Interview: How ‘Supernatural’ Got its Groove Back in Season 8

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supernatural season 8 9 Interview: How Supernatural Got its Groove Back in Season 8

Supernatural season 8 has been pretty great! Now this doesn’t sound like an amazing accomplishment to celebrate, but I assure you it is. After seasons 6 and 7 aired, fans were less-than-enthusiastic about the direction the show was going in, and some worried – or even hoped – that the show would be canceled. But then former writer and story editor Jeremy Carver returned to the show – this time as showrunner – and he had a plan to turn things around. And now it’s time to let him explain how it was done!

Carver’s plan, in its simplest form, began as a single notecard with “Season 10” written on it. As a writer and story editor on the Supernatural during its most revered seasons, Carver knows the series, its mythology and its characters, inside and out. In order to execute his plan that will (hopefully) lead to Supernatural season 10, he had to first overcome something many series are not able to: age.

As an 8-year-old television show, Supernatural has, perhaps more so than others, ran through almost every story imaginable. And since the established mythology of the series has made character deaths into relative non-events (deaths are  often used to help supplement weaker story arcs), the only way to truly re-energize the series, its cast and its fanbase is by great storytelling. As an example, Fox’s much-loved series House was canceled because of its inability to grow and evolve – or stay true to the series origins – as it aged.

jeremy carver comic con 2013 Interview: How Supernatural Got its Groove Back in Season 8Jeremy Carver at Comic-Con 2012

So how is it that Supernatural was able to accomplish what (many) other series haven’t been able to? For that answer, we went directly to the source, Jeremy Carver, who had just returned home from filming the Supernatural season 8 finale:

I think I’ll answer it a bit indirectly. I think there’s an impulse, especially when you get to a show that’s 8 or 9 seasons in, to go a little bit ‘hog wild’ with the mythology, and things can get so buried under the weight of the mythology that it can be a little bit hard to follow.

I guess the secret to the show is to keep it very grounded and very, very much based in the relationship between these two brothers. As long as we have that, we can take those shots at going sort of crazy in some of our episodes. But as long as we have this grounded relationship to return to; I feel that’s the secret ingredient for all 8 seasons.

supernatural season 8 episode 15 dean Interview: How Supernatural Got its Groove Back in Season 8

To keep a show grounded after 8-years on the air is tremendously difficult; writers can become bored, and their imagination can take over in order to help keep them interested in continuing…. But just how difficult is it accomplish what Carver, as well as everyone else on Supernatural, has done?

Look, at season 8, I’m not going to lie: it’s certainly harder to come up with original stories. But when you have this base of these two brothers – as long as it always comes back to that, in one form or another – I think we’re on safe ground.

And that, it seems, is what helped rejuvenate Supernatural this season. Sam and Dean’s relationship has never been stronger, and the introduction of the Men of Letters helped fuel the mythology with a new and compelling element. There were even a few “sort of crazy” episodes (Golem) that, thanks to the strength of everything that came before it, fans were able to sit back and enjoy completely, without the frustration that seasonal story-arcs weren’t being touched upon. (Doctor Who fans can tell you just how frustrating this can be.)

supernatural season 8 episode 4 bitten 3 Interview: How Supernatural Got its Groove Back in Season 8

But because Carver doesn’t really involve himself in social media, he isn’t fully aware of the fans celebration of this season; he only sometimes hears things from the writers who are. So, given all the work that’s been done, it’s only fitting to hear from Carver, himself, about what he’s most proud of this season:

One of the things that myself and the cast are proud about are some of the new supporting characters that we introduced this year [as well as] some of the new mythology – not just the overriding mythology of the tablets from this season, but the introduction of the Men of Letters. And I think everyone feels invigorated – that there’s lots of places to go now – and that’s a wonderful feeling, especially going in to season 9.

As Supernatural heads in to season 9, Jared Padalecki (Sam) and Jensen Ackles (Dean) are already on board, and Misha Collins (Castiel) will be returning in a (much) larger role than in season 8. So now, what once started out as a single notecard with “Season 10” written on it has a very good chance at becoming a reality. Not because the diehard fans want it to, but because, after all of its accomplishments, it deserves to.


The Supernatural season 8 finale airs Wednesday @9pm on The CW.

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  1. loving season 8 its so much better then 6 and 7. Wonder what the plot is gonna be for next season

  2. Leviathans! Although Purgatory was a nice addition. And should play a larger role when or if Hell and Heaven get shut down.

  3. Agreed that this past season has been much better than the previous two. I started out watching the show in the beginning and kind of lost interest somewhere around mid-season three. I eventually came back to it after catching up before season five and absolutely fell back in love with the show again. The show had some definite growing pains along the way, but Eric Kripke obviously knew where he wanted to go with the storytelling and managed to pull it all together quite nicely.

    After Kripke left as showrunner, seasons six and seven were so “meh” to me, yet I continued watching for some reason. There were moments in there where the basic storyline surrounding the brothers’ relationship with one another kind of made it bearable, but the enthusiasm just wasn’t there for me. This season has brought it all back on track and I can’t wait for the finale tomorrow night.

    What I’m most impressed with aside from the general storytelling are the acting performances being put in by both Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles this season. I kind of felt for a while now that they had been “phoning it in” so-to-speak during the past couple of seasons, but they’ve really stepped up their games during season eight and it shows. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the fact that they’re both starting families now and are drawing some of their emotional performances from that or if they’re just having a good time working on the show again, but I say keep up the great work! It definitely helps that the dialogue between the two seems to be reverting back to seasons past, as well.

    Re: the finale…assuming that Sam completes the final trial, I’m fully anticipating a cliffhanger that involves his fate being up in the air until the premiere next season. It kind of goes with the territory for Supernatural, so I’m used to it. The fact that Misha Collins is supposed to become more prominently featured again next season kind of makes me feel as if Castiel’s trials with the Angel tablets are going to be the focus of the upcoming season and will possibly end up with him being exiled from Heaven and maybe even becoming mortal. We shall see! All I can say is that I haven’t been this excited about the show in years, so all is good in my opinion.

  4. I’ve seen every episode since the beginning and I can tell you this season has absolutely been a breath of fresh air…This is the best seasons since season 5…I’m so stoked the shows going to continue for another season but hopefully more…

  5. Any show that can turn Booger from Revenge of the Nerds into an Angel, is one heck of a show.

    I’ve been a fan from the beginning and I’m glad to actually feel excitement for a season finale. I haven’t had that feeling since season 5. Thank you Mr. Carver…wherever you are.

  6. Season 8 definitely has been great! I’m still a few episodes behind on the current season as I stay pretty busy but the LARP episode has been my absoulute favorite so far. Even though you probably won’t see this keep it going Jeremy. You’ll make it to season 10!

  7. Season 6 was alright and Season 7 really took quite the nose-dive in parts, but with Season 8 Supernatural was pretty much restored to its former glory. It had a real good mix between story arc and stand-alone episodes and Crowley is a so much better villain than Dick Roman ever was. The whole Leviathan story was atrocious and is better left forgotten.

    Looking forward to what’s in store for us next season, and hopefully the season after that. Supernatural made a miracle recovery that few shows ever get to make. There is only one thing, though: Supernatural needs to stop making episodes that are centered around geeks (enough of Felica Day, thank you very much!). Supernatural is supposed to be about bars, road houses, rock music and whiskey. Not Retro arcades, tetris tunes and Mountain Dew.

    • I tend to agree with you in regards to them bringing in geeky/quirky actors to fill a certain type of role in the show. Felicia Day is all right as Charlie but then again, I also feel as if she’s a lot like Zooey Deschanel in that she basically plays the same character in everything she’s in. I’m not saying that I dislike her, just that she’s not a very good fit for a show like Supernatural. Having her on for one episode was fine with me, but making her a recurring character was a mistake in my opinion. As far as the other geeky/quirky types of actors they’ve had, I’m okay with DJ Qualls and Osric Chau as Garth and Kevin because they’ve managed to make their roles their own at this juncture and have even managed some real character development beyond filling the geeky/quirky guy stereotype.

      One person I would much rather have had back this season was Kim Rhodes as Sheriff Mills. I was hoping they’d try to fit her into at least one episode this season, but we got two with Felicia Day instead.

      • Jody Mills will be in the finale tomorrow.

        • Oh wow. Kinda bummed that you ruined the surprise for me but happy to hear that she’s making a return. Why do I get the sinking feeling that they’re probably gonna kill her off tonight? lol Thanks for the info, though :).

  8. They got rid of sera gamble thats how.

    • this is exactly right.

  9. I have been of Supernatural since the promos of the Pilot and season 1.
    Season 2 and Season 4 rank up as some of my favorite seasons as they each in their own way expanded the mythology and built interesting character arcs. Season 3 had the writers strike and both it and Season 5 sufferred from a dragging plot that more or less people knew what the outcome was but still proved quite entertaining.

    Season 6 and season 7 had no clear plot direction and more humor than actual scares and seriousness. While both seasons had a couple of good episodes together, most of the episodes focused on characters like Bobby, Castiel or Rufus. Our heroes seemed less like heroes and their success more dependent on some external event or character than real right or consequences. Side characters become repetitive or all-knowing deus en machina or just plain silly eg Castiel.

    I did not follow Supernatural as before only saw some episodes here and there only to see the show has not returned to its glory. I faintly season 8 be the deciding season to either prove the show has some life or kill it before it gets worse.

    Season 8 had some obvious difficulties and weakness at the beginning due to some muddled or ineffective plotting along trailing behind two lackluster seasons. It stumbled but towards the middle of the season there was some episodes that had some old-school vibe. Man of Letters is a great plot point and I am glad to see its Sam wanting to do the trials (although I dislike the whole “what is wrong with Sam this season” going on again) and actually actively trying to do something.

    I think the demons and angels however should go back to how they were introduced rather than all these suits and ties business people vibe- reminds me too much of the Leviathans. its called Supernatural I want to see act as such. Also, would it hurt to use some darker coloration in lighting, clothing, etc. Some more rock music would be great too and I love they brought some of the older scores and musical cues from earlier season.

    I am not saying it should all be going to back to how season 1-2 were. In fact I like the growth and advocate different thing but treating the supernatural, and the presence of some darkness and rock music set the tone that is comfortable and helps the changes to feel natural and less distracting.

  10. Other than a few outright clunkers, the episodes this season ranged from good to top-notch, and SPN always pulls the finales up to A level.

    Going forward I would like the writers, runners, producers to remember a few things about Supernatural.

    this season every episode seemed to be a meet and greet with other supernatural creatures, golems (great) teen wolves and baby supernatural hunters (bad) witchcops and their pooches (godawful) but among what looked to be premises for lame spinoff shows,

    We never had episodes this season where the Winchesters SAVED regular folks, the people whom the audience can identify, saving people has always been the purpose of Sam and Dean, along with the mytharc of the season (finding Dad, avenging Mom, putting the Devil in the Cage, etc.)

    So with the second to last ep, we got back to the saving people theme, so i’m very grateful for that.

    The problem with the structure of the show is that you have about half mytharc and half monster of the week eps, and I enjoy both, but they should never go more than two MOW eps at a time, because the momentum of the narrative crashes, then the important mytharc stories get squeezed into the last two eps of the season.

    What saves this show is its great production, great actors, the backbone – the writing needs work, if you look at fan feedback, certain writers stand out as being the weak links, so maybe swap writers into different teams to see if they can be stronger with another partner. Fans are really particular about ret-conning and continuity, errors get picked up in seconds of airing, so someone has to be checking and checking on the details.

    I agree with previous poster, bring back a little of the cinematic qualities of years one and two, and the classic rock (if you can afford it!)

    Kudos for the strong women this year, Linda Tran, Abaddon, Charlie, Naomi, (along with Jodi) please don’t kill them yet!

  11. How ironic that Carver sees fidelity to canon as key, when serious canon violations happened throughout this year. And those writers congratulate themselves too much on their original characters. Maybe because they get paid residuals when those episodes air? Those characters are tolerated more than celebrated by most of the fans.

    • There hasn’t been any more retconning than was done in the Kripke years. Adding to mythology does not equal to ignoring canon.

  12. I have really mixed feelings about this season. I actually liked the first half because even though there was tension between the brothers, it felt like growing pains (plus, I LOVED Purgatory! What a cool storyline.) I thought we were going to see the brothers grow into a relationship befitting their age and maturity. So I’m kind of disappointed that the show took the easy way out and reverted the brothers back to the same dynamic of Dean takes care of Sam while Sam does his thing. I’d be so happy if next sesaon, there was nothing wrong with Sam for a change and he got the chance to worry about Dean. If the relationship is going to be the focus, the caregiving and concern have to be equitable.

    (Oh, and please, Jeremy, bring back badass Dean! It’s cute that he cooks but the dude needs something else to do too.)

  13. As someone that is new to Supernatural, I’ve never hated Seasons 6 & 7 as much as others have seemed to. Perhaps it is because I didn’t watch any season of Supernatural until after Season 8 had already began. But I will say that Seasons 5 and 4 were and remain my favorite seasons of Supernatural. And the largest reason for that is Team Free Will. When Sam, Dean, and Cas work together, that’s when I’m happiest with this show.

    I’ve really enjoyed season 8, but it has had not quite enough of the angel in the trench-coat to keep me completely satisfied, as Cas is my personal favorite character. There have definitely been highlights this year though, some great episodes, some great moments, and as always some amazing acting from Ackles, Padalecki, and Collins. For me, these three guys are the best trio on television and I really hope that Season 9 has much more of them together, as a team again.

    • As a rule it’s easier to like mediocre seasons like Season 7 when you watch them in one big go. When you have to wait a week or more for a new episode the impact of a lame episode is much bigger and can affect the overall impression of a season more than it would when you are able to binge watch it. I noticed that when I rewatched Season 7 on DVD.

  14. Hey Carver, I have a question, do you remember who Dean was before you tore his backbone out and made him Sam’s faithful cook and servant? Because that is the Dean that was the heart of the show and made the show great.

    The first half had that Dean, then he was taken away so that Sam could continue to feel entitled and superior. Thanks for nothing Carver.
    This season really sucks now and the show has become nothing more than a rehash of Dean’s stories for Sam and only Sam, while Dean has nothing.

    Great for Sam fans and I’m sure you’re pretty proud of what you did, but the show is no longer good in my opinion, and you’ve failed to create anything new.

    Dean Who? Maybe you should rewatch the earlier seasons and maybe you can realize that Sam has a brother, not a nursemaid. What a disappointment season 8 has become, all because it seems you are unable to write equally for both brother and instead must sacrifice Dean in order to make Sam look good.

    • I’m glad so many people seem to think the same as me, that it’s getting ridiculous now that every season there has to be something wrong with Sam, so Dean ends up doing nothing but worrying about Sam, saving Sam, looking after Sam, protecting Sam. Or when Dean actually has a storyline, it either gets dumped and forgotten about after just a few episodes or given to someone else instead.
      Next season they’ll probably just have Dean yet again reacting to everyone elses storylines. Since Cas is a main character next year, him and Sam will probably have the bigger roles, so Dean will probably spend the first half of the season worrying about Sam then the second half worrying about Cas (or maybe the other way around). Why can’t we ever has a season (or maybe just an episode) where something is wrong with Dean and others have to worrying about him and look after him for a change.
      I don’t know if i’m even gonna watch the next season, I can’t be bothered watching the whole ‘what the hell is wrong with Sam now’ and ‘im worried about my brother’ storyline all over again. They’ve also done the whole ‘whats wrong with Cas’ thing more than once, why can’t it ever be Dean just for one season?

  15. Silver I couldn’t agree more. I was so hopeful when this season started purgatory was just brilliant and dean bounced so well with Benny, then dean went from bad ass to a complete opposite to become a soup making housekeeper. I’m almost embarrassed for him! His energy has carried this show this far, through good and bad writing, so why they would want to make his character a butter in the batcave I have no idea! It’s a total waste. I feel like I’m watching badly written fanfiction in some of these later episodes. I’m praying the finale gives dean a higher purpose than sams nurse.

    • i agree with that too. I hate that they’ve made Dean into Sam’s caretaker/cook/servant/nurse this season.
      I hope that Dean actually does something of use in this years finale instead of Sam having the biggest role and Dean basically doing nothing like the s4 finale- Sam prepared to take on lilith while Dean spent most of the ep stuck in one room.
      or S5 finale- where Sam prepared to become lucifer then later was lucifer while Dean… was there. Seriously the impala had more of a role in that ep than Dean did.

      But to be honest Dean might as well stay at the ‘bat cave’ and make burgers & soup and get ready to look after Sam when he’s finished being the ‘chosen one’ yet again.
      Hopefully next year they’ll be something wrong with Dean and Sam has to look after him for once, but i can’t see them changing after 8 seasons of the ‘whats wrong with Sam’ storylines, so i won’t get my hopes up.

  16. Actually the show worked best when BOTH Sam and Dean were kick ass hunters and brothers who cared about ech other. Then they made Sam a plot point and Deans personal DIY project.

    Bring back the kick ass Smart hunter brothers.

  17. This season started out well enough-except for Samelia. Purgatory and the introduction of Benny were great. Dean was standing up to an often arrogant and condescending Sam and there was some promise of more great Dean and Castiel interactions-then came Torn and Frayed and all of that promise was undone in favor of the same old unwatchable dysfunction and imbalance that the highly touted and vaunted “brothers’ relationship” has become since S5. Carver hasn’t truly changed a thing. He’s only made caricatures of ALL the characters now-which is doubly sad because the characters and their written characterizations were once this show’s greatest strength. ITA with everything Silver said.

  18. I think that one of the best characters in Supernatural has to be Death. He is just so damn funny when he puts Dean in his place. “Shut up, Dean.”

    As for the finale, I am looking forward to see what they have in store for Sam if/when he finishes the third trial. Something makes me think that Crowley will be the demon that they cure since Abaddon hates the fact that he is the King of Hell.

    Whatever they do I shall just have to wait for it to become available to me tomorrow :(

    • Rest assured that Sam will become an even bigger Mary Sue and no doubt will be one of the most powerful and specialest characters evah. Dean Who?

  19. Supernatural didn’t get its groove back, not at all. Supernatural went from a great little show to nothing more than a repeat of those things that worked, only this season Sam gets to do them all while Dean cooks.

    Carver doesn’t care about the brothers, he cares about Sam and Cas, but as for Dean, Carver sees no role for him. Sam is already the biggest Mary Sue ever, with no matter what he does wrong, it’s always excused, or it’s never his fault, or, as this season has shown, he just can’t do anything wrong.

    Dean? Dean can’t do anything right, except cook and clean for Sam.

    What was once a great show has turned into the biggest and boringest joke ever.

    Carver is no show runner. He can think of stories for Sam, Cas, Metatron, Naomi, Abaddon, Kevin, the dog next door, and the dog’s owner, but he can’t come up with a story for Dean.

    Carver isn’t improving the show, he’s killing it.

  20. Wait, there’s still a character named Dean Winchester on the show? I thought that guy was bumped off after the first few episodes.

    I stopped watching when badass hunter Dean was eliminated and replaced with a Martha Stewart wannabe. It was like a return to Stepford. I guess it sounds like Martha-Dean is still stuck in the kitchen making soup and burgers, while Sam does everything else so he doesn’t have to share the spotlight.

    I really think it would be kinder if the character is finally killed off tonight. Maybe a pot roast blows up in his face. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll read that’s exactly what happened. RIP Dean Winchester – it’s a bummer Carver neutered you.

  21. I think people are ignoring Dean’s role in Supernatural; he’s the heart of the show. Sure, Sam’s story arc is usually the driving force but Dean is the one who always perseveres and tries to keep his loved ones on the right path(except the times when he’s suicidal).

    SPOILERS FOR LAST WEEKS EPISODE – at the end, Dean wanted to find a way to beat Crowley while Sam had his doubts. In the season 5 finale, Dean refused to leave Sam behind even though Lucifer nearly killed him. The season 4 finale, Dean managed to convince Castiel to rebel against Heaven. In season 3, Dean refused to sacrifice a virgin in order to kill an entire gang of demons.

    Though Dean is not afflicted with a heavenly disease or chosen to be Hell’s leader, Dean is always the one who defends his family and stands up for all that is right. To me, that does not seem like nothing. P.S it’s a part of Sam’s character to be this sacrificial lamb, so to speak. If I remember, he’s usually the one who is willing to do some dark s*@t to get the job done (or at least consider doing it if it means saving more people in the end).

    • Very good analysis of the show’s history there. I never understood why everyone gets so upset about Dean’s supposed lack of importance when the formula has basically been the same from day one. Dean plays a very important role in the show in that he’s the one to always rally the troops together when the crap is hitting the fan. Sam has always been the well intentioned screw-up of a brother that ends up being the catalyst for said crap hitting the fan. Dean has always been the overprotective big brother that helps everyone recover from the fallout of whatever disaster is happening at the moment and that’s never going to change. I don’t get why his role in the show is always minimized by so many.

      • The audience minimizes Dean’s role because the show does. They don’t celebrate his humanity or his loyalty. They punish him for it by having the people he cares about betraying and abandoning over and over again. Cas at least shows some remorse, but Sam is always shown to be justified through layers of whitewash so think now that I can’t find a real character under the mess. After watching the “heart of the show” get trampled on and abused for 8 years, I’ve had enough.

    • The problem with the wind beneath the wing role on this show, aside for the fact that its been done for the last eight years, is that the show itself considers it unimportant.

      In the scene with Death. Death doesn’t tell Dean that Sam is going to need him in his corner he called Dean insignificant bacterium who can be help by staying out of Sam’s way. AdamMichael doesn’t tell Sam that he;s lucky he has a brother that will always be there for him, he tells Dean literally he’s not part of the story anymore. In the sneak peak, Crowley doesn’t tell Dean to sign the contract to, he reminds him he has no part in the trials. They have Sam spouting I have to do this solo. And telling Dean he can’t help. Not to mention Fallen Idols where Sam told Dean him acting like a big brother was part of what drove him to Ruby.

      When was the last time Sam actually took Dean’s advice? He had zero faith in his word about Benny. Sam had to get smacked with a over the head before he got a clue but even then he only grudginly admitted that Benny may be a good guy. No acknowledgement of Dean’s skill.

      As for convincing Cas, they retconned that. Apparently Cas was always a bit of a rebel anyway.

      Since they took away Dean’s backbone and made him Sam’s servant we see Sam doing everything. He does all the research, interviews and the trials himself. Dean follows Sam with his arms outstretched in case Sam falls. He baths him, feeds him. He only seems to be allowed to speak when Sam leaves the room and thats just to tell people how awesome Sam is.

      If Jensen quit tomorrow there there isn’t one thing about the current storyline that would have to change. At this point Dean’s become expendable because we’ve seen in the past that Sam neither wants nor apprecitates Dean hovering over him.

      Its really disappointing that we can speculate where season 9 will go for Sam, Cas, Crowley,Abbadon, Naomi, and Kevin but all there is to talk about with Dean is what kind of cookies he might try to bake next. There is no reason why the show couldn’t have set up the trials as the brothers doing them together since thats apparently supposed to be what the show is about. Sam still could have gotten sick. This isn’t a show about two brothers its a show about Sam. Dean’s just the chauffeur. To bad the show wouldn’t let him do it offscreen so he could spend more time with his new daughter. Sam can cook for himself.

  22. Sigh.. Nothing new. Only a repeating old seasons. Something is wrong with Sam, ack… How boring and repetive!

    Bring back team purgatory, Dean, Cas and Benny – and then the show might be worth watching again. Now it is just a big joke!

    • Team Purgatory rocked my world. But of course, something that most of the audience actually likes gets tossed out so we can go back to the same boring Sammynatural storylines. It’s the same with the recurring characters. They kill off the good ones like Rufus and Ellen and keep the duds like Garth and Charlie. Apparently only characters who form a Greek chorus designed to get Dean back into line behind Sam when he gets too uppity and actually shows signs of life outside of being Sam’s doormat. And to pile insult upon injury, the show is just boring and nonsensical now. Watching Sam suffer endessly while being a constant little b**** to Dean is dull as dishwater and because they retcon themselves from one episode to the next, no particular plot point means anything anyway so there’s no point even trying to piece the clues together because will just pull whatever they want out of their asses anyway.

  23. Really? Everywhere else, the majority of fans and recappers thought this season was the worst, and Carver did a terrible job, ruining the brother’s relationship, and very strongly favoring one brother (Sam) while ignoring the other. Not to mention trashing canon all over the place. This is the only site I’ve seen that has given season 8 and Carver such a glowing review.
    I truly hope next season will be so much better, with BOTH brothers being equally important, and with much better stories.

    • I’m glad so many people seem to think the same as me, that it’s getting ridiculous now that every season there has to be something wrong with Sam, so Dean ends up doing nothing but worrying about Sam, saving Sam, looking after Sam, protecting Sam. Or when Dean actually has a storyline, it either gets dumped and forgotten about after just a few episodes or given to someone else instead.
      Next season they’ll probably just have Dean yet again reacting to everyone elses storylines. Since Cas is a main character next year, him and Sam will probably have the bigger roles, so Dean will probably spend the first half of the season worrying about Sam then the second half worrying about Cas (or maybe the other way around). Why can’t we ever has a season (or maybe just an episode) where something is wrong with Dean and others have to worrying about him and look after him for a change.
      I don’t know if i’m even gonna watch the next season, I can’t be bothered watching the whole ‘what the hell is wrong with Sam now’ and ‘im worried about my brother’ storyline all over again. They’ve also done the whole ‘whats wrong with Cas’ thing more than once, why can’t it ever be Dean just for one season?

    • Apparently there is some other internet to which I do not have access, where this “majority of fans and recappers thought this season was the worst.”

      Nearly every fan I talk to online or IRL is thrilled with the resurgence of the show. For recaps, most I’ve read consider this season’s episodes decent-to-excellent… and then about 50% of the comments on those blogs/recaps are three people posting over and over about Dean needing more to do.

      Canon always gets revised in long-running shows. If it didn’t, there would be nothing to do.

  24. ok, so we know that Sam has the 3rd trial, Metatron & Cas try to stop Naomi. What’s Dean’s role supposed to be in the finale? Or is that a stupid question. I’ll be surprised if he does something more than running after Sam like a worried shadow to make sure he’s alright and been there for him while he does the trials to make sure he’s not alone.
    Sam had the bigger role in the season 4 & 5 finales, and the 6th was also more about Sam, why can’t Dean ever have the big role in a finale. But i’m sick of Dean always been pushed to one side so Sam can have the spotlight- season 2 he grieved for his dad for like 7 episodes, before they dumped that and had the rest of the season about Sam’s ‘going darkside destiny’, season 4 & 5 (Dean’s first big storyline) was the most pointless & biggest waste of a 2 year storyline in tv history- ONLY Dean could stop lucifer/apocolypse, ONLY Dean could be Michaels vessel, and instead they just gave it to someone else at the last minute. Season 6 & 7 they basically turned him into a depressed alcoholic who reacted to everyone elses storylines. Season 8, he returned from purgatory, (apparently fully recovered from both depression & drinking problem- along with his fear of hellhounds) but that also only lasted 7 episodes, before that was yet again pushed to the side and he became Sam’s nurse, protector, caretaker and cook, while Sam was yet again the chosen one.
    Jensen is an amazing actor and deserves so much more than the same crap over and over again.

  25. I have to laugh. For every disgruntled Dean fan, there is an equally disgruntled Sam fan who claims his or her favorite brother is getting more screen time/plot time/better storyline/yada yada yada. It’s ridiculous.

    This show, which I have watched and loved for eight uneven seasons, is about two bothers fighting evil. They love each other, sometimes battle each other, often make us laugh, cry, tear our hair out, scream a our TV screens, and write on forums like this. I always say, if it doesn’t make you happy, STOP WATCHING!

    I love Sam and Dean equally, adore Jensen and Jared, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting several times, and I love this show. I hate hearing people complain about how much the show upsets them–YET THEY KEEP WATCHING!

    I’ve said my piece.


    • Hey Robin,
      Thank you so much for your comments. I agree with you 100%. This is my favorite show, all 8 seasons, and I will continue to watch it and buy the DVDs as long as Supernatural keeps airing.

      It’s an awesome show.


  26. That scene between Sam and Dean from the finale was really needed. One of the best moments in the last seasons. Great acting too.

    I think season 8 has had its issues, not gonna lie, but seeing the force of the bond between Sam and Dean, given focus again made up for a few of them :) Good reminder of who these two characters are.

    Also, Abbadon was the best secondary character this season. Nice one there.

  27. Gave up on this stupid show long ago. The problem is it has always sucked. It just started up when it had no competition, and was violent and crass enough to keep the kids happy. I finally figured out that I hated it, but simply watched it because I liked shows with fantasy/occult story lines. But this show generally doesn’t really do any research, or even use any imagination. It just relies on violence and snarky banter and nothing else.