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supernatural season 8 episode 13 Supernatural Season 8, Episode 13 Review   The Boy Smoked the Pages

As Supernatural passed the halfway mark of season 8, the long promised “return to origins” from showrunner Jeremy Carver finally came to fruition.  And if this week’s episode, “Everbody Hates Hitler”, is any sign of what’s to come in the series, Sam and Dean will absolutely be battling demons until season 10, if not longer.

After a magic Nazi escapes an attack from a Golem during World War II, Rabbi Bass, now in the present, tirelessly searches for mysterious book. But when the Rabbi’s old foe returns unaged and causes the Rabbi to spontaneously combust, Sam and Dean begin to investigate who (and what) could be behind all of this magic. Fortunately, the Rabbi’s grandson, Aaron, along with a Golem, are already on the case. As Sam and Dean close in on the mysterious book, the Golem proves why he could either be great friend or a great enemy to the descendants of the “Man of Letters.”

This week’s episode, written by fan-favorite Ben Edlund, helped to sell the newly laid “Man of Letters” storyline that Sam and Dean now find themselves on. Although the plot was initially introduced in last week’s episode, “As Time Goes By,” by Adam Glass, Supernatural’s other fan-favorite writer, it was Edlund’s episode that took the emotionally-charged storyline and seamlessly weaved it in to an iconic tale reminiscent of the series’ best seasons. And on top of that, a new memorable character, the Golem, was introduced.

supernatural season 8 episode 13 2 Supernatural Season 8, Episode 13 Review   The Boy Smoked the Pages

In true Spernatural fashion, where religion and mythology logically co-exist in a single narrative, the story of the Golem, a protector made out of clay, finally gets modernized. And like most updates to familiar theology on the show, “Everbody Hates Hitler” intrigues as well as informs its audience, all while introducing a new, thoroughly entertaining version of the Golem, who has since turned Jewish mother.

The actual story portrayed in this episode, a sect turned Nazi for the purpose of magical experimentation, is as compelling and enjoying as some of the series’ best, where Sam and Dean, like always, are thrust in to a new environment with little knowledge of what’s occurring. But as the episode continues, it’s the actual theology behind what’s occurring that helps to strengthen the story being told, leaving audiences wanting more of the two characters, the Golem and “Rabbi” Aaron, they never knew existed until this week. And, more importantly, the question “Where is Castiel?” never once came up.

Up until Supernatural crossed its halfway mark for Season 8, the episodes, love ‘em or hate ‘em, always left audiences wondering when Castiel would finally make his return. Not simply because Castiel is a fan-favorite character (which he absolutely is), but because, for the past few seasons, audiences have been trained to know that Castiel’s appearance means that something is going to occur, simply because he has the power to do anything.

supernatural season 8 episode 13 dean Supernatural Season 8, Episode 13 Review   The Boy Smoked the Pages

But in this episode, like Carver originally promised, Sam and Dean stand alone, proving that Supernatural can, in fact, return its series to its origins. While it’s true, yes, that the Golem, like Castiel, is a powerful figure that can essentially best anyone it comes across, the fact that it was a newly-created character, along with Aaron, means that the writers and producers behind Supernatural have, too, received a renewed energy. Because when it comes down to it, it’s more difficult to create new, memorable characters than to make sure of old ones.

Although it won’t be long until Castiel finally makes his return to the series, longtime fans should rest easy in knowing that Supernatural has, for all intents and purposes, redeemed itself for its many past (seasonal) sins, helping to bring back the same entertaining, suspenseful and anticipatory elements that originally made fans fall in love with it.


Supernatural returns next Wednesday with “Trial and Error” @9pm on CW. You can check out a preview of next week’s episode below:

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  1. I absolutely loved this weeks episode and thought that introducing a traditional golem story was superb. I can only hope we see more of these new characters.

  2. Yup, excellent episode. But the question about Castiel did come up when Dean returned from his trip after the “two weeks later” cut.

  3. I enjoyed this episode and your write-up. Thanks!

    I’m enjoying this season much more than the previous season.

  4. I hope the “batcave” is here to stay.

    • It wouldn’t make sense for Sam and Dean to keep returning there when roaming the country for “gigs”. They already make tons of milage as it is. But Kevin or Garth could do some damage there as some kind of Bobby replacement with a well of information at their fingertips.

      • Agreed, I don’t want to see it every week. I’d like to see other hunters, or Garth start using the site as a HQ.

  5. Blah. I still don’t think it’s returned to its roots. It hasn’t been its root since like mid season 3 when all the angel and demon nonsense started and the shows never recovered IMO. Should’ve ended after S5, I thought. Now it’s going the Smallville route

    • Shut up. You clearly have no idea what a good opinion is. :)

      • Haha!

        • Well played ;)

  6. Hopefully at the end of this season, there is a grand team up of garth, kevin, aaron, the golem, benny, castiel, sam and dean. Can u imagine that? All of them standing around the table in the batcave planning an attack on crowley to close the gates of hell. That would be epic. Fingers crossed.

    • The golem pacing around the cave like always. Benny standing off in the corner. Sam pissed that he is there. Garth attempting to give orders will dean is annoyed that he keeps interupting him. Kevin stressing and aaron confused. Cas being cas of course. I could see it now. Supernatural avengers. Let me stop hyping myself up lol.

      • ahaha that would be awesome Garth as the leader of supernatural avengers ahahah

  7. Personally in a way i agree with Voodoo. I think like a lot of people
    this series should’ve ended with season 6. I mean they fought the frickin
    devil so, how much more of a baddie can the writers come up with for this
    show to tackle now? Whether you like it or not, the show has lost a lot
    of it’s original lure. Some episodes are ok but now where near the story lines from its beginning. They’re dragging it out now.

    • So what if they fought the devil? One-uppance isn’t the only tool to create drama and excitement. Bringing it down a few notches often makes for much better entertainment than all out balls to the wall epicness.

    • I don’t understand what people mean when they say the show has “lost some of its original appeal.” It’s still the same show – to me anyway – except the boys have gone through experiences that evolved them and the world around them (the mythology has expanded, I guess).

      Sometimes I think people overestimate how good seasons 1-5 are to the point that they can’t recognize that it’s still the same show. I recognize seasons 6 and 7 had it’s problems but season 8 has been enjoyable, especially this episode.

  8. I wonder how this new place and being man of letters will factor into the castirel and crowley tablet plots.

  9. All I want to know to prepare for watching this episode: what shade of orange was Dean this week?

    • He is turning oragney isn’t he? I thought it was just me.

  10. Couldn’t care less. The show has no meaning to me anymore after the awefull season 7 plot. It should have ended at five as far as I’m concerned.

    Sam in hell for all of his screw ups and lying and Dean getting the family life at the end minus the , Ghost Sam at the end.

    • Hmm…that’s kind of depressing. Oh well, to each their own.

  11. Fantastic episode. The new characters were nice, but don’t get too attached, this is Supernatural and nobody is safe.

    • well, except for Sam and Dean who are even, “kill off” proof ;)

  12. So…with the resurrecting nazi necromancers still around, I’m hoping they would go with what Person Of Interest did and create several arc stories with a big bad for each of them and how it overlap each arc. Also, wtf happened to the Leviathans?

    • More importantly: we absolutely have to the vampire alpha again. After all, he said “See you next season” last season. They have to cash in on that promise!

      • I think they would tie in the Alpha Vamp and the Leviathans together since they did call his mommy a whore. And somehow, I feel like Crowley won’t live to see next season since he’s being all evilly and a sexy big bad. Hope I’m wrong.

        About the batcave, hope they won’t burn/destroy it like they did last season just for the sake of making the big bad bad or that nowhere is safe. They did that last season and it never really affect them. Speaking about the absence of leviathans,what about the amazons?

  13. I loved the episode for the reasons already mentioned but also because Sam finally gets a taste of the life he loves–learning–and the boys (for the first time EVER since losing mom)–FINALLY have a HOME!!! I thought that aspect of it was very sweet–Dean in a robe, bragging about the water pressure (a hotel room inconvenience that most of us take for granted); the boys sitting around a table–it was special.

    • And Sam turning around to grab the sandwich was just perfect. never seen Sam go apesh*t for food like Dean does, so Dean setting up his room was his way of saying hey i like it here, and Sam grabbing the sandwich was his way of saying the same thing I think. The boys have not had a safe haven except fr Bobby’s and that was never fool-proof.I think they may get soft having truly safe shelter and it may come back to bite em (no pun intended) in the end!