothers, it served as a reminder of how much these boys have been through, and I believe it is foreshadowing for the much worse things to come.

  11. Many people seem to not like this episode, and while it was far from the best, it was not the worst either. That being said, the actress who played the familiar was pretty bad. That seems to be a running theme on this show; get actors who cant act(although, I did think the guy that played James was surprisingly good) Also the inclusion of the cats and dogs was just stupid as hell. Who really thought that would work well? Stupid writers.